Keeping Baurus alive?

  1. Every time I go to the sewers with Baurus to get the fourth mythic dawn book, he dies during the meeting and nothing I do can save him. I know it is possible to keep him alive until the end of the game, how can I keep him alive in the sewers?


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    vampyrath - 5 years ago

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  1. I have never had trouble keeping him alive except maybe once when I wasn't prepared. Hit the "Wait one hour" button before the meeting to restore Baurus's health and he is hard to kill. Use a poisoned arrow or two from above against Raven unless you have good custom enchanted bow powerful enough to kill him without poison. Then deal with the two assassins coming after you up on the catwalk. If you have a good custom sword you can hide below or jump down and kill everybody.

    The poison ingredients found on Oblivion planes have multiple damage plus silence and paralyze, so you should have no problems.

    If you are playing at maximum difficulty you will probably need poison, a paralyze staff and a conjured helper.

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  1. Here's how I managed to do it:

    Have Baurus meet the contact, and sneak in the lower door (even though he says to use the upper door). Hide off to the right before the Raven Camoran enters the room, then stay hidden below the bridge as the two assassins patrol the upper walkway. As Raven is wrapping up his talk, get in position to backstab him, snipe him, or cast a paralyze or damage spell on him. If you can get him to fight you before he goes hostile on Baurus, your odds of protecting Baurus just doubled. Always keep the attention of the Mythic Dawn assassins as well, and if anyone targets Baurus, kill his attacker ASAP. If you are not skilled enough in either sneak or the magic arts, be sure to bring a few invisibility potions, because having the first strike is crucial to getting Baurus out alive. Even so, it may take a few reloads, but I managed to save Baurus twice at about level 12~16.

    Alternatively you could pickpocket the book directly from Raven before the meeting is over. Let yourself be spotted by Baurus only, and if you leave while he can see you, he should cut the meeting short, avoiding hostilities altogether. I haven't tried this method, but you might experiment with it if the fight is just too difficult for Baurus.

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  2. You can use Toggle God Mode and save him after you make sure he has full health before the meeting.
    You can cast a healing spell on him or wait in a safe area.

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