Which quests are worth doing?

  1. My friend and I just got into MS after the Big Bang and settled in Zenith. I am a lukless Cleric and he is a dexless fighter. We're both unfunded.

    I just wanted to know which quests were worth our time from this point onward, giving us good exp, good mesos, good items to sell, or good equips I can use.

    User Info: DarkSky94

    DarkSky94 - 6 years ago


  1. Cleaning up eos tower for a scroll, which sells for quite a sum.

    John Barricade's quest which is in the Big Ben. Just use the teleporters to get to the top and go in. Both the quests are kill alot of enemies.

    They both give a 60% Scroll for glove attack which you can sell for huge amounts and get your equipment no problem.

    User Info: Munbeh

    Munbeh - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. Nella's citizens request are good if you dont wanna have to kill 150 monster at lv 26-34 and spend 10k round trip.
    PS^^Munbeh didn't say how to get to NLC go to Kerning all the way to the left is the subway talk to the guy on left and the first screen will say in blue New Leaf City(NLC) of Masteria, enter a few times then hit accept and u lose 5k and then go in portal all the way on bottom you will see NLC enter you might have to wait a minute but when you get there go to the left until you see a arrow up then figure it out.
    Gloves for ATT 60% sell for about 9 million in Broa i would say ten-twelve in a new server(Guessing)!

    For your fiend I would do Blackbirds quest"Fixing his house" you have to kill some monster. but you get a lv 15-40 shield (I got the maple shield during a maples event once!!!!)

    User Info: chrisj654321

    chrisj654321 - 6 years ago 0 0

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