What are good dexless NW(Night Walker) equips to get with a 700m buget?

  1. I have 700m and i'm lvl 30 dexless night walker.The server im in is Windia and i need a list of recommended equips or if i should scroll items.Right now my equips are 10dexbath robe,squishyshoes,19att+2luckclaw, i need help and thank you for reading.

    User Info: ineedhelpXD

    ineedhelpXD - 7 years ago


  1. Some standard equips would be throwing away the bathrobe assuming that's 100%ed and getting a nice LUK and DEX sauna along with a nice attack maple claw. Get dex earrings, luk cape.

    User Info: Gengar_OU

    Gengar_OU - 7 years ago 0 0

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