What is the best strategy for vampirism?

  1. I joined the dark brotherhood as an argonian and started the dark girt quest. I completed it rather quickly by killing the npc's in the cheydinhal sanctuary as per the purification quest. My question is, since i can no longer recieve vampire wisdom from the vampire npc, what is the best way to play as a vampire and is it really worth the trouble?

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    shawnk71 - 8 years ago

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  1. If you want to become a vampire go to Bloodcrust Cave South of Skingrad and there will be several Vampire NPC's. I don't recommend playing as a vampire if this is your first game but if you want let them infect you and all you have to do is feed (At Night when all NPC's are asleep.) and you'll be fine. If you don't feed you'll you'll get stronger over the course of 5 days, but your immunity to the sun will go down and you will have to do all your quests at night.( Most NPC's only offer quests during the day, and since you'll look more and more like a vampire they won't talk to you, limiting your quests to almost none.) But if you feed regularly and have some spells to block your damage to the sun you can cruise the game with a stronger and yet more effective character. ( NOTE: if you go 5 days without feeding you will get special vampire spells to help with getting quests, such as Vampire's Seduction, kind of like the Voice of the Emperor,only stronger but lasts a few seconds less.) so if you want to become a vampire go ahead it has it's strengths and weaknesses and best of all, my favorite, getting to feed of people.

    P.S. The Count of Skingrad and Vincent Valtieri are vampires. (NOTE: if you finish up the quests with Vincent during the dark brotherhood quests it will give a chat option that says "the dark gift" select it and it will give you the option to let Vincent give you the Phorphic Hemophillia or as i call it, the Vampire Disease.)

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  1. I'd say it's not worth the trouble, the skill bonuses are cool, but unless you're a mage thief they probably won't all benifit you. I don't even care about the weakness to fire, but the sun damage is really, really anoying. If you have the patience to wait a long time for night and have to go back to the beggining of vampirism to do any quest in the daytime go right ahead.

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  2. Not worth it people wont even talk to you and they will get pitchforks and kill you

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  3. Sun damage is annoying but if your vampirism is 25 (look at your journal where you can see present effects on yourself) you won't take sun damage. So it is always recommended to feed daily before it becomes 50.

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