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    Transaction FAQ by dynamitehack91

    Version: 2.01 | Updated: 01/30/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    NHL2003 by EA SPORTS
    All versions
    Transaction FAQ  version
    by dynamitehack91 aka Jeff French
    Legal Disclaimers
              This document is entended for the sole use of all NHL2003 fans and
    may be distributed freely amongst the internet as long as the contribution
    section, my contact info and the credits to me, Jeff French, are left in tact.
    This document was orginally posted on and for the use of www.gamefaqs.com.
              I am in no way affliated with the National Hockey League and it's 30
    clubs, the American Hockey League and it's clubs, Eletronic Arts and it's
    Sports department. All the names in this document are protected by the NHLPA.
    I'm just a devoted fan that would like not to get sued.
              For anyone reading this document not from www.gamefaqs.com you can
    always go to www.gamefaqs.com for the latest version or contact me and I will
    be more than happy to send it to you.
        BTW I'm deciding to wait until March for updating the actual team roster
    file seeing as the rosters won't freeze again until March. So anyone wondering
    where that is, well there you go. If you want to go ahead and work on it
    yourself and IF YOU NEED ANY HELP ON CAPS (Create-A-Players) OR JUST WANT AN
                                -ALSO IMPORTANT-
    Fixed the missing Kevin Dineen retirement, for some reason I never typed that
    in. Some one pointed it out in an email but I actually deleted it in a mass
    deletion before I could respond to it so if you're reading this, please email
    me again so I can give full credit. I do apologize.
             1-29-03 = Philadelphia acquires Eric Chouinard from Montreal for a 2nd
    round draft pick. Phantoms thank Clarke.
             1-23-03 = Calgary makes two deals. Sending Jamie Wright to
    Philadelphia to stop gap Justin Williams and his injury. They would later
    acquire Matt Mottau from the Rangers. Montreal, San Jose and Boston all deal
    cards together. Though as they say, three's a crowd. San Jose grabs McLaren,
    Montreal grabs Sundstrom, Boston grabs Hackett and Jillson. Draft picks
    involved as well but nothing high.
             1-22-03 = Darren Van Impe signs with Columbus. About time and people
    were complaining that it took Byron Dafoe forever to sign. meh ^^ Atlanta and
    Vancouver do a small swap of players. Jeff Farkas going to Atlanta in exchange
    for Chris Herperger and Chris Neilson. Remember that both Herperger and Neilson
    aren't originally from Atlanta's roster. If you're starting out on a default
    roster you can find them on Ottawa and Columbus respectively. Also decided to
    release Roman Ndur from Chicago as he was recently released from his club in
    Austria. I think he was on loan to them but right now I'm not completely sure
    his contract situation. I'll get back to you people on that. Fixed the missing
    Kevin Dineen retirement, for some reason I never typed that in. Some one
    pointed it out in an email but I actually deleted it in a mass deletion before
    I could respond to it so if you're reading this, please email me again so I can
    give full credit. I do apologize.
             1-17-03 = Claude Lemieux and Scotty Pellerin swap place and do-se-do.
    Lemieux back in the playoff hunt with Dallas and Pellerin getting out of the
    press box for once in Phoenix. Harold Druken winds up back in Carolina after a
    small hiatus in Toronto. Kevin Hodson, announces his retirement. Only 56 NHL
    games but your good nature and attitude will be missed. Hodson isn't orginally
    in this game but if you used the old document to create his CAP, you can save
    some room and delete him.
             1-15-03 = Denny Lambert winds up in Milwaukee (Nashville) John Grahame
    moves from Boston to nice sunny Tampa. Washington adds good ole Josh Green from
    the Rangers (orginally from the Oilers) while purging the Sens of Joel
    Kwiatkowski while the Blues nab Steve Martins also from the Sens.
    	 1-8-03 = Tom Barrasso ends his career, signing with the Penguins and then
    retiring. Boris Mironov shipped out of Chicago to the Rangers. Oliwa is now
    enforcing in Bean Town.
             1-1-03 = Kallio changes homes again. DesRochers and Wren change AHL
    homes. Barrasso and Dopita released. Check out Philadelphia, Carolina,
    Nashville, Toronto and Edmonton for the respective changes.
             I decided to fully split up the sections from my original FAQ and
    post them seperately allowing for me to update them more efficently and easier.
    I've renumbered all documents as version 2.00 and new documentation will start
    from there on. I'll leave the original posted on GAMEFAQS.COM for now. The
    other documents should be coming soon now that winter break has started and I
    find myself with more free time than I've had in a while.
             The quick list of transactions, the CAP section, and the team files
    documents should be coming real soon and they'll all be uploaded to
    www.gamefaqs.com first. Until then if you need any CAP information, check out
    the original document at the same site. Any questions I'd be happy to answer
    if you drop them by my mail box. Without any further interruption....
    Roster Transaction List (LONG VERSION)
              Teams come in alphabetical order and this only includes players that
    are in the game and not hidden in the database or are created. I feel the
    set-up of the list is pretty self-explanatory but if it's not, please drop an
    email and make me know I need to re-do this introduction then.
    Anaheim :
    To Anaheim :
        Todd Reirden D from Atlanta
        Nick Smith C from Florida
        Rob Valicevic RW from Los Angeles
        Jason Krog C from Islanders
        Mike Brown LW from Vancouver
    From Anaheim :
        Jason York D to Nashville
        Denny Lambert LW to Nashville
        Aris Brimanis D to St Louis
    Released from Anaheim :
        Antti Aalto C (Jokerit SM-Liiga)
        Drew Bannister D (Waivers)
        Jorgen Jonsson LW (Farjestads Elitserein)
        Sergei Krivokrasov RW (Amur Khabarovsk Russia)
        Antti-Jussi Niemi D (Jokerit SM-Liiga)
        Timo Parssinen RW (HIFK Finland)
        Jonas Ronnqvist RW (Lulea HF Elitserein)
        German Titov LW (Limbo)
        Sergei Vyshedkevich D (Dynamo Moscow Russia)
    Atlanta :
    To Atlanta :
        Byron Dafoe G from Boston
        Dallas Eakins D from Calgary via Detroit
        Marc Savard C from Calgary
        Steve Maltais LW from Columbus (PTA for Chicago Wolves)
        Petteri Nummelin D from Columbus (In Europe HC Lugano Swiss)
        Uwe Krupp D from Detroit
        Chris Herperger C from Ottawa
    From Atlanta :
        Todd Reirden D to Anaheim
        Tomi Kallio LW to Philadelphia via Columbus
        Bryan Adams C to Detroit
        Vladimir Vujtek C to Pittsburgh
    Released from Atlanta :
        Adam Burt D (Retired)
        Chris Joseph D (Waivers)
        Roman Ndur D (Euro free agent)
        Martin Prochazka W (Europe)
        Damian Rhodes G (Waivers)
        Andrei Skopintsev D (Dynamo Moscow Russia)
        Dean Sylvester RW (Waivers)
    To Boston:
        Rich Brennan D from Los Angeles
        Jeff Hackett G from Montreal
        Bill Bowler C from Nashville
        Bryan Berard D from Rangers
        Michal Grosek RW from Rangers
        Kyzstof Oliwa LW from Rangers
        Jeff Jillson D from San Jose
        Brantt Myhers RW from Washington
    From Boston :
        Bryon Dafoe G to Atlanta
        Jamie Rivers D to Florida
        Joe Hulbig LW to New Jersey
        Eric Manlow C to Islanders
        Dixon Ward RW to Rangers
        Denis Bonvie RW to Ottawa
        Kyle McLaren D to San Jose
        Eric Nicklaus RW to St Louis
        John Grahame G to Tampa Bay
    Released from Boston :
        John Emmons C (Waivers)
        Andrei Kovalenko W (Lada Togliatti Russia)
        Gord Murphy D (Retired, Assistant Coach Columbus NHL)
        Jeff Norton D (Frisk-Akser Norway)
        Jeff Zehr RW (Columbus Cottonmouths ECHL)
    Buffalo :
    To Buffalo :
        Jason Botteril LW from Calgary
        Adam Mair C from Los Angeles
        Peter Ratchuk D from Pittsburgh
    From Buffalo :
        Jason Woolley D to Detroit
        Erik Rasmussen LW to Los Angeles
    Released from Buffalo :
        Bob Corkum C (Waivers)
        Bob Essensa G (Waivers)
        Mike Hurlbut D (Waivers)
        Christian Matte RW (ZCS Lions Swiss League)
        Vladimir Tsyplakov C (AK Bars Russia)
    Calgary :
    To Calgary :
        Chris Drury C from Colorado
        Stephane Yelle C from Colorado
        Ladislav Kohn RW from Detroit
        Matt Mottau D from Rangers
    From Calgary :
        Dallas Eakins D to Atlanta via Detroit
        Marc Savard C to Atlanta
        Jason Botteril LW to Buffalo
        Dean McAmmond C to Colorado
        Derek Morris D to Colorado
        Jeff Shantz C to Colorado
        Alan Letang D to Islanders
        Ronald Petrovicky RW to Rangers
        Jamie Wright LW to Philadelphia
    Released from Calgary :
        Nik Andersson LW (Frolunda SEL)
        Eric Charron D (Waivers)
        Mikka Elomo LW (Europe)
        Igor Kravchuk D (Waviers)
        Mike Vernon G (Retired)
        Brad Werenka D (Retirement looming, has not played in 126+ games)
    To Carolina:
        Jeff Daw C from Colorado
        Mike Watt C from Philadelphia
        Patrick DesRochers G from Phoenix
        Jan Hlavac LW from Vancouver
    From Carolina:
        Darren Langdon LW to Vancouver
        Marek Malik D to Vancouver
    Released from Carolina:
        Ted Drury LW (Hamburg Germany)
    To Chicago:
        Louie Debrusk LW from Phoenix
        Mike Eastwood C from St Louis
        Theo Fluery RW from San Jose
        Garry Valk LW from Toronto
        Jason Strudwick D from Vancouver
        Andrei Nikoshlin C from Washington
        Chris Simon LW from Washington
    From Chicago:
        Jim Campbell RW to Florida
        Chris McAlpine D to Los Angeles
        Vladimir Chebaturkin D to Rangers
        Boris Mironov D to Rangers
        Tom Fitzgerald RW to Toronto
        Michal Nylander C to Washington
    Released from Chicago:
        Kevin Dean D (Waivers)
        Jean-Yves Leroux LW (Waivers)
        Roman Ndur D (Released from his club in Austria)
        Josef Marha C (HC Davos Swiss)
        Joe Reekie D (Retired)
        Valeri Zelepukin LW (AK Bars Russia)
        Reto Von Arx LW (HC Davos Swiss, Chicago retains his rights)
        Boris Mironov D (Left the team, Demanding Trade)
    Colorado :
    To Colorado :
        Derek Morris D from Calgary
        Jeff Shantz C from Calgary
        Dean McAmmond LW from Calgary
        Serge Aubin LW from Columbus
        Eric Bertand RW from Montreal
        Dale Clarke D from St Louis
    From Colorado :
        Chris Drury C to Calgary
        Stephane Yelle C to Calgary
        Jeff Daw C to Carolina
        Pascal Trepanier D to Nashville
    Released from Colorado :
        Kelly Fairchild C (Eisbaren Berlin Germany)
        Todd Gill D (Waivers)
        Stewart Malgunas D (Waivers)
    Columbus :
    To Columbus :
        Petr Tenkrat RW from Nashville via Florida*
        Hannes Hyvonen RW from San Jose via Florida
        Darren Van Impe D from Islanders
        Donald MacLean C from Toronto
        Andrew Cassels C from Vancouver
    From Columbus :
        Steve Maltais LW to Atlanta (PTA Chicago Wolves)
        Petteri Nummelin D to Atlanta (Playing in Europe)
        Chris Neilsen C to Vancouver via Atlanta
        Serge Aubin LW to Colorado
        Deron Quint D to Phoenix
    Released from Columbus :
        Jan Caloun C (Blues Espoo SM-Liiga)
        Kevin Dahl D (Numberg Germany)
        Brett Harkins RW (Skelleftea AIK Sweden2)
        Jamie Heward D (HC Geneve Servette Swiss)
        Robert Kron LW (Waivers))
        Mike Maneluk LW (HC Lugano Swiss)
        Alexander Selivanov RW (Frankfurt Germany)
        Petr Tenkrat RW (Karpat Oulu SM-Ligga)*
        Jeff Ware D (Springfield Falcons AHL)
        Kevin Dineen RW (Retirement)
    *-Note- Tenkrat signed in Europe when Columbus could not
     come to terms after acquiring his rights. They still own
     his rights at this moment
    Dallas :
    To Dallas :
        Ulf Dahlen RW from Washington
        David Oliver RW from Ottawa
        Stephane Robidas D from Montreal via Atlanta
    From Dallas :
    Released from Dallas :
        Keith Aldridge RW (Waivers)
        Dave Manson D (Retired)
        Pat Verbeek RW (Waivers)
    Detroit :
    To Detroit :
        Jason Woolley D from Buffalo
        Stacy Roest RW from Minnesota
        Derek King LW from Ottawa
        Michal Picard LW from Philadelphia
        Patrick Boileau D from Washington
    From Detroit :
        Uwe Krupp D to Atlanta
        Ladislav Kohn RW to Calgary
    Released from Detroit:
        Steve Duchesne D (Waivers)
        Marc Rodgers RW (Waivers)
        Jiri Slegr D (Omsk Russia)
        BJ Young RW (Waivers)
    Edmonton :
    To Edmonton :
    From Edmonton :
        Dominic Pittis C to Nashville
        Alaine Nasreddine D to Islanders
        Josh Green LW to Washington via Rangers
        Chris Hajt D to Washington
        Mike Grier RW to Washington
        Alex Henry D to Washington *
    Released from Edmonton :
        Patrick Cote LW (incarceration)
        Daniel Lacroix C (ECHL)
        Greg Leeb C (Augsburger Germany)
        Sean Selmser RW (Scottish Eagles Britian)
        Jiri Dopita C (Returning to Czech League)
    * - Alex Henry is listed in the CAP FAQ
    Florida :
    To Florida :
        Jamie Rivers D from Boston
        Jim Campbell RW from Chicago
        Andreas Lilja D from Los Angeles
        Jaroslav Bednar RW from Los Angeles
        Juraj Kolnik RW from Islanders
        Jani Hurme G from Ottawa
        Stephane Matteau LW from San Jose
        Gaeten Royer RW from Tampa Bay
        Mathieu Biron D from Tampa Bay via Columbus
    From Florida :
        Nick Smith C to Anaheim
        Brad Norton D to Los Angeles
        Sven Butenschon D to Islanders
        Trevor Kidd G to Toronto
        Robert Svehla D to Toronto
    Released from Florida :
        Greg Adams LW (Retired)
        Len Barrie C (Europe)
        Dave Emma C (??)
        Craig Ferguson C (Waivers)
        Yan Golubovsky D (??)
        Alex Hicks LW (Europe)
        Lance Pitlick D (Retired via Colorado)
    Los Angeles :
    To Los Angeles :
        Erik Rasmussen LW from Buffalo
        Chris McAlpine D from Chicago
        Brad Norton D from Los Angeles
        Derek Armstrong C from Rangers
        Dmitry Yushkevich D from Toronto via Florida
    From Los Angeles :
        Rob Valicevic RW to Anaheim
        Rich Brennan D to Boston
        Adam Mair C to Buffalo
        Andreas Lilja D to Florida
        Jaroslav Bednar RW to Florida
        Scott Thomas RW to San Jose
    Released from Los Angeles :
        Marcel Cousineau G (HK Cherepovets Russia)
        Nelson Emerson RW (Waivers)
        Sandy Mogar RW (Retired)
        Jan Nemecek D (Waivers)
        Tomas Vlasak C (Ambri-Piotta Swiss)
    Minnesota :
    To Minnesota :
        Jeremy Stevenson LW from Nashville
        Andrei Zyuzin D from New Jersey
        Jean-Guy Trudel LW from Phoenix
        Dieter Kochan G from Tampa Bay
    From Minnesota :
        Stacy Roest RW to Detroit
        Slyvain Blouin LW to Montreal
        Aaron Gavey C to Toronto
    Released from Minnesota :
        Brian Bonin C (SC Langnau Swiss)
        Ian Herbers D (??)
        Jeff Neilsen LW (??)
        Kai Nurminen LW (TPS Turku SM-Liiga)
        Pavel Patera C (Europe)
        Roman Simicek C (HIFK Helsinki Finland)
        Cam Stewart LW (Waivers)
    Montreal :
    To Montreal :
        Slyvain Blouin LW from Minnesota
        Nicklas Sundstrom RW from San Jose
    From Montreal :
        Jeff Hackett G to Boston
        Stephane Rodibas D to Dallas via Atlanta
        Eric Bertand RW to Colorado
        Shawn Van Allen C to Ottawa
        Eric Chouinard C to Philadelphia
    Released from Montreal :
        Stephane Fiset G (Retired)
        Juha Lind LW (Sodertalje Sweden)
        Patrick Poulin C (Waivers)
        Darryl Shannon D (Retired)
    To Nashville :
        Jason York D from Anaheim
        Denny Lambert LW from Anaheim
        Pascal Trepanier D from Colorado
        Dominic Pittis C from Edmonton
        Andreas Johansson C from Rangers
        Rem Murray LW from Rangers
        Tomas Kloucek D from Rangers
        Greg Koehler C from Philadelphia
        Denis Pederson C from Phoenix
        Wyatt Smith C from Phoenix
        Bob Wren LW from Toronto
    From Nashville :
        Bill Bowler C to Boston
        Petr Tenkrat RW to Columbus via Florida
        Jeremy Stevenson LW to Minnesota
        Mike Dunham G to Rangers
        Steve Dubinsky C to St Louis
        Ryan Tobler RW to Tampa Bay
    Released from Nashville :
        Alex Boikov D (Mettalurg Magnitogorsk Russia)
        Marian Cisar RW (HC Znojernsti Orli Czech, still signed)
        Bret Hauer D (??)
        Jukka Hentunen RW (Jokreit Finland)
        Jere Karalahti D (suspension, HIFK Helsinki Finland)
        John Namestnikov D (??)
        Brent Peterson C (Waviers)
        Pavel Skrbek D (Kladno Czech, still signed)
        Jan Vopat D (??)
    New Jersey :
    To New Jersey :
        Joe Hulbig LW from Boston
        David Roche C from Islanders
        Ken Sutton D from Islanders
    From New Jersey :
        Andrei Zyuzin D to Minnesota
        Joel Bouchard D to Rangers
        Andreas Salomonsson RW to Washington
    Released from New Jersey :
        Bruce Gardiner C (Waivers)
        Valeri Kamensky LW (Metallurg Magnitogorsk Russia)
        Sergei Nemchinov C (Yaroslavl Russia)
        Stephane Richer RW (Waivers)
    New York Islanders:
    To Islanders :
        Eric Manlow C from Boston
        Alan Letang D from Calgary
        Sven Butenschon D from Florida
        Brandon Smith D from San Jose
    From Islanders :
        Jason Krog C to Anaheim
        Darren Van Impe D to Columbus
        Juraj Kolnik RW to Florida
        David Roche C to New Jersey
        Ken Sutton D to New Jersey
        Dick Tarnstrom D to Pittsburgh
        Mats Lindgren C to Vancouver
    Released from Islanders :
        Jesse Belanger C (HC LA Chaux-de-Fonds Swiss)
        Jim Cummins RW (Waivers)
        Johan Davidsson C (Vancouver, playing for Blues Espoo SM-Liiga)
        Alexander Kharitonov RW (Dynamo Moscow Russia)
        Markko Kiprasoff D (TPS Turku Finland)
        Evgeny Korolev D (Yaroslavl Russia, Islanders still retain his rights)
        Robert Petrovicky C (HC Ambri-Piotta Swiss)
        Jason Podollan C (Adler Mannheim Germany)
        Marko Tuomainen RW (HIFK Helsinki Finland)
    New York Rangers :
    To Rangers :
        Dixon Ward RW from Boston
        Ronald Petrovicky RW from Calgary
        Vladimir Chebaturkin D from Chicago
        Boris Mironov D from Chicago
        Mike Dunham G from Nashville
        Joel Bouchard D from New Jersey
        William Tibbets LW from Philadelphia
        Gordie Dwyer LW from Tampa Bay
        Cory Cross D from Toronto
    From Rangers :
        Bryan Berard D to Boston
        Michal Grosek RW to Boston
        Kyzstof Oliwa LW to Boston
        Matt Mottau D to Calgary
        Derek Armstrong C to Los Angeles
        Andreas Johansson C to Nashville
        Rem Murray LW to Nashville
        Tomas Kloucek D to Nashville
        Brad Smyth RW to Ottawa
        Jason Dawe RW to St Louis
        Martin Rucinsky LW to St Louis
    Released from Rangers :
        Kyle Freadrich RW (Retirement looming, DNP last year)
    Ottawa :
    To Ottawa :
        Denis Bonvie RW from Boston
        Shawn Van Allen C from Montreal
        Brad Smyth RW from Rangers
        Peter Schaefer LW from Vancouver
    From Ottawa :
        Chris Herperger C to Vancouver via Atlanta
        David Oliver RW to Dallas
        Derek King LW to Detroit
        Jani Hurme G to Florida
        Steve Martins C to St Louis
        Sami Salo D to Vancouver
        Jason Doig D to Washington
        Josef Boumedienne D to Washington
        Joel Kwiatkowski D to Washington
    Released from Ottawa :
         Benoit Brunet LW (Waivers)
         Craig Millar D (Waivers)
         Kevin Miller C (Retired)
         Ricard Persson D (Bisbaren Bertin Germany)
         Juha Ylonen C (Espoo SM Ligga)
    Philadelphia :
    To Philadelphia :
        Jamie Wright LW from Calgary
        Tomi Kallio LW from Atlanta via Columbus
        Eric Chouinard C from Montreal
        Marcus Ragnarsson D from San Jose
    From Philadelphia :
        Mike Watt C to Carolina
        Michal Picard LW to Detroit
        Greg Koehler C to Nashville
        William Tibbets RW to Rangers
        Paul Ranheim RW to Phoenix
        Daniel McGillis D to San Jose
    Released from Philadelphia :
        Yves Sarault LW (Waivers)
        Jarod Skalde C (HC Lausanne Swiss)
        Rick Tocchet RW (Waivers)
    Phoenix :
    To Phoenix :
        Paul Ranheim RW from Philadelphia
    From Phoenix :
        Louie Debrusk LW to Chicago
        Patrick DesRochers G to Carolina
        Jean-Guy Trudel LW to Minnesota
        Denis Pederson C to Nashville
        Wyatt Smith C to Nashville
        Travis Hansen RW to San Jose
    Released from Phoenix :
        Sebastien Bordeleau C (SC Bern Swiss)
        Mike Sullivan LW (Retired, coaching Provedince AHL)
    Pittsburgh :
    To Pittsburgh :
        Vladimir Vujtek C from Atlanta
        Dick Tarnstrom D from Islanders
        Marc Bergevin D from St Louis
    From Pittsburgh :
        Peter Ratchuk D to Buffalo
        John Japokin D to San Jose
        Rick Berry D to Washington
    Released from Pittsburgh :
        Josef Beranek LW (Slavia Praha Czech)
        Rob Brown RW
        Tom Chorske C (Retired)
        Bobby Dollas D (Retired)
        Patrick Falloon RW (ECHL)
        Kevin Stevens LW (Retired)
        Vladimir Vujtek C (Vitkovice Czech, Pittsburgh retains rights)
    San Jose :
    To San Jose :
        Kyle McLaren D from Boston
        Scott Thomas RW from Los Angeles
        Travis Hansen RW from Phoenix
        John Japokin D from Pittsburgh
        Daniel McGillis D from Philadelphia
    From San Jose :
        Jeff Jillson D to Boston
        Theo Fluery RW to Chicago
        Hannes Hyvonen RW to Columbus via Florida
        Stephane Matteau LW to Florida
        Nicklas Sundstrom RW to Montreal
        Brandon Smith D to Islanders
        Marcus Ragnarsson D to Philadelphia
        Steve Bancroft D to St Louis
    Released from San Jose :
        Greg Andrusak D (Waivers)
        Mike Craig RW (SC Langnau Swiss)
        Paul Kruse LW (Retired??)
        Rudy Poescheck D (Retired)
        Gary Suter D (Retired)
    St Louis :
    To St Louis :
        Aris Brimanis D from Anahiem
        Eric Nicklaus RW from Boston
        Steve Dubinsky C from Nashville
        Jason Dawe RW from Rangers
        Martin Rucinsky LW from the Rangers
        Steve Bancroft D from San Jose
        Steve Martins C from Ottawa
    From St Louis :
        Mike Eastwood C to Chicago
        Dale Clarke D to Colorado
        Marc Bergevin D to Pittsburgh
        Darren Rumble D to Tampa Bay
    Released from St Louis :
        Ray Ferraro C (Retired)
        Alexei Gusarov D (Retired)
    Tampa Bay :
    To Tampa Bay :
        John Grahame G from Boston
        Ryan Tobler RW from Nashville
        Darren Rumble D from St Louis
    From Tampa Bay :
        Mathieu Biron D to Florida via Columbus
        Gaeten Royer RW to Florida
        Dieter Kochan G to Minnesota*
        Gordie Dwyer LW to Rangers
    Released from Tampa Bay :
        Sergy Gusev D (HK Cherepovets Russia)
        Dan Kesa LW (Waivers)
        Grant Ledyard D (Retired)
        Thomas Ziegler C (SC Bern Swiss)
    *-NOTE- To move Kochan to Minnesota go to
    the create-a-player option and enter in
    Evgeny Konstantinov, select yes and assign
    him to Tampa Bay.
    Toronto :
    To Toronto :
        Tom Fitzgerald RW from Chicago
        Trevor Kidd G from Florida
        Robert Svehla D from Florida
        Aaron Gavey C from Minnesota
        Brad Leeb RW from Vancouver
        Harold Druken C from Vancouver via Carolina
    From Toronto :
        Garry Valk LW to Chicago
        Donald MacLean C to Columbus
        Dmitry Yushkevich D to Los Angeles via Florida
        Bob Wren LW to Nashville
        Cory Cross D to Rangers
    Released from Toronto :
        Tom Barrasso G (Retired via Pittsburgh)
    Vancouver :
    To Vancouver :
        Chris Neilsen C from Columbus via Atlanta
        Mats Lindgren C from Islanders
        Sami Salo D from Ottawa
        Chris Herperger LW from Ottawa via Atlanta
        Darren Langdon LW from Vancouver
        Marek Malik D from Vancouver
    From Vancouver :
        Mike Brown LW to Anaheim
        Jeff Farkas C to Atlanta
        Jan Hlavac LW to Carolina
        Jason Strudwick D to Chicago
        Andrew Cassels C to Columbus
        Peter Schaefer LW to Ottawa
        Brad Leeb RW to Toronto
        Harold Druken C to Toronto via Carolina
    Released from Vancouver :
        Vadim Sharifijanov RW (HK Cherepovets Russia)
        Alexei Tezikov D (Waivers)
        Lubomir Vaic C (Europe??)
    Washington :
    To Washingon :
        Michal Nylander C from Chicago
        Chris Hajt D from Edmonton
        Mike Grier RW from Edmonton
        Jason Doig D from Ottawa
        Josef Boumedienne D from Ottawa
        Joel Kwiatkowski D from Ottawa
        Rick Berry D from Pittsburgh
        Andreas Salomonsson RW from New Jersey
    From Washington :
        Brantt Myhers RW to Boston
        Andrei Nikoshilin C to Chicago
        Chris Simon LW to Chicago
        Ulf Dahlen RW to Dallas
        Patrick Boileau D to Detroit
    Released from Washington :
        James Black C (Waivers)
        Benoit Houge C (Waivers)
        Dmitri Kristich RW (Russia)
        Franistek Kucera D (Slavia Praha Czech)
        Joe Sacco (Waivers)
        Terry Yake C (ESC Essen Germany)
        Rob Zettler D (Retired)

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