How do ultimate explorers work with stats?

  1. I've thought about making one, but then the question comes up about hp and mp. Mages biggest thing is mp, and I understand that you should rank the mp skill first to gain the highest possible mp, so how does this work out with the ultimate explorer? Will it have less mp than normal? (I WOULD be a magician if I made one).

    User Info: Zeffia9

    Zeffia9 - 6 years ago


  1. The Warrior and Magician skills for HP and MP no longer affect your level up gains, just give you a flat percent increase (like passive Hyper Body), so you can max them at any time.

    Ultimate Explorers DO miss out on some HP and MP though, because they don't get the bonuses for making the 2nd Job Advancement (like the extra HP for Fighters or MP for Pages). This includes any inventory slots from advancing too.

    User Info: CmaBoy

    CmaBoy - 6 years ago 0 0

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