How much does this game cost to play?

  1. Is there a monthly fee and how much is it? And where can i get this game ive never seen it in store or anything. thx for any help.

    User Info: CsDucK

    CsDucK - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. This game is free to play, and free to download. There is no subscription fee and you don't buy it in a store just download it at their site. Also, it isn't like Runscape (if you've played it) where you only get access to certain areas of the game unless you pay. This game is completely free to play, BUT there is a catch. They do have a Cash Shop which has a currency called NX (Nexon Cash) that you purchase with real money. The cash shop includes cosmetic items that go over your equips and hair, skin, eye and other things that contribute to your looks. And they do also sell double experience cards (which apparently are needed to level efficeintly at higher levels but face it, very few people make it to the lvl where you need dbl xp cards to lvl in a realistic amount of time). They also sell Vicious Hammers (an item that gives a weapon a new slot to put in a scroll, which is basically how you upgrade weapons) and Pets that can pick up your loot from monsters. Also mounts to move faster (lions, etc that you ride). Also they are now selling dual blade scrolls (dual blade is a class, and the scrolls they sell are skills books that let you master the skill. Example, at lvl 30 you can get Slash Storm which is a skill, up to level 5, and it basically sucks. But with a scroll from the cash shop, you are able to get it up to lvl 20, which at that point it still isnt that good BUT it gives you access to a skill called Bloddy Storm, that you can use when you are higher level which is supposedly VERY good, but im low level so dont ask me. You NEEEED these skill books when you are higher level because alot of your skills will be left at very low levels and you will be weak). So basically the cash shop is optional, MOSTLY

    User Info: AntiH3ro97

    AntiH3ro97 - 7 years ago 1 0

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