How do you become a GM?

  1. Well, i saw tons of things on youtube about how to be a GM, most comments said it worked quite well. should i go alog with that?PS. i am just sick and tired of people cursin me and talkin about sexual things.

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    lutaridude2 - 8 years ago

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  1. Shift+2 Giggers:I think he's talking about the "small time GMs",In which case a GM can "Knight" you,as in you get the ability to kick or ban people(however,unlike reagular GMs which can permaban,a "knight" can only ban up to a day).You don't get the +100 everything clothes,the abilit to change class,the book of spells,or the bag-o-bags.However,you will still be able to do some basic tasks,and if your knighthood lasts long enough,you will actually be able to host events and have the bag-o'-bags.If you get even BETTER at your"job",you may be "Kinged"Where you have all the neato things to play with,but you still have to move to California to get paid.

    GMs are a nice source of info,arn't they?

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    Anony1200 - 8 years ago 2 1


  1. Simply put:You most likley can't.For the most part,however,you can pull some weight around.Report hackers,Botters,and other-such-types.If your call is answered,there you go,you got some trust.

    If you get enough weight,and have caught some GM's eye,you CAN get to be a GM,however,as I said,you got the same chance to be struck by lightning and live as to just randomly be selected to be a GM.

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  2. Since being a GM is actually a PAYING job, you first need to move to California, where the Nexon America corporate building is. You can apply for the job there, and you may be selected to become a GM. You'd most likely need extensive knowledge of the game, along with the rules, and how you would handle different situations.

    User Info: GB1337

    GB1337 - 8 years ago 1 1
  3. Unless your actually applying for a job at Nexon America, asking to be a GM goes on your permanent record (which are poorly kept and usually thrown away after 15 seconds) and that prevents you from ever becoming one, also those youtube videos,every single one, are scams, plain and simple, people with no lives who love to cause others misery make those videos in hopes you will waste your time or get hacked.

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  4. You can always make a private server, but that takes years.

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  5. The YouTube videos are fake. To become a GM, you need to WORK at Nexon.

    User Info: HunterSaiyan

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