What's the most powerful blade in the game?

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    For what type of character and what level of character? Shadowrend at the end of Shivering Isles is very notable. I've found that a madness ore or amber sword with a sigil stone of dmg H 30 pts makes for the most powerful sword for regular use. You just have to make sure and charge it often enough as it only has 40ish hits. Umbra is great for that, so I'm keeping it (weighs nothing). If your playing an atronoch sign character, switch dmg H to absorb M 50 pts.

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Accepted Answer

  1. The highest damage unenchanted swords are Grand Madness swords from the Shivering Isles. These are generally regarded as the best because you can enchant them yourself, making them more useful. The highest damage sword is the Shadowrend, also from the S.I., but it is two-handed, and shields are usually preferred. The next best is Umbra, which you get from killing Umbra. It has the highest attack rating of any one-handed sword, and weighs nothing if you don't finish the quest for it. The next best is the Goldbrand, which you get from a Daedric Shrine quest. It has a high attack rating and a fire damage enchantment. I'd go w/ Grand Madness Swords with custom enchantments, or Umbra if you're too lazy to get into the Mage's Guild.

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