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    Quest Guide by GoodHeartGB

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 04/04/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    M    M:   MM     M      MM  0M     MMMM   M   M  i   MM    2MW    MW   WZ    MM
    M    M    M   M  MZ  M   M  MM  M   MMM   M   M  Ma  M   M  M  :0  M   M  W.  M
    M  i S S  M   M  MW  M   M  MM  M   MMM   M   M  Ma  M  SM  M  ZM  M   M  MM  M
    M  :S  W  MMMMZ  MM  M   M  MM      MMM   M   M  Ma  M      M   7MMM   M   WMMM
    M   W  M  MM     MM  M   M  MM  0MMXMMM   M   M  Ma  M   MMZMM     M   MM    2M
    M   M  M  M   M  MM  M   M  MM  M;  MMM   M   M  MZ  M   M  MMMM   M   MMMM   M
    M   M  M  M   M  MM  M   M  MM  M   MMM   M   M  M0  M   M  M  7M  M   M  MM  M
    M   M  M  M   a  M@  Z   M  WM  8   MMMi  i  ZM  ,   M   Z  M   S  M   M  ,.  M
    M   M  M  MW     M8  M  MM  iM2    MMMMM;   MMM      MM    BMM    aM;   M    MM
    ZZZZZZ     AAA      LL      II   NNN   NN  TTTTTTTT  OOOO
       ZZ     A   A     LL      II   NN N  NN  TTTTTTTT O    O
      ZZ     AAAAAAA    LL      II   NN  N NN     TT    O    O
     ZZ     AA     AA   LL      II   NN   NNN     TT    O    O
    ZZZZZZ AA       AA  LLLLLL  II   NN    NN     TT     OOOO   EDITION!!!!
    Squiz stinks!
    TBC: Table Of Contents
    1. Introduction to guide
    2. Introduction to me
    3. Current Updates
    4. Whats a quest
    5. The quests
      *Level 1-10
      *Level 11-20
      *Level 21-30
      *Level 31-40
      *Level 41-50
      *Level 51-60
    6. Party Quest
    7. Credits
    8. Contact 
    9. Disclaimer
    1. Introduction to guide
    Hello welcome to my second Maple Story guide. I've seen a few quests guides out
    there but none seem to be entirely accurate. So I'm going to take a crack at it
    and give it my all. This guide will cover the currently available quests in the
    Maple Story game. Inside you'll learn what you need for the quest. Who to talk
    to and where to get what you need.
    2. Introduction to me
    At the time of starting this guide I am currently a 6 month Maple Story player.
    After starting over a few times I've finally settled into my cleric. Right now
    im trying to take a break from mass leveling and do something worth while and 
    3. Current Updates
    March 31st: The guide is being written in its first draft.
    April 3rd: Added the level 55 quests with info from Sternmystic
    4. Whats a quest
    A simple question for simple people. Also comes with a simple answer. A quest 
    is a task given to you by an NPC of Maple Story. These quests will reward you
    with items, experience, and also the satisfaction that you helped a non living
    object with a non-existant problem. 
    5.The Quests
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[Level 1-10]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    -Borrowing The Mirror From Sera- 
    :Description: Heena the first NPC in the game wants to make sure she isn't sun 
                 burned. Well poor you just happens to be walking by at this point.
    :Location: Maple Island, early stages
    :Objective: Obtain the mirror from Sera a whole three inches away.
    :Items Needed: Sera's Mirror
    :Special Requirements: None
    :Rewards: 1 EXP
    :Worth Doing: Not unless you're a helpless nooby to Maple.
    -Roger and the apple-
    :Description: Roger is trying to get you used to using your inventory window.
                  This quest is fairly simple all you have to do is double click 
                  a few apples. Roger will lower your hp by half so the apples 
                  actually do something.
    :Location: Maple Island, early stages
    :Objective: Eat the apples Roger gives you
    :Items Needes: The apples given to you
    :Special Requirements: None
    :Rewards: 2 EXP
    :Worth Doing: Not unless you're a helpless nooby to Maple.
    -Nina and Sen's Dinner-
    :Description: Well Nina is a little on the lazy side and asks you to go find 
                  out what her little brother wants for dinner. 
    :Location: Maple Island, early stages
    :Objective: Talk to Sen then talk to Nina
    :Items needed: None
    :Special Requirments: None
    :Rewards: 3 EXP
    :Worth Doing: Not unless you're a helpless nooby
    -Leaving Mushroom Town-
    :Description: Leave the early stages of Maple Island
    :Location: Doesn't really have one now does it
    :Objective: Talk to Peter or go through the portal
    :Items Needed: None
    :Special Requirments: None
    :Rewards: 3 EXP
    :Worth Doing: You kinda have to do this one.
    -Maria's Letter-
    :Description: Maria wants you to take a letter to Lucas the chief of Amherst.
                  Take the letter and get a move on to amherst. Once there he will
                  give you a reply letter and ask you to bring it back to Maria.
    :Objective: Get the letter to Lucas and then get his respone back to Maria.
    :Location: Maple Island
    :Items Needed: Maria's letter, Lucas's letter.
    :Special Requirements: None
    :Rewards: Random Color Headband or Skull Cap, 10 EXP.
    :Worth Doing: This is a nice nooby quest to get a free piece of 
    -Bigg's Collection of Items-
    :Description: This quest is a little hard for most begginers. Orange Mushrooms
                  are the hardest monsters on Maple Island. The quest itself wont
                  take too long but you might die a few times. You can find some
                  Orange shrooms to the right of Amherst. Blue snails are all over
                  the place.
    :Objective: Obtain 10 Orange mushroom tops and 30 blue snail shells.
    :Location: South Perry
    :Items Needed: 10 Orange Mushroom Tops, 30 Blue snail shells.
    :Special Requirements: None
    :Rewards: Random chance of either Fruit Knife or Razor Edge Knife
    :Worth Doing: Definatly worth the time. It will get you used to fighting 
                  strategicaly and also get you a nice weapon to use.
    -Heading to Victoria Island-
    :Description: Shouldn't do this quest untill you're level 10. Its time to head
                  off from Maple Island to Victoria Island where your adventures 
                  will unfold.
    :Objective: Take the "Victoria" to Victoria Island by talking to Shanks.
    :Location: South Perry
    :Items Needed: 150 mesos
    :Special Requirements: None
    :Rewards: Transportation to Victoria Island and the pleasure to know you can 
              never go back to Maple Island.
    :Worth Doing: Well if you don't you're going to be stuck as a beginner for the
                  rest of your life.
    -Fixing Black Bull's House-
    :Description: You need to get some construction supplys. Black Bull's house 
                  needs to be rebuilt and your just the one to do it.
    :Objective: Obtain enough tree branches(stumps) and fire wood(Axe Stumps)
                to fix Black Bull's house.
    :Location: Perion
    :Items Needed: 30 tree branches, 50 fire woods.
    :Special Requirements: None
    :Rewards: Almost a 80% chance of getting Steel Shield and a very small chance
              at a Red Triangular Shield. 50 EXP.
    :Worth Doing: At level 10 you don't stand a chance against Axe stumps which is
                  what you need to fight for Fire Wood (back in my days we fought 
                  Dinosaurs for fire wood!) Regular stumps are no problem for you 
                  if you're anything but a mage. You should wait to do this quest.
                  (and we were in the cold snow)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[Level 11-20]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    -Maya And The Wierd Medicine-
    :Description: Maya has caught a strange sickness and can't be cured of it for
                  some odd reason. You find her in her house in Henesys and she 
                  asks you to go and find a cure. Being the great nice person that
                  you are you go on your way to find the cure. She leaves you with
                  a hint that you should talk to Teo in Lith Harbour. After talking
                  to Teo in Lith you find out that he has what can cure Maya but he
                  needs something first. This something can only be made by Sophia 
                  in Perion's potion shop who tells you to speak to Manji the man 
                  on top of a mountain in Perion. He asks you to get him a few
                  things. He needs 20 octopus legs, obtained from the octopuses
                  near Kerning city, 40 charms of the undead, these can be obtained
                  from undead mushrooms in the Ant tunnel, and 50 squishy liquids,
                  which are obtained from slimes almost everywhere. After getting 
                  all these things go back to Manji then go back to Sophia then go
                  back to Teo then finally go back to Maya.
    :Objective: Get Maya the "strange medicine" and make her feel better!
    :Location: Henesys
    :Items Needed: 20 Octopuses Legs, 40 Charms of the undead, 50 squishy liquids.
    :Special Requirements: Level 15, Beginners not aloud
    :Rewards: 5000 Mesos, Level 25 Brown Bamboo hat, 200 EXP
    :Worth Doing: The hat isn't really the greatest prize in the world but at your
                  level the exp would be nice. You can't really handle Undead Mushy
                  in the Ant tunnel so you're going to have to get some one to get
                  them for you or buy some, they should be cheap. 
    -Luke The Security Guy-
    Description: Luke is stuck with guard duty and is upset that he will miss his
                 annually scheduled health meal with his mother (awwww isn't that 
                 sweet, you all could learn a thing or two from him :P ). Since 
                 you're there he figures to ask you to go and get him what he needs
                 so he can then take time off to go visit mommy (such a good boy).
                 Well he needs you to get him 10 stirges wings, 100 Jr. Necki skins
                 and a salad. Stirges wings and the salad are found in the ant ---
                 tunnel but far in so you'd die 
    :Objective: Help make dinner for mommy!
    :Location: Henesys dungeon route
    :Items Needed: 10 Stirge's wings, 100 Jr. Necki Skins, and 1 very yummy Salad.
    :Special Requirements: Level 15, beginners not aloud
    :Rewards: 1 refined ore of any type except Black Crystal, 300 EXP
    :Worth Doing: Not till your able to one hit KO Jr. Neckis which wont be for a 
                  long long long long (I can do this all day) long long time.
    -Johns Pink Flower Basket-
    :Description: John is making a flower basket for his wife (yes you should feel
                  guilty!). But he can't get to the kind that he needs for the nice
                  basket he plans on making. So he asks you to head deep into the
                  center of the island to the town of Sleepywood. Here you can find
                  a statue well talk to it and you will be sucked into another area
                  Guess what...Its jumping quest time. This quest requires your 
                  skills as a Maple Story Player and also real life dexterity! The
                  quest doesn't take long but you may have to repeat it if you do 
                  not get enough flowers the first time. If you don't get enough
                  the first run you must go back to John before you can go in again
    :Objective: Help John be Romantic and get his flowers.
    :Location: Lith Harbour, SleepyWood
    :Items Needed: 10 pink violas
    :Special Requirements: Level 15
    :Rewards: 30 screws and some exp when you bring back the flowers.
    :Worth Doing: Its an easy quest with no monsters involved what do you think.
    -Nella and Kerning City Citizens Request-
    :Description: Nella the, the town information thingy, has several requests from
                  people lined up for you to do. The first time you talk to her she
                  will ask for 1000 mesos and in return she will look for requests
                  from the citizens for Kerning city. To get the requests you have
                  to keep talking to her. Sometimes you get them quickly sometimes
                  Request number 1: You need to get 50 Green Mushroom Tops and 
                                    50 bubblings huge bubbles.
                  Request number 2: Now you need 5 refined wood, 5 screws
                  Request number 3: 100 Octopuses legs, 1 pure water
    :Objective: Help out the peeps of Kerning
    :Location: Kerning city
    :Items Needed: 50 green mushroom tops, 50 bubblings huge bubbles, 5 refined 
                   wood, 5 screws, 100 Octopus legs, 1 pure water
    :Special Requirements: Level 15, Beginners not aloud
    :Rewards: Request number 1: 100 EXP, 50 lemons
              Request number 2: 200 EXP, 100 cakes
              Request number 3: 300 EXP, Level 20 Glove
    :Worth Doing: The level 20 glove is nice so if you feel up to it go ahead and
                  take a shot.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[Level 21-30]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    -Pia and the Blue Mushroom-
    :Description: Pia has been bullyed around by some blue mushrooms and wants you
                  to go exact a little discipline upon those naughty shrooms.
    :Objective: Obtain 60 Blue Mushroom tops and 60 Green Mushroom tops and teach
                those mushrooms what for!
    :Location: Henesys, Mushroom park
    :Items Needed: 60 Blue Mushroom tops and 60 Green Mushroom tops
    :Special Requirements: Level 20, Beginners not aloud
    :Rewards: A scroll for armour for defense either a 60% or a 10%
    :Worth Doing: Of course these guys aren't that hard and a scroll is a scroll.
    -Alex the Run Away Kid-
    :Description: It seems that Alex, a small boy from Henesys, has run away from
                  home because of family problems. Your mission is to settle these
    :Objective: Convince Alex's father, Chief Stan, to let him back home.
    :Location: Henesys, Kerning City
    :Items Needed: 100 pig ribbons, 50 Curse eye tails, Gold Watch
    :Special Requirements: Level 20 Beginners not aloud
    :Rewards: Either a pair of Red cross, sapphire, gold, or lightning earrings.
              550 EXP
    :Worth Doing: If you have the confidence to stand up to Evil eyes then this 
                  quest is something to do. 
    -Shumi's Lost Coin-
    :Description: Shumi, a poor girl in Kerning City, has lost a treasured coin of
                  a good friend
    :Objective: Navigate the subway and retrieve the lost coin
    :Location: Kerning City
    :Items Needed: Shumi's Lost Coin
    :Special Requirements: Level 20
    :Rewards: 200 EXP, 1 fame point, 30 scrolls to one of the 5 towns
    :Worth Doing: This is one of the easiest jump quests there is so why not?
    -Sabitrama And the Diet Medicine-
    :Description: Sabitrama, of SleepyWood, is making a diet medicine but needs 
                  some more ingredients. The ingredients lay within a garden owned
                  by Shane of Ellinia.
    :Objective: Return to Sabitrama with Flower he asks for.
    :Location: SleepyWood, Ellinia
    :Items Needed: Mesos depending on level, The Flower Sabitrama asks for.
    :Special Requirements: Level 25
    :Rewards: 1000 EXP, Scroll for Overall Armour
    :Worth Doing: Its another Jump quest so if your good at them then its surely a
                  good way to waist your time.
    -Arwen and the Glass Shoe-
    :Description: Arwen, a fairy of Ellinia, is in distress. A group of Fire Boars
                  stole her Glass shoes. Fairys love there shinys so she wants you
                  to go get them. This quest can be repeated as many times as you
    :Objective: Kill Fire Boars untill you get a Glass Shoe and bring it back to 
                Arwen. Also you can buy the shoe from fellow players.
    :Location: Ellinia, Perion areas
    :Items Needed: Glass Shoe
    :Special Requirements: Level 25
    :Rewards: 800 EXP, Fairys Wing or Piece of Ice
    :Worth Doing: This quest should only be done when you're in need of a Piece of
                  Ice or Fairy wing. It takes forever and a day for a glass shoe to
    -Jane And the Wild Boar-
    :Description: Jane wants to travel but her father won't let her. So she has you
                  go and gather up some materials to make it look like she's strong
                  enough to travel.
    :Objective: Kill some Boars and Horny Mushrooms and bring there remains back to
    :Location: Lith Harbor, Perion areas
    :Items Needed: 100 Wild Boars Teeth, 120 Horned Mushroom tops
    :Special Requirements: Level 25 Beginners not aloud
    :Rewards: 500 EXP, Scroll for Weapon attack 
    -Nella and Kerning Citizens Request #2-
    :Description: Once again you need to help out the poor people of Kerning City.
                  Request number 1: 50 Jr. Necki skins, 120 Horned Mushroom tops
                  Request number 2: 20 Leather, 50 Stiff Feathers
                  Request number 3: 200 Evil Eye tails
    :Objective: Retrieve all the requested items
    :Location: Kerning City
    :Items Needed: 50 Jr. Necki skins, 120 Horned Mushroom tops, 20 Leather, 50
                   Stiff Feathers, 200 Evil Eye tails.
    :Special Requirements: Level 25, Beginners not aloud
    :Rewards: Reward number 1: 400 EXP, 100 White Potions
              Reward number 2: 500 EXP, 1 Bronze Plate, 1 Steel Plate
              Reward number 3: 600 EXP, Level 30 Shoes for you class
    :Worth Doing: This quest isn't the hardest thing in the world so why not take
                  a crack at it.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[Level 31-40]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    -John's Present-
    :Description: John wants to get some more flowers for his wife (you all should
                  take notes). Go visit John then go back to that same statue in
    :Objective: Get 20 Blue Violas
    :Location: Lith Harbour, SleepyWood
    :Items Needed: 20 Blue Violas
    :Special Requirements: Level 30
    :Rewards: Level 35 Glove
    :Worth Doing: Of course free gloves!
    -Building BlackBull's New House-
    :Description: Black Bull has some relatives coming and needs you to get him 
                  some supplys.
    :Objective: Find the Deed that was stolen by Curse eyes and get the materials
                for the house.
    :Location: Perion
    :Items Needed: 1 Black Bull's Deed to the Land, 30 Screws, 50 Refined wood, 100
                   Rocks of Stone Golem.
    :Special Requirements: Level 30, 10 Fame, Beginners not aloud
    :Rewards: 1000 EXP, 15000 Mesos, 1 Fame, Scroll for weapon dedending on class
    :Worth Doing: If you have the time to look for all these things or the money
                  to buy it then sure its worth your time.
    -Shumi's Lost Bundle Of Money-
    :Description: Shumi has once again lost some money. So time to explore the 
                  subways a bit more.
    :Objective: Navigate the Subway to find Shumi's bundle of money.
    :Location: Perion
    :Items Needed: Shumi's lost bundle of money
    :Special Requirements: Level 30
    :Rewards: 500 EXP, 1 Fame point, 100 Mana Elixers
    :Worth Doing: Jumping quests are easy so go take a crack at it.
    -Mr. Wetbottom's Secret Book-
    :Description: Mr. Wetbottom's son has run away from there SleepyWood abode and
                  taken a book full of who knows what. For some odd reason he cares
                  more about the book then his son. This quest will send you on a 
                  trip of expensive purchases. After speaking to Mr. Wetbottom you 
                  need to find Ronnie in a tree a few screens north of Ellinia. 
                  After speaking to Ronnie he tells you to get him some food in 
                  exchange for the book. 50 Lupin Bananas, one Unagi Special, and 
                  1 fresh milk, All of those can be obtained from there respective
                  monsters except the milk and Unagi. The milk can be exchanged for
                  a Diamond from Rowen the Fairy. The Unagi can be made by giving 
                  50 Curse eye tails and 5 pig heads to Rina of Henesys. After you
                  get the book back take it to Wetbottom.
    :Objective: Get the treasured book and leave poor Ronnie alone in a tree...
    :Location: SleepyWood, Ellinia
    :Items Needed: 50 Lupins Bananas, 50 Curse Eye Tails, 1 Diamond, 5 pig heads
    :Special Requirements: Level 30, Beginners not aloud
    :Rewards: 500 EXP, 10,000 Mesos, Blue Sauna Robe(male), Pink Gown(female)
    -Rowen the Fairy And The Cursed Dolls-
    :Description: Did some one call a exterminator? Rowen the fairy was put in
                  charge of taking care of the Zombie Lupin infestation. But she
                  doesn't have enough *cough* lazy *cough* time to do it. So she
                  has you go and take care of them.
    :Objective: Kill thousands of Zombie Lupins and bring back enough Cursed Dolls.
    :Location: Ellinia
    :Items Needed: 2300 Curse dolls 
                   -First time: 100
                   -Second Time: 200
                   -Third Time: 400
                   -Fourth Time: 600
                   -Fifth Time: 1000
    :Special Requirements: Level 35, If Mr. Wetbottoms quest is still unfinished 
                           then Rowen won't talk about the Lupins with you.
    :Rewards: First Time: 300 EXP, 1 Fame, 7 Mineral or Jewel Ores
              Second Time: 600 EXP, 1 Fame, 10 Mineral or Jewel Ores
              Third Time: 900 EXP, 2 Fame, 5 Mineral or Jewel Ores
              Fourth Time: 1200 EXP, 2 Fame, Scroll for Glove 60%
              Fifth Time: 1800 EXP, 3 Fame, Level 40 hat
    :Worth Doing: This is my favorite quest so far. Its definatly worth the time.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[Level 41-50]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    -Jane The Alchemist-
    :Description: Janes dad didn't buy her story that she collected all those items
                  Well now she's taken up Alchemy and needs some ingredients for 
    :Objective: Retrieve what Jane Asks you for.
    :Location: Lith Harbour
    :Items Needed: -First time: 30 Medicines with wierd vibes, 20 Malady's 
                   experimental frogs, 1 pure water
                   -Second time: 100 Medicines with wierd vibes, 30 Malady's 
                    experimental frogs, 3 drakes blood, 1 spore of Mushmom.
                   -Third time: 1 Moon Rock, 20 Dragon Skins, 10 Saps of Ancient
    :Special Requirements: Level 40, Beginners not aloud
    :Rewards: -First time: 300 EXP, 10 Elixers (suceeds) or 10 red potions (fails)
              -Second time: 600 EXP, 15 Power Elixers (suceeds) 15 Mana Elixers
              -Third time: 1000 EXP, Scroll for Gloves attack 10%(suceed) 60%
    :Worth Doing: If you have high level friends to help you then do it.
    -Manji's Ragged Gladius-
    :Description: Manji, who never speaks to anyone, asks you to re-awaken the 
                  sword of the man who saved his life. He tells you to visit 
                  Chrishrama in SleepyWood. After doing so you learn that you need
                  a bundle of expensive and hard to find items.
    :Objective: Revive the Heroes Gladius
    :Location: Perion, SleepyWood
    :Items Needed: Old Gladius, 1 Flaming Feather, 1 Rock of star, 1 Ancient Scroll
                   and 1 piece of ice.
    :Special Requirements: Level 45, Beginners not aloud
    :Rewards: Heroes Gladius (Keep), Skull Earrings (Return the Gladius)
    :Worth Doing: If your rich or really strong.
    -Luke The Security Mans Wish To Travel-
    :Description: Currently Unavailable
    :Objective: Currently Unavailable
    :Location: Henesys dungeon route
    :Items Needed: 1 Flaming Feather, 1 Black Crystal, 1 Moon Rock, 3 Taurospear
                   horns, 10 Orihalcon plates, 40 Screws, 50 Dragon Skins.
    :Special Requirements: Level 50, Warriors only
    :Rewards: Old Bronze Norman Helm
    :Worth Doing: Well yeah you kinda need that helmet
    -Sabitrama's Anit-Aging Medicine- 
    :Description: He needs a ginseng to complete his anti-aging medicine
    :Objective: Talk to sabitrama who will then direct you to shane in ellinia, you 
                will have to pay 10,000 to get in. If you are anything like rahz 
                you will scream and yell for several hours to eventually Obtain 
                either a single, double, or triple-rooted ginseng. Return with the
                ginseng he asks you for or you wont get your rock.
    :Location: SleepyWood
    :Items Needed:  single, double, or triple-rooted ginseng (you get in the jump 
    :Special Requirements: Level 50 
    :Rewards: Rock of a Star or rock of moon
    :Worth Doing: Depends on how good you are at the quest.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[Level 51-69]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    -Pia's Present For a Friend-
    :Description: Currently Unavailable
    :Objective: To give a bunch of items to Pia, so she can make a present to 
    her friend
    :Location: Henseys Park
    :Items Needed: 15 Silver Plate, 50 Dragon Skins, 40 Screws, 1 Black Crystal, 
    1 Ancient Scroll, 30 Horns of Tauromacis.
    :Special Requirements: Level 55, Thief only
    :Rewards: Lv 60 Thief Cloth 
    -Ronnie & the Fairies Building a New House-
    :Description: Currently Unavailable
    :Objective: Gather materials so Ronnie can build a house for his fairy 
    friends' offsprings.
    :Location: Ellinia
    :Items Needed: First time: 50 Orange Mushroom Caps, 50 Leaves, 50 Squishy 
    Liquids, and 50 Red Snail Shells.
    Second Time: 50 Octopus's Legs, 50 Curse Eye's Tails, 50 Wild Boar's Teeth, 
    and 50 Charms of Undeads.
    Third Time: 50 Drake's Skulls, 50 Stone Golem Rubbles, 50 Croko Skins, and 
    50 Lupin's Bananas.
    Fourth Time: 50 Medicines with Weird Vibes, 50 Dark Stone Golem Rubbles, 50 
    Wild Cargo's Eyes, 50 Horns of Tauromacis, and 1 Diamond (stupid fairies and 
    their obsession with shiny stuffs...)
    :Special Requirements: Level 55, Magicians Only
    :Rewards: Lv 60 Magician Shoes 
    -Collecting For Maya-
    :Description: Currently Unavilable
    :Objective: Gather various monster leftovers for Maya's collection
    :Location: Henseys
    :Items Needed: First time: 50 Snail Shells, 50 Blue Snail Shells, 50 
    Mushroom Spores, and 50 Tree Branches
    Second Time: 50 Fire Boar's Teeth, 50 Bubbling's Huge Bubbles, 50 Pig's 
    Ribbons, and 50 Tablecloths.
    Third Time: 10 Lupin Dolls, 50 Cold Eye's Tails, 50 Umti's Shells, and 50 
    Iron Hog's Steel Hooves.
    Fourth Time: 50 Clang's Claws, 50 Dark Stone Golem Rubbles, 50 Wild Cargo's 
    Eyes, 50 Horns of Tauromacis, and 1 Diamond
    :Special Requirements: Level 55, Bowmen Only
    :Rewards: Lv 60 Bowman Shoes 
    6. Party Quest
    What is the party quest?
    Party Quest, or PQ, is the level 21-30 quest in Kerning City. This quest can
    be done as many times as you want untill you hit level 31. 
    Where is it and how do I get in?
    You need to assemble a party of 4 people at least level 21 and no more than 30.
    Once thats done head over to Kerning City and find Lakelis and plenty of other
    people waiting to get into PQ.
    How do I get in?
    To get in you must be the first party to click Lakelis once the party in PQ 
    leaves. If your first you'll be teleported to a hidden street.
    Any tips for getting in?
    There are a couple things you can do. One is get a track. A track is a /find 
    *insert name of user here*. All you have to do is write down the names of the
    users you see around. This track will let you know how far the people who get 
    in when you dont are in the PQ. Another way which I'm pretty sure is against
    Maple's terms of Agreement is the program Auto-Click. This program clicks 
    hundreds of times within a minute. Set this up to where it clicks and you don't
    have to move to click Lakelis and the "end chat" button.
    First Stage
    The First stage of PQ is simple yet difficult. What you need to do is have 
    everyone but the party leader talk to the Cloie on the far right side of the 
    map. Once they do they need to collect enough "Coupons" from the litigators 
    in the trees. The "enough" marker is the answer to the question she asks. This
    question changes and is completely random. All questions relate to stats needed
    for the 1st Job advance. Once all the coupons have been collected go to Cloie 
    and talk to her to exchange them for Passes. Give these passes to the party 
    leader and then have them talk to Cloie and the portal to stage two will open.
    Second Stage
    This stage is fairly simple but will confuse most noobys. There are four ropes
    and only 3 party members are needed on them. The party leader must stay off to
    the side and click Cloie once everyone is in position. 
    ----      -----
     1          2
    ----      ----- 
     3          4       *party leader
    Have each member move to a rope lets say ropes 1,2, and 3 are occupied. The 
    party leader then clicks Cloie to check if this is the correct "answer." If it
    is not then have the party member who has an open space to his clock wise side
    move towards it and all other members stay where they are. After everyone is in
    position again have the party leader click Cloie and then if its right the next
    portal will open if its wrong then repeat this clock wise movement untill it is
    Third Stage
    This stage is filled with cute loveable kitty cats. Each cat is a value of 1. 
    The more cats on the platform the higher its value. Have 3 people stand on the
    platforms 1, 2, and 3. Now click Cloto and see if this is correct if it isn't 
    and most likely isn't move the person on the highest number to the next highest
    the other 2 people stay put. Now click Cloto again and if it doesn't work move
    to the next highest. Now your on 1,2,5 and if that one doesn't work you wonder
    whats next? Well first a diagram.
      5  4
    1      3
       2        *party leader
    Now if you look at this right you can see that if the person on the highest 
    digit moves counter clock wise till he gets to the highest possible number than
    the person on the 2nd highest digit (the person on the two at this point) will
    move counter clock wise once and the person on the highest digit will move back
    to the next highest digit in comparison to the person on the second highest.
    e.g if there is a person on 1,2,5 and it doesn't work then the person on the 5
    will move back to 4 and the person on the 2 will move to 3.
    Fourth Stage
    This stage is full of...barrels...with numbers. This is a similar problem to
    the previous stage. What you need to do here is have everyone except the party
    leader get on the top most 3 barrels. 
            2 3
           4 5 6   *party leader 
    Now click Cloie and hope its right. Chances are its not now move the person who
    is on 3 to 4. If that doesn't work move from 4 to 5 then 5 to 6. Now you're 
    wondering whats next? Well now move the person on the 2 to the 3 and the person
    on 6 to 4. What your doing here is covering every possible combination there is
    Follow this same pattern untill you get the correct combination.
    Fifth stage
    This stage is a bit harder. You have to fight the Curse eyes and Jr. Neckis for
    passes. Recently there was a patch released that stopped the very annoying 
    problem of passes dropping off the side of the map into oblivion if a monster 
    was killed by the side. Now defeat every monster and move on down to the final
    part of stage five. The Slime King awaits. At low levels you are going to have
    a hard time beating this guy. Once he dies he will drop the last pass. Also 
    some slimes will spawn theres a rumour that if you don't kill them you'll get a
    better chance of getting better items at the finish. Now after collecting the 
    10 passes you need go up to the top and talk to the other wizard looking person
    and give her the passes (make sure the party leader has them) and then the next
    and last portal will open. Every person now has to click the same wizard person
    and you will all be warped to the bonus stage and be give your prizes. 
    The bonus stage
    All you can do here is fight weaker versions of Horny and Green mushrooms. They
    give less exp than normal. 
    What prizes can I get?
    While I don't have an exact list prizes range from bamboo hats to black crystal
    7. Credits
    Special thanks go to the following people
    RahzZalinto: my extremely demanding older brother
    Vistari: For looking at my guides organization
    Others: for whatever it is you did
    Sternmystic: Information on the level 55 quests.
    8. Contact
    AIM: JaronZalinto
    MSN: chris@gurczynski.com
    Email: chris@kh2.co.uk
    Maple Story: JaronZalinto
    9. Disclaimer
    This guide is the property of me and me alone. I reserve the rights to ask for
    removal of an unauthorised use of this guide. This guide may not be hosted with
    out permission from my self. My contact information is clearly displayed in the
    Contact section. 
    (c) 2005 christopher gurczynski
    Happy questing!

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