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    Roster Updates Guide by !.ACA.!

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    Madden NFL 2003
    All Consoles (2002) (North America)
    Roster Updates Guide 
    v2.0 [September 29, 2002]
    written by Anthony Charles Ambrose (ACA) <webmaster@timefall.com>
    Document ©2002.  All Rights Reserved.  Full legal notice at end.
    Check out: < http://www.timefall.com > TimeSplitters 2 Network (GCN, PS2, XBX)
    NEW: Week Two, Week Three Updates
    This Roster Updates guide is an incredible piece of work, taking hours and
    hours of time to complete and produce.  This guide will update your default
    Madden NFL 2003 rosters to complete accuracy for the start of the 2002-2003
    NFL football season, September 5, 2002.
    These roster transactions are not easily made.  Free Agent space is extremely
    tight, so you may not be able to release some of these players.  My suggestion
    is to edit the players, changing them into other players that are needed
    elsewhere in the league.  The Free Agent pool only allows for 256 players, so
    which fills up quickly.
    The only way you'll be able to make all these moves is to be creative with your
    editing.  Instead of cutting a player, edit him into a player that you'll need
    to create anyway.  You won't be able to change his position, college, or some
    other attributes, but you will be able to get around the free agency limit.
    Credits for this work start with splodem, who's compiled an excellent list of
    transactions.  He's worked hard to provide accurate rosters and a lot of
    players that need to be created.  He's the man behind all this.
    AlleyViper, Remer88, Suspect7, and TD3325 also played integral roles in the
    roster editing section of this guide, and they should be properly acknowledged.
    Many web sites were used to compile this extraordinary work, including OurLads,
    ESPN, and NFL official web sites.
    If you find any errors, please e-mail me with proof of the error.  If I forgot
    to credit you for any reason, please e-mail me.
    Frequently Asked Questions About Roster Updates
    Q: How do I turn on the Salary Cap?
    A: If the option to turn on the Salary Cap is grayed out, you must first delete
       your Settings File. Next, reset your game. The option to turn it on will
                                        - - -
    Q: How do you edit the players?
    A: Choose Features menu. Then choose Rosters. Choose the player you would like
       to edit and then press X to begin.
                                        - - -
    Q: How do I retire a player?
    A: Choose Features menu. Then choose Rosters. Choose the player you would like
       to edit and then press X to begin.  Now lower all of the player's stats to
       zero.  He will not be removed from the game, but his overall rating will be
       extremely low, therefore making him useless, and, effectively, retired.
                                        - - -
    Q: I cannot release a player!  I don't have enough players at this position!
    A: Yes, this IS a problem.  It is not my fault, nor is it anyone's fault.  You
       will need to find a creative way of fixing this, though.  Try creating a
       player to fill in for the player you need to cut, or try editing an already
       existing free agent and rename him to a player you need.  Visit the NFL
       official web site < http://www.nfl.com > for a complete list of NFL rosters,
       so you know who to create.
                                        - - -
    Q: I cannot release a player!  There are too many free agents!
    A: Yes, this IS a problem.  It is not my fault, nor is it anyone's fault.  You
       will need to find a creative way of fixing this, though.  Instead of
       creating players to fill roster slots, edit free agents.  Then, you can
       slowly unpopulate the free agent pool.  There is no true solution to this
       problem; be creative and try your best.
                                        - - -
    Q: I don't want to do all this work!
    A: If you do not want to do this work, I recommend picking up a SharkPort and
       downloading EA's roster updates or Wallace Nail's roster updates.  Both are
       incredibly accurate.  Search Google for these files once you own a GameShark
       SharkPort device.
                                        - - -
    NOTE: Do not e-mail me about these rosters unless you have a correction.  I can
          not help you solve the problems of roster space.
    Roster Editing
    Bears LG#60              Terrence Metcalf
    Bills FB#44              Jarrett Ferguson
    Bills CB#30              Kevin Thomas
    Bills Trey Teague        (#70)
    Bills Travis Henry       (#20)
    Bills Tony Driver        (#25)
    Broncos KaRon Coleman    (#21)
    Broncos Michael Sinclair (#68)
    Broncos B. Brockermeyer  (#71)
    Broncos Ashley Leslie    (#85)
    Browns C#65              Melvin Fowler
    Browns RT#68             Joaquin Gonzalez
    Chargers RG#71           Toniu Fonoti
    Chargers LG#72           Matt Anderle
    Chargers Becket Rogers   (#42)
    Chargers Donnie Edwards  (#54)
    Chargers Bob Hallen      (#62)
    Chargers Sammy Williams  (#79)
    Chiefs Richard Jordan    (#52)
    Chiefs Glenn Cadrez      (#59)
    Chiefs WR#18             Marc Boerigter
    Chiefs LB#59             Scott Fujita (#51)
    Colts Brock Huard        (#7)
    Colts Cory Suater        (#11)
    Colts QB#9               Greg Zolmon
    Colts C#65               Curt McGill (#58)
    Colts S#37               James Lewis
    Cowboys C#65             Andre Gurode
    Cowboys CB#20            Derek Ross
    Dolphins C#53            Seth McKinney (#68)
    Dolphins CB#24           Omar Lowe
    Eagles AJ Feeley         (#14)
    Eagles Rod Smart         (#35)
    Eagles C#62              Scott Peters
    Eagles LB#95             Justin Era
    Eagles CB#39             Sheldon Brown
    Falcons LG#64            Martin Bibla
    49ers Cade McNown        (#9)
    Giants Jason Garret      (#17)
    Giants Jesse Palmer      (#3)
    Giants Darnell Dinkins   (#82) [New Position: Tight End]
    Giants QB#17             Darnell Dinkins (#15)
    Giants LT#76             Jeff Hatch
    Giants LG#68             Omar Smith
    Giants C#62              Terance Wagner
    Giants LB#54             Nick Greisen
    Jets TE#81               Chris Baker
    Lions Ty Detmer          (#14)
    Lions TE#83              John Owens
    Lions RT#72              Victor Rogers
    Lions LE#90              Jonathon Taylor
    Lions CB#35              Andre Goodman
    Packers DT#74            Aaron Kampman [College: Iowa]
    Panthers CB#34           Dante Wesley
    Panthers Deveron Harper  [College: Notre Dame]
    Panthers Nick Goings     (#37)
    Panthers Melvin Tuten    (#73)
    Panthers Todd Steussie   (#75)
    Panthers Reggie Howard   (#23)
    Raiders TE#88            Doug Jolley
    Raiders RT#66            Langston Walker
    Raiders Derrick Gibson   (#36)
    Raiders Rod Woodson      (#26)
    Raiders Darryl Ashmore   (#77)
    Raiders Frank Middleton  (#73)
    Raiders Chad Slaughter   (#78)
    Rams LT#64               Travis Scott
    Rams LB#51               Courtland Bullard
    Rams FS#37               Steve Bellisari
    Ravens WR#84             Javin Hunter
    Ravens RG#63             Jim Walker
    Ravens DT#91             Omari Jordan
    Ravens DT#92             Maake Kemoeatu
    Ravens SS#49             Chad Williams
    Ravens P#5               Dave Zastudil (#15)
    Redskins FB#40           Rock Cartwright
    Redskins TE#45           Robert Royal
    Redskins LB#57           LaVar Arrington (#56)
    Redskins CB#35           Rashad Bauman
    Saints Jeff Lewis        (#7)
    Saints RG#65             LeCharles Bentley
    Seahawks LE#91           Anton Palepoi
    Seahawks LB#54           D.D. Lewis
    Steelers Charlie Batch   (#16)
    Steelers Terrance Mathis (#88)
    Steelers RG#71           Kendall Simmons
    Steelers DT#93           Scott Schultz
    Texans LG#69             Chester Pitts
    Texans RG#61             Fred Weary
    Texans DT#63             Charles Hill (#94)
    Texans SS#41             Ramon Walker
    Texans Mike Quinn        (#11)
    Texans Jabar Gaffney     (#86)
    Texans Avion Black       (#88)
    Texans Jeremy McKinney   (#66)
    Texans Ryan Schau        (#65)
    Texans Max Lane          (#77)
    Texans John Baker        (#4)
    Titans Billy Volek       (#7)
    Titans CB#24             Tony Beckham
    Vikings Spergon Wynn     (#3)
    Vikings Henri Crockett   (#52)
    Vikings Willie Howard    (#90)
    Vikings Moe Williams     (#20)
    Vikings Chuck Wiley      (#94)
    Vikings Lorenzo Bromell  (#91)
    Vikings Andre O'Neal     (#59)
    Vikings O. J. Santiago   (#36)
    Vikings Derrick Alexander(#82)
    Vikings Tyrone Carter    (#22)
    Vikings FS#24            Willie Offord
    Bears DT Washington      368 lbs.
    Bears DT Traylor         345 lbs.
    Bears LG Tucker          315 lbs.
    Bears LT Columbo         320 lbs.
    Bengals LB Spikes        245 lbs.
    Bengals LG O'Dwyer       313 lbs.
    Bengals LG Rehberg       315 lbs.
    Bengals LE Ogbogu        270 lbs.
    Bengals DT Williams      (#94)
    Bills RB T. Henry        5'9"
    Bills G R. Hunt          309 lbs.
    Bills WR Eric Moulds     6'2"
    Bills T T. Teague        (#70)
    Browns QB Josh Booty     6'1" 
    Browns DE Brown          6'4" 280 lbs.
    Browns CB McCutcheon     5'10"
    Browns DT Roye           313 lbs.
    Browns RT Gonzalez       6'3" 302
    Browns C O'Hara          306 lbs.
    Browns LB Smith          238 lbs.
    Browns LB Denman         5'11"
    Cardinals MLB Rugledge   (#58)
    Cardinals CB R. Hill     (#21)
    Cardinals FS Morgan      (#47)
    Dolphins DE D. Bowens    (#96)
    Dolphins FS S. Wooden    (#22)
    Falcons C Garza          [First Name: Roberto]
    Falcons DT Jasper        [First Name: Ed]
    Falcons DT Tanuvasa      (#96)
    Falcons LB Rogers        (#40)
    Falcons DE Thierry       (#55)
    Falcons CB Rossum        (#20)
    Falcons FS Carpenter     (#29)
    Falcons SS Hall          (#26)
    Falcons P Mohr           (#13)
    49ers RG Stone           (#65)
    49ers DT Flanigan        (#67)
    49ers LOLB Rasheed       (#51)
    49ers SS Cota            (#47)
    49ers C Lynch            (#71)
    Jets DE B. Thomas        (#99)
    Lions TE Ricks           (#86)
    Lions LG Brown           (#61)
    Lions LE Hall            (#96)
    Lions CB Iwuoma          (#40)
    Lions DE Porcher         266 lbs.
    Lions DT Ellis           318 lbs.
    Lions T Rogers           6'6 lbs.
    Lions T McDougle         367 lbs.
    Lions T Joyce            300 lbs.
    Lions DE DeVries         269 lbs.
    Lions LB Williams        243 lbs.
    Lions TE Ricks           252 lbs.
    Lions LB Murphey         237 lbs.
    Lions FS Campbell        198 lbs.
    Packers RB Brookings (RB) 240
    Packers RB Mealey (RB) 224
    Packers WR Ferguson (WR) 209
    Packers WR Driver (WR) 188
    Packers DE Reynolds (DE) 265
    Packers DE Gbaja (DE) 255
    Packers LB Holmberg (LB) 238
    Packers LB Diggs (LB) 238
    Patriots DE R. Parker    295 lbs.
    Patriots HB A. Womack    (#42)
    Patriots T G. R-Randall  (#64)
    Patriots C G. Ruegamer   (#67)
    Patriots LB M. Vrabel    (#50)
    Patriots TE C. Cleeland  (#85)
    Patriots G M. Compton    (#77)
    Patriots TE D. Graham    (#82)
    Patriots SS V. Green     (#39)
    Patriots G K. Jones      (#74)
    Patriots DE B. Hamilton  6'5"
    Patriots C K. Mawae      289 lbs.
    Rams RT G.Williams       (#72)
    Rams DE Little           (#91)
    Ravens MLB Harris        (#51)
    Ravens CB Tate           (#44)
    Ravens CB Waddell        (#27)
    Ravens WR Hunter         186 lbs.
    Ravens LE Douglas        285 lbs.
    Seahawks C Peko          (#65)
    Seahawks FS Kelly        (#26)
    Seahawks CB Evans        (#33)
    Steelers MLB Bell        254 lbs.
    Steelers LE Smith        300 lbs.
    Steelers CB Townsend     191 lbs.
    Steelers RE Bailey       300 lbs.
    Steelers TE Tuman        270 lbs.
    Steelers LT Nkwenti      300 lbs.
    Vikings DT Hovan         294 lbs.
    Vikings G Liwienski      321 lbs.
    Vikings RB Morrow        232 lbs.
    Vikings DE Sawyer        270 lbs.
    Vikings LB Chukwurah     250 lbs.
    Vikings QB Bouman        229 lbs.
    Vikings LB O'Neal        234 lbs.
    Vikings LG Lacina        314 lbs.
    Vikings T Kelly          306 lbs.
    Vikings T Crawford       324 lbs.
    Opening Day (September 5, 2002) Complete Roster Transactions
    NOTE: Players moved to the Practice Square still should be included on the
          roster if the team falls below the required numbers.
    Arizona Cardinals: 
    Signed Free Agent Don Morgan (FS) 
    Released Chris Greisen (QB) 
    Released Damien Anderson (HB) (Signed To Practice Squad) 
    Released Tywan Mitchell (TE) 
    Released Mao Tosi (DT) 
    Released Sekou Sanyika (ROLB) 
    Atlanta Falcons: 
    Signed Free Agent Darrin Chiaverini (WR) 
    Signed Free Agent Willie Jackson (WR) 
    Signed Free Agent Sam Rogers (LOLB) 
    Signed Free Agent Henry Jones (SS) 
    Signed Free Agent Trevor Gaylor (WR) From San Diego 
    Signed Free Agent Ellis Johnson (DT) From Indianapolis 
    Released Maurice Smith (HB) 
    Released Jeff Graham (WR) 
    Released Travis McGriff (WR) 
    Released Alvis Whitted (WR) 
    Released Quentin McCord (WR) (Signed To Practice Squad) 
    Released Kahlil Hill (WR) (Signed To Practice Squad) 
    Released Maa Tanuvasa (DT) 
    Released Ron Moore (DT) 
    Released Darrick Vaughn (CB) 
    Released Corey Hall (SS) 
    Released Keith Lyle (FS), Now In San Diego 
    Baltimore Ravens: 
    Signed Free Agent Sam Gash (FB) 
    Signed Free Agent Bernardo Harris (MLB) 
    Signed Free Agent Robert Tate (CB) From Minnesota 
    Released Wes Pate (QB) 
    Released Kenyon Hambrick (WR) 
    Released Jim Walker (RG) 
    Released Omari Jordan (DT) 
    Released Reggie Waddell (CB) 
    Buffalo Bills: 
    Signed Free Agent Chidi Ahonatu (LE) 
    Signed Free Agent Anthony Denman (MLB) From Cleveland 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Shawn Price (LE) 
    Released Richard Huntley (HB) 
    Released Jarrett Ferguson (FB) 
    Released Jeremy McDaniel (WR) 
    Released Sheldon Jackson (TE) 
    Released Robert Hunt (LG) 
    Released Jerry Ostrowski (RG) 
    Released Corey Hulsey (RG) 
    Released Leif Larson (DT) 
    Released Fred Jones (ROLB) 
    Released Travares Tillman (FS) 
    Released Erik Flowers (RE), Now In Houston 
    Released Bryce Fisher (LE), Now In St. Louis 
    Carolina Panthers: 
    Signed Free Agent Rod Smart (HB) From Philadelphia 
    Signed Free Agent Rodney Heath (CB) From Cincinnati 
    Signed Free Agent Terry Fair (CB) From Detroit 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Jaret Holmes (K) From Jacksonville 
    Released Joe Montgomery (HB) (Signed To Practice Squad) 
    Released Kyle Johnson (FB) (Signed To New York G. Practice Squad) 
    Released Patrick Jeffers (WR) 
    Released Brad Jackson (LOLB) 
    Released Kory Minor (ROLB) 
    Released Fred Vinson (CB) 
    Released DeRon Jenkins (CB) 
    Released Jay Williams (RE), Now In Miami 
    Chicago Bears: 
    Signed Free Agent Christian Peter (DT) 
    Released Luther Broughton (TE) 
    Released Bryan Fletcher (TE) 
    Released Karon Riley (RE) (Signed To Atlanta Practice Squad) 
    Released Jason Wiltz (DT) 
    Released Than Merril (SS) 
    Cincinnati Bengals: 
    Signed Free Agent Michael Westbrook (WR) 
    Released Darnay Scott (WR) 
    Released Jevon Langord (RE) 
    Released Curtis Keaton (HB), Now In New Orleans 
    Released Rodney Heath (CB), Now In Carolina 
    Relesed Robert Bean (CB), Now In Jacksonville 
    Cleveland Browns: 
    Signed Free Agent R.J. Bowers (HB) From Pittsburgh 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Autry Denson (HB) 
    Released Chris Sanders (WR) 
    Released JaJuan Dawson (WR) 
    Released Rickey Dudley (TE) 
    Released Richard Mercier (LG) 
    Released Tre' Johnson (RG) 
    Released Brad Bedell (RG) 
    Released Lenoy Jones (ROLB) 
    Released Marquis Smith (ROLB) 
    Released Anthony Denman (MLB), Now In Buffalo 
    Dallas Cowboys: 
    Released Anthony Wright (QB) (Signed To Baltimore Practice Squad) 
    Released Dwayne Missouri (LE) 
    Released Byron Frisch (LE) 
    Released Al Jackson (RG) 
    Released Orantes Grant (LOLB) 
    Released Tim Seder (K) 
    Released Patrick Dennis (CB), Now In Houston 
    Denver Broncos: 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Michael Sinclair (LE) 
    Signed & Released Free Agent David Diaz-Infante (RG) 
    Released Tony Carter (FB) 
    Released Rob Moore (WR) 
    Released Barrett Brooks (RT) 
    Released Jerry Johnson (DT) 
    Released Terry Killens (ROLB) 
    Released George Coghill (SS) 
    Released Desmond Clark (TE), Now In Miami 
    Detroit Lions: 
    Signed Free Agent Ray Brown (LG) 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Jonas Lewis (HB) From San Francisco 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Dustin Cohen (MLB) From St. Louis 
    Released Brock Olivo (FB) 
    Released Wayne Rogers (MLB) 
    Released Chaz Murhpy (ROLB) 
    Released Chidi Iwuoma (CB) 
    Released Brenden Stai (RG) Now In Washington 
    Released Terry Fair (CB), Now In Carolina 
    Green Bay Packers: 
    Signed Free Agent Darrien Gordon (CB) 
    Released Jason Brookins (HB) 
    Released Ki-Jana Carter (HB) 
    Released Herbert Goodman (HB) 
    Released Windrell Hayes (WR) 
    Released Charles Lee (WR) 
    Released Chris Gizzi (MLB) 
    Released Robert Holmberg (ROLB) 
    Released LeRoy Butler (FS) 
    Houston Texans: 
    Signed Free Agent Tony Banks (QB) 
    Signed Free Agent Keith Mitchell (LOLB) 
    Signed Free Agent Kenny Wright (CB) From Minnesota 
    Signed Free Agent Patrick Dennis (CB) From Dallas 
    Signed Free Agent Erik Flowers (RE) From Buffalo 
    Signed Free Agent Cameron Spikes (RG) From St. Louis 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Calvin Collins (LG) 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Shawn Worthen (DT) From Minnesota
             (Signed To Practice Squad) 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Matt Anderle (LT) From San Diego 
    Released Travis Prentice (HB) 
    Released Clif Groce (FB) 
    Released Tony Simmons WR) 
    Released Kaseen Sinceno (TE) 
    Released John Baker (P) 
    Released Jeremy McKinney (LG) 
    Released Max Lane (RT) 
    Released Jabari Issa (LE) 
    Released Dorian Boose (RE) 
    Released Greg Jones (ROLB) 
    Released Anthony Malborough (CB) 
    Released Jacoby Shephard (CB) 
    Released Kent Graham (QB), Now In Jacksonville 
    Indianapolis Colts: 
    Signed Free Agent Detron Smith (FB) From Jacksonville 
    Released Greg Zalmon (QB) 
    Released Benjamin Gay (HB) 
    Released Jim Pyne (LG) 
    Released James Lewis (SS) 
    Released Ellis Johnson (DT), Now In Atlanta 
    Jacksonville Jaguars: 
    Signed Free Agent Kent Graham (QB) From Houston 
    Signed Free Agent Dan Alexander (HB) From Tennessee 
    Signed Free Agent Robert Bean (CB) From Cincinnati 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Darnay Scott (WR) From Cincinnati 
    Released Roderick Robinson (QB) 
    Released Detron Smith (FB) 
    Released Jaret Holmes (K) 
    Released Raleigh Roundtree (LG) 
    Released Kevin Long (C) 
    Released Damen Wheeler (CB) 
    Kansas City Chiefs: 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Frank Moreau (HB) 
    Released Larry Parker (WR) 
    Released Jason Anderson (C) 
    Released Darnell Alford (RG) (Signed To Green Bay Practice Squad) 
    Released Richard Jordan (MLB) 
    Released Nate Hobgood-Chitt (DT) 
    Miami Dolphins: 
    Signed Free Agent Sage Rosenfels (QB) From Washington 
    Signed Free Agent Desmond Clark (TE) From Denver 
    Signed Free Agent Jay Williams (RE) From Carolina 
    Signed Free Agent Lloyd Harrison (CB) From San Diego 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Obafemi Ayanbadejo (FB) 
    Released Zak Hustok (QB) 
    Released Leonard Henry (HB) (Signed To Practice Squad) 
    Released Rob Baker (WR) 
    Released Jeff Ogden (WR) 
    Released Alonzo Mayes (TE) 
    Released Jim Bundren (LG) 
    Released Leon Searcy (RG) 
    Released Ernest Grant (DT) 
    Released Scott Galyon (ROLB) 
    Released Daryl Gardner (LE), Now In Washington 
    Minnesota Vikings: 
    Signed Free Agent Greg Biekert (MLB) From Oakland 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Anthony Midget (CB) From Tampa Bay 
    Signed & Released Free Agent O.J. Santiago (TE) 
    Released Spergon Wynn (QB) 
    Released Sean Dawkins (WR) 
    Released Isaac Keys (MLB) 
    Released Brian Crawford (RT) 
    Released Shawn Worthen (DT) 
    Released Andre O'Neal (LOLB) 
    Released Lemanski Hall (ROLB) 
    Released Carey Scott (CB) (Signed To Practice Squad) 
    Released Robert Tate (CB), Now In Baltimore 
    Released Kenny Wright (CB), Now In Houston 
    New England Patriots: 
    Signed Free Agent Jimmy Hitchcock (CB) 
    Signed Free Agent Victor Green (SS) 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Tony Scott (CB) From New York Jets 
    Released Fred Coleman (WR) 
    Released Rick Tylski (RG) 
    Released David Nugent (DT) 
    Released Ryan Phillips (ROLB) 
    Released Chris Hayes (FS) 
    Released Grant Williams (RT), Now In St. Louis 
    New Orleans Saints: 
    Signed Free Agent Curtis Keaton (HB) From Cincinnati 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Terry Allen (HB) 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Robert Wilson (WR) 
    Released Jeff Lewis (QB) 
    Released Onome Ojo (WR) (Signed To Tampa Bay Practice Squad) 
    Released Richard Seals (DT) 
    Released Kevin Mathis (CB) 
    New York Giants 
    Signed Free Agent Jason Garrett (QB) 
    Released Rodney Williams (P) 
    Released Terance Wagner (C) 
    Released Cedric Scott (RE) 
    Released Ross Kolodziej(DT) 
    New York Jets: 
    Released Marlion Jackson (HB) 
    Released Matt Farmer (WR) 
    Released Dan Goodspeed (RT) (Signed To Tampa Bay Practice Squad) 
    Released Tony Scott (CB) 
    Oakland Raiders: 
    Signed Free Agent Sam Adams (DT) 
    Signed Free Agent Chad Slaughter (RT) 
    Released Bobby Hoying (QB) 
    Released Josh Taves (RE) 
    Released Gerald Dixon (ROLB) 
    Released Mike Jones (LOLB) 
    Released Johnnie Harris (SS) 
    Released Reggie Barlow (WR), Now In Tampa Bay 
    Released Greg Beikert (MLB), Now In Minnesota 
    Philadelphia Eagles: 
    Signed Free Agent Dorsey Levens (HB) 
    Signed Free Agent Antonio Freeman (WR) 
    Signed Free Agent Levon Kirkland (MLB) From Seattle 
    Released Na Brown (WR) 
    Released Steve Edwards (LT) (Signed To Practice Squad) 
    Released Julian Jones (FS) (Signed To Practice Squad) 
    Released Rod Smart (HB), Now In Carolina 
    Pittsburgh Steelers: 
    Released Tee Martin (QB) 
    Released Chrisd Combs (LE) 
    Released Scott Schultz (DT) 
    Released R.J. Bowers (HB), Now In Cleveland 
    Released Troy Edwards (WR), Now In St. Louis 
    St. Louis Rams: 
    Signed Free Agent Troy Edwards (WR) From Pittsburgh 
    Signed Free Agent Bryce Fisher (LE) From Buffalo 
    Signed Free Agent Grant Williams (RT) From New England 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Will Blackwell (WR) 
    Released Francis St. Paul (WR) 
    Released Kualana Moa (LG) 
    Released DeMarcus Curry (RT) 
    Released Dustin Cohen (MLB) 
    Released Cameron Spikes (RG), Now In Houston 
    Released Rich Coady (FS), Now In Tennessee 
    San Diego Chargers: 
    Signed Free Agent Keith Lyle (FS) From Atlanta 
    Released Patrick Batteaux (WR) 
    Released Matt Anderle (LT) 
    Released Elliot Silvers (LG) (Signed To New York G. Practice Squad) 
    Released Jason Perry (FS) 
    Released Dave Dickenson (QB), Now In Seattle 
    Released Trevor Gaylor (WR), Now In Atlanta 
    Released Steve Heiden (TE), Now In Cleveland 
    Released Lloyd Harrison (CB), Now In Miami 
    San Francisco 49ers: 
    Signed Free Agent Ben Lynch (C) 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Chad Cota (SS) 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Jeremy McDaniel (WR) From Buffalo 
    Released Giovanni Carmazzi (QB) 
    Released Jonas Lewis (HB) 
    Released Vinny Sutherland (WR) 
    Released Jeff McCurley (C) 
    Released Chad Ward (LG) 
    Released Reggie McGrew (DT) 
    Released John Keith (SS) (Signed To Practice Squad) 
    Released Al Blades (SS) 
    Seattle Seahawks: 
    Signed Free Agent Dave Dickenson (QB) From San Diego 
    Signed Free Agent Jerry Wunsch (RT) From Tampa Bay 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Mark Rypein (QB) 
    Released Ryan Leaf (QB) 
    Released Jay Graham (HB) 
    Released Fabien Bownes (WR) 
    Released Damon Hodge (WR) 
    Released Siitupe Peko (C) 
    Released Paul Miranda (CB) 
    Released Maurice Kelly (SS) 
    Released Levon Kirkland (MLB), Now In Philadelphia 
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 
    Signed Free Agent Lomas Brown (LT) 
    Signed Free Agent Reggie Brown (WR) From Oakland 
    Signed & Released Free Agent David Leaverton (P) 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Terrell Buckley (CB) 
    Released Byron Hanspard (HB) 
    Released Keith Poole (WR) 
    Released Frank Murphy (WR) 
    Released Jack Golden (LOLB) 
    Released Anthony Midget (CB) 
    Released Jerry Wunsch (RT), Now In Seattle 
    Tennessee Titans: 
    Signed Free Agent Rich Coady (FS), From St. Louis 
    Released Dan Alexander (HB), Now in Jacksonville 
    Released Skip Hicks (HB) 
    Released Chris Coleman (WR) 
    Released Bruce Matthews (C) 
    Released Jeff Smith (C) 
    Released Joe Salave'a (DT) 
    Released Joe Walker (SS) 
    Washington Redskins: 
    Signed Free Agent Brenden Stai (RG) From Detroit 
    Signed Free Agent Daryl Gardner (LE) From Miami 
    Signed & Released Free Agent Jamie Rheem (K) 
    Released Reidel Anthony (WR) 
    Released Sage Rosenfels (QB), Now In Miami 
    Players To Create
    Seth Burford 
    Team: San Diego Chargers 
    Position: QB 
    Jersey #: 12 
    Hgt: 6'3" 
    Wgt: 241 
    Age: 23 
    College: Cal Poly SLO 
    Experience: Rookie 
    Skin: Light 
    Hair: Light Brown 
    Hairstyle: Buzzcut(2) 
    Face: 39 
    Face Shape: 2 
    Spd: 46 
    Str: 55 
    Awr: 43 
    Agi: 55 
    Acc: 46 
    Cth: 34 
    Car: 40 
    Jmp: 42 
    Btk: 45 
    Tak: 15 
    Thp: 76 
    Tha: 70 
    Pbk: 32 
    Rbk: 33 
    Kpw: 45 
    Kac: 35 
    Krt: 0 
    Sta: 80 
    Inj: 77 
    Tgh: 65 
    Brandon Doman 
    Team: San Francisco 49ers 
    Position: QB 
    Jersey #: 11 
    Hgt: 6'2" 
    Wgt: 210 
    Age: 25 
    College: BYU 
    Experience: Rookie 
    Skin: Light 
    Hair: Light Brown 
    Hairstyle: Close Crop 
    Face: 69 
    Face Shape: 8 
    2-Bar Face Mask 
    White Sleeves 
    Spd: 48 
    Str: 50 
    Awr: 44 
    Agi: 52 
    Acc: 48 
    Cth: 30 
    Car: 35 
    Jmp: 45 
    Btk: 38 
    Tak: 26 
    Thp: 70 
    Tha: 74 
    Pbk: 15 
    Rbk: 20 
    Kpw: 15 
    Kac: 15 
    Krt: 0 
    Sta: 76 
    Inj: 74 
    Tgh: 56 
    Shaun Hill 
    Team: Minnesota Vikings 
    Position: QB 
    Jersey #: 12 
    Hgt: 6'3" 
    Wgt: 223 
    Age: 22 
    College: Maryland 
    Experience: Rookie 
    Skin: Light 
    Hair: Brown 
    Hairstyle: Buzzcut 
    Face: 21 
    Face Shape: 2 
    2-Bar Face Mask 
    QB Wrist 
    Spd: 58 
    Str: 51 
    Awr: 45 
    Agi: 52 
    Acc: 51 
    Cth: 20 
    Car: 40 
    Jmp: 45 
    Btk: 43 
    Tak: 18 
    Thp: 70 
    Tha: 71 
    Pbk: 15 
    Rbk: 18 
    Kpw: 12 
    Kac: 15 
    Krt: 0 
    Sta: 78 
    Inj: 74 
    Tgh: 54 
    Rick Mirer 
    Team: Oakland Raiders 
    Position: QB 
    Jersey #: 3 
    Hgt: 6'3" 
    Wgt: 210 
    Age: 31 
    College: Notre Dame 
    Experience: 9 Years 
    Skin: Light 
    Hair: Brown 
    Hairstyle: Close Crop 
    Face: 9 
    Face Shape: 7 
    2-Bar Face Mask 
    WT TC Pad (Both Elbows) 
    TC Wrist (Both Wrists) 
    Spd: 49 
    Str: 52 
    Awr: 58 
    Agi: 55 
    Acc: 55 
    Cth: 10 
    Car: 34 
    Jmp: 35 
    Btk: 40 
    Tak: 20 
    Thp: 69 
    Tha: 65 
    Pbk: 12 
    Rbk: 12 
    Kpw: 10 
    Kac: 10 
    Krt: 0 
    Sta: 72 
    Inj: 80 
    Tgh: 82 
    J.T. O'Sullivan 
    Team: New Orleans Saints 
    Position: QB 
    Jersey #: 14 
    Hgt: 6'2" 
    Wgt: 220 
    Age: 23 
    College: N/A 
    Experience: Rookie 
    Skin: Light 
    Hair: Brown 
    Hairstyle: Close Crop 
    Face: 59 
    Face Shape: 2 
    Spd: 48 
    Str: 54 
    Awr: 49 
    Agi: 46 
    Acc: 48 
    Cth: 35 
    Car: 44 
    Jmp: 48 
    Btk: 49 
    Tak: 20 
    Thp: 84 
    Tha: 68 
    Pbk: 15 
    Rbk: 15 
    Kpw: 17 
    Kac: 24 
    Krt: 0 
    Sta: 82 
    Inj: 68 
    Tgh: 52 
    Preston Parsons 
    Team: Arizona Cardinals 
    Position: QB 
    Jersey #: 15 
    Hgt: 6'3" 
    Wgt: 222 
    Age: 23 
    College: Northern Arizona 
    Experience: Rookie 
    Skin: Light 
    Hair: Black 
    Hairstyle: Buzzcut 
    Face: 13 
    Face Shape: 1 
    2-Bar Face Mask 
    Black Eye Paint 
    TC Sleeves 
    Spd: 51 
    Str: 52 
    Awr: 49 
    Agi: 48 
    Acc: 48 
    Cth: 20 
    Car: 42 
    Jmp: 58 
    Btk: 45 
    Tak: 18 
    Thp: 70 
    Tha: 61 
    Pbk: 18 
    Rbk: 18 
    Kpw: 10 
    Kac: 12 
    Krt: 0 
    Sta: 66 
    Inj: 74 
    Tgh: 68 
    Clint Stoerner 
    Team: Dallas Cowboys 
    Position: QB 
    Jersey #: 5 
    Hgt: 6'2" 
    Wgt: 210 
    Age: 24 
    College: Arkansas 
    Experience: 2 Years 
    Skin: Light 
    Hair: Brown 
    Hairstyle: Close Crop 
    Face: 66 
    Face Shape: 11 
    2-Bar Face Mask 
    TC Long Sleeve 
    Spd: 40 
    Str: 44 
    Awr: 48 
    Agi: 46 
    Acc: 46 
    Cth: 15 
    Car: 32 
    Jmp: 42 
    Btk: 30 
    Tak: 15 
    Thp: 71 
    Tha: 74 
    Pbk: 15 
    Rbk: 15 
    Kpw: 17 
    Kac: 21 
    Krt: 0 
    Sta: 72 
    Inj: 80 
    Tgh: 81 
    Charles Johnson 
    Team: Buffalo Bills 
    Position: WR 
    Jersey #: 89 
    Hgt: 6'0" 
    Wgt: 205 
    Age: 28 
    College: Colorado 
    Experience: 8 Years 
    Skin: Dark 
    Hair: Black 
    Hairstyle: Fade(2) 
    Face: 54 
    Face Shape: 4 
    2-Bar Face Mask 
    WT TC Pad (Both Elbows) 
    TC Wrist (Both Wrists) 
    TC Gloves 
    Spd: 78 
    Str: 53 
    Awr: 78 
    Agi: 78 
    Acc: 83 
    Cth: 82 
    Car: 76 
    Jmp: 79 
    Btk: 50 
    Tak: 19 
    Thp: 20 
    Tha: 21 
    Pbk: 15 
    Rbk: 33 
    Kpw: 18 
    Kac: 22 
    Krt: 66 
    Sta: 84 
    Inj: 82 
    Tgh: 80 
    Andre King 
    Team: Cleveland Browns 
    Position: WR 
    Jersey #: 84 
    Hgt: 5'11" 
    Wgt: 195 
    Age: 28 
    College: Miami 
    Experience: 1 Year 
    Skin: Dark 
    Hair: Black 
    Hairstyle: Fade 
    Face: 107 
    Face Shape: 4 
    2-Bar Face Mask 
    WT Wrist 
    TC Gloves 
    Spd: 74 
    Str: 69 
    Awr: 76 
    Agi: 71 
    Acc: 72 
    Cth: 75 
    Car: 75 
    Jmp: 78 
    Btk: 54 
    Tak: 10 
    Thp: 20 
    Tha: 15 
    Pbk: 20 
    Rbk: 40 
    Kpw: 18 
    Kac: 15 
    Krt: 35 
    Sta: 74 
    Inj: 60 
    Tgh: 68 
    Randy McMichael 
    Team: Miami Dolphins 
    Position: TE 
    Jersey #: 81 
    Hgt: 6'3" 
    Wgt: 247 
    Age: 23 
    College: Georgia 
    Experience: Rookie 
    Skin: Dark 
    Hair: Black 
    Hairstyle: Buzzcut 
    Face: 51 
    Face Shape: 1 
    2-Bar Face Mask 
    Rubber Pad 
    WT Wrist 
    Taped Fingers 
    Spd: 70 
    Str: 66 
    Awr: 52 
    Agi: 65 
    Acc: 78 
    Cth: 67 
    Car: 57 
    Jmp: 50 
    Btk: 56 
    Tak: 18 
    Thp: 22 
    Tha: 28 
    Pbk: 55 
    Rbk: 55 
    Kpw: 18 
    Kac: 18 
    Krt: 20 
    Sta: 82 
    Inj: 83 
    Tgh: 58 
    Jeff Chandler 
    Team: San Francisco 49ers 
    Position: K 
    Jersey #: 3 
    Hgt: 6'2" 
    Wgt: 218 
    Age: 23 
    College: Florida 
    Experience: Rookie 
    Skin: Light 
    Hair: Light Brown 
    Hairstyle: Close Crop 
    Face: 12 
    Face Shape: 11 
    2-Bar Thin 
    Spd: 21 
    Str: 29 
    Awr: 62 
    Agi: 26 
    Acc: 11 
    Cth: 20 
    Car: 22 
    Jmp: 31 
    Btk: 24 
    Tak: 14 
    Thp: 21 
    Tha: 23 
    Pbk: 19 
    Rbk: 17 
    Kpw: 86 
    Kac: 80 
    Krt: 0 
    Sta: 77 
    Inj: 82 
    Tgh: 32 
    Billy Cundiff 
    Team: Dallas Cowboys 
    Position: K 
    Jersey #: 3 
    Hgt: 6'1" 
    Wgt: 201 
    Age: 22 
    College: Drake 
    Experience: Rookie 
    Skin: Light 
    Hair: Blonde 
    Hairstyle: Close Crop 
    Face: 20 
    Face Shape: 2 
    2-Bar Thin 
    Spd: 24 
    Str: 14 
    Awr: 64 
    Agi: 21 
    Acc: 25 
    Cth: 24 
    Car: 20 
    Jmp: 32 
    Btk: 16 
    Tak: 12 
    Thp: 15 
    Tha: 12 
    Pbk: 10 
    Rbk: 17 
    Kpw: 82 
    Kac: 78 
    Krt: 0 
    Sta: 73 
    Inj: 82 
    Tgh: 25 
    Travis Dorsch 
    Team: Cincinnati Bengals 
    Position: K 
    Jersey #: 2 
    Hgt: 6'6" 
    Wgt: 221 
    Age: 23 
    College: Purdue 
    Experience: Rookie 
    Skin: Light 
    Hair: Blonde 
    Hairstyle: Flat Top 
    Face: 5 
    Face Shape: 13 
    2-Bar Thin 
    Spd: 24 
    Str: 26 
    Awr: 68 
    Agi: 18 
    Acc: 11 
    Cth: 20 
    Car: 28 
    Jmp: 23 
    Btk: 19 
    Tak: 21 
    Thp: 22 
    Tha: 14 
    Pbk: 25 
    Rbk: 22 
    Kpw: 85 
    Kac: 81 
    Krt: 0 
    Sta: 74 
    Inj: 80 
    Tgh: 34 
    Hayden Epstein 
    Team: Jacksonville Jaguars 
    Position: K 
    Jersey #: 6 
    Hgt: 6'2" 
    Wgt: 212 
    Age: 22 
    College: Michigan 
    Experience: Rookie 
    Skin: Light 
    Hair: Black 
    Hairstyle: Buzzcut 
    Face: 49 
    Face Shape: 11 
    2-Bar Thin 
    Spd: 25 
    Str: 17 
    Awr: 64 
    Agi: 19 
    Acc: 32 
    Cth: 26 
    Car: 20 
    Jmp: 27 
    Btk: 17 
    Tak: 12 
    Thp: 15 
    Tha: 13 
    Pbk: 11 
    Rbk: 23 
    Kpw: 85 
    Kac: 77 
    Krt: 0 
    Sta: 73 
    Inj: 85 
    Tgh: 28 
    Chad Stanley 
    Team: Houston Texans 
    Position: P 
    Jersey #: 7 
    Hgt: 6'3" 
    Wgt: 205 
    Age: 26 
    College: Stephen F. Austin 
    Experience: 4 Years 
    Skin: Light 
    Hair: Brown 
    Hairstyle: Buzzcut 
    Face: 11 
    Face Shape: 3 
    2-Bar Face Mask 
    Spd: 26 
    Str: 29 
    Awr: 56 
    Agi: 23 
    Acc: 24 
    Cth: 18 
    Car: 22 
    Jmp: 30 
    Btk: 12 
    Tak: 18 
    Thp: 18 
    Tha: 20 
    Pbk: 15 
    Rbk: 15 
    Kpw: 87 
    Kac: 78 
    Krt: 0 
    Sta: 64 
    Inj: 73 
    Tgh: 24
    Josh Evans 
    Team: New York Jets 
    Position: DT 
    Jersey #: 91 
    Hgt: 6'3" 
    Wgt: 280 
    Age: 30 
    College: Alabama 
    Experience: 7 Years 
    Skin: Dark 
    Hair: Black 
    Hairstyle: Fade (2) 
    Face: 43 
    Face Shape: 4 
    Full Cage 
    Wt Wrist 
    Black Gloves 
    Spd: 52 
    Str: 83 
    Awr: 71 
    Agi: 51 
    Acc: 49 
    Cth: 20 
    Car: 25 
    Jmp: 45 
    Btk: 26 
    Tak: 83 
    Thp: 20 
    Tha: 20 
    Pbk: 28 
    Rbk: 38 
    Kpw: 30 
    Kac: 27 
    Krt: 0 
    Sta: 55 
    Inj: 67 
    Tgh: 85 
    Coy Wire 
    Team: Buffalo Bills 
    Position: SS 
    Jersey #: 27 
    Hgt: 6'0" 
    Wgt: 209 
    Age: 23 
    College: Stanford 
    Experience: Rookie 
    Skin: Medium 
    Hair: Brown 
    Hairstyle: Flat Top 
    Face: 10 
    Face Shape: 1 
    3-Bar Face Mask 
    Rubber Pads 
    WT Wrist 
    Black Gloves 
    Spd: 75 
    Str: 58 
    Awr: 55 
    Agi: 72 
    Acc: 75 
    Cth: 52 
    Car: 38 
    Jmp: 64 
    Btk: 22 
    Tak: 60 
    Thp: 12 
    Tha: 15 
    Pbk: 18 
    Rbk: 20 
    Kpw: 15 
    Kac: 15 
    Krt: 38 
    Sta: 75 
    Inj: 78 
    Tgh: 50
    NEW Week One Roster Transactions
    Arizona Signed John Fina (LT) 
    Arizona Signed Raleigh Roundtree (LG) 
    Arizona Released Jarvis Borum (RT) (Signed To Practice Squad) 
    Atlanta Signed Kahlil Hill (WR) From Practice Squad 
    Atlanta Signed Rodney Heath (CB) 
    Baltimore Signed Jeff Ogden (WR) 
    Dallas Signed Darnay Scott (WR) 
    Dallas Released Char-ron Dorsey (LT), Now In Houston 
    Dallas Released Bryant Westbrook (CB) 
    Houston Signed JaJuan Dawson (WR) 
    Houston Signed Char-ron Dorsey (LT) From Dallas 
    Released Jeremy McKinney (LG) 
    Jacksonville Released Damon Gibson (WR) 
    Miami Signed Scott Galyon (ROLB) 
    Minnesota Signed Lemanski Hall (ROLB) 
    New England Released Tom Knight (CB) 
    New Orleans Released Bubba Miller (C) 
    New York J. Signed Darnell Alford (RG) From Green Bay Practice Squad 
    Philadelphia Released Tony Stewart (TE) (Signed To Practice Squad) 
    Philadelphia Signed Michael Sinclair (LE) 
    Pittsburgh Signed Chidi Iwuoma (CB) 
    Pittsburgh Released Lenzie Jackson (WR) 
    San Francisco Signed Ross Kolodziej (DT) 
    NEW Week Two Roster Transactions
    Atlanta Signed Reggie McGrew (DT) 
    Atlanta Signed Damon Gibson (WR) 
    Atlanta Signed Kevin Mathis (CB) 
    Atlanta Released Kahlil Hill (WR) 
    Atlanta Released Ronald Flemons (LE) (Signed To Practice Squad) 
    Atlanta Released Rodney Heath (CB) 
    Carolina Released Joe Montgomery (HB) From Practice Squad 
    Dallas Released Aaron Gibson (RT) 
    Detroit Signed Richard Huntley (HB) 
    Green Bay Signed Maurice Smith (HB) 
    Houston Signed Moran Norris (FB) 
    Houston Released Kevin Williams (FS) 
    Minnesota Released Mike Malano (C) (Signed To Atlanta Practice Squad) 
    Minnesota Released Antonio Wilson (LOLB) 
    Minnesota Signed Gary Anderson (K) 
    New Orleans Re-Signed Bubba Miller (C) 
    New Orleans Released Moran Norris (FB), Now In Houston 
    Tampa Bay Signed Rickey Dudley (TE) 
    Tampa Bay Released Russ Hochstein (RE) 
    NEW Week Three Roster Transactions
    Carolina Signed Joe Montgomery (HB) To The Practice Squad 
    Cleveland Released Jarvis Borum (RT) From Practice Squad 
    Green Bay Signed Tony Carter (FB) From Denver 
    Green Bay Released Maurice Smith (HB) 
    Green Bay Released Rondell Mealey (HB) 
    Green Bay Signed & Released Barrett Brooks (RT) 
    Indianapolis Signed Joe Walker (SS) 
    Indianapolis Signed David Gibson (SS) From Tampa Bay 
    Indianapolis Released Jermaine Wiggins (TE) 
    Indianapolis Released Rodgeris Brooks (CB) 
    Miami Signed Paul Miranda (CB) From Seattle 
    Miami Released Lloyd Harrison (CB) 
    Minnesota Re-Signed Antonio Wilson (LOLB) 
    Oakland Signed Alvis Whitted (WR) From Atlanta 
    Philadelphia Released A.J. Feeley (Signed No Practice Squad) 
    Philadephia Signed Julian Jones (FS) To Team From P. Squad 
    Pittsburgh Released Matt Cushing (TE) 
    San Diego Released Dave Dickenson (QB) 
    Tampa Bay Released Marco Battaglia (TE) 
    Tampa Bay Released David Gibson (SS), Now In Indianapolis 
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