At what level does each type of armor/weapon appear?

  1. I haven't played this game since it came out but I've been wanting to write a novel for friends about this game's time period. I started a new character and everything and getting a look around but at level 2 all I have is iron, steel and silver. At what character levels does glass, ebony, elven etc open up? My prima guide is in storage since just moved and told me specifically when items appeared. I've looked at all the guides and faqs on here with no help.

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Accepted Answer

  1. From the Prima Games Oblivion GOTY Guide. ( Prima Games 2007)

    Armor: (Enchanted in parentheses)

    Fur/Iron at level 1(3)
    Leather/Steel at 3(5)
    Chain/Dwarven at 6(8)
    Mithril/Orcish at 10(12)
    Elven/Ebony at 15(17)


    Iron at 1(3)
    Steel at 2(4)
    Silver at 4(6)
    Dwarven at 6(8)
    Elven at 9(11)
    Glass at 12(14)
    Ebony at 16(18)
    Daedric at 20 (22)

    And the Shivering Isles Armor, which follows another list:

    Impure at 1
    Lesser at 4
    [no prefix] at 8
    Fine at 12
    Grand at 17
    Perfect at 23

    SI Weapons:

    Impure at 1
    Unpolished at 3
    Lesser at 5
    [no prefix] at 8
    Fine at 10
    Very Fine at 14
    Grand at 18
    Perfect at 23

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