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"Is there a better game?"

This game is perfect from every aspect; every little detail has been thought up so well that I can't find one fault with it. Recently I have been completely bored with "new" games which introduce no new version of gameplay or story. The only thing to increase, and only sometimes, is graphics. Disagree with me? Prey runs on the Doom 3 engine, so it's the same game-play. FEAR is amazing, but it has places where it falls down.

I felt very unfortunate at this point, for I'd been waiting in strong anticipation for the release of new games which were all disappointing. I wanted something which offered so many hours of enjoyable game play, and had yet to find it.

So we're clear, Prey and FEAR came out, I believe, after Oblivion, but I had still been searching.

But then Bethesda Softworks announced the release of an all-new game, perhaps the best RPG made. They weren't off at all.

For anyone who has enjoyed RPGs such as Final Fantasy, Marrowind, etc., you will know that they will (most of the time) offer an amazing gameplay experience.

However, even someone with a machine so pumped up it couldn't get better with steroids would have trouble getting this massive game to run. It featured so many goodies, such as HDR Lighting, a full view, a new battle engine and so much more. Enviromental graphics and character graphics had reached their peak with Oblivion.

The player has the option to go from first- to third-person mode by the touch of a button, access to thousands of armors and hundreds of lands. Above this, the balance is amazing, and with the new stat-building system a level 100 will not have much more hope at defeating monsters than a level 1. It is all balanced.

With most games mages are amazingly powerful, and dwarf other types. But not here. Everything is so equal, but not the same. What I mean is that you have "perks" with each class and race, and each perk is different yet balances and fits in with others.

In gameplay the faces are so well designed you would think the person is speaking to you over video call. The lip sync is amazing, I really had trouble believing it. So many things are there to validate, while only one to scowld; no multiplayer.

However no problem is there, for a group of people are working on a mod for that, and will finish it, I'm guessing, when they feel like it.

Above all this, you can make your own mods for the game, which can include new races, new buildings and, basically, anything new.

Ah, and before I forget, the guilds are great. you can gain so many benefits from them, and it is also extremely fun. There are more quests in this game than I could imagine. It's awesome.

I've been going around and bragging to everyone about how awesome Oblivion is. It is really starting to bug them, as it is all I talk about and, to be honest, all I've been doing (well, that and posting about how cool it is) is playing it since I got it.

This game is a must for any TG.

Oblivion is gaming at its peak, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The fun I experienced is phenomenal, and I wouldn't say any game is better.

Probably the greatest perk is the how suitable it is for any audience. For example, my sisters and mother totally ABUSED it trying to create a character that looks like Brad Pit; they enjoyed it though, and that's impressive. I love this game, and I hope an expansion pack comes out soon.

My rating:

Story line: 10/10
Programming: 10/10
RPG status: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Battle: 10/10
Quests: 10/10
Stat building system: 10/10

OVERALL: 11/10 - well, that would be if there were an 11/10 but there isn't so heck.

I'm out of words now and am going to go play Oblivion! This is the best game, and it will stay that way until the release of Windows Vista and Direct X10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/13/06

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