Is it possible to create an entirely new game?

  1. I have a pretty good knowledge of the Construciton Set, but I have been unable to discover if it is possible to create an entirely new game. I know you can create new content, but I want to remove ALL the Oblivion this possible? Perhaps modifying the .ini file to start the game in a different cell would work, but then you still have the entire game developed by the designers running in the background, even if your character never goes there. I'm looking for a way to run the game without all of that background info.

    User Info: Eledhan11

    Eledhan11 - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    What do you mean "run the game without all the background info"? Do you mean skip the beginning? Or do you mean - create all your own stuff - or do you mean remove all the quests - items - etc. and make a basically new game? Thank you.

    User Info: Mishakiara

    Mishakiara - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. What this person means is he wants to create, using the construction set, a new game using the Oblivion content/engine/etc. He wants, when his mod starts up, to have nothing but his new content running, none of the old Oblivion stuff. I've been looking for mods like these myself, as I know they were done for Morrowind, and are actually the most common type of mod for Neverwinter Nights. I believe the person who said to uncheck the Oblivion.esm file is likely on the right track, and the player would also have to uncheck the Oblivion.esm in their launcher and load only this mod if they wanted to play it correctly. It's called, I believe, a "total conversion". I'm surprised more like this don't exist, as again they're done all the time for Neverwinter Nights, and I know of at least one (U9R) for Morrowind. To the question-asker, I highly recommend if you plan something like this that you either have a lot of free time or a team of people to help you.

    User Info: MidgardDragon

    MidgardDragon - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. i beleive its possible if you dont load the oblivion.esm after you load the construction set. you would have to add EVERYTHING (lighting, actor animations etc). i havn't tried but im fairly sure it worked with the morrowind tes.

    User Info: fates_card

    fates_card - 8 years ago 0 1
  2. Im no computer genius but i think thats goin hardcore......... if you forget or overlook the slightest could crash your entire computer

    User Info: pur3_slaughter

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