Need help on how to improve my spearmen got any answers? More info in detail.

  1. I got a Spearman hes lvl 52 and i am taking any suggestions on how to improve him please help me. His equips are
    z helm completely average
    9dex 15acc wg
    dragon glasses 1 dex 5 acc
    maple impaler 8str 78att 30acc
    shoes 3dex
    lvl 30 robe 18dex 9 acc
    his stats for dex are 81+46=127 acc is 217 and str is between 190 and 200 i cant remember the exact number any suggestions will help even if ur suggestion is to give up on him and start a new one

    User Info: netter45

    netter45 - 7 years ago


  1. I have one question. Why do you have so much DEX?

    My suggestion is start over and make a bowman, using all of those equips (IF you can transfer them) If you can't xfer then keep your Spearman. Keep you're base DEX (81) there until 3rd job. You will have ENOUGH, ENOUGH DEX to last you a long time. Focus EVERYTHING into STR until Dragon Knight.

    User Info: ValkyrieCain

    ValkyrieCain (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0

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