Ludibrium Maze?

  1. It's probably painfully obvious and I'm just not seeing it, but how do you tell what room you're in in the Ludi PQ? I can't navigate if I can't tell what room I'm in. Is there a sign somewhere, or what? ..

    User Info: AlKaswa

    AlKaswa - 8 years ago

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  1. If you enter the Ludi Maze u will be warped to a random room.
    U see 3 portals and all 3 portals warps u to an other room.
    The left portal warps u to room Current room number + 4
    The middle portal warps u to room Current room number + 7
    The right portal warps u to room Current room number - 3
    The only way to get to room 16 is if u go through room 9 and middle portal.

    The goal is to collect as many passes as u can in the time limit.
    The most important rooms are room 6 and 7 since its the only 2 place with tauromacis which drop 50 passes each but hits hard.
    Then get to room 16 and give all the passes to ur party leader and the party leader has to talk to the clown guy.
    U get 50 exp for every pass the party got.

    User Info: dinokiller14

    dinokiller14 - 8 years ago 1 0


  1. You can find what room your in with the mini map on the top of the screen or where its at on the screen

    User Info: sagertang

    sagertang - 8 years ago 1 1

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