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American McGee's Alice Cheats


  • Change gravity (Jump higher, float)

    Press the ~ button after enabling console in settings and type in SV_gravity # (The number is for how much you want the gravity the higher the number the less gravity there is, Default is 800)

    Contributed By: thesweetkissinb.

  • Cheat Codes

    Enable Cheat Mode, then enter the following codes by pressing tilde(~):

    WussAll Weapons
    fpsChange frame rate
    cg_cameradist-45First Person View
    give allGet All Weapons
    give_blunderbuss.tikGet the Spawn Blunderbuss
    give_cards.tikGet the Spawn Card
    give_demondice.tikGet the Spawn Demon Dice
    give_eyestaff.tikGet the Spawn Eyestaff
    give_icewand.tikGet the Spawn Icewand
    give_jackbomb.tikGet the Spawn Jackbomb
    give_jacks.tikGet the Spawn Jacks
    give_knife.tikGet the Spawn Knife
    give_mallet.tikGet the Spawn Mallet
    give_ragebox.tikGet the Spawn Rage Box
    give_watch.tikGet the Spawn Watch
    godGod Mode
    giveInfinite Weapons and Ammo
    noclipNo Clipping
    healthRefill Health

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt and bman.

  • Spawning Creatures

    Those cheats will spawn a creature of your choice, including bosses and regular enemies. Use "~" to open the console (if console will not open, just check the "console" option in game settings), then type...

    Spawns Ant Lionspawn c_antlion.tik
    Spawns weak Army Antspawn c_armyant.tik
    Spawns strong Army Antspawn c_armyantcorp.tik
    Spawns Centipede (2nd boss)spawn c_centipede.tik
    Spawns Red Chess Bishopspawn c_chess_red_bishop.tik
    Spawns Red Chess King (3rd boss)spawn c_chess_red_king.tik
    Spawns Red Chess Knightspawn c_chess_red_knight.tik
    Spawns Red Chess Pawnspawn c_chess_red_pawn.tik
    Spawns Red Chess Rookspawn c_chess_red_rook.tik
    Spawns Clockworkspawn c_clockwork.tik
    Spawns the Duchess (1st boss)spawn c_duchess.tik
    Spawns Jabberwock (6th boss) [BUGGY!]spawn c_jabberwock.tik
    Spawns Mad Hatter (5th boss)spawn c_madhatter.tik
    Spawns Queen of Hearts (7th boss) [BUGGY!]spawn c_queen1.tik
    Spawns Tweedle Dee (4th boss)spawn c_tweedle_dee.tik
    SpawnsTweedle Dum (4th boss)spawn c_tweedle_dum.tik
    Spawns weak Card Guardspawn cardguard_club.tik
    Spawns regular Card Guardspawn cardguard_diamond.tik
    Spawns strongest Card Guardspawn cardguard_heart.tik
    Spawns strong Card Guardspawn cardguard_spade.tik

    Contributed By: v1ci0us.


  • Select Map

    Use one of the items below with the ''map [map name]'' code:

    map centipede1Warp to Centipede (1)
    map centipede2Warp to Centipede (2)
    map rchessWarp to Chess
    map facadeWarp to Facade
    map fortress1Warp to Fortress (1)
    map fortress2Warp to Fortress (2)
    map funhouseWarp to Funhouse
    map garden1Warp to Garden (1)
    map garden2Warp to Garden (2)
    map garden3Warp to Garden (3)
    map garden4Warp to Garden (4)
    map grounds1Warp to Grounds (1)
    map grounds2Warp to Grounds (2)
    map hedge1Warp to Hedge (1)
    map hedge2Warp to Hedge (2)
    map hedge3Warp to Hedge (3)
    map keepWarp to Keep
    map jlair1Warp to Lair (1)
    map jlair2Warp to Lair (2)
    map pandemoniumWarp to Pandemonium
    map potears1Warp to Potears (1)
    map potears2Warp to Potears (2)
    map potears3Warp to Potears (3)
    map qlairWarp to Q Lair
    map skool1Warp to Skool (1)
    map skool2Warp to Skool (2)
    map tower1Warp to Tower (1)
    map tower2Warp to Tower (2)
    map tower3Warp to Tower (3)
    map utempleWarp to U Temple
    map gvillageWarp to Village
    map wchess1Warp to W Chess (1)
    map wchess2Warp to W Chess (2)
    map wforestWarp to W Forest

    Contributed By: baconbits.

Clive Barker's Undying Cheats


  • Codes

    Hit the Tab key then type in the code:

    set Aeons.Patrick Health 999999 Health
    addallAll Weapons and Spells
    ampattspellBetter Spell Casting
    gniydnuBonus Level (UK version only)
    DeAmpattSpellDecrease current spell level by 1
    assallDonkey Spawn
    becomeLight 1Extra Light
    bring #Get item #
    wooGives Patrick maximum ammo
    ehGod Mode
    AmpAttSpellHigher spell level
    houndogHowlers won't attack
    set Aeons.Patrick Mana 999Increase Mana
    satanInfinite Health
    start [map name]Level Select
    showallLevel Triggers On-Screen
    renderweaponMake On-Screen Weapon Invisible
    PieRestore mana to maximum
    slomo [1 - 5]Set game speed
    SetGroundSpeed [#]Set how fast Patrick runs, 400 is default
    setjumpz [0 - 2000]Set jump height (250 is default value)
    showfpsShow Frame Rates
    showstealthShow Stealth On-Screen
    Bring [Itemname]Spawns the requested item
    behindview [0 or 1]Toggle 3rd person view
    invisible [0 or 1]Toggle Invisibility
    infiniteMana 1Unlimited Mana

Dungeon Keeper Cheats


  • Get Everything Code!

    Enter this code in the main menu (not case-sensitive)

    please give allUnlock all rooms, spells, creatures and traps in game

    Contributed By: JFreak5000.


  • Blow Creatures Through Walls

    To get a creature through a wall to the other side without tunneling an entrance and leaving yourself open to attack, possess a level8+ Warlock, or any other creature that possesses the whirlwind spell, and move to the corner of a room that is missing a corner block. (Just two blocks diagonally touching). Line up the creature you want to blast through with the crack in the corner, and cast the whirlwind spell. If done correctly, the creature should pass right through to the other side. Ready to explore the outer caverns.

    Contributed By: CdrRogue.

Easter Eggs

  • Birthday Wish

    Play the game on May 3rd (or set your computer clock to May 3rd). Skip the opening cinematic and a screen will come up that wishes Simon Carter a happy birthday.

    Contributed By: capgamer.

  • Developer Greetings

    Hold the left shift button and type "FECKOFF" or "SKEKSIS" and you will get a message from the developers untill you release the shift button

    Contributed By: Flame2396.


  • Anything for Free

    This involves editing a game file. Open your Keeper directory and go into the data sub-directory, in here there is a file called: creature.txt. Disable the read-only function and make a backup before editing.
    First you will see all stats for your creatures, best not change any of these. Scroll down and you will see a list of all rooms. The second column of numbers is their cost, change this to 0 and in game every room will cost absolutely nothing.

    Scroll further down and you will see a list of spells. You can edit all columns besides the first one. For example; MAGIC_CREATE_IMP has a 2 followed by its prices, change every number after this to 0 and you can get an infinite number of imps for nothing.

    For a lot of gold scroll further down. You will see GAME_GOLD_PER_GOLD_BLOCK change the second column to a high number such as 9999. Every gold block will give you that amount of money. You can also edit other money related stats.

    Important Note: Do NOT edit sections which say "do not change", any other parameter is fine to edit.

    Contributed By: carnaged25.

  • Play Multiplayer levels vs. CPU

    To play the multiplayer maps against the computer, go to Run and write, assuming C:\DK\ to be your DK directory, ''C:\DK\keeper95 -1player'' or ''C:\DK\keeper -1player''. Include the ''!

    Contributed By: wannabenoob.

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