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    Doomstone Guide by hronk

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    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Doomstone Guide
    Version 1.0 04/09/2006
    Copyright 2006 Jason McCullough
    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was developed by Bethesda Game Studios,
    published by Bethesda Softworks and 2K Games and is copyright 2006 Bethesda
    Softworks. This guide is not endorsed by, nor is the author associated in
    any way with, Bethesda Game Studios, Bethesda Softworks or 2K Games.
    1: Introduction
    2: How to find them
    3: Heavenly Doomstones
    4: Birthstone Doomstones
    5: Version History
    1: Introduction
    If you wander around Tamriel long enough, you'll see mysterious stones with
    green and red runes on them.  The green ones, Runestones, are boring - all
    they ever give you is bound weapon and armor for a couple minutes.
    Ah, but the red runes, Doomstones, give you extra powers that you can use
    once a day if you approach them at night and use them.
    I decided to troll through the Construction Kit figuring out how they work
    and where they're located.  Here's the results.
    2: How to find them
    I've included two ways to find the doomstone you're looking for.
    If you're a total cheater or just exasperated at looking, press the ` key
    to bring up the console, and then type in...
    	coe x,y
    ...where x,y is the location number pair listed for the doomstone.
    If you're trying to *legitimately* simulate a powergamer with no life, just
    use the written directions.
    3: Heavenly Doomstones
    You can get the powers from every one of these doomstones.  The catch is
    that your renown (calculated as your fame minus your infamy) must be higher
    than the number shown.
    The power effects can be used once a day and last for 120 seconds unless
    mentioned otherwise.
    Jone		10		Fortify 30 Acrobatics, 30 Athletics,
    				and 30 Sneak
    Aetherius	20		Fortify Magicka 50 and Resist Magic 20
    Jode		30		Fortify Blade 20, Blunt 20,
    				Hand To Hand 20, and Fortify Health 40
    Sithian		40		Fortify Illusion 20, Marksman 20,
    				Mercantile 20, Security 20,
    				and Speechcraft 20
    Magnus		50		Fortify Alchemy 15, Alteration 15,
    				Conjuration 15, Destruction 15,
    				Illusion 15, Mysticism 15,
    				and Restoration 15
    Shezarr		60		Fortify Armorer 20, Block 20,
    				Light Armor 20, Heavy Armor 20, and
    				Reflect Spell 10
    Dragon		70		Fortify Fatigue 100, Fortify Health 40,
    				and Fortify Magicka 50
    Nirn		100		Detect Life 100, Fortify Fatigue 200,
    				and Fortify Health 100
    Jone		-19,9		Northwest from Goblin Jim's Cave
    				(north of Skingrad).
    Aetherius	-19,4		Southwest from the Bleak Flats Cave
    				(northwest of Skingrad).
    Jode		-38,-11		Southeast from Troll Candle Camp
    				(southwest of Kvatch).
    Sithian		-34,5		Northwest from Fort Linchal
    				(north/northeast of Kvatch).
    Magnus		34,-21		East from the Haunted Mine
    				(north/northeast of Leyawiin).
    Shezarr		19,-32		North from Telepe
    				(northwest of Leyawiin).
    Dragon		27,29		East from Lake Arrius Caverns
    				(northwest of Cheydinhal).
    Nirn		?		Does not appear to be anywhere in the game.
    4: Birthstone Doomstones
    You can only have the power from one of these doomstones, unfortunately.
    You can always change your mind and replace the power with that of another
    doomstone at any time, though.
    The power effects can be used once a day and last for 120 seconds unless
    mentioned otherwise.
    Apprentice	Fortify Alchemy 20 and Illusion 20
    Atronach	Fortify Intelligence 10 and Spell Absorption 30
    Lady		Fortify Endurance 20 and Willpower 20
    Lord		Fortify Light Armor 10, Heavy Armor 10,
    		and Resist Frost 50
    Lover		Fortify Luck 20 and Personality 20
    Mage		Fortify Magicka 50
    Ritual		Power 1: Restore Health 100
    		Power 2: Restore Health 150
    Serpent		Power 1: Damage a target by 4 per second for 20 seconds
    		Power 2: Paralyze a target for 5 seconds
    Shadow		Chameleon 15
    Steed		Fortify Acrobatics 20, Speed 20
    Thief		Fortify Agility 20, Luck 20
    Tower		Power 1: Fortify Armorer 10 for 20 seconds
    		Power 2: Open Lock 80
    Warrior		Fortify Blade 10, Blunt 10, Hand To Hand 10,
    		and Fortify Strength 20
    DOOMSTONE	COE		Directions
    Apprentice	-18,-2		Southwest of Skingrad,
    				right outside the city walls.
    Atronach	-27,4		South of Talwinque (NE of Kvatch).
    Lady		-50,-9		West of Anvil.
    Lord		-44,9		North of Niryastare (far NW of Kvatch),
    				by the C in County Kvatch on the map.
    Lover		35,-7		SE of Fort Flecia
    				(east of where the main road intersects
    				the Silverfish river, east of Bravil).
    Mage		39,6		North of the mouth of the Silverfish
    				river (east of Bravil), on the northeast
    				slope of the mountain on the map.
    Ritual		24,-25		East of Fort Redman (east bank of the
    				Lower Niben, north of Leyawiin).
    Serpent		28,-42		East of Tidewater Cave (southeast of
    				Leyawiin, on the shores of Topal Bay).
    Shadow		29,2		East of Fort Cedrian (the intersection
    				of the main road and the Cerbele river,
    				northeast of Bravil).
    Steed		20,18		North of Nagastani (southeast of the
    				intersection of the Imperial City ring
    				road and the road to Cheydinhal).
    Thief		9,27		On the road to Bruma north of Sercen
    				(north of the Imperial City on the
    				Imperial City ring road.).
    Tower		2,7		East of Vindasel (southwest of the
    				Imperial City on the Imperial City
    				ring road).
    Warrior		-11,-3		North of Silorn (southeast of Skingrad).
    5: Version History
    1.00		Initial version.

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