Is this a glitch keeping me from finishing the thieves guild?

  1. I finished the Arrow of Extraction quest, and the Grey Fox gave me my reward and promoted me to master thief. Now, however, he won't leave the house he is in in Chorrol, my independent thievery journal entry won't update to tell me how much more I have to fence, and nobody's approaching me about the next quest, no matter how long I wait. I've already fenced over 2000 in goods, so that shouldn't be the problem.

    I suspect it might be because I had broken into the Chorrol house the Grey Fox is in. Long before I joined the thieves guild I broke in and murdered the owner so that the dark brotherhood would get in touch with me . I've noticed some earlier glitches with the thieves guild where I've been unable to finish a quest if I've broken into an area before prompted to do so by the quest. With the Leyawiin countess's ring quest, I picked the lock to the jewelry box while she wasn't in the room and hit a bug where she wouldn't drop the ring in her jewelry box when she went to bed. A similar thing happened with the Skingrad quest; the orc I was suppposed to talk to about working for him disappeared after I snuck into the back of the castle. Had to start over with earlier saves for both of them.

    If anyone else has seen this glitch before and knows if it can be fixed, I'd really appreciate it. I've put way too much time into this character to start over!

    User Info: lketuri

    lketuri - 8 years ago


  1. Doesn't he tell you to go the the castle in Anvil and talk to the countess there? I'm pretty sure that's what goes down after you finish that quest. If not, your game might well be glitched. Try going there before doing anything, though. Make sure the countess is out in the open, and it's not too late.

    User Info: whatmustido

    whatmustido - 8 years ago 0 0

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