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"Oblivion doesn't live up to the hype"

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Recently I have gone over all of the message boards for Oblivion and the majority say how great this game is. I could not wait to buy it, but when I got it it couldn't deliver. In my oppinion only people who have played a game like this before should even think about buying it. I did play it at my friend's house when it came out, it looked awesome, looked like it had a lot of things to do, but once I bought it I found that that is only the outside of the game. Once you start playing you get to choose a character, most people think this is fun, or really changes how the game is played, but in truth it is very boring, and tedious, and does nothing for how the game is played, besides small abilities that you can acquire after a bit anyways. Then you are treated to the beginning of the story, pretty straight forward, King needs help, King flees, King dies, Wants you to help get things right... So you are thrown out into the world. Yes, the world said to be beautiful, and one of the best in any game... but of course, almost imediatelly after leaving the first area I encountered numerous glitches. If it wasn't random events happening out of no where, then it was the continued frustration of continuously being literally sucked into the land scape, and not being able to do anything but either restart the game, or go back to a different save. This had to be the most annoying thing ever, I saved at almost every turn and yet somehow the game still found a way to set me back. Then there is the battle system that was said to be "brilliant" or outstanding... But of course like most games like this after a couple of killings in each skill they seem to have the same outcome, the people fall to the ground, or fly a few feet. Yes this can be fun for the violent people, and yes they wanted the game to be a bit real, but this seems to be the only thing, besides the weather that could ever really happen, and yet this, in my opinion, should be the one thing that games do take out of proportion. The one thing that I still don't understand is that one of the mini games in the game is talking...? If I wanted to talk to people and learn about what they did for a living I would go outside, and God forbid that! They took a good idea, and messed up the reason it is used... Like in Final Fantasies, you learn about the people, but then they are actually in the story. In this game you learn something about the people, either forget about it, or persue them for about an hour in real time, then forget they ever existed... Also the people seem to have no personallity, I see people talking about how awesome the interaction with the people is... Yes the interaction is awesome, the interaction they have with other players. Talking to regular people walking around usually brings up one option to choose from, asking them Rumors, which also seem to almost always be the same things from person to person. Then you get to pay them to become more friendly. Even this option gets you nothing from the people. Yes it has quest and importent characters tell you things, but get a regular person's disposition to one-hundred and what do they do... They tell you the same thing.

Yes, there is some fun to be found in this game, but not nearly as much as the advertisements seem to promise. Fighting things and then watching the ragdoll physics take control is fun, and then slashing the dead bodies o the ground to make them twitch is also a bit fun, but gets old. Going through the spells is kind off cool, they have a lot of spells to choose from, but like most of the game gets old, and repetitive, they have about ten spells for the same things, and some of them are never even needed... They do have affects, but you can get the same effect from an item half of the time, and don't need it very often once you have it. The weapons seem to have no variety and have the same effect. Yes the attack might be a bit different, and they may have different weapons, but they all do the same thing... Then there is the arena, mindless killing in a game is always fun... But of course... The competitors have almost no difference between each one of them. Some use magic, some use weapons, some use bows, and even some use all of the above! Does this change anything... only the difficulty, but even then they are all the same.

The one thing that I can not complain about though is the monsters and lands/maps. These saved my grade, otherwise I would be voting even lower. The land are various, and never limiting, there is always something to find that is new, or unseen before. The buildings in towns and cities are all different on the outside, and inside, and almost every one of them is excessible. The dungeons are the same way. They are all various, and filled with monsters, which brings me to my next point. The monsters, each one has it's own way of acting, and attacking, and each look awesome. The AI is smart, and will fight back as much, and even more than you do. They block when you attack, hold when you block and attack in any ways possible to them. This brings a new challenge to the game. Also after all the glitches I saw in the game I expected the enemies to glitch too. I was surprisingly pleased when I saw that no monsters glitched. This is the one solid thing I found in that game that I liked...

Sound : Great sound, everthing made a sound, but it sounded a bit choppy at times.

Graphics : Great graphics, some of the best ingame graphics I have ever seen. A lot of attention was given to everything. Playing on the regular lighting level it hurt my eyes though. Not that that effects the grade I give this... Just wanted to say it. This game is not for the Motion sick, or thoughs who have problems playing FPSs

Gam eplay : Very repetative, and at times pointless. Glitches stick you in places making it unable to go on frequently.

Story : The main story is so cliche, and the stories that come from other people seem to cross each other and become pointless.

Replayability...? : The only reason to replay the game would to be to either fix old mistakes you made in a previous game to join different groups. Which, if you had the same experience as me, you don't have to worry about messing up since you will have to constantly go over the same part over, and over, and over again... Or, one of the more popular reasons, try out a different class. Although no matter what class you play, unless you are a straight up mage, you will be using a good ammount of the abilities anyways.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/13/07

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