How can I raise my Magika above 200?

  1. Total magika is 2x intelligence, right? Since it caps at 100, is there a permanent way to increase it further? From what I've seen, there are some spells that require 300+ magika to cast. Also, I'm aware there's a console code that be used for this, but I'd rather use an alternative, in-game method to it's more genuine.

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    crystaltigerboy - 8 years ago

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  1. The high elf (+100 magicka) and breton (+50 magicka) races, the mage (+50 magicka),apprentice (+100 Magicka) and atronach (+150 Magicka) birthsigns, as well as fortify intelligence and magica items will help. Also the book Oghma Infinium (reward for the Hermaeus Mora daedric quest) can raise your intelligence 10 points with no limit (though you cannot raise it beyond 100 if you use the book before getting intelligence to 100).

    User Info: BadProfessional

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  1. Use mods like Race Balancing Project. It makes races and birthsigns more balanced and diverse so mage races with mage birthsigns will have a lot more magicka.
    Choose a magicka increasing birthsign instead
    and Wear items enchanted with fortify magicka. With the most powerful sigil stones you can have +50 magicka per item.

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  2. Create a spell "Fortify Magicka 100 pts for x secs. on self + Fortify Intelligence 100 pts for x secs. on self", "x" being any number of seconds you may need to cast a good spell. My total magicka is almost 500 with this.
    Hope that helps :)

    User Info: ivo_terek

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