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"Imagine a dream where the forests are lush, and the castles are dim..."

Introduction: This is a fine game. It is the fourth in a series called "The Elder Scrolls". If you've ever played Morrowind, then you should like this game. There are very few flaws in this game. It's a wonderful game for anyone who loves to explore freely and do anything they can imagine!

Gameplay: This game can be summed up in one word: awesome. It's extremely fun. You have endless possibilities for you character. You can become a vampire if you choose. Or, you can become an assassin. Or a warrior. You'll be staying up all night training your character. This is an RPG, or role-playing game. An RPG is where you have skills that you can level up. The cities and vast landscapes will keep you glued to the computer screen. It's kind of hard. The hardest thing about it is the combat. If you just stay right there on that spot and attack, you're probably gonna wind up getting your butt kicked. It's more effective to move while fighting. It's also easy in some aspects. There really isn't even that much fighting to do. The most fighting will involve daedra and the Mystic Dawn. The controls are fairly simple. Mainly because you get to set them! It's rather hard to use the right Control key, the arrow keys, and the mouse all at the same time, though.

Story: So here you are. You're in a prison, living and breathing as one of the characters that YOU designed. You decide to take a short walk up to the gate. And you see the Dark Elf across the hallway, standing there in the pale light. He throws a few insults at you, saying how he's going to be so lucky. And that you're going to have your head cut off. Or yourself burned. Or other brutal things. That's when the door opens. And that Elf says to you, "You hear that? They're coming for you! Yes! They're going to take you away!" But you don't listen. The group that comes to your cell is composed of four people. Three in armor, and one in robes. The woman tells you to step away from the gate. You hesitate. She threatens to kill you. You step away. A man tells you to stand over by the wall. You comply. The three garbed in armor push a panel next to your stone bed. A secret tunnel opens. The three armor-garbed people tell the man in robes to come along. The man in robes walks up to you. He says that he's dreamed of you. OK, that sounds really wrong. But it's true. In his dreams, this man is to die in a matter of minutes. It's up to one to save the world. You follow along when the robed man leaves. You learn that he is the Emperor of Cyrodiil. Eventually, you get split up from the Emperor and his protectors. You find another route around. You reach a small alcove, and you jump onto a platform. The foursome are below. On your way down, one of them, Baurus, spots you. He commands the other soldier to kill you. You find that the woman is no longer with them. Go ahead. Draw your sword. And attack. But it will be the last thing you ever do. But the Emperor calls of these men, and saves you. You talk to the Emperor. He confirms who you are. You tell him your birthsign. And you continue. Baurus trusts you. But the other man, Glenroy, does not. And so, you walk into the Sanctum. There are some assassins up ahead. Baurus commands you to protect the Emperor with your life. You get ahead with the Emperor. You wind up in a room with two passageways. Baurus and Glenroy leave again. The Emperor knows he's about to die. He gives you the Amulet of Kings, which he tells you to bring to a man named Jauffre. You end the conversation. A carving opens up, revealing another assassin. That assassin dives in, taking a cleave at the Emperor. That cleave kills him. The assassin turns to you. He complains how you're meddling with his plans. Then Baurus saves the day. And your tail. That assassin lies dead. Baurus mourns his dead Emperor. You notice that Glenroy hasn't come back. He must have been killed. You show Baurus the Amulet of Kings. And he tells you everything you need to know, also confirming your skills that you can choose. So, you go through the sewers. You go through a drain. Through a pipe. And you're out in fresh air. Everything looks so peaceful. But you have work to do. To Weynon Priory! You must stop a great evil from arising!

Graphics/Sound: The graphics are absolutely excellent on this game. Look carefully at the trees. And the water. And the sky. And the sun. And the clouds. It's so real. In fact, when I first played this, I thought that I WAS in another world. Also, a new feature, the Havok Engine , is added to put some new reality into the game. This new feature allows you to pick up objects, move objects by running into them, and even throw enemies off of edges! Ha ha! And the sound is very good. You can hear yourself pulling the bowstring back, swinging your mace at a troll, and you can even hear footsteps from afar. the soundtrack is also very nice. I heard this particular soundtrack three times. It played when I was in the mountains, in a snowy village, and when I was in a wonderfully sculpted tavern.

Play Time/Replayability: In fact, this game is rather short. The main quest is what's short, actually. It's like this: Escape prison-Give item-fight Monster-Save prisoners-travel-Fight-Deliver Item-Find item-Find item- Deliver item-Travel-Fight-Fight-Fight-Travel-Fight-Fight-Done. It's actually short, trust me. I couldn't get past one quest though. It was rather hard. then. The replayability. Once you beat this game-The main quest- There will be plenty left to do. You can be a dungeon romper. You can be a treasure hunter. You can be a monster fighter. You can even become the head of a guild! Endless possibilities...

Final Recommendation: I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves RPGs where you can do anything you can imagine. I suggest getting it new, but have good hardware-Otherwise, it won't run too well! It's not too hard to find. It's pretty common at EBgames or Gamestop. And if you get it as a gift.. Well... It's worth it to keep it. Just make sure you have a good video card and a DVD-ROM drive. It's definitely worth the money!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/17/06

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