Blue Screen?!??

  1. OKAY! I got oblivion, played past the intro and got out of the dungeon.

    User Info: kotylol

    kotylol - 7 years ago


  1. Did you download any mods for the game, and if not, have you patched the game to its latest version? Compatibility issues are abound with this game.

    I also find that the patchers should be installed PROGRESSIVELY. My install order is Oblivion -> Oblivion Patch -> Shivering Isles -> Shivering Isles Patch. It occurred to me that the Shivering Isles patcher doesn't patch the regular game because when I went to use the launcher, there were no buttons for quality under options (There should be a very low, low, medium, high, and ultra high, or something to that effect).

    Try that and then followup if it's still a problem. Also, try hitting one of the buttons, if you're using a fairly decent system, go with high. If it's kind of low, you might wanna try medium setting.

    User Info: Emhilrad

    Emhilrad - 7 years ago 0 0

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