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  1. Do i need any skill points in INT and LUCK for my gunslinger? I dont want to add points until i know.

    User Info: Codinator

    Codinator - 8 years ago


  1. Gunslingers only need STR and DEX (STR=level, rest into DEX, vice versa for Brawlers).

    User Info: AlexanderDrake

    AlexanderDrake - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. Ideally, you'll want your Pirate to have 4 INT and 4 LUK through the entire game. If either stat is above a 5, you may want to consider restarting your character and rolling until you get either 4 INT, 4 LUK, or a 4 in one and 5 in the other. This will make your game much easier in the long run as it helps maximize your damage.

    User Info: GorathArdenian

    GorathArdenian - 8 years ago 0 0
  3. There is no such thing as rolling for stats anymore and you can't put points into useless stats anymore. If you make a new character then you start with 12/5/4/4 and there is an auto-allocate button that does the stats for you.

    When you get your first job the stats are reset and put into the needed fields. This only poses a problem for pirates because of the differing stats needed for gunslingers and brawlers. But you can always just set the points yourself.

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  4. There are many types of jobs and types in them. For example Dexless, Strless, Lukless, Low Str/Dex/Luk and Normal.
    Dexless's put their Dex at 4 or the required amount needed to for Job Advancements.
    For ex : Warriors = 4 , Bowman/Thieves = 25, Pirates = 20
    Strless would only work for Bowman or Gun Pirates. = 4
    Lukless only works for Mages = 4
    This build is not recommened for newer players as it is very expensive and hard to train without the nessecary equips.
    Low Str/Dex/Luk is where you put enough Str/Dex/Luk to let you wear equips for level 20 - 40 depending on how much money you have.
    Str = 30 - 50
    Dex ( Warriors ) = 30 - 40
    Dex ( Knuckle Pirates ) = 25 - 40
    Dex ( Assasin/Bandit ) = 60 - 80
    Luk = 35 - 41
    This build is reccommened for partial funded players as it will enable you to be stronger then Normal builders. For Knuckle Pirates this build is recommened to be the best since when you are Dexless you will never have enough Accuracy ( Obtained majorly from Dex / Partial from Luk ) to let you last up to around 70.
    Thieves =
    Dex is 2x your level until lvl 40, After 40 you need to put 1 dex every level. ( This can be lowered with equips with Dex )
    Luk is Leftover Points after Dex is applied.
    Warriors =
    Dex is 2x your level until 30, After 30 1 Dex is applied to every level until 75 - 100 depending on your fundings. ( This CAN be LOWERED with equips with Dex )
    Str is Leftover Points after Dex is applied
    Pirate ( Brawler ) =
    Dex is the same as your level ( Unless at around 80 - 100 you get equips that give Dex )
    Str is leftover points after Dex is Applied
    Pirate ( Gunner ) =
    Dex is leftover points after Str is Applied
    Str is same as your level ( Unless at around 80 - 100 you get equips that give Str )
    Magicians =
    Luk is +3 your Level ( Depending on your fundings/equips you can stop Luk at 88 or even lower ) ( Luk will not be added after level 98 )
    Int is Leftover points after Luk is Applied

    User Info: TyraelsFire

    TyraelsFire - 8 years ago 0 0

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