How do I trap a soul?

  1. with a sou gem how do I trap a soul

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    Gianthefirst - 8 years ago

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  1. To trap a soul, you need either a Soul Trap spell, or a weapon that is enchanted with the ability Soul Trap.

    Once you have one of the above, you then need a soul gem. You only need to have it in your inventory.

    When you have a soul gem, and a Soul Trap spell/weapon, find a creature/NPC whose soul you wish to trap, and either use the Soul Trap spell on it or attack it with the Soul Trap-enchanted weapon. In terms of the spell, it should say "Soul Trap on Target for X seconds" in its description on the Spell tab of the character menu. What that means is that you have to KILL the creature/NPC within the allotted time in order to successfully trap its soul. (Thus, if you attack a rat with "Soul Trap on Target for 20 seconds," you have to kill the rat within 20 seconds to trap its soul). With an enchanted weapon, you only need to keep attacking the target with the weapon, and you should trap its soul.

    The soul will AUTOMATICALLY be transferred to one of your soul gems, and I believe which one is determined by the kind of soul gem you have, and the creature you killed. (a Petty Soul Gem cannot hold a Lich's soul, for example).

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  1. You need a soul gem and a spell or sword to soul trap. Umbra is one of the best swords and has the feature of soul trap.

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