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    Warrior FAQ by ssbman1991

    Version: 0.93 | Updated: 02/17/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    ,,,,,,,,:,:...,, WM     7277MMZMM;    :ii;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;iiiiiiiiiiiii::::::
    ,,,,,,,:,   ,    M,XM     XBX,2Z WMMMr  :;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;iiiiiiiiii:i:::
    ,,,,,,,   MMBMMMMM iMMM     r02iZW XM@MW  :;;;r;;;;;;;;;;;;;;iiiiii:ii:i:::
    ,,,,,.  MM M  ,MiM:,MiMMM,    ;2r:BX MW2MM  irrrrrr;r;;;;;;;i;i;iiiiiiii:::
    ,,,,, XM; iMZW, MiZ:MWSMaMM@    ;2r;7 .M7XMM ,;rrrrrrrrr;;;;;iiiiiiiii:::::
    ,,,,. M   7M20MM8@MrMM:Z   iMM    72Xr. @W 2MS :rrrrrrrrrr;;;;;iiiiiiii:i::
    ,,,,  M  X;M,0XiW             MMX   SSX; XM: MM.,rr7rrrr;r;;;;;;iiiiii:ii::
    ,,,, ZM  0iM                    :MZ  ,XXr .Mi  M2.irrrrrrr;;;;;;;i;iiiiii::
    ,,,: MX  WiM          ;       788@8M8  iX7: MM  MM.:r7rrrrr;;;;;iiiiiii:i::
    ,,,  M   0:M MMMMMMM@0MZM  MMMi    iMMM  ;7, MMM :Mi.;7rrrr;;;;;;iiiiii:i::
    ,,:  M   2iMZ.    ..,:78 8iX rMMM@Z,   @M ,r, M2MM Ma irrrr;;:,:iiiiiiiiii:
    ,:. MMr  rZS .        .:.,.:,;      i a iM8 :, M.:MZWM :rri, rZ;  .iiiiii::
    ,:  MXM  iM ,      0MM           M iB ;:  iM:   M  ZMMM ,; MB .2MM ,iii:i::
    ,: 0M M  :M   .MMMMi      SM@0SiiS     .:. MBM, iM . MMM  iM MMX MB.iiii:::
    ,: MM M  ,M MMW        aM2     i8M      .:. M 8B @M.i  MM iMr7Z7aM .iiii:i:
    :: MZ X@ ,M:    X0iMMM.   BMMMMMMM,      ..  07 M M i7, BMMM28B7aM :iii::::
    :: M8  M  M : MS X   rMMMMMMM@@@@MM     . .,  M MMMM 77: WB:,aMMMM  .ii:i::
    :: WMM M0 M B         MMM@@M@@@@MMM    ... ,. MMS ;M :i aM,7WM  ZMMW :i::i:
    :. BMr8 M M            MM@WWWWWWWWMM  . . .,  M7B@MMMZ ZM r8M. , Z@M  ii:::
    : 8W  M M2M            2MWWW@@WWWWMM  .... . ZMZZ   .8MM0MMM  :;,  M2 ::i::
    , M   M7 28      7      MMWWBBBBW@@Mr .....  MMZ    ;,:, XBMa  .i. M@ i::::
    : M MWrM:@      8.      0M2aaaaaa22@M ...   MM@MMMMM8X  .,..,MM   ,M. ii:::
    : M    .M;M    72     .  M0888888888M  .   MM  MBa80MMMM8i  .WZMM MM ,:::::
    ,  M    MMXM   M    ..   M@888888880M     M@  MWBBBZ2SaMMMMa@2:,MiM  ii::::
    ,, :MM@iMXMMM BB  ..     .MZ88880@MMW;  .MS :MMMMM0288Si :WMZ8XM MM ,ii::::
    ,,.  M2 MMMMMMM       .   MMMMMMMMX    MM  .M8:.:rZBWaZB@2WMMMM 8M  i:i::::
    ,,::  MMM    MM       ... @MWZ7      WMMMMrMMMMM07i7a88@WMM     Mi ii::::::
    ,,:::     :,  XMMM;               ;WMr:. aM@;M ,MMMMBa0WWMM i: MM ,iiii::::
    ,,:,:::::::::.   XMMMMMW;     rMMMM;:22:rrB0@X  a MZrZM8MM .; :M: iii::::::
    ,,:,::::::::::i  MMS;   iMMMMMMMaZMM8i  Mr.    MM SMMa;MM .;; MM ,iii::::::
    ,,,:::::,::::.  MWXaBMMX   Mr   rM8MM MMMMMMMM@WM  ;WMMM .;;: MM iiiii:::::
    ,::::,::::::  7MM .7S2ZW@:,;i       W        WZiMMaMBWM  i;;.rMS iii:i:::::
    ,::::::::::  MM;aMM  ii.a 7:M   , rMMMMMMMMMBMMZM,:ZMZWMS.;; @M.    ,i:i:::
    ,:::::,:::: M0MWBZ0MMXSXMMMM     MMM        2MaM7 , MX;XM ;  M MMMMi .:::::
    ,:::::,:::: MM       WMM2 .      aBMXMMM0X   MZMXZM@M,2;M , M    :WM2 :::::
    ,,::::,::::  MMM8,   a  ZMMMMM@a88SM    .aMMM8aMSZBBW7SSM .W2 8@8M:rM :::::
    :,::::,:::::  .MMMMMMM M8  ,7MBWWB7MiMMMM7  7WMMX20BBM ZM ..MMZ2ZaZM  :::::
    :,::::,::::::.    W.iMXBMMMi WMMW2X8      0M;MMMSZB0BBXSM i  WMMMM7  ::::::
    :,::::,::::::::: M MWM  SS:XMZ M8a;WMMM0S,iZMMM2SZ00B0i@M ii.      ,:::::::
    :,::::,::::::::: M  M8r8MMMZ   MM0ZM MMMMMMMMMaSa8B0B0,ZM iiiiiiii:i:::::::
    :,,:::,:::,::::: ;M WZ  MZ7XXaMMSBM  M7i20@WaXSaaZ00BZ;:M iiiiii:::::::::::
    ::,:::::::::::::,  M  B BXr;08M ri;  MaS7rrSaZZZ8BWWMWSr@ iiii:i::::::::::,
    ::,,:::,:::,:::::, MMM a0BMMM 0Z  B  MZX7rSaZZaaa800BX:@X iii::::::::::::::
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    :::,,::::::::::::::   M   82XB M  M.  MaXrX2aZaaZ0BB8S M ::::::::::::,:,::,
    ,:::,,::,:::::::::.   M   rWMM iM  M  MWaZ800008Z00WW;iM i::::::::::::,:::,
    ,::::,,::,::::::.  :8M@; MMM S. MM.ar  Ma;rXS222ZBWWZ M  ::::::::::::,::,,,
    ,,::::,,::,::::. rMXMa72r   @MM  M8.M   MSX2ZZZa8BW0,.M ,::::::::::,:::,,::
    ,,,::::,,:::::: iM;  MMMMMMS .M.  MBBM  :M7XZZaa0WWa M  :::::,::::,:::,,:::
    ,,,,::::,,,::,: MB.BMMi    :;0MWi  i MM.  MZZaaZBM@ MW ,:::::,:::,::,,,:::,
    ,,,,,:::::,,,:. M72M     0MW8SirW, MM  Ma  BM0Z8M@.WM  :::::::,,:::,,:::,,,
    ,,,,,,.,......  MMa:WB8a8888008Z2MMW0MMMMM.  @MMZ,MM  ,,,,,,,::::,,,:::,,,,
    ,,,,,:iiii;;;;:rMSM    ;7aaX7i,:.,M@.   ;2BM;  :2M2 .;iii::,:::,,,:::,,,,,,
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    ,,,,,,.........                                   ......,.,,,::::,,,,,,,,,,
    Maple Story
    FAQ: Beginner/Warrior FAQ
    Copyright (c) 2006 by ssbman1991
    Name: Bryan Nguyen
    Username: ssbman1991
    In-Game-Name: Aredin
    Email for contact: bryan_is_ze_bomb@hotmail.com
    Hello fellow readers of my warrior faq. This here is an faq about how to 
    training lean, mean, fighting machines (warriors). Anyway, I am new about
    making faqs, but I have been in Gamefaqs.com for a while. So I thought 'why
    don't I do something for a change?'. I will try my best to explain 
    I can. Whatever I can't do, I'll figure it out one way or another. Oh yes, I 
    realize that there is another guide about Warriors also for Maple Story. But
    remember, everything in the world is unique and different.
    I am not releated to Wizet or Nexon whatsoever. This FAQ is for your 
    use on Gamefaqs only. Do not copy and paste or use this guide on your 
    forum, etc. without my permission. Contact me if you wish to use this for
    other uses.
    Version 0.9
    This version is the almost complete version of my FAQ. I've added anything I
    need to add, like the basic stuff. I need to add the final categories such 
    Advice and Training for the 2nd Job advancement for the warriors. I will
    complete that sometime because I am also working on my lvl 30 Spearman, my
    mage, and my other warrior.
    Version 0.91
    Added "Improving Max HP increase" upgrade? So that 10,000 ppl don't email me
    anymore about the same thing.
    Version 0.92
    Added the ASCII warrior pic above, also added Pros and Cons for warriors.
    Placed Stat point adding for 1st and 2nd job advancement for warriors.
    Completed Lvl 0-30 Beginner/Warrior Items.
    Version 0.93
    IM BACK! Full information on 2nd job advancement. 3rd job advancement to 
    come later on. 
    Version 0.95
    Most info on 3rd Job advancement.
    . Where to download the game
    . About Perion
    . Pros and Cons for warriors
    . Beginning off as a beginner
    . Training the beginner
    . Advice
    . Becoming a Warrior
    . Stat Point Adding
    . Choosing Skills
    . Training
    . Advice
    . Upgrading your swordsman
    . Choosing Skills
    . Training
    . Advice
    . Stat Point Adding
    . Items, Armor, and Weapons
    . Conclusion
    Go to www.mapleglobal.com to download the full game.
    Before I begin teaching and tutoring about being a beginner. I would like to
    explain about Perion to you future Warriors. Perion at the very north of
    Victoria Island. It's a very large place, filled with alot of tree stump
    From here, you can find Dances with Balrog located at the very top of the main
    town. He will upgrade you when you are ready to become a warrior. I will
    explain more detail about becoming a warrior later on.
    +We have the most HP
    +We withstand the most damage (excluding magic)
    +We have a variety of weapons and armor. Spears, Pole arms, 
    +Some of our 3rd job skills just own. 
    -We get KSed often
    -We are short range
    -Low MP
    -Not highest damage out of all classes. 
    After you have logged in, pick a world (I recommend ones that are not
    full), and choose a channel. Since your just starting off, I would recommend 
    choosing a channel that's nearly empty, or not halfway full. Why? Because 
    you get more training that's why! =) Then,from there, you get to customize 
    your character, there aren't many options but image doesn't really do 
    anything to the game. Most of the time, you look exactly like another 
    person. After you're done doing the customizing, it's time to roll the dice. 
    As most veterans say, "keep on rolling that dice"because this determines 
    your outcome of your future character. Since this guide is for warriors, 
    I would recommend rolling the dice until you get at least 10 in STR, and 
    at least 5+ in DEX. You don't need to worry about the INT
    and LUK, because that doesn't effect warriors in anyway. When you are happy
    with your results, click on create and it's time to play the game. Yay!
    Once you're in Maple Island, you are free to roam anywhere you want. But 
    you have to learn the controls. (If you already know how to control your 
    skip this paragraph).
    Basic Controls
    Move left and right: Left and Right Arrow keys
    Crouch or Prone: Down Arrow Key
    Climb up Ladders, ropes, etc, and enter teleports: Up Arrow Key
    Jump: Alt
    Attack: Ctrl
    Sit or Rest: X
    To pick up or gain an item: Z or 0
    To use up a "use" item: Double click with your mouse
    Hot Keys
    Quest: Q
    Party: R
    Skill: K
    Shortcut: [
    Worldmap: W
    Item: I
    Minimap: M
    Quick Slot: ]
    Equipment Window: E
    Stats: S
    Chatting+: '
    Face Expressions
    F1: Frowning
    F2: Smiling
    F3: Whistling
    F4: Crying
    F5: Angry
    F6: Confused
    F7: What the...?
    Try to add STR at every lvl (till lvl 10) until the STR is at the 40 mark.
    After that, add everything into DEX. The SP distribution charts for
    lvl 10-70 will be shown later. Try not to lvl past 10, or else you will 
    lose valuable SKP (skill points). DO NOT add any points into:
    So now your in Victoria Island, now the next step for you is to reach 
    The the mountainous town in the north. You can reach there by talking to the
    ticket guy near the ship and buying a ticket to Perion, or you can walk to
    Perion. I would recommend buying a ticket because it's so cheap, and I'm 
    to walk so far. It's up to you, just make sure you don't lvl up. Once your 
    Perion, it's time to meet the Dances with Balrog. The DWB is at the very
    top of Perion, all you have to do is jump and climb the ropes and you should
    see a temple like area with a large stone door. Go inside and talk to the
    native man inside. He'll check for your stats to see if you are strong 
    to become a swordsman. If you followed my guide, you should have 40 STR and
    10+ DEX. If you do not have the necessary SP, then too bad for you. If you 
    then Sitting Bull will now upgrade you to a swordsman. He'll give you some
    more HP and also give you a Skill Book with one SKP. Here is the skill list
    so you know which skills to upgrade.
    When most newbies or beginners start off playing the game, they won't kno
    what stat points to add. Is it luk, str, int, or dex. Some will try to make
    their stats even so that they will have there warrior even. Well they're 
    follow this guide and you will have a decent warrior.
    For a range of 5 lvls:
    Every 3 lvls add all SP into STR
    Every 2 lvls add all SP into DEX
    I am assuming your warrior has 4/4 in luk and int.
    Lvl 10 40 STR
    Lvl 15 55 STR
    Lvl 20 70 STR
    Lvl 25 85 STR
    Lvl 30 100 STR
    When you are lvl 30-40. Some equipments require you to add more str. So
    instead of STR for every 3 lvls. Add STR for every 4-5 Lvls by all means
    necessary. My recommendation would be to add STR for 4 lvls, and DEX for
    1 lvl. The equipment that you wear like your lvl 35 glove are 125 STR.
    You should have 120 STR at lvl 35. With your equipment you should be able
    to wear the glove. Keep the STR for 4 lvls and DEX for 1 lvl this way
    forever.Or you could always add STR all the way till lvl 40. Then start adding 
    your DEX in. 3 STR, 2 DEX for each lvl. So you can fill in the DEX that you 
    missed from lvl 30-40.
    Improving HP Recovery, Master Lvl 16: You can recover more HP when you are
    standing or sitting on a bench.
    Improving Max HP Increase, Master Lvl 10: While having a lvl up, if SKP's 
    used on Max HP, it raises the lvl for Max HP.
    Endure, Master Lvl 8: When you are hanging on a rope or ladder, you gain HP.
    Iron Body, Master Lvl 20: This skill increases your defense for a period of
    Power Strike, Master Lvl 20: Use MP to deliver a killer blow to a monster
    with your weapon you are holding.
    Slash Blast, Master Lvl 20: Use HP and MP to attack every enemy around you
    with a weapon.
    Here is my recommendation for distributing your SKP.
    5 in Improving HP Recovery
    Max out Improving HP Increase
    Max out Power Strike
    Max out Slash Blast
    Add 3 into Endure
    Rest into Iron Body if possible
    When I first started out as a warrior (my good one), I had troubles figuring   
    which places to train at. But now I know which place is good, and which 
    is bad. Here is a list of where you should train:
    Lvl 10-20
    Slime tree all the way. Its good exp.
    Lvl 15-20
    If you get bored along the way, try pig beach if you can afford pots
    Lvl 20-25
    Pig beach, i hope most know how to get there by now. Green Mushroom,
    or blue horned mushroom. Don't go to Ant tunnel just yet, stay in the trees
    in Ellina for now.
    Lvl 25-30 (if you have good weapons)
    Wild boars, located 1 map east of perion. Its in the big double doors
    located below the map. Or Blue Horned Mushroom (ant tunnel).
    After you have reached lvl 30, you have a choice between a fighter, page, or
    spearman for your new upgraded occupation. Where to upgrade? First you have 
    go to the DWB and he will give you a letter for you to give to your
    instructor. Go 2 maps left of Perion and head over to the 3rd teleport (or 
    very top teleport). Keep on travelling through the maps until you see a 
    pentagon on your minimap. Head over to the green pentagon and you will see
    your new instructor. Talk to him to give him the letter, and when you are
    ready, click yes to go into the hidden area. Once you are in the hidden 
    you have to kill the lupins and fire boars to recieve black marbles. Now all
    you really have to do is have some luck so that when you kill the lupins and
    boars, you will get the marbles. This is somewhat uncommon, so you won't
    always get the marbles. Be sure to bring lots and lots of potions if you are
    thinking of becoming a spearman, since those people carry little defense.
    Still, even if you have high defense, bring white potions just incase. When
    you have finished your task, talk to your instructor, then go back and talk
    to the sitting bull. From there on he will ask you what you want to be, a
    fighter, page, or spearman. Choosing your new job depends on your fighting
    style. For example:
    Fighters: Good 1v1 damage. It can take a battle on one enemy easily. But
    the fighters (since they use swords and axes) don't have much crowd control
    or range. When you are lvl 70+, fighters will have good combo damage like
    you can attack the enemy multiple times. The weapons 1hd swords and 2hd swords
    for example won't do as much dmg compared to the polearms and spears. I don't
    find rage making alot of difference when you are low lvl, dmg difference isn't 
    noticible (maybe a hundred damage for lvl 40). But once you're higher lvl, then
    you'll start seeing it.
    Page: Pretty much the same as fighter, except they have magic attacks such
    as threaten. Pages use maces and swords. Once you are lvl 70+, you will
    get elemental attacks such as fire, ice, lightning charges. But Threaten is 
    rarely used, so pages are really a difference until lvl 70. I don't really 
    like power guard, even if you were to attack a strong monster, the damaged they
    recieve isn't compared to your attack.
    Spearman: Does very good damage with their weapons. They can't carry a
    shield though. So good damage, bad dmg range, good attk range. Hyper body
    is a very good party booster. Ive gotten crazy HP and i like it!!
    Fighters use swords (highly recommended) and axes (not recommended).
    Why:I just think that i see lots of fighters with swords, so its more
    common. And they look cooler too. Swords have stable damage, while axes do
    not. Its hard to find axe sellers and axe scroll sellers. Swords are more
    on demand.
    Pages use swords (highly recommended) and maces (not recommended).
    Why:You will have a tough time trying to find a seller that's selling
    maces when you are high lvl.
    Spearmans use spears (recommended) and pole arms (highly recommended).
    Why: Pole Arms and spears are both good. It's just easier to find a pole arm
    seller then a spear seller. Pole arms are more expensive though.
    Basically, the first 6 skills for each warrior is the same. Like sword 
    and mace mastery. They do the same effect, except for different weapons.
    Sword Mastery, Master Lvl 20: This skill increases your sword mastery and
    Axe Mastery, Master Lvl 20: This skill increases your axe mastery and 
    Final Attack: Sword, Master Lvl 30: With a certain success rate, another
    attack follows after an attack skill. This only works with a one handed or 
    handed sword in hand.
    Final Attack: Axe, Master Lvl 30: Same as above but this time it works for
    one handed or two handed axes in hand.
    Sword Booster, Master Lvl 20: You use HP and MP to boost the speed of the
    sword you are carrying.
    Axe Booster, Master Lvl 20: Same as above but applies to axes.
    Rage, Master Lvl 20: Temporarily boosts the weapon attack of everyone in 
    party around the area, but there is one downfall. It also decreases the 
    weapon defense.
    Power Guard, Master Lvl 30: Returns a portion of the damage recieved from 
    enemy. Can't return more than 10% of the enemy's Max HP at once.
    The first 6 skills above are exactly the same for pages except it applies 
    maces and swords. But I will explain their special skills.
    Threaten, Master Lvl 20: Use MP to temporarily decrease the attack and 
    of all the enemies around you.
    Power guard, Master Lvl 30: Same skill as Fighter's Power guard.
    Once again, the spearman has the first 6 skills exactly the same as the
    fighter and page. Except their skills apply to spears and pole arms.
    Iron Wall, Master Lvl 20: Temporarily increases the lvl of weapon and magic
    defense on every member of the party around your area.
    Hyper Body, Master Lvl 30: Temporarily increases the Max HP and Max MP of 
    members of the party around your area.
    Here is my recommendation chart for SKP
    Max "sword/axe/polearm/spear" mastery. ONLY CHOOSE ONE!
    Max Final Attack
    Max Rage
    Max booster
    Rest into power guard
    10 in Rage
    20 in Final Attack
    Max Rage
    Max Final Attack
    Max booster
    Rest into power guard
    Max Final Attack
    Max Booster 
    Max Power Guard
    Rest into Threaten
    Max final attack
    3 into Iron Will
    then Max Hyper body
    Max Booster
    Left over add into Iron will if you are usually fighting in partys.
    left over add into iron body if you are usually fighting alone.
    I will now tell you in my opinions where to train your fighter/page/spear-
    man. Once again, you may train wherever you wish.
    Lvl 30-40
    Wild Boars. 
    Lvl 30-35.
    Blue Horned Mushrooms and Zombie Mushrooms.
    Lvl 35-40.
    KITTIES. Or Jr.Grupins, Lioners, etc. Kitties is just the nick that
    they have.
    Lvl 40-50.
    KITTIES again. 
    Cursed Eyes or Evil Eyes are good.
    Lvl 50-60
    Jr Yetis.
    Dark Stone Golems
    Lvl 60-70.
    Jr.Balrog and Mushmom (for item).
    Yetis and Zombies. 
    Anything you want in Victoria Island.
    From lvl 30 and on. The SP distribution is a bit different. 
    Lvl 30-40, you should either add all STR or 4 STR and 1 DEX. This
    is so you can equip your items freely, or equip your items with your
    armor boosts.
    Lvl 40+ If you chose to go all STR from lvl 30 to 40. I recommend 
    you to start adding DEX for a few lvls from lvl 40-50. So go back
    to the process of either adding 3 STR and 2 DEX. Or add all DEX
    every few lvls or so. You should have 75-80 dex by lvl 50. If you 
    didn't do the all STR from lvl 30-40, then continue on with your
    same 4 STR and 1 DEX distribution.
    I hoped you liked my guide and faq! If you find any problems or things I
    should do next time so I don't do it again. Plz contact me. I won't 
    them. This is my first time doing an faq, so take it easy on me when you do
    send a complaint or suggestion. There might be some spelling errors, so if 
    find some, contact me and I will change them in my next version.
    Stupid Notepad! It should have a spelling check.
    Special Note: I came back into playing MS again. Since February 
    2006. I will continue updating my guide ASAP. Sorry for the frozen
    FAQ. I will make up for the lost time, sorry guys! But thanks all
    who have been asking me questions.
    Copyright (c) 2006 by ssbman1991

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