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Casting DirectorDawn Hershey
Dungeon ArtTodd Broadwater
Dungeon ArtTim Lindsey
Dungeon ArtMichael E. Ryan
Dungeon ArtFrank Ward
Dungeon ArtRobert Wisnewski
Executive ProducerTodd Howard
Lead ArtistMatthew Carofano
Lead DesignerKen Rolston
Lead Dungeon ArtistIstvan Pely
Lead ProgrammersGuy Craver
Lead ProgrammersCraig Walton
Original MusicJeremy Soule
ProducerGavin Carter
Senior ProducerAshley Cheng
Voice ActorSean Bean
Voice ActorJonathan Bryce
Voice ActorLynda Carter
Voice ActorRalph Cosham
Voice ActorCatherine Flye
Voice ActorGayle Jessup
Voice ActorWes Johnson
Voice ActorMichael Mack
Voice ActorElisabeth Noone
Voice ActorCraig Sechler
Voice ActorTerence Stamp
Voice ActorPatrick Stewart


Data and credits for this game contributed by knucklez, Cerno, MrGatorade, odino, Bitterfish, and oliist.

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