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"100 hours of game? What an illusion."

This game is a great RPG, of course. It does have great graphics, a good gameplay, a good way of looting, a "freedom" of choices you can make. But there are two things that really makes it worse than many games.

The graphics are really fine, nothing bad to say about it. They made a fine work here, with weapons and magics and places well displayed.

This is where the games starts to become really stupid. Many players are wrong on saying "many hours of game". Crap. Many hours of game if you do all the side quests. Oh yeah, great marketing here. But they are not necessary to finish the game. So yes, you can finish the game in few hours! Because the main story is ridiculously short!

Resume: You are a prisoner(hell know why), and they release you because the emperor wanted it(why the hell, only god knows), Then he's killed, you go to the imperial city, discovers that the emperor has a son in some place, you go there, shut a stupid oblivion gate, rescue the boy, take him with another guy to a temple of guards of the emperor(but the amulet is stolen), so you must find 4 books to get to the boss of the bad guys. They are ridiculously easy to get, and you enter there, take a book(he escapes with the amulet), run like hell and return to the temple. Then, you have to find 4 items to open a portal. You can too get allies for the final battle, but it's a side quest. So you travel a bit, fight some enemies and get 3 of the 4 items. Then, you have to shut another gate. Then, to take the final item, you must go through another gate(yeah, in a great world like this, all you do is going to this damn gates), Then, you get the final item and give it to the Emperor. Then he opens the portal for Paradise to kill the boss of the bad guys. Then, take the Emperor to a temple to shut all the gates. Hooray, history done. YEAH, IT'S JUST THAT! And you thought Fable was short, but in my opinion, Fable is a far better game than this one. Oh, of course, now that you finished the game, you can doo your 100 hours side quests. OH COOL! BUT WAIT... WHAT THIS WILL CHANGE? NOTHING!

Leveling up
Another stupid thing in this game. You must up your main skills a lot of times to upgrade 1 level. That REALLY sucks. Fable, again, has a lot better experience mode. It becomes really hard to understand and know what you have to do. They throw you in the world and say: Go ahead buddy, without explain ANYTHING. The tutorial in the start of the game doesn't explain almost anything, the only thing that it explains are moves like attack, draw weapon, loot, etc.

The only thing that makes this game worth of playing. You can steal things of corpses, you can join guilds, kill whoever you want, resist being arrested, there are many options. There are many sidequests as well, but as I said, it's irrelevant to complete the game.

It's a nice RPG game. But it doesn't enter my top 5, maybe not even top 10. The missions are repetitive, the leveling system sucks and the main story is short and don't explain a lot of things. It's a game I recommend only for those that have already played everything else

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/08/10

Game Release: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (US, 03/20/06)

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