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  1. I am really stumped.I have a 34dit, 30nightwalker, 25theif(bandit) and a 21theif(assassin) and yet i am unsatisfied with everone i make. i want high damage but i wont get passed lv 35 soon (getting to that lv is easy, the rest hard)so any Suggestions?

    User Info: temagene57

    temagene57 - 8 years ago


  1. if u want dmg, for those characters i would do the nightwalker. They are stronger than reg. sins and level faster. Although the lvl cap is 120, i dont think that will affect you too much...

    User Info: LineRiderAddict

    LineRiderAddict (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. First off, you only need one Bandit and one Assassin. Then let's slim it down to one Assassin because Bandits become rather unnecessary later on much like Wizards. That Assassin should be your Night Walker, at least until you're funded enough to create a full fledged Assassin that will require even better and more expensive gear along with a bit of HP Washing if you want to stay competetive. Of course, you need a character to accompany your Night Walker. This character should be a Cleric. It's best to scrap all but one of your characters, saving anything of value and all of your riches on it by making it your mule, and create a magician. You can create your Night Walker at level 20, but continuing to level your Cleric is necessary for future funding of your Night Walker.

    Assassins are a costly lot that have a lacking amount of HP against later level 100+ boss monsters. A Night Walker will not be fighting those bosses, so it can perform at its best without using any sort of STAT MAGIC just to stay alive. HOWEVER! It will still need a large sum of mesos to purchase expensive NINJA equipment. Clerics are ideal for funding Assassins, at least in theory and according to someone who's generally making this up as he types, because of their vast number of money saving skills and abilities. They're strongest with all their points put into INT, saving a significant amount on weapons and clothing due to not upgrading every few levels, while needing only MP pots to stay alive thanks to their healing abilities. This, coupled with MP Recovery and Eater, makes Clerics somewhat self-sustaining and allows them to save even more. While weak at first, those that manage to reach the later levels of 100+ can become essential to any party and rake in the experience. And this is before 4th job. Once VTEC (Read: Genesis) kicks in yo, you'll be one mean leech supplying machine. You'll be slaughtering countless monsters across the entire screen for swift training, raking in the dough from people buying the chance to leech off of your divine power and accompanying aspiring adventurers into the depths of all boss fights where you'll supply their much needed healz in exchange for treasure and riches galore. And you know what those riches can be used for? Your Night Walker. With the high price of equipment and stars, you'll need every meso your Cleric earns. Eventually, after you build both your healer and attacker up, you'll have both the funds and equipment to start a greatly above average regular Assassin and strive for level 200. With stats resets and HP Washing you'll be all set to take on the enemies that your Night Walker wouldn't stand a chance against. It will only cost you an arm and a leg, but your Assassin will be a true powerhouse that can tackle the likes of Horntail. AIM FOR THE TOP!

    User Info: Graterkin

    Graterkin - 8 years ago 1 1

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