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"Why the hell aren't you at the store buying Oblivion?"

Now for all of you who read my title and are thinking "There is no way that this game is better than Final Fantasy 7!" Well guess what. IT'S OLD. Get used to it. Pong was the greatest game of all time back in the 70's and no one plays it now. Oblivion is the new FF7 and it won't be surpassed. Well, at least until the next Elder Scrolls, or Too Human or FF13 or another RPG that people think will redefine the genre. On to the review.

Graphics 100/100
The graphics are breathtaking, which is what many others have said. My friend has a $4500 rig and he runs the game with everything at max decal and it looks extremely realistic. I on the other hand have a very outdated pc that could sell on EBay for $600 and have to run everything at minimum detail and the game looks better than most games do when they have max detail. The only problem is that if you run character details low enough their hair looks like crap and less like hair, but that is bad pc related and not game related. You can see for a long distance and there is no fog like other games with open areas. Your details effects whether distant things look like land and objects, or cardboard-like. The weapons are incredibly detailed and you can actually shoot an arrow into someone's head and it sticks there. And the same for when you fight archers that hit you. If you go into the console or mod armor and make it so you jump very very high when you are in a city, you can jump high enough to see over, or jump over a wall of a city and you get into a gray area with no landscape, just ground, but that is because of the limit to what they can render.

Sound 95/100
The background music sounds excellent. You can hear the gentle (or loud) "Whoosh" of your weapon or bow and arrow when you attack. The enemies all have their own sounds for when they think that someone is near, find someone and attack them, die, get hurt, and many other instances. There is full voice acting for the entire game and every nap says it in a voice that fits the character. There are so many beggars and bandits, that they had to use only a few tracks of sound that they put on characters that where generic. Thus most of the beggars are humanlike and not Oregonians or Rocs. And nap's approach each other and talk on there own and you can hear what they say clearly.

Game play 100/100
The game lasts at least 50 hours if you do the main quest and some side quests. It can last over 100-200 hours if you explore the world and take in the beauty of Cyrodill and also help some drunk dumb ass who lost something and important and wants you to find it for him. You define your own style of play. Stealth and thievery, smash and bash, hack and slash, silent assassin, mage, battle mage, archer, hand to hand or any combination of those just to name few. The AI is very realistic. If you get in a fight with a citizen and decide to not hurt them, you can yield and then their disposition towards you is evaluated and then the situation so you could make amends with them. You could find some guy who is rude to you and decide to kill him and a guard that is nearby could hear his screams for help. Then a guard comes by and you have to face the consequences. There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of areas that you can explore like dungeons, caves, burned down forts, and more. The quests are fun and in depth, but sometimes simple. Some quests involve saving the world (duh), finding a missing or kidnapped child, retrieve the intestine of some creature, kill all the enemies in a town, and occasionally the choice to spare or kill some guy who is insane/thief/evil. There are 3 guilds, a secret organization, and a few other groups that you can join. The guilds and organization have about 10-25 quests, and the smaller groups have 1 or 2 quests, except the groups which you can join after you beat the main quest which are merely just titles.

Replay 100/100
Rpg. Different classes. 21 skills. Over 100 quests. Good and evil. Need I say more?

Total 100/100
Get out of your chair and go to the nearest electronics store and but this game! Unless you want to buy it on the Internet. Then wait 1-7 business days and the play Oblivion.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/28/06

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