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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by blasster

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    I-------------Dynasty Warriors Online Guide----------------I
    Dynasty Warriors Online Guide
    Welcome to Dynasty Warriors Online (DWO) Guide. This guide 
    purpose is to help those who have just installed the game to 
    blend with the community as get past the beginner point where 
    new players will mostly be “kicked” (Forced Retreat option) 
    in melee waiting room if they do not know the left and right 
    of this game.
    You might ask yourself at first, “Why the treatment of new 
    players are so harsh in this game?”. However, just like every 
    online game; new players will always get the short end of the 
    stick, most veteran players seek to get as many wins as 
    possible, and does not want newcomer to become the weakest 
    link and feed opponents the winning points.
    Thus, with the harsh environment in mind, this guide 
    intention to help the newcomers to overcome the so-called 
    nooby phase until the phase where they can become acceptable 
    player by the level standard of the community.
    Table of Contents:
    1. Starting Out
    	-Tips #1 - Quest and Domestic Stats
    2. Guard Phase
    	-Tips #2 - Choosing A General
    	-Tips #3 - Items, Gems, and Ores
    	-Tips #4 - Weapon and Gear Drop
            -Tips #5 - Furniture
    3. Lieutenant Colonel Phase
    	-Tips #6 - Avoiding Colonel Rank
    	-Tips #7 - Showdown
    4. Field General Phase Onwards
    	-Tips #8 - Weapon with Good Stats and Emblem
            -Tips #9 - Weapon Grinding
    5. In-depth Melee Strategy
    	-Melee #1 - Surpress
     	-Melee #2 - Defeat
     	-Melee #3 - Confront
     	-Melee #4 - Receive Treasure
     	-Melee #5 - Fighting Strength
    	-Event - Campaign
    6. Weapon Assessment
    7. Item Assessment
    8. Closing
    1. Starting Out – Recruit & Training Phase – Rank 1 Weapon
    Chances are, the moment you are reading this; you are already 
    taking the very first tutorial.
    After you finished the very first battle; there are 2 
    possibilities. The first one is that, you score an acceptable 
    result and now moving on to more tutorials in-game. The second 
    one is that, you score a S result and being awarded 200 honor 
    instantly, which allows you to take Guard test right off bat.
    To score a S result; simply do 200 KOs to the best of your 
    capability before killing the NPC officer in a short time. 
    To do this, with the BSpear that you get in the very first 
    battle, do a Charge 3 attack again and again for every 
    troop (3 J then 1 K on keyboard). 
    The reason for spamming this move is that BSpear Charge 3 
    does not knock opponent away, thus you can do a Charge 3, 
    then wait until opponent feet on the ground, and spam 
    Charge 3 again. Do this to the NPC officer as well.
    Scoring a S result will grant you 200 honor right away 
    and be able to take Guard rank test instantly.
    The downside? No further game tutorial for you, which may 
    be bad if you are not familiar with the game at all, which 
    may be different compared to the console version it’s 
    based on (Dynasty Warriors 5). 
    Whatever your decision may be; slow, but sure or fast, 
    but reckless, your goal as a Recruit is to accumulate 
    200 honors until you are eligible to take Guard rank test, 
    which is available once you talk to the Trainer with 
    200 honors.
    Tips #1 - Quest and Domestic Stats
    Toggle your character screen and you see five stats 
    that is Commerce, Distribution, Military, Technology, 
    and Peace.
    These stats are what we call domestic stats, and 
    are the main reason why you would want to do 
    quests, aside from the obvious prize. 
    The higher these stats are, the easier time you 
    will have with this game in the long run. 
    Always try to get S rank on every quest you attempt, 
    because there is a “cool down” time after each quest. 
    The higher the rank is, the longer the quest will 
    be available again. Thus, always try to score 
    best result.
    2. Guard Phase – Trying Out Melee – Rank 2 Weapon
    Once you successfully passed Guard rank test, the 
    Trainer will grant you one free Rank 2 weapon; that 
    is tempered with 3 attack, 1 damage, and 3 defense.
    Now, this is a crucial point for all new players out 
    there, “What is the weapon I should choose?”. 
    Irresponsible players will probably just tell you, 
    “Whichever you like.”, but naturally, that comes with 
    HIGH PRICE since you don’t know how each weapon works 
    at this point.
    For a Guard rank, one mode of melee where lower rank 
    does not get kicked out from a waiting room is 
    “Defeat 2000 or 3000”, which the aim is to defeat the 
    designated number of enemy troops before the opposing 
    team does. 
    In this case, a direct PvP is generally avoided, 
    although one can argue that killing other player 
    can also be one of the viable ways to win, thus 
    preventing them from killing your troops. 
    Guard can be “smart”, play safe, and avoid 
    confrontation while focusing on killing troops, 
    with simply knock their opponent away while 
    killing the troops.
    Now you should think, “What is the best weapon for 
    killing high number of troops in a small time?”. 
    The answer is: IRON BLADE (Guan Ping weapon).
    The reason for this is, the IBlade has wide AoE 
    (Area of Effect) at the end of Charge 3, which allows 
    you to attack all troops in your designated area at the 
    same time, thus allowing you to kill large enemies 
    compared to other Charge 3 moves.
    Another good point is that IBlade also has amazing 
    Defense upgrade, which is on slot 5, this may takes 
    long, but in “Defeat 2000 or 3000” mode, people will 
    rarely use direct confrontation and should they decide 
    to, the high number of Defense upgrade would also 
    allow you to take some damage thereof and keep you stay 
    alive as long as you only get hit once in a while 
    throughout the game.
    Thus, with little practice with the IBlade to kill 
    troops at a good pace and able to knock any opponent 
    away, you will not be intimidated or kicked by the 
    veteran players in a “Defeat 2000 or 3000” room.
    The target of your next rank is 500 honor, 
    Lieutenant Colonel. The test will be available on 
    your officer list of quest when you talk to 
    him/her with 500 honor.
    Tips #2 - Choosing a General
    The first thing you need to do upon reaching Guard 
    rank is to choose a general to serve under. Depending 
    on who you choose, you get a bonus in one of the five 
    melee stats and one of the five domestic stats. 
    Choose wisely on this; damage may not be used often 
    compared to other four melee stats, and for domestic 
    stats you should prioritize on either Technology 
    (higher % on crafting), Military (lower price to 
    unlock weapon), or Commerce (item availability on 
    While possible, it is very hard to change general to 
    server under; involving stuff where you have to raise
    the affection for the general that you want to change 
    into, which can be done by fighting alongside them 
    in a campaign battle.  
    Stepswordsman (4/25/2012) clarified on changing general;
    "Displeasing your current commander doesn't help you 
    change one, only raising your target general's affection 
    towards you does. I'm not sure if doing the repeatable 
    quests they offer does anything, but there is a hard 
    one-time quest they offer which, when S-Ranked, allows 
    you to switch right away, and just raises their affection 
    on lower ranks. Failing that, fighting (and preferably 
    winning) alongside said general during the faction wars 
    (forgot what are they called) also raises it."
    Tips #3 – Items, Gems, and Ores
    As Guard, items and gems are pretty much one of the 
    most essential deposit for melee (and some hard quests, 
    even). Item does many things, and disappear once you 
    use it, so try to use it wisely.
    Item can be gotten through melee, arena, or mock 
    battle. Also buyable and sellable through broker.
    Gems are almost a necessity in this game as it is 
    the material necessary to tamper your weapon. You 
    need 1 for first temper, and increase by another 
    number on subsequent temper.
    Unlike items, gems cannot be brought from broker, but 
    available instead as AP exclusive item (buy with real 
    money). It can, however, be gotten from melee, arena, 
    and mock battles; which is of course, more time 
    Thus it is advisable not to waste gems unnecessarily, 
    especially in the beginning of the game where you start 
    with essentially no gem and item. Always try to think 
    thoroughly before tempering a weapon.
    Ores are optional for higher level of gameplay later. 
    It is used for weapon, gear, and item crafting as you 
    can only add an element to weapon and gear this way, as 
    well as create item that has both effect by combining 
    them (like +30 health and musou by combining Peacock 
    and Dragon Amulet as one item).
    Tips #4 - Weapon and Gear Drop
    In melee, officer NPC, including supply base captains 
    can drop weapon and gear. As guard, you will only be 
    \able to get Rank 2 weapon and +4 gear. You can, 
    however, buy Rank 3 and above weapon, as well as gear 
    above +4 from broker. 
    There is rank restriction on weapon and you cannot 
    equip a weapon that is higher than Rank 2 regardless. 
    Fortunately, gear has no restriction.
    Also watch the number of temper points available 
    whenever you get a new weapon. It goes without speaking 
    the higher temper the weapon has, the better it is 
    because you can put more attack/damage/defense/life/musou.
    Maximum number of temper points for Rank 1 is 12, 
    Rank 2 is 16, Rank 3 is 20, and Rank 4 onwards is 24. 
    The higher rank you have, the better weapon you can 
    use, naturally.
    Tips #5 Furniture
    AKA the part where it hits you where no game is 100% free.
    Yes, you could play this game without spending a single dollar,
    but ultimately, you will realize that to get an extra space
    for any equipment you have; whether it is weapon, gear, and
    even item. To increase the space for these stuff, you need
    to purchase a furniture for your house, and these furniture
    can only be purchased with Aeria Point, and Aeria Point, as you
    know it, can only be purchased with real money. 
    You could , of course, save in-game gold and hope someone
    would want to give you AP in exchange of gold via internet
    payment like Ultimate Game Card nowadays. Ultimately, you
    still need someone willing to pay real money for this
    stuff either way.
    The useful furniture that you will need in the long run are;
    *Armory - To increase weapon space.
    *wardrobe - To increase gear space.
    *Item Shelf - To increase item space.
    *Shipping Desk - To send item directly to your friend.
    There are other various others that are useful to make your
    journey in DWO easier, but those above are the necessity that
    a lot of people would spend their first purchase on, should 
    you decide to spend money for Aeria Point.
    3. Lt. Colonel Phase – Capture and Fighting Strength – Rank 3 Weapon
    The rank Lt.Colonel is basically “borderline” between 
    novice and musou room, you will be able to compete with 
    20 tempers Rank 3 weapon in musou room, as the maximum 
    tempers allowed in novice room is 16 (so you will still 
    be able to join novice room as Lt.Colonel, but the game 
    will ban you from using a weapon that has more than 16 
    tempers count).
    At this stage, after familiarize yourself in “Defeat 2000 
    or 3000” game, as per suggestion above; this is where 
    I highly suggest you to put a “Damage” temper in your 
    IBlade weapon from the initial Guard test. 
    With that, you will have 3 attack, 2 damage, and 3 
    defense in your IBlade, which is –not too bad- for a 
    “Capture” or “Fighting Force” game. These two games 
    require you to capture bases and doing KO to win. 
    In addition, “Fighting Force” further add PvP points 
    to the mix; which I recommend not to charge recklessly 
    still, if you are facing high rank, but you can still 
    stall them and take bases relentlessly to prevent 
    opponent from scoring a point.
    This is where you should get to know those two games 
    above with the 32300 IBlade, and perhaps develop your 
    own weapon later from the experiences once you are able 
    to use a better weapon that is Rank 4 with 24 tempers 
    If you need to repair the said weapon (not letting 
    them break), use any Gems to “repair” it. As your 
    weapon is Rank 2, it takes 2 Gems in order to repair 
    the durability of the weapon. 
    Should you let the weapon durability drained until it 
    breaks, one of the upgrade will be randomly deleted, 
    in which case, it could be the attack or defense temper, 
    which will take you 3 Ambers or Jades to repair, 
    potentially costing more than 2 Gems.
    The target of your next rank in this phase is 2000 honor, 
    which is Field General and finally let you equip a weapon 
    with maximum temper points (x/24). 
    One of the best ways to get honor is doing a Showdown 
    game, a 12 versus 12 battles that usually occurs on 
    the weekend (actual time schedule is decided by Aeria, 
    the host of the game itself). In Showdown game, you 
    CANNOT be kicked from a room. 
    Whether you win or lose on Showdown, you will always 
    get 20 to 24 honors (if win) or 10 to 12 honors (if 
    lose), as well as one weapon, one gear, and one item 
    no matter what the result. 
    This weekend event usually goes for 3 hours once 
    it starts with 15 minutes interval per game. 
    Thus, if you can participate on the weekend and 
    happens to win all your game, you can accumulate up 
    to 240+ honors in one session (3 hours) of Showdown.  
    The next best thing? It usually happens twice 
    in a day in the weekend, so you can do that three 
    more times over the course of Saturday and Sunday 
    (12 hours combined) for 960+ honors. Undoubtly one 
    of the event where people come around and 
    farming for honor points whenever possible.
    Tips #6 - Avoiding Colonel Rank
    Now, you might be wondering, “But I get another 
    rank at 1000 honor?”, the answer is yes, but this 
    rank, is no doubt the worst rank in DWO meta-game 
    and nobody should step on. 
    The rank Colonel you see, do not let you join 
    novice game anymore, and if you are on the said 
    rank, you have no choice but to join musou game 
    that is free for all ranks. 
    Knowing that, a Colonel that is only able to 
    use Rank 3 weapon tends to be at disadvantage 
    (4 temper points less on the weapon compared to 
    the next rank that is Field General); this is 
    also why many of those below Field General tends 
    to get “kicked” out of room by the veterans of 
    the game, especially if the room leader is 
    very high rank compared to Colonel and below.
    For reason above, DO NOT bother with Colonel 
    rank test at 1000 honor under any circumstances 
    and keep accumulating honor until 2000 honor, 
    where you are ready to become Field General.
    Tips #7 – Showdown
    The objective to Showdown is to deplete 
    opponent bar until zero, sort of like 
    fighting game in general.
    The way to do this is to capture bases, then 
    let the bar on bases fill to deal the damage. 
    Thus, defending bases is all more important here 
    in Showdown. Killing whoever that comes to take 
    your base is number one priority.
    The other is to destroy opponent gunpowder 
    boxes in their supply base. This deal even more 
    significant damage, and generally contributed to 
    the winning factor in a 12 versus 12 game. 
    The gunpowder boxes, however, have the most 
    health out of all non-living thing, and it 
    will certainly take more than one people to 
    do significant damage. 
    Always try to attack supply base together 
    rather than recklessly going alone.
    4. Field General Phase Onwards – Community Main Game: Confronting
    Upon reaching the Field General rank, if you
     have followed the suggestion above thus far, 
    you should have plenty of Gems, which is 
    necessary to temper a weapon. 
    The best way to get weapon is again, Showdown. 
    If you have done that to get to this phase, you 
    probably already know you will get a weapon no 
    matter you win or lose. With Field General rank, 
    you can now also participate in an Elite room 
    of Showdown. 
    Joining Elite room may increase your chances 
    on getting better weapon/gear/item, if not 
    for the more honor alone would be reason enough.
    From here on, you can try playing Confront 
    melee where most, if not all the community 
    of the game plays, which goal is to score 10 
    kills first before the other team. Why is 
    this melee type that most people play? 
    Because human is sadistic by nature, if you 
    have not figured it out by now.
    There are many combinations in Confront, and 
    the veterans have certain expectation where 
    newcomers do not just hope for the veterans 
    to carry them throughout the game. This is 
    basically where you should try weapons out 
    in the Proctor again, and figure out which 
    weapon will suits you best in term of 
    killing people. 
    Whether you choose to be a PvP-er with huge 
    attack upgrade, but weak defense and life 
    (Glass Cannon), or prefer to have huge 
    chunk of life and defense, but little attack 
    (Tanker) is up to you.
    If, you are not that confident in PvP skill 
    and wish to do it the safe way; using the 
    IBlade that I have suggested previously, 
    do a Temper that is 2 attack, 4 defense, and 
    4 life; with 2 life increase modding. 
    The reason of this is that, you could still 
    take on any opponent very well and deal 
    additional damage with Fire Orb from the 
    Charge 3 AoE, while having natural high 
    defense upgrade and increased life upgrade 
    that will further guarantee the survival 
    in the long run. 
    If that is not enough, you can always have 
    the Advanced+ ready, in which IBlade’s 
    Advanced+ give you a COMPLETE resistance to 
    any status effect and elemental attack. 
    Thus, you can worry less about getting 
    caught in many veterans’ effective use of 
    orbs to kill you with it. 
    Prioritizing survival and minimizing one 
    death, while contributing to damage deal by 
    a good margin should be the beginner’s first 
    order of business. 
    From this, you should observe other players' 
    way of playing, and try to pick up the 
    good killing or support move than you can learn 
    from your opponents and allies alike.
    After Field General, you essentially capable 
    to mold with the community of the game 
    already as you learn more about the game and 
    improve yourself in all kinds of melee. 
    Rank 5 weapon will be able to be used after you 
    reach 10000 honor, a Front General rank. 
    While final Rank 6 weapon will be useable once 
    you reach 20000 honor, a Perimeter General rank.
    Tips #8 – Weapon With Good Stats and Emblem
    This phase is also where you have to seriously 
    give a thought on how you can make yourself 
    effective and dangerous, or at least, not 
    letting your teammates down.
    Using IBlade again, for example, Rank 4 IBlade 
    has attack stat ranged from +29 to +31. 
    On a glance, the difference may not be huge, 
    but let’s says you want to temper four 
    attack on your IBlade; with 2 points difference 
    each temper, of course a Rank 4 IBlade 
    with attack +31 will naturally have 8 more 
    points than the one with attack +29. 
    This is also one of the most deciding factors 
    when people buy or sell weapon in broker. 
    Weapon with better stats obviously can sell 
    for more compared to weapon with worse stats.
    You might ask, why people still trying to 
    sell weapon with inferior stats then? 
    The answer is, “Emblem” can also be the 
    deciding factor.
    Again with IBlade as example, you can compare 
    “Thrust” and “Pierce” as Emblem one. 
    Thrust hurls out a long, narrow-ish shockwave; 
    which can be useful if you want to keep 
    your distance and help your ally from afar. 
    Pierce, on the other hand, do a huge swing 
    to both your front and back. This can be useful 
    to clear out the enemies in your surrounding. 
    So, comparing Thrust and Pierce for IBlade 
    Emblem, which is more useful? You decide. 
    Some may prefer Thrust, some may prefer 
    Pierce; but at the end of the day, this is 
    yet the important factor, along with the 
    good stats above that you should take notice 
    of when building a weapon. It is by take 
    notice of this that you can make the best 
    out of your favorite weapon.
    Tips #9 - Weapon Grinding
    By now, you should have known about weapon
    modding that is gained by weapon usages.
    However, another reason why you would want
    to get a total of 255 usages is because that
    you can grind your weapon to the next rank
    with the help of forge furniture.
    Thus, if you feel like upgrading the weapon
    you have from previous rank that already
    has 255 usages, you can do it via forge
    in your house or in the central market.
    The percentage of this weapon grinding however,
    is amongst one of the hardest. You will need
    a very high technology, followed by the
    crafting rank in weapon itself.
    The higher the weapon rank, the more ores
    you need to grind your weapon, and they do
    not return if you fail to do so as well.
    You could, alternatively, paid someone to do 
    it for you. There are many players that 
    has been diligent in raising domestic stats
    and turn the weapon crafting into an in-game 
    Be wise in deciding whether it is worth
    investing the resources to grind your weapon
    or not. Sometimes, it may not worth it and 
    you are better of get a completely new higher
    ranked weapon from melee or showdown.
    Generally, people would grind their weapon if
    it has a very good stats with good emblems.
    5. In-depth Melee Strategy
    Melee is obviously the main attraction of the
    game where you can play with your friends or 
    allies from the same faction fighting players 
    from another faction. Having a good teamwork 
    and well build weapons is the key to win, in the 
    most general sense. 
    Naturally, in the long run, "skill" matters when 
    both side have the an equal sense of teamwork 
    and good control over weapons.
    There are five types of melee, each with different
    objectives, namely; Suppress, Defeat, Confront, 
    Receive Treasure, and Fighting Strength.
    Melee #1 - Suppress
    Or more popularly known as, "Capture".
    In the literal sense, the objective to this melee
    is to capture all your opponent bases. Your base
    will be indicated by blue, while opponent base
    will be indicated by red. 
    There is also neutral base that is indicated by 
    yellow. While capturing yellow base would not 
    directly affecting your win, it certainly can
    help shifting the odds in your side sometimes
    by having more bases than enemies.
    A good weapon to use in this melee is generally a
    weapon with good speed as you would need to run
    a lot in this mode. A good Charge 1 emblem to kill
    troops quickly also helps a lot in the flasking
    You should, by all means, flasking sufficiently
    early and seize bases quickly rather than trying
    to flask until the maximum possible before getting
    ready to fight.
    Weapon Recommendation: A weapon with speed higher
    than 125, good crowd control emblem 1, and both 
    attack and damage flask lower than 4. 
    A good example is TSabers, with Moon as emblem 1.
    Temper Recommendation: 44200 (Extra slot to gain 
    speed max is invaluable).
    Melee #2 - Defeat
    The objective is as simple as killing troops as
    fast as possible. Faster than your enemies that
    probably knows how to do it in their own  way.
    Killing troops is the simplest task, ever.
    But to kill them fast may be another story after
    you experienced different emblems from various
    The reason why emblem 1 matter most is that you can
    save time by just pressing one button, instead of
    doing couple of normal attacks. Thus; kill faster,
    walk and kill another troops faster is how you
    overtake your enemies in term of killing a large
    chunk of troops.
    Speed matters, but since you would not want to be
    running across all the map, a slow weapon is alright,
    so long as its emblem 1 have crowd clearing
    Weapon Recommendation: A weapon with good crowd
    clearing emblem 1.
    A good example is CBlade, with Cresent as emblem 1.
    Temper Recommendation: 50000 (all extra slots should
    be focused on gaining the random bonuses, especially
    speed max).
    Melee #3 - Confront
    The most popular melee type as far as the English
    server is concerned. Many ways can be done with
    making use of the different types of weapon, 
    emblem, and element.
    One of the simplest way to kill is to make use of 
    the musou invincibility, and the fact that most of 
    the musou in this cannot be countered once you get 
    hit by it.
    This type of killing is very effective should you 
    make a very long bar of musou on a weapon that has 
    the advance to enhance your attack, like TPicks 
    that has Aggression advance (attackx3) or IRod 
    that has Godly Hammer advance (normal musou
    becomes true musou).
    Other than that, you will need a good deal of
    knowledge by knowing how to make use of the
    elements that is triggered by emblems or charge
    attacks in order to win.
    Fire element will engulf enemy in fire and can
    make your next attack even more deadly before
    they fall to the ground. 
    This is usually done by doing charge attack 3 
    and followed by musou for inescapable attack.
    Ice element will freeze your opponent on the
    spot and leave them defenseless until the ice 
    breaks (approximately 2 seconds). 
    It is best to follow up this ice attack with 
    musou attack that is damaging, but hard to 
    connect otherwise, like TPicks musou.
    Vorpal element will sap your opponent of their
    musou in the cost of your own musou, it also gives
    a statis damage upon each hits. Thus, the number
    of attack tempers you put is irrelevant when using
    a vorpal element.
    Generally, vorpal element is hard to use on its own.
    Anyone with a piece of brain knows how to avoid 
    attacking vorpal element user head on and will
    generally be the main target of ganking.
    To use vorpal element effectively, pair up with ice
    element user above. As you can then kill enemies
    effectively without letting them to have a means to
    counter, due to no musou bar after the first hit of
    vorpal on iced opponent.
    Lighting element will leave your opponent stunned
    and open for next attack. Lighting also increase
    the damage dealt upon hit, making it best suited 
    to use if you plan to build a weapon with maximum 
    One full clean hit and another stunned hit with 
    attack x2 boost will almost guarantee a kill 
    from unsuspecting enemy early.
    Wind element will inflict slow status to your enemy
    and disable the jumping function for them for a
    short period of time. Like lighting element, wind 
    will also increase the damage dealt upon hit.
    This fact making it good as weapon with maximum 
    attack intended to kill, albeit no guarantying free
    second like lighting. Alternatively, it is also
    good as weapon to support as it can knocks enemy
    that is assaulting your teammates, and gang up on
    them afterwards after being slowed down and cannot
    jump for a short period. 
    Weapon and Temper Recommendations:
    Musou Invincibility - TPicks / IRod (40323)
    Fire Element - IHelberd / BPike (30333)
    Ice Element - SFan, with Cresent as Emblem 1 (20440)
    Vorpal Element - ISword / TSword (00450)
    Lighting Element - IRod / Gclub, with Thrust as
    Emblem 1 (50320)
    Wind Element - FFan / WNunchaku (40323)
    Melee #4 - Recieve Treasure
    The least popular type of melee.
    None really play this.
    The objective is to find a treasure and take it back
    to your base or supply base. With each treasure in 
    possession, you will be slowed down.
    You can carry up to 3 treasures per one person. First 
    one to take back 10 treasures to their base is the 
    Weapon Recommendation: Any weapon with 140 speed.
    Temper Recommendation: A bare minimum of 22200.
    Melee #5 - Fighting Strength
    This melee is basically a mix of everything above,
    jack of all trades of a game with 20 bars for each
    The way to deplete the bars include the capturing
    of supply base (4 points), defending bases (4 points),
    defeat 2000 enemies combined (8 points), and kill
    the opposing player (2 points).
    Consider a weapon where you can fend off for yourself
    as you will no doubt find yourself in the situation
    where you need to engage enemy player 1v1 when taking
    or defending a base.
    This mode needs a good corporation and individual 
    skill more than anything else, one mistake may cost
    a total turn around for the match, as not only you
    will lost a point by dying, but the time needed when
    you died and spawn may cost you yet another point
    from the base that you failed to protect or capture.
    Weapon Recommendation: A versatile weapon with good 
    attack and decent speed.
    A Good example is Cudgel, with almost any Emblem.
    Charge 4 does stun effect and Charge 2 does high 
    damage with wind or lighting elment.
    Temper Recommendation: 43320 (mod temper 1 with 255
    usages; may consider 42320 before completing usages).
    Event - Campaign
    Depending on who you ask, one of the most fun, or most
    frustating event to play. A whole force versus force
    kind of deal. Opponent being decided by randoms,
    depending on your fame and rank.
    This event could go on for hours until one of the two 
    opposing forces is reduced to zero. The main goal is
    to get as many win streaks as possible, as you deal
    more damage per game to the opoosing forces, quickly
    crushing them before your own faction get crushed.
    The variety of game you will encounter in campaign are;
    capture opposing or all bases, defeat 2000 or 3000 
    troops, kill musou general, or fighting strength.
    Judgement can include the classic KOs or overall rating. 
    It is still best if you could focus on the KOs aspect 
    even on a overall rating judgement.
    Make a party of coordinated four people and prepare 
    weapons for all types of matches is your best bet in
    building high winning streaks and win for your faction.
    Last but not least, this is also the only event where
    you can get a "commander spirit" item. In which, the
    item will change your advance ability to turn into
    a particular officer with the spirit that you equip.
    To get a "commander spirit", simply kill them on any
    type of game in campaign, even when you are not actually
    required to kill the said general to win.
    6. Weapon Assessment
    Each weapon have a move why they are effective for 
    a specific type of melee. This section will list
    the moves that makes them effective.
    Cresent Blade (Guan Yu)
    *Charge 3 cause stagger.
    *Emblem 1 Cresent for crowd clearing.
    *Emblem 1 Pierce for a high damage lighting
    element hit.
    Battle Axe (Hu Xuang)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Use the spinning jump charge to break tower or
    juggernauts in capture.
    *Emblem 1 Moon for crowd clearing.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust for long range element hit.
    *Emblem 6 Eclipse with ice element, for two 
    circular area covering hits.
    Great Club (Xu Zhu)
    *Charge 3 cause down.
    *Running attack can stagger opponent.
    *Emblem 1 Moon for crowd clearing.
    *Emblem 1 Thurst for a high damage lighting 
    element hit.
    Iron Rod (Huang Gai) - AKA most OU weapon
    *Charge 3 cause juggle.
    *Running attack let you dash further,
    good for when being winded.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust for crowd clearing, and high
    damage lighting element hit.
    *Emblem 1 Pierce for 3 hits ice element attack.
    *Jump charge does a natural fire damage from
    bomb; beware you can also "accidentally" bomb 
    your own ally.
    Scimitar (Xiahou Dun)
    *Charge 3 cause stagger.
    *Running attack juggles opponent.
    *Emblem 1 Cresent for 2 hits ice element attack.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust for long range element hit.
    Pirate Sword (Gan Ning)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust let you dash forward, effective
    while winded.
    *Musou is very one of a kind; running attack
    until your musou bar ends that let you catch
    running opponent (run faster than speed max).
    Battle Rod (Xiahou Yuan)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Running attack cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 thrust for long range element hit.
    Twin Rods (Taishi Ci)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Charge 5 is VERY GOOD for long range attack
    or support with ice, lighting, or wind element.
    *Emblem 1 Thurst and Pierce have very strong
    knockback property.
    *Well versed weapon that can fight on its own
    due to armor property on many Emblem 1, charge 3,
    and charge 5.
    Hand Axe (Dian Wei)
    *Charge 3 cause stagger.
    *Charge 4 for long range attack.
    *Only weapon with attack flask on slot 1.
    *Emblem 1 Cresent and Pierce for crowd clearing.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust for a high damage lighting
    element hit.
    TWin Picks (Pang De) - AKA king of PvP weapon
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Very DAMAGING musou due to its unique property,
    not juggle, but cannot be countered. Thus dealing
    full damage each hits. Combined with its advance,
    it is almost an assured kill against any opponent
    with less than 2 life upgrade.
    *Emblem 1 Thurst for long range element hit.
    *Emblem 1 Cresent for crowd clearing.
    Twin Sabers (Lu Xun) - AKA king of suppress weapon
    *Charge 3 cause stagger.
    *Emblem 1 Moon for 2 hits crowd clearing
    *Running attack cause stun.
    *Very BALANCED for capture due to its 140 speed,
    good crowd control, and charge 3 with armor to 
    protect you from juggernauts' fire, as well as
    stagger hits to kill officer faster.
    Twin Maces (Diao Chan)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Charge 3 is one of the hardest combo to block, 
    very easy to get behind opponent.
    *Running attack cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 thrust for long range element hit.
    Bronze Spear (Zhao Yun)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Pierce for crowd clearing.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust for high damage lighting
    element hit.
    Cudgel (Original)
    *Charge 3 cause stun, which can be followed
    up by multiple hits that cause knockback.
    *Charge 4 cause stun before combo upgrade.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust for long range element hit.
    *Charge 2 with wind orb allows you for a high
    damage loop hit.
    Twin Fans (Da Qiao)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Cresent for high damage lighting
    element hit.
    *Jump charge shoot a fire, and cause opponent
    to fall slowly upon hit; which can be followed
    by another attack.
    Strategist Fan (Sima Yi)
    *charge 3 cause stun. Very long range beam
    projectile, and non-comboable from normal
    *Emblem 1 Cresent for crowd clearing; also
    very useful due to elemental activation of
    a wide radius. One of the most used weapon
    for support or attack with ice, lighting,
    or wind element.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust for a larger version of 
    Charge 3 long range beam, also has element
    activation to enhance its usefulness.
    Vision Staff (Pang Tong)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Pierce for long range element hit.
    *Emblem 1 Cresent for crowd clearing.
    *Very huge aoe range musou. Statis, and easy
    to do double musou with any weapon.
    *Jump charge is very useful to get you out of
    dire situation, due to the fast moving in the
    Sorcerer Staff (Zhang Jiao)
    *Charge 3 cause stagger.
    *Charge 4 shoot 180 area coverage of fire.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust shoot fireball.
    *Emblem 6 Fan do a circular area of fire.
    *Jump Charge shoot a fireball in front of
    you that cause enemy to collapse.
    *Musou shoot fireballs and end with a front
    coverage of fire.
    *Have means to add fire on Emblem 1, Charge 4,
    Emblem 6, and jump Charge. Good for support
    without fire element.
    Iron Claw (Zhang He)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Pierce for long range element hit.
    *Musou deals full damage and cannot be countered
    like TPicks. Useful combined with the fact
    this weapon has 140 speed.
    Iron Sword (Zhou Yu)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust for long range element hit.
    *Jump charge also shoot a disk projectile
    that has element activation with advanced 
    ability on.
    *Can activate element on every hit with the
    advanced Phoenix.
    *Musou can be strengthened with lighting orb
    when in Phoenix, due to the juggle effect.
    Tyrant Sword (Dong Zhuo)
    *charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust for long range element hit.
    *Emblem 1 Cresent for crowd clearing.
    *Can activate element on every hit with the
    advanced Phoenix.
    *Musou can be strengthened with fire orb when
    in Phoenix, due to the non-juggle effect; 
    can be countered if enemy has musou of 
    their own.
    Whip (Original)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust for long range element hit.
    *Charge 4 does high damage with lighting or
    wind element, also cannot be blocked.
    *One of the most preferred weapon in Showdown
    to take gunpowder boxes in enemy supply base,
    due to the very high upgrade on damage, as well
    as 140 speed to run away or back in case of 
    Pole Blade (Zhang Liao)
    *charge 3 cause stun.
    *charge 5 is two part attack, first charge
    will send out shockwave, and second charge
    will let you dash forward. Both charges have
    element activation.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust have extra input for longer
    reach with element activation.
    Noble Sword (Yuan shao)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust for human torpedo giggles.
    *Emblem 1 Pierce for crowd clearing.
    *Emblem 6 Fan for 2 discs of long range 
    element hit.
    *Good for killing musou general in campaign
    or melee, due to the fact musou and attack 
    are flask slot 1 and 2. Very fast time
    flasking in term of offensive ability.
    Iron Spear (Ma Chao)
    *Charge 3 cause stagger.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust for high damage and long
    range lighting element hit.
    *Emblem 1 Pierce for crowd clearing.
    *Jump charge is very useful to get you out of
    dire situation, due to the fast moving in the
    *Musou cannot be escaped by any means.
    Wood Nunhaku (Ling Tong)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust let you dash forward, effective
    while winded.
    *Emblem 6 Eclipse for huge aoe range of element
    *Fastest combo weapon as far as normal attack goes.
    *Musou cannot be escaped by any means.
    Chakram (Sun Shang Xiang)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust let you dash forward, effective
    while winded.
    *Emblem 1 Cresent for crowd clearing, as well as
    stunnning enemies.
    *Emblem 6 Eclipse for multiple element hits.
    *Musou cannot be escaped by any means.
    Bronze Pike (Zhang Fei)
    *Charge 3 cause stagger, via the small aoe.
    *Emblem 1 Pierce for long range element hit.
    *Emblem 1 Cresent and Moon for crowd clearing.
    *Emblem 6 Cresent will allow you to hit
    opponent's back.
    *Charge 3 aoe, when combined with ice element,
    allows for continuous loop if opponent have no
    means to escape with musou.
    Iron Blade (Guan Ping)
    *Charge 3 cause stagger, via the small aoe.
    *Emblem 1 Pierce for 2 hits ice element attack.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust for long range element attack.
    *Emblem 1 Moon cause opponent to collapse, without
    a chance to recover before dropping to the ground.
    *Emblem 6 Fan will let you throw the blade with
    innate fire element.
    *Charge 3 aoe, when combined with ice element,
    allows for continuous loop if opponent have no
    means to escape with musou.
    Feather Fan (Zhuge Liang)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Pierce for long range huge beam 
    element hit.
    *Emblem 1 Moon for crowd clearing.
    *Emblem 6 Eclipse for multiple small beams
    with element activation.
    *Musou deals full damage and cannot be countered
    like TPicks. Useful combined with the fact
    this weapon's musou is long range. Thus may
    take enemy by surprise from behind very well.
    Boomerang (Zhu Rong)
    *Charge 3 cause stun; long range, but leave
    you vulnerable until the boomerang is back
    on your hands.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust for a very LONG range 
    boomerang throw. No element activation.
    *Emblem 1 Pierce for an innate fire attack
    to the back.
    *Using long range means of charge 3 to stun,
    followed by musou, is pretty much all this 
    weapon about.
    Wolf Sword (Sun Quan)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust shoot a huge, single disc
    that will stun opponent. No element activation.
    *Out of all rulers' weapon with ground musou,
    Wolf Sword does the least number of hits. 
    Thus, making it unsuitable for long musou 
    Eastern Sword AKA Badass Katana (Zhou Tai)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Pierce shot 2 discs in front and
    back respectively. No element activation.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust have extra input for longer
    reach with element activation.
    *Generally dubbed as worst weapon in the game.
    Tonfa (Sun Ce)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Pierce let you dash forward, effective
    while winded.
    *Charge 4 does high damage with lighting or
    wind element.
    *Charge 5 have innate fire element.
    Buckler Blade (Cao Ren)
    *Charge 3 cause knockback; wide range, and
    have element activation on the last disc.
    *Emblem 1 Cresent good for crowd clearing,
    as well as hit behind opponent back due to
    the moving intial attack before the aoe.
    *Highest defense upgrade in the game.
    *Good defensive support weapon due to the high 
    defense and life upgrade.
    War Blade (Huang Zhong)
    *Charge 3 cause knockback; wide range, and
    have element activation on the last barrage
    of arrows.
    *Emblem 1 Moon for long range element hit.
    *Good defensive support weapon due to the high
    defense and life upgrade.
    Flute (Zhen Ji)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Moon for crowd control.
    *Charge 4 does high damage with lighting or
    wind element.
    Twin Blades (Cao Pi)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust has innate ice element; 
    activation is awfully low without ice 
    orb, however.
    *Pressing charge button at the end of 
    evolution attack will prompt a vorpal ball,
    regardless of element you are using.
    *In reality, probably the least used weapon
    for any type of melee so far.
    Cursed Deck (Zuo Ci)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Pierce throws an innate ice ball
    on the last time; activation is awfully low
    without ice orb, however.
    *Emblem 1 Moon for crowd control.
    *Jump charge do a fire attack that directly 
    lunge at the enemy, and cause opponent to 
    fall slowly upon hit; which can be followed
    by another attack.
    Trident (Jiang Wei)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Moon for crowd control.
    *Emblem 1 Pierce does a shock wave to the
    back that will cause enemy to collapse
    upon hit.
    *Emblem 6 Eclipse does a small aoe, followed
    by a single release of element ball attack.
    *Musou cannot be escaped by any means.
    Iron Halberd (Lu Bu)
    *Charge 3 cause stagger. Very HUGE and LONG
    circular range.
    *Emblem 1 Cresent let you dash forward, effective
    while winded.
    *Emblem 1 Pierce release a shockwave in both
    front and back, respectively. Cause stun, no
    element activation.
    *Emblem 6 Fan has innate fire element on the last
    hit, where you jump forward to God knows where.
    Horned Blade (Original)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Charge 5 can be chained into Jump Charge.
    *Musou have high mobility and can get into your
    enemy's back.
    Light Sword (Nu Wa)
    *Charge 3 cause stun.
    *Emblem 1 Thrust has innate ice element.
    *Musou is stationary.
    7. Item Assessment
                   == Special Items ==
    The elements in Dynasty Warriors series, in the
    online version, it consists of fire, ice, lighting,
    vorpal, and wind. Each orb have different effect
    and can work with any weapon. However, some attack
    does not have element activation property. To check
    this, equip orb at the weapon training function on 
    proctol and see which attack of your weapon can 
    activates the element.
    Refer to "Melee - Confront" section above for in-depth
    information for what each element does.
    These item give you a stat boost to your overall
    weapon status for one game you equipped it on. 
    It has a life, musou, attack, defense, and damage
    increasing item. While using these item seems like
    a good idea, doing extra damage or giving status 
    ailments with orbs is miles better. Save these items
    for quest use.
    The speed and range boosting one is useful for 
    capture and defeat, where you need to move faster 
    and wider range to kill more troops in order 
    to gain advantage.
    Time scroll is useful for defeat game where you only
    has attack temper and all random slots, with the
    scroll, a longer x2 attack, defense, and max speed
    will give you advantage even if it is only 5-10
    The useful one for confront game are those that
    prevent one of the five elements 100% (Thermal / 
    Crystaline / Blitz / Vorpal / Wind Ward). If you are
    feeling lucky or have any element that you are bad
    in anticipating, you could not go wrong equip
    one of these for defensive measure, compared to
    amulet boosting defense or life.
    If there is one reason for you not to use a musou
    boosting amulet, it would be this. This item makes
    you suspectible to air juggle, which is what most
    musou do. Wearing this would make you able to flip
    or drop from a musou or true musou, which is really
    more useful than it sounds, as the sure way to kill
    players is usually inescapeable musou attack finisher.
    Definitely an item worth using to prevent many 
    possible deaths.
    Another preferable item to use in order to prevent
    death. Compared to belt, if you have a weapon with
    longer life, and need to constantly pressure your
    enemy, this can be your saving grace without a need
    to constantly looking for recovery item. It also
    further give you a faster life recovery when fighting
    in your own base
    Most people use this item with PSword, as the musou 
    is really helpful even just for one attack, coupled 
    with the fact that PSword musou can avoid any attack 
    safely by stopping in a completely spot with no people 
    at the end of the musou.
    *Aged Wine
    Crappiest item, no point in using this in any game, 
    as the advantage will be lost within 30 seconds into
    any game, where people will gain full musou. It does
    not effect your musou recovery either.
    *Hua Tuo's Journal
    I believe Hua Tuo will be sad if an item named after 
    him is such a crappy one where you get a small recovery 
    for every 50 kill. In 50 kill, you probably get a bun
    or two, making this item kinda pointless. Not to mention
    when you do need a bun, you probably should be looking
    for pots near base rather than getting 50 kill while
    enemy is ready to kill you on such low health.
    *Herbal Tea
    Along with Aged Wine and Hua Tuo's Journal, this item
    makes up the trio of useless items in DWO. You better
    off drinking a real herbal tea while playing DWO, because 
    at least it supplies you your daily anti-oxidant.
    Aside from all these item above, you can also perform
    an item crafting that would let you create an item that 
    has two different effect in one item. One of the most
    useful example of this is "Orb + Belt" recipe where
    you can use an orb in battle, while also have a belt
    effect that help you escape a juggle musou. Definitely
    pays well in the long run if you increase your item
    crafting skill at earliest time possible.
    8. Closing
    This concludes the first revision (Ver. 1.1) 
    of Dynasty Warriors Online Guide. 
    Version 1.0 - 24/04/2012
    Version 1.1 - 02/05/2012
    Version 1.2 - 03/05/2012
    Version 1.3 - 14/09/2012
    Version 1.1 adds in-depth melee strategy,
    covering all types of melee in Dynasty
    Warriors online.
    Version 1.2 adds weapon assessment for
    all the weapons available in English
    server. Also corrected the table of
    contents number.
    Version 1.3 adds correction to general 
    trust, and minor update to weapon and tips. 
    Also adds campaign notes, and brief 
    item section.
    Hope all of you out there can find this 
    guide useful. 
    Should you interested to try out the game, 
    it is hosted by Aeria Games, 
    and available free to download on their 
    website (www.aeriagames.com).
    Written and copyrighted 
    by Nguyen Jap 2012 (blasster8jam [at] yahoo [.] com)
    Submitted and hosted only on Gamefaqs. 
    Do not reproduce for use without 
    permission, especially for commercial profit.

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