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    Hidden Warp Guide by sanjiyh

    Version: V2.11 | Updated: 12/25/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

              		 Hidden Warp Guide Version 2.11
    	            		 By: SanjiYH
    Most of the Hidden portals will be uncovered in this faq
    Copyright 2004....
    You are not allowed to replicate this guide in any forms without permission. 
    Should you need to use it or put it up on a webpage, please seek permission by
    emailing to sanjilyh@hotmail.com. Enjoy this guide that I have made and I hope
    that you will find it worthwhile...
    ~~Content Part~~
    1) Introduction of hidden warp
    2) Secret Warp locations
    -Hidden Street: Pig Beach
    -Hidden Street: Pig Park
     *Hidden Street: An Empty House
     *Hidden Street: THe Resting Spot, Pig Park
     *Hidden Street: Someone's Elite House
    -Hidden Street: Blue Mushroom Forest
    -Hidden Street: The Land Of Wild Boar I
    -Hidden Street: Over the Wall
    -Hidden Street: The Land of Wild Boar II
    -Hidden Street: Mushroom Garden
    -Hidden Street: Monkey Swamp
    -Hidden Street: Dangerous Valley 
    -Hidden Street: Downstair of the forest
    -Hidden Street: The Breathing Rock
    -Hidden Street: Beach Hunting Ground
    -Hidden Street: Marr's Forest
    -Hidden Street: Monkey Forest I/II
    -Hidden Street: Lorang Lorang Lorang
    -Florina Road: Clang and Lorang 
    -Dungeon: Sleepy Dungeon1/2/3/4/5
    -Victoria Road: Pet Walking Park
    -Rainbow Street: Tomato Island
    -Dungeon: Damp Forest
    -Warming Street: Burning Zone
    3) ScreenShots Of Hidden Warp (by Luffy and Sanji)
    4) "where to train?" for Hidden Portals
    5) Links
    6) Faqs
    7) Ending
    V2.11: English checked and corrected by Benjamin
    V2.1: Added 2 more hidden portals (one in sleepywood, the other in deep valley 
    II)Edited most of errors in the names of the locations, eg. Pig Garden to Pig 
    Confirmed that sleepywood dungeon has only 5 levels
    V2.0: Re-edited some of the parts.. Added Tomato island in victoria island. 
    Make away with the colours so that it suits to place into the gamefaqs.com :P
    V1.9: Added one more map, Victoria Road: Pet Walking Park (useful for future 
    releases of Maplestory) (I took some screenshots, but unable to be uploaded 
    as the website is down ...)
    V1.81: Edited some of the minor errors
    V1.8: Added Two hidden map in Beach, changed name to hidden warp, added links to
    the topic. Started a system where players could share out their hidden warps at 
    V1.73: Confirmed that there are NO HIDDEN STREET map on maple 
    island at the moment
    V1.72: Changing the name from Pig Beach to Pig Hunting Ground
    V1.71: Correcting some of the words...
    V1.7: Found one more map, added screenshots uploaded by me ^_^
    V1.6: Added screenshot by Luffy, added one more hidden street which is in 
    one of the hidden street.
    V1.5: Added one more strange hidden street, but it is still all hidden 
    street ^_^
    V1.4: Added in a new hidden street for victoria island
    V1.32: Edited some Spelling errors, changed some of the descriptions, added 
    colours for easy access to the maps.
    V1.31: Changing some of the grammars and language.
    V1.3: Changed the name from secret warp to Hidden Street
    V1.2: Added 1 last Secret Warp for Victoria Island only
    V1.1: Added 1 more Secret Warp
    V1.0: Official release of Secret Warp Guide
    1) Introduction of hidden warp
    Maplestory is a 2D action online game, that features 4 classses: 
    Magician, Warrior, Hunter and Thief. Each classes has different unique skills. 
    In this online game, some of the hidden warps are located in different 
    places, in order to add more fun to the game. Those Hidden warps are waiting 
    for you to be uncovered. If you follow this guide carefully, you should
    be able to uncovered all of them. So Let's get started now!
    2) Secret Warp Location
    -Hidden Street: Pig Beach
    Recommend level: 15-25 level (you will have to spend lots of hp pots)
    Monsters: Pig, Pig with Ribbon, Iron Hog, Blue Snail and Red Snail (good 
    spawn of those pigs)
    Guideline: Pig Beach is located in the "Victoria Road: 3-way Road-Split.In 
    3-way split-road", if you come from the right entrance, climb up the 1st ladder 
    you see (It is ladder, not rope, LADDER!!), and you should be able to 
    see a patch of yellow flowers, keep pressing up around the patch of yellow 
    flowers, and it will bring you to the "Hidden Street: Pig Beach"
    -Hidden Street: An Empty House
    -Hidden Street: Pig Park I/II
    -Hidden Street: The Resting Spot, Pig Park
    -Hidden Street: Someone's Elite House
    Recommend level: 40+ level (iron hog have high physical and magical defend)
    Monsters: Iron Hog, Mushmom (Mushmom is located in someone's house), Orange
    Mushroom (Orange mushroom only appear in An Empty House) 
    (Please take note that there are no monster in The Resting Spot, Pig Park)
    Guide for An Empty House: Go to "Henesys", go to the left of henesys. Near
    the taxi, you should see two watch tower and a staircase which leads you to the 
    watch tower. Now go to the left tower, on top of the staircase 
    (behind the tower, there is a hidden warp which brings you up to the top watch
    tower. Now press up again to proceed to "Hidden Street: An Empty House".
    Guide for Pig Park I/II: Go to the top-left hand corner in "Hidden Street:
    An Empty House". You should be able to find a Steel Pig Statue, go to the pig
    statue and press up. You will be in "Hidden Street: Pig Park"
    Guide for The Resting Spot: When you are in the Pig Park, go to the centre
    part of this map, and you should be able to see a "Deadly Skull Trap" sign with
    a hole below it. Go to the top of the hole and you will be teleported to the 
    "Hidden Street: The Resting Spot, Pig Park".
    Guide for Someone's House: After reaching "Hidden Street: Pig Park II", go
    to the top-right hand corner, you should see another "Deadly Skull Trap" sign
    with a Steel Pig Status Entrance. GO to the pig status and press up, you will
    be in "Hidden Street: Someone's Elite House"
    (I saw mushmom tonight before writing this v2.1, i got killed because i went
    near it..)
    -Hidden Street: Blue Mushroom Forest
    Recommend level: 25-30 level (this place is useful to collect blue mushroom 
    top, especially the bower)
    Monsters: Blue Snail, Blue Mushroom, Slime.(good spawn for blue mushroom)
    Guideline: Go to "Victoria Road: The forest east of henesys" (not rain 
    forest, is forest!!). Jump to the top in the left side of the map, 
    and you will see a strange pole. The pole has alot of signboards on it,
    and the top of the pole looks like a bell or a mushroom top. Press up
    and you will reach "Hidden street:Blue Mushroom Forest." Near the 
    pole, you will find Blue mushroom too, be careful before it hurts you.
    -Hidden Street: The Land of Wild Boar I
    Recommend level: 30-40 level (this place is useful for all class to train)
    Monsters: Wild Boar and Dark Tree Stump (good spawn of wild boar)
    Guide: Go "Victoria Road: Perion Street Corner." Jump to the bottom of the 
    map. Be careful of the Stump (tree monster with an axe on it). In the 
    left-bottom side of the map, you will see a DOOR, a BIG WOODEN DOOR. Press 
    up on it, and you will be in "Hidden street: The Land of Wild Boar I".
    -Hidden Street: Over the Wall
    Recommend Level: 20-30 level (this place is useful to gather firewood)
    Monsters: Tree stump, Dark Tree Stump (well balance good spawn monster)
    Guideline: GO to "Hidden Street: The Land of Wild Boar I", on the base of that 
    map, you will see 3 doors, go to the 2nd door and press up. Yesh!! You are in 
    "Hidden Street: Over the Wall".
    -Hidden Street: The Land of Wild Boar II
    Recommend Level: 30-40 Level (this place is another useful place, but less 
    spawn , less people)
    Monsters: Wild Boar, Tree Stump and Dark Tree Stump (lots of wild boar running 
    Guideline: Go to "Victoria Road: East Domain of Perion". This one is 
    easy, but listen carefully. Go to the right of the map >>> , and go as 
    high as you can.You will see 5 "t" Sign which is make up of woods, 
    and a unique wooden stand. Go to the unique wooden stand and press up,
     you will be able to reach "Hidden Street: The Land of Wild Boar II".
    -Hidden Street: Mushroom Garden
    Recommend Level: 8-15 level
    Monsters: Small Mushroom, Red snail, Orange Mushroom (this place are well 
    Guideline: Go to "Victoria Road: A hill west of henesys". You will find alot of 
    pigs there, so be careful. Go to the top of the right side, you will see 3 
    mushroom houses, go to the centre one. Press up and you will be in 
    "Hidden Street: Mushroom Garden".
    -Hidden Street: Monkey Swamp
    Recommend Level: 40+ level (good for cleric, because there are zombie 
    lupin here)
    Monsters: Lupin, Zombie Lupin (good spawn)
    Guideline: Go to Warning Street: Dangerous Croco II. Go to top-left hand side.
    You will see 5 to 4 vine for you to climb. Go to the first 2nd one (from the 
    left) and climb to the top, you will find LOTS & LOTS of lupins there.
    -Hidden Street: Dangerous Valley
    Recommend level: 45+ level (good for ice mage, ice mage love this place!!)
    Monsters: Copper Drake, Fire Boar
    Guide: Go to "Warning Street: Deep Valley I". Jump to the 2nd highest place
    (In the left of the map), you will see the same WOODEN DOOR. Press up on 
    to the wooden door, yes you are in copper drake and fire boar places.
    -Hidden Street: Downstair of the forest
    Recommend Level: 30-40 level (not a good spot to train level)
    Monsters: Blue Horny Mushroom (Do not think dirty), Green Mushroom and Lupin
    Guide: Go to "Victoria Road: The Forrest of Wisdom". In this map, 
    you will see alot of caves, Press up on the first cave u see on the 
    right entrance; you will be teleported to the bottom. Press up again 
    and you will be teleported down one more time. Then press up for one 
    last time and you will reach the "Hidden Street: Downstair of the Forest".
    -Hidden Street: The Breathing Rock
    Recommend Level: 40-50+ level (a descent spot to train level, good for 
    long range attacker)
    Monsters: Stone Golem, Lupin, Blue mushroom (good spawn for stone golem)
    Guide: Go to "Warning Street: Henesys Dungeon Entrance", walked carefully to 
    the centre. Look at ur mini map, you will see 3 places which u can go down to 
    the bottom. Be careful not to drop to the 1st one, instead, drop at the centre 
    one, where you will find a stone golem, some blue horny mushroom and green 
    mushroom. At the centre part of the base, you will see a DANGER sign board,
    press up when you reach there and you will be teleported into 
    "Warning Street: Henesys Dungeon Entrance".
    -Hidden Street: Beach Hunting Ground
    Recommend Level: 10-20 level (not a descent spot to train level)
    Monsters: Red Snail, Blue Snail, Pig With ribbon, Pig (Balance spawn)
    Guideline: Go to "Victoria Road: 3-way Road-Split", and from the right 
    entrance, move forward, and count the ropes you see, you will see 
    the first rope which access to the top part, don't climb that rope. 
    Than you will see the second rope which will lead you down to a place,
    go there. You should see a Triangle with a "!" signboard, press up in
    there, and you will reach "Hidden Street: Beach Hunting Ground".
    -Hidden Street: Marr's Forrest
    Recommend Level: 0-100 Level (no monster there....)
    Monsters: No monster there
    Npc: Mar the Fairy (for Revival Quest)
    Guide: Go to "Ellinia", and fall down all the way to the bottom. 
    Now go to the right. You will saw a SHINY BLUE FLOWER. Press up at the petal 
    of the flower. You will be in "Hidden Street: Marr's Forrest".
    -Hidden Street: Monkey Forest I/II
    Recommend Level: 40+ (good for cleric)
    Monsters: Lupin and Zombie Lupin in both Forest (Good spawn)
    Guide: Go to "Victoria Road: The Forrest of Wisdom". Get to the 
    highest point of the right hand corner. Press up on 
    the cave and you should be inside the "Hidden Street: Monkey Forest I/II".
    -Hidden Street: Lorang Lorang Lorang
    Recommend Level: 40+ (good for lightning mage)
    Monsters: Lorang (Crabs) (very good spawn)
    Guide: Go to "Florina Road: Lorang Lorang". For those who do not know how 
    to get to Florina Road: Lorang Lorang, head to Victoria Road: Lith 
    Habour, go find an npc named: Pasion, and he will teleport you to the 
    beach (i think you need to be at least lvl 30 and above to go beach). 
    When you are in Florina Road: Lorang Lorang, get to the HIGHEST POINT,
    at the centre of the map. You should see a BIG BIG "Sea Shell", go into 
    the centre of the "Sea Shell" and press up, you should be in 
    "Hidden Street: Lorang Lorang".
    -Florina Road: Clang and Lorang
    Recommend level: 40+ (good for lightning mage only)
    Monsters: Lorang(red crab), Umti(turtle), Clang(green crab) (good spawn)
    Guide: Go to "Florina Road: Lorang and Clang", go to the far
    end to the right. You should be near the right entrance now, from 
    the right entrance, use your hand and count the tree. Now go to the 2nd 
    tree (from right side), jump up on the tree, you should land onto a 
    hidden platform. Press up on that platform..... YESH!!! You are in another 
    secret places "Florina Road: Clang and Lorang".
    -Dungeon: Sleepy Dungeon1/2/3/4/5
    Recommend Level: 20-70++ (good place for cleric to train, especially 
    on dark golem)
    Monsters: Slimes, Evil Eye Tail, Lupin, Green Mushroom, Dark Stone Golem, 
    Blue Horny Mushroom 
    Guide: Go to "Dungeon: Sleepywood". From the right entrance, go to the 
    first banana house you see, and press up !! You in that "sleepy dungeon".
    (Please take note taht there are no level 6/7, the max are level 5.)
    -Victoria Road: Pet Walking Park
    Recommend Level: 0-100 (no monster)
    Monsters: None
    NPC: Trainer Flod, Trainer Bartos , Cute
    Guide: Go to "Victoria Road: Henesys Park", find an npc named Cloy in 
    the middle of the map (near to Piar). At the left side of Cloy, you 
    should see a Cat Status, press up, and it will teleport you up to the 
    platform where you should see "PetPark" sign. Press up again on the cat
    statue and you should be in it.
    Please take note that: This Map is completely useless for global maplestory, 
    it will be useful later in the game where we can adopt pets.
    -Rainbow Street: Tomato Island
    Recommend Level: 5-10 level only
    Monsters: Orange Mushroom, Blue Snail, Snail.
    Guideline: Go to the "Rainbow Street: The field east of Amherst", go to the far 
    end of the right side. From the right side, go up ahead, around the middle of 
    the platform, you should see a "!" sign, press up on it and you should be 
    in "Rainbow Street: Tomato Island".
    -Dungeon: Damp Forest
    Recommend Level: 15-23 level (for lower lvl, do not fight jr necki)
    Monsters: Jr Necki, Octopus, Slimes
    Guide: Head to Sleepywood, go to the left entrance and enter in. You should
    be ending up in "Dungeon: Swampy Land in a Deep Forest", go all the way to the 
    top-right hand side, and enter the warp which bring you to the next map, 
    "Dungeon: Deep Forest". Now head all the way to the top-left hand corner, you 
    should be able to see a warp potral that is close to a heart-sharp mail-box. 
    Now enter the warp potral and it will bring you to "Dungeon: Damp Tree Forest".
    Next, go to the top-middle platform, there should have alot of octopus 
    surrounding it , kill them!! Now, you should see a door-like structure, 
    it is on the middle of that top-middle platform. Go to the door-like 
    structure and press up arrow, you are now in the hidden warp 
    "Dungeon: Damp Forest". 
    -Warming Street: Burning Zone
    Recommend Level: 30-50 level (Fire boar are dangerous!)
    Monsters: Fire Boar, Dark Tree Stump, Lupins (lupin only appear in the deepest
    part of the Burning Zone)
    Guide: Head to Perion, from perion, go to "Warming Street: Deep Valley II".
    You should enter this map from the top, now go down two platforms away, and 
    head to the left. You should see a staircase at the entrance that leads to 
    burning zone. (the sign on top---"Burning Zone")(The platform i am refer about
    is on the centre of the map) Go to the stair case and press up arrow. You 
    are now in "Warming Street: Burning Zone".
    Please take note that i didn't manage cover through all of the hidden warps 
    in maplestory, as this is Global Maplestory is still in the beta phases.
    Most of the black holes in the trees in ellinia can be accessed, some 
    of course  are hidden warps. I will try to put those hidden warps in 
    this guide as soon as possible.
    3) ScreenShots Of Hidden Street (by Luffy and SanjiYH)
    :(Hidden Street: Pig Garden):
    :(Hidden Street: Beach Hunting Ground):
    :(Hidden Street: Blue MushroomForest):
    :(Hidden Street: The Breathing Rock): 
    :(Hidden Street: Dangerous Valley):
    :(Hidden Street: Downstair of the Forest): 
    :(Hidden Street: Land of the Wild Boars): 
    :(Hidden Street: Land of the Wild Boars II): 
    :(Florina Road: Lorang Lorang Lorang): 
    :(Hidden Street: Marr's Forest):
    :(Hidden Street: Monkey Forest):
    :(Hidden Street: Monkey Swamp):
    :(Hidden Street: Mushroom Garden):
    :(Hidden Street: Over the Wall):
    :(Hidden Street: Pig Beach):
    :(Hidden Street: Monkey Forest I/II):
    :(Florina Road: Clang and Lorang):
    :(Dungeon: Sleepy Dungeon1/2/3/4/5): 
    :(Dungeon: Damp Forest):
    :(Warming Street: Burning Zone):
    4) "where to train?" for Hidden Warp
    This section is a new section which is included after v2.1. 
    In this section, i will recommend some hidden warps for players to train in 
    (good spots to level up), this section will be seperated into classes.
    Please note that i am only able to finish up the mage section because 
    i am a mage my own, so i know where is a good place for us to train. While
    the other section remains untouched for the moment as i need some of the
    higher level players to give me more details for warrior, bower and rogue.
    For those who are interested to help me with this section, kindly send your 
    information to sanjilyh@hotmail.com. I will analyse the data that you sent me
    and choose the best one to add here. This section should be completed after
    the next update. So keep it on.
    -|Mage (level 1~30)|-
    level 1~8: No good hidden warp to train
    level 8~15: Hidden Street: Mushroom Garden
    level 15~23: Hidden Street: Pig Beach, Hidden Street: Beach Hunting Ground
    level 23~25: Hidden Street: Pig Beach, Hidden Street: Over the Wall,
    	     Dungeon: Damp Forest
    level 25~30: Hidden Street: Over the Wall
    -|Wizard/Cleric (level 30~50)|-
    level 30~36: Hidden Street: The Land Of Wild Boar I, (Lightning Mage best!)
    	     Hidden Street: The Land of Wild Boar II
    level 36~40: Warming Street: Burning Zone
    level 40~50: Hidden Street: Lorang Lorang Lorang (Lightning Mage)
    	     Florina Road: Clang and Lorang (Lightning Mage)
    	     Hidden Street: The Breathing Rock
    	     Hidden Street: Monkey Swamp (cleric)
    	     Hidden Street: Dangerous Valley (ice mage)
    	     Hidden Street: Monkey Forest I/II (cleric)
    -|Warrior (level 1~30)|-
    -|Fighter/Page/Spearman (level 30~50)|-
    -|Bower (level 1~30)|-
    -|Arrow/Bow (level 30~50)|-
    -|Rogue (level 1~30)|-
    -|Bandit/Assassin/Thief (level 30~50)|-
    5) Links
    1)Korea Official Maplestory Website
    2)Korea Fansite
    3)Sleepywood website
    4)MapleSource website
    5)All games guides are in it
    6)Lots of games guides in it
    6) FAQs
    Q: If I have any enquiries, how to I contact you?
    A: Send me a email with your enquiries through sanjilyh@hotmail.com. I will 
       reply those questions as soon as possible.
    Q: What to do if i don't understand your guide?
    A: Send me an email if you think your guide is better than mine.
       The other way is to message me, SanjiYH in game (East only)
       You can message Luffy in the west (West Only)
    Q: What if I still don't know how to find the hidden warp:
    A: Check the screenshot provided by Luffy and me!
    7) Ending
    This guide is specially made for all maplestory players. I know i might 
    be a big spoiler, who uncovers all this hidden warp. But i knew some others 
    will find me a good guy, as i have uncovered all this hidden warp.
    If you have any further enquiries, please send to sanjilyh@hotmail.com.
    Last Words of Advise:
    - Don't kill steal people if you do not want people to kill steal you!
    - Do not leech your party exp, it is not healthy
    - Explore the whole map for a lot of times, you will enjoy it ^_^
    - Do not insult people with vulgarities, especially using "STFU”, I hate that
    - Do not hack!! I know a player call Username use hack, but I am lazy
     to report GM
    - Press the up arrow if u think you can teleport into the hidden map 
    (especially when u saw a danger sign)
    -Said Hey! to me if you happen to see me, don't act blur.
    Thank to: 
    -Luffy for the greatest help, providing screenshot to accompany the guide
    -Benjamin for helpping me out to check on my english and correct it!
    -Pink Tarantulas for reminding me on the Warming street: Burning Zone
    -Azurelex for telling me on most of the hidden warp
    -AngelHY for being my good sister
    -Thank to everyone who i know, good luck with ur training
    -www.sleepywood.net for allowing me to start a this guide
    -www.maplesource.net staff, for allowing us to post msg in forum
    -www.neoseeker.com, for hosting this faqs
    -BIG THANKS to www.gamefaqs.com for hosting this faqs.
    Add me into your buddy list, sanjiyh, lvl 37 lightning mage.
    				By: SanjiYH
    			       Copyright 2004

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