Review by DarthVader360

Reviewed: 04/25/06

If you played TES III, You've played Oblivion

I like most of the people that waited for this game were TES III Morrowind fans. When I first heard of this game I was more than excited. I even went to the extent of building my own computer to play the game. I had everything put together long before the release date was even known. When the day finally arrived I got in on the game.

At first it was everything I hoped for. Killer graphics, very nice AI, new quests. But then I realized what the game was. All it is is a copy of morrowind with a few new coats of shiny gloss. Same basic concept down to its very core. This guild and that guild all the same. Go do this and ill help you, over and over and over.


The AI: Cool but Obnoxious.
--So this is a really cool feature of the game. I like how people will seek you out and talk to you. No scripts of what to do...mostly. But like all roses there are a few thorns. For example, you ever go to a store and there is a little note taped to the door back in 5 min? You think "oh I can wait” so you do, and 30 min later the store is still closed? Same thing happens in Oblivion. You can go days without seeing some important clerks. No way to find them unless you decided to scour the town looking for them. Normal business hours I guess don’t apply in this game.

GRAPHICS: Best out there...if you have the best out there.
--One of the best things about the game. Assuming you have the computer to handle it. I build my computer for the single purpose of playing Oblivion. using not top of the line gear but still very nice equipment none the less, I thought that I was for sure in the clear to play oblivion on medium settings at least. Well not the case. I have most of the settings on low and some off and still have problems. Frequent computer crashes, deep lines where there should be none, color problems, load problems, I can just keep going. I’m sure if you want to invest in some $300 video cards and a Pentium 4 chip. (Currently around $600 for a cheap one) then you would experience what all the popular game designers rave about. But if you are anything like me and got to fund your own game desires then you’ll most likely find these graphics struggling.

STORYLINE: Sign up to become the ultimate go-to guy today!
--Ever enjoy playing a game that all your are is someone’s go-to man? Ever wanted to? Well if the answer is yes to either question then Oblivion is the game for you! That’s right all you do is "Go kill this person" Or "Go find me this treasure, and then ill help you". Over and over and over....and over. Some quests are fun and provide a real sense of accomplishment, but the vast majority do not. Seriously the best part of the quests is the talking that occurs. THE TALKING!!! Wow that's what I want to do is play a game about talking...seems like I am with my old girlfriend, playing games about what he said and she said.

BUYING AND SELLING: Keeping the poor man down!
--I love games that have a good bartering system in them. To me it doesn’t really matter what you are selling but its how you do it. I think that Bethesda just hand wrote out this part of the game on lined paper and put it in the game. After just a short time of playing you realize that there is nothing you can buy that will help you. There is no point of even going up to a new merchant you find because what you just took of something you killed is GUARANTEED to be better than anything you could buy from a merchant. And just in case you want to sell him something doesn’t bother because he doesn’t have anywhere near the amount the item is worth you want to sell. When I find items worth a large amount I don’t even pick them up unless it's better than what I have because I couldn’t get rid of it.

--For all the repetitive faults this game has, it has a lot of redeeming qualities. First off I have to say it again it looks cool. Lots of eye-candy. Even though I play it on the low end of its possible performance it still looks sweet. In time when the equipment costs drop I’ll get better hardware and I’ll be able to rediscover the game in high definition.
--Another reason is, lets be honest. For a single player game it does not get much better. There are so many side and sub quests that you can get lost doing them all. True it is repetitive to keep finding the same kind of gear or worse. Lesser gear, but its like gambling. There is always that chance that you could find better. Sort of reminds me of a certain game about Diablo.
--Is it worth the hype and cost? Probably not. Wait until the cost goes down $10-$15 bucks and then pick it up. That will help you in paying for what you need to play it!

In closing i gave the game a 6/10 because it is better than a normal single player RPG but really aside from the graphics (which I am yet to experiance) its not a major contribution above Morrowind.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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