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    Thief/Assassin/Hermit FAQ by Wafles

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                   Maple Story; (C) Wizet Corporation, Ltd. All rights reserved.
    A Comprehensive Guide Dedicated to the correct instruction of Future Assassins, 
    Assassins, and Hermits. Written by Hermit extraordinaire - Wafles.
    ~(C)2005 PhantasyHero/Wafles/Spirit of Shaman
    Written in August of the year Two Thousand and Five. 
    Current Version: 2.3 {April 11, 2006}
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    <<)  Table of Contents   (>>
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    (At the end of each line in the Table of Contents is a key code, highlight 
    the keycode, copy it, use Ctrl+F, paste the keycode in, and hit find to be 
    moved directly to that section of the FAQ.)
    1. Introduction                          [itodci]
    2. Legal Stuff                           [lgluk]
    3. Skill Builds                          [silbid]
         3.1. Thief Builds (1st Job)         [thfbld1]
         3.2. Assassin Builds (2nd Job)      [thfbld2]
         3.3. Hermit Builds (3rd Job)        [thfbld3]
         3.4. Skill Definitions (All jobs)   [thfskldef]
    4. Stat Builds                           [stbld]
         4.1. Universal Stat Build           [ustbld]
    5. Training                              [trnng]
         5.1. Training as a Thief            [trnthf]
         5.2. Training as an Assassin        [trnsin]
         5.3. Training as a Hermit.          [trnhrm]
         5.4. Training in Ludibrium          [trludi]
         5.5. Training Techniques            [trtech]
    6. Other Information                     [ohrinfo] 
         6.1. Equipment                      [eqpmnt]
         6.2. What to Scroll                 [watscrl]
         6.3. Throwing Stars                 [thrstr]
    7. Closing                               [clsng]
         7.1. Thanks To...                   [thnst]
         7.2. Closing Statements             [clsngst]
         7.3. Contacts                       [contcts]
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    <<)   1. Introduction    (>>
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    Ahhh... an introduction to the extraordinary class of Thieves, Assassins, and 
    Hermits. Well, what can I say, this is my favorite class in the game. Why? I 
    mean, cmon, you get to be a ninja who jumps around tossing hoards of awesome-
    looking throwing stars everwhere. What's there not to like? At level 80, you 
    even get to become a Pirate! 
    We're that cool... Though I suppose Bandits get the same clothes, but where's 
    their throwing stars? At another point, they have the most annoying sounding 
    attack in game... Savage Blow. *Shudder*. Well, this is just my opinion, suit 
    yourself if you happen to like hearing annoying sounds that happen 6 times in 
    rapid succession, over, and over, and over again; that's your business. <_<;
    So, back to Assassins. We're a fun class, really, and if you've got the proper 
    funding, we can be strong as hell too, potentially the strongest second class 
    in game if you play your cards right. On top of that, we're insanely fast, you 
    have no clue how fun jumping around with maxed Haste is. Well, at least it's 
    fun if you compare it to not having Haste.
    The FAQ now, as I believe that deserves an introduction. I'll be covering not
    only Assassins, but I'll be covering what you'll need to do to become an 
    Assassin, cover the Assassin class itself, and further the motion by covering 
    Hermit's too. 3 birds with one stone, huh?
    So! Let's be on with ourselves, and get this FAQ moving.
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    <<)    2. Legal Stuff    (>>
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     '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' 
    Okay, yeah, the boring stuff, most of you will probably just skip over this, 
    but that's not my fault if you do, because it is infact important stuff, and I 
    will get angry if you don't listen to it. So rawr. >_>
    By reading, viewing, printing, copying, touching, or tasting this FAQ, you 
    voluntarily submit yourself to agree to the following terms. 
    1. You are not to distribute my work publicly without e-mailing me or 
    contacting me in some way. I don't really care if you print off a copy for your 
    friend, but I don't want mass numbers being distributed at some gathering 
    without my consent.
    2. You are not to sell my FAQ or use my FAQ for personal profit in real life, 
    or inside of any version of Maple Story. I submit my FAQ as a free work to be 
    enjoyed by all for free, and I'd like to keep it that way.
    Recently I've run into some legal trouble about a site hosting my FAQ against
    the terms below. And I will warn that this website was almost shut down due to
    this. It is almost always against a webhosts Terms of Use to host copyrighted 
    material. If you still choose to do so, I will not refrain from taking legal
    action as soon as I become aware of the situation and give reasonable warnings.
    Furthermore, I authorize my FAQ to be hosted ONLY at the following sites:
    GameFAQs [http://www.gamefaqs.com/]
    NeoSeeker [http://www.neoseeker.com/]
    GamerHelp [http://www.gamerhelp.com/]
    DLH [http://www.dlh.net]
    If you wish to host this FAQ on your website, please contact me with my list 
    of contacts in the last section.
    Also, if you note that my work HAS been distributed publicly, or sold in game, 
    or out of game for money or mesos, e-mail me IMMEDIATELY. My e-mail address may 
    be found in the contact section below.
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    <<)   3. Skill Builds    (>>
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    Hmm, Skill builds, probably the thing that will affect your character the most. 
    So let's go over all of them, shall we?
    To start of, we'll begin with the skill build which we'll deal with building up 
    to Assassin from the 1st job class of Rogue. However, I'm going to include 2, 
    count them, 2 skill builds. The first will be the basic build, for if you're 
    starting a thief without funding (which really, I wouldn't recommend, but it's 
    your decison); The second will be if you've got funding, and don't mind 
    spending a bit of money leveling yourself to 30. Both of them should end up 
    with the same skills in the end, though, so it's all good. This also affects 
    which monsters you'll be training at, so keep that in mind (I'll include where 
    to train for both builds in a later section).
    3.1. Rogue Builds--->
    Thief builds are pretty straight forward, not too difficult to understand, and
    mainly, now that the MP Required to use some skills doesn't double at level 11,
    it becomes much easier to simply set one build, and have people follow it. This
    wont go level to level, and I'm sure you're capable of figuring out what to do.
    [Step] ------ [Skill (Ammount)]
    [1] ------ [Nimble Body (3)]
    [2] ------ [Max Keen Eyes (8)] - Should max at level 14
    [3] ------ [Max Lucky 7 (20)] - Should max at level 20
    [?] ------ [Max Nimble Body (20)] - Should max at level 26
    [?] ------ [Disorder (3)] - Pre-requisite for Dark Sight
    [?] ------ [Dark Sight (10)] - Should hit at level 30.
    The steps marked by question marks mean that the order is up to you, so pick 
    what you want. The order I have in place is the recomended order though.
    Pretty much, this just sets everything together for you. Maxing Keen Eyes and
    Lucky 7 as soon as possible will affect you the most, so yeah, that's a good 
    thing to follow, else you'll be pretty lame.
    3.2. Assassin Build--->
    Mmmm, now, the simple Assassin build. There's really nothing to it, and there's 
    really only one way to go until you reach level 57 or so, unless you're the 
    weird type, but hey, if that's who you are, you shouldn't be following an FAQ. 
    So onward with my build, which I've used twice now.
    [30] ----- [1 Mastery] (Point gained from advancement, again.)
    [31] ----- [2 Mastery; 1 Critical Throw]
    [32] ----- [3 Critical Throw]
    [33] ----- [3 Critical Throw]
    [34] ----- [3 Critical Throw]
    [35] ----- [3 Critical Throw]
    [36] ----- [3 Critical Throw]
    [37] ----- [3 Critical Throw]
    [38] ----- [3 Critical Throw]
    [39] ----- [3 Critical Throw]
    [40] ----- [3 Critical Throw]
    [41] ----- [2 Critical Throw; 1 Mastery] {Criticle Throw is now Maxed}
    [42] ----- [1 Mastery; 2 Booster]
    [43] ----- [3 Booster]
    [44] ----- [3 Haste]
    [45] ----- [3 Haste]
    [46] ----- [3 Haste]
    [47] ----- [3 Haste]
    [48] ----- [3 Haste]
    [49] ----- [3 Haste]
    [50] ----- [2 Haste; 1 Endure] {Haste is now Maxed}
    [51] ----- [2 Endure; 1 Drain]
    [52] ----- [3 Drain]
    [53] ----- [3 Mastery]
    [54] ----- [3 Mastery]
    [55] ----- [3 Mastery]
    [56] ----- [3 Mastery]
    [57] ----- [3 Mastery] {Mastery is now Maxed}
    From here on, the build is kinda funky, so you can do what you want with your 
    remaining points. I suggest tossing them into drain or booster. It all depends 
    on what you want first, but if you want some guidance, I'll post what I'm 
    [58] ----- [3 Booster]
    [59] ----- [3 Drain]
    [60] ----- [3 Drain]
    [61] ----- [3 Drain]
    [62] ----- [2 Drain; 1 Booster]
    [63] ----- [3 Booster]
    [64] ----- [3 Booster]
    [65] ----- [3 Booster]
    [66] ----- [2 Booster; Save Third Point] {Booster is now Maxed}
    [67] ----- [Save Points; 4 Points Now Saved]
    [68] ----- [Save Points; 7 Points Now Saved]
    [69] ----- [Save Points; 10 Points Now Saved]
    [70] ----- [13 Drain]
    I guess if you don't feel like saving points at the end, that's fine, but I do 
    it so that when the points are applied, they make sense as to not waste MP. 
    Just a cautious thing really... It shouldn't matter much though, since Drain is 
    already saving you millions of mesos on HP potions, since you'll be using it 
    against practically everything, or at least you should.
    3.3. Hermit Build--->
    I've changed this build, since now we have 3rd jobs, and I can give my opinion
    on the best things to do.
    Personally, I don't want to write out another chart, because by this time, I'm
    sure you'll just be able to read through this, and not get too bothered by it.
    Especially if you still need the guidance.
    Firstly, what to do with our advancement point? Some people say put it in 
    Avenger, or some people say put it in Shadow Partner. Personally, I put it in
    Shadow Partner. Why? Level 1 Avenger is useless, though this is too, in a way.
    Either way, you wont use it, so just go with it.
    The first skill I recommend getting a piece of is Flash Jump. This is a great
    skill, the best skill to use with only one point in it, and with that one point
    it'll still be worth it. I love Flash Jump. It's a wonderful Skill. It's not
    only useful, but it's fun. I recommend it.
    If you don't want to waste your time and 6 Skill Points getting a flashy fun
    skill, go with Shadow Partner, and just max it as soon as possible (which turns
    out to be level 80).
    After this, I recommend Avenger (and 1 Flash Jump if you haven't already done
    so). Avenger kicks some serious butt. Honestly, I've done astounding damage
    with it, at only level 11. (8000+, without Shadow Partner, on only 4 targets).
    It's an excellent skill. For the love of god, get it, you wont regret it. 
    Unless of course you like being a weak sissy girl. In that case, stop reading
    my guide.
    Now from here on out, it's pretty much your call. I'd say it'd be smart to go 
    and max Flash Jump. At level 20 this skill is pretty sweet. Then it's all up
    to you. I do have to say one thing: Don't waste your points on Shadow Meso!
    It's useless, don't waste your time on it unless it's only one point, which 
    you might as well do, since you'll run out of stuff to put points into. Then
    go back and max Drain (or booster, whatever you didn't do before).
    3.4. Skill Descriptions--->
    Yep, I'm going to be just all nice, and define all the skills for those of you 
    who don't know what they are yet. I'll be using my own definitions, with once 
    again, Rob209/Makaveli's help. Thanks again to him.
    1st Job Skills --- Rogue
    Nimble Body
    Raises Accuracy and Avoidability by 1 with every point placed 
    into the skill.
    [Max Level : 20]
    Type: Passive
    Level 1: +1 Accuracy, +1 Avoidability
    Level 11: +11 Accuracy, +11 Avoidability
    Level 20: +20 Accuracy, +20 Avoidabiliyt
    Keen Eyes
    Improves the range in which you can throw stars.
    [Max Level : 8]
    Type: Passive
    Level 1: Range of attack for throwing weapon: +25
    Level 8: Range of attack for throwing weapon: +200
    Lucky 7
    You'll use this skill all the time. Instead of throwing one star for 
    basic damage, you throw two stars which both do extra damage. For example, when 
    Lucky 7 is maxed, you'll be using 16 MP to throw 2 stars, each star doing 150% 
    damage based off of your base damage range.
    [Max Level : 20]
    Type: Active
    Level 1: MP -8; Damage 58% x 2 Hits
    Level 11: MP -11; Damage 104% x 2 Hits
    Level 20: MP -16; Damage 150% x 2 Hits
    As an Assassin, you'll never use it, but it lowers the weapon 
    defense of an enemy by a certain ammount.
    [Max Level : 20]
    Type: Active
    Level 1: MP -5; Enemy's weapon attack -1, weapon def. -1 for 7 seconds
    Level 11: MP -7; Enemy's weapon attack -11, weapon def. -11 for 33 seconds
    Level 20: MP -10; Enemy's weapon attack -20, weapon def. -20 for 60 seconds
    Dark Sight
    Makes your character immune to physical damage; however, you can 
    not use potions, loot items, and as another plus, you move insanely slow. 
    However, I guess it's a safe way to go exploring, just don't anger something 
    that has Magical attacks. You'll still get hurt by magical attacks with dark 
    sight, and on top of that, you're in a situation if you don't have fast enough 
    reflexes to cancel out Dark Sight and start mashing the HP potion button. But 
    yeah, you'll use this once in a while, definitely saves on the HP potions when 
    going to Jr. Balrog (of whom you shouldn't fight until level 60, anyway...).
    [Max Level : 20]
    Type: Active
    Level 1: MP -24; Disappear for 10 seconds, speed -57
    Level 11: MP -14; Disappear for 110 seconds, speed -27
    Level 20: MP -5; Disappear for 200 seconds, speed -0
    2nd Job Skills --- Assassin 
    This skill isn't as important for Assassins as it is for other 
    classes, since especially, Lucky 7 comes built with Mastery in hit. However, 
    recently in Japanese Maple Story they patched and weakened the Assassin class, 
    on top of things, made Lucky 7 affected by Mastery. I'll make an edit to the 
    skill build if they ever make it so that Global Maple Story has to deal with 
    this, but for now, it's all good. You definately should max this skill, a while 
    back people were saying that you shouldn't, but there are more reasons that you 
    should. Mastery will make drain a lot better, and it'll allow you to carry more 
    stars. A lot more stars, especially if you're the right kind of Assassin who 
    carries about 15 sets of stars with you. In that case, that's 3000 extra stars 
    for your disposal, and it's definately worth it.
    [Max Level : 20]
    Prerequisite: None
    Type: Passive
    Level 1: Claw mastery 15%, accuracy +1, maximum number +10
    Level 11: Claw mastery 40%, accuracy +11, maximum number +110
    Level 1: Claw mastery 60%, accuracy +20, maximum number +200
    Critical Throw
    When maxed, this skill has a 50% chance to deal 200% damage to 
    a monster for every star thrown.
    [Max Level : 30]
    Prerequisite: Claw Mastery (Level 3)
    Type: Passive
    Level 1: 21% success rate, critical damage 113%
    Level 11: 31% success rate, critical damage 143%
    Level 21: 41% success rate, critical damage 173%
    Level 30: 50% success rate, critical damage 200% 
    Claw Booster
    Increases the speed at which you attack with claw weapons. Once 
    you get it, you'll see how fast Assassins really are.
    [Max Level : 20]
    Prerequisite: Claw Mastery (Level 5)
    Type: Support (Solo)
    Level 1: HP -29, MP -29; Improves claw speed for 10 seconds
    Level 11: HP -19, MP -19; Improves claw speed for 110 seconds
    Level 20: HP -10, MP -10; Improves claw speed for 200 seconds
    When maxed, haste gives you +20% Jump and +40% Speed, making you even 
    faster. It's great. =)
    [Max Level : 20]
    Prerequisite: None
    Type: Support (Party)
    Level 1: MP -15; Speed +2, jump +1 for 10 seconds
    Level 11: MP -30; Speed +22, jump +11 for 110 seconds
    Level 20: MP -30; Speed +40, jump +20 for 200 seconds
    Allows you to heal while on a Rope/Ladder/Vine/Anything else you can 
    climb. It also increases your basic HP regening amount, and furthermore, for 
    every point in this skill you'll gain 1 extra MP on top of the basic 3 you 
    already recover every 5 seconds or so. It's not really worth it though, but 
    meh, if you want to come back and use the extra points you have from 3rd job 
    advance on this, be my guest.
    [Max Level : 20]
    Prerequisite: None
    Type: Passive
    Level 1: Additional recovery of HP +3, MP +1 every 29 seconds
    Level 11: Additional recovery of HP +33, MP +11 every 19 seconds
    Level 20: Additional recovery of HP +60, MP +20 every 10 seconds
    When using this skill, you exchange a bit of MP for a star throw in 
    which you'll do a bit of extra damage, and you recover a certain percentage of 
    this damage as HP. When maxed, each star will do 160% damage, and you'll 
    recover 60% of that damage as HP.
    [Max Level : 30]
    Prerequisite: Endure (Level 3)
    Type: Active
    Level 1: MP -12; Damage 102%, absorbing 16% of the damage
    Level 11: MP -12; Damage 122%, absorbing 26% of the damage
    Level 21: MP -24; Damage 142%, absorbing 36% of the damage
    Level 30: MP -24; Damage 160%, absorbing 45% of the damage
    3rd Job Skills --- Hermit
    Copycat   (Shadow Partner)
    Use a summoning stone and a bit of MP to create a shadow that 
    fights along your side, and mimics all your attacks. It doesn't do as much 
    damage as you, but the extra damage is noticeable, and very useful.
    [Max Level : 30]
    Prerequisite: None
    Type: Support (Solo)
    Level 1: MP -200; Normal attack 20%, summoned with basic attack 21% for 60 
    Level 11: MP -150; Normal attack 52%, summoned with basic attack 25% for 120 
    Level 21: MP -100; Normal attack 71%, summoned with basic attack 35% for 180 
    Level 30: MP -55; Normal attack 80%, summoned with basic attack 50% for 180 
    Avenger is awesome. Max it. Please. Basically, you throw a huge shuriken type
    thing, which flys straight (and you throw 2 with Shadow Partner), and does 
    damage to up to 6 enemies at once (only 4 at level 1). When maxed, this skill 
    will easilly surpass your lucky 7 damage on mobs of 3 or more enemies. I 
    garauntee it.
    [Max Level : 30]
    Prerequisite: None
    Type: Active
    Level 1: MP -16; Basic attack 65%, uses 3 throwing stars to attack up to 4 
    Level 11: MP -23; Basic attack 114%, uses 3 throwing stars to attack up to 5 
    Level 21: MP -30; Basic attack 153%, uses 3 throwing stars to attack up to 6 
    Level 30: MP -30; Basic attack 180%, uses 3 throwing stars to attack up to 6 
    Flash Jump 
    This skill is awesome. It'll make everyone jealous of your speed, and you will
    fly across the screen blazingly fast. It's definately worth investing in 
    [Max Level : 20]
    Prerequisite: Avenger (Level 5)
    Type: Support (Solo - Active, Teleport Like)
    Level 1: MP -60; Jumps a certain distance
    Level 11: MP -31; Jumps a certain distance
    Level 20: MP -13; Jumps a certain distance
    (The skill definitions are horribly vague, but distance does increase fairly
    Meso Up
    This is a party skill which increases the amount of mesos you loot 
    while fighting enemies. Like, say a monster drops 100 mesos, when Meso Up is 
    maxed, you'll loot 150 mesos instead of 100. Pretty nifty, huh?
    [Max Level : 20]
    Prerequisite: None
    Type: Support (Party)
    Level 1: MP -45; Drop rate +3% for 25 seconds
    Level 11: MP -55; Drop rate +32% for 75 seconds
    Level 20: MP -60; Drop rate +50% for 120 seconds
    Shadow Meso
    When you run out of stars, you'll throw money instead of nothing. 
    It's nice to put one point in, but it'll waste your mesos if you use it often.
    [Max Level : 30]
    Prerequisite: Meso Up (Level 5)
    Type: Active
    Level 1: Uses min. 50 mesos, max. 220 mesos; Basic attack +50% with 1% 
             success rate
    Level 11: Uses min. 150 mesos, max. 420 mesos; Basic attack +50% with 4% 
             success rate
    Level 21: Uses min. 250 mesos, max. 620 mesos; Basic attack +50% with 7% 
             success rate
    Level 30: Uses min. 340 mesos, max. 800 mesos; Basic attack +50% with 10% 
             success rate
    When this skill is maxed, the effect of potions, stat modifiers, 
    etc..., will be increased by 50%, adding up to 150%.
    [Max Level : 20]
    Prerequisite: None
    Type: Passive
    Level 1: Recovery rate 103%, duration of effect 103%
    Level 11: Recovery rate 132%, duration of effect 132%
    Level 20: Recovery rate 150%, duration of effect 150%
    Shadow Web
    Shadow web for the most part isn't that useful of a skill, but it could come
    useful for mobs of high leveled monsters, such as the ones found in ludibrium.
    Mostly though, this skill was glitched in JMS, and allowed users to do 3.33%
    damage (of the monsters max hp) to the body gaurd bosses. The bosses had
    millions of HP, and gave millions of EXP, so it was basically a glitch to level
    up insanely fast, but anyway, onward.
    [Max Level : 20]
    Prerequisite: None
    Type: Support (Also inflicts 3.33% damage)
    Level 1: MP -10; Holds the enemies with 42% success rate for 5 seconds
    Level 11: MP -18; Holds the enemies with 62% success rate for 7 seconds
    Level 20: MP -22; Holds the enemies with 80% success rate for 8 seconds
    Okay, so that's it for skills, hopefully that was useful in some way. That's 
    why I bothered doing it after all. =P
    (                          )
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    <<)    4. Stat Builds    (>>
     /   ^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^    \
    So here we are, the incredibly simple Stat Build section. You'll find it pretty 
    straight forward, since you're doing the same thing all the time. Of course, 
    when you do the first stat roll when you make your character, you're gonna want 
    to take the time to get a good roll. I suggest that if you can, go for 4 STR, 
    and 4 INT. This way, you'll have 2 extra LUK, which means an increase in the 
    basic damage you'll do. However, if you don't want to do that, you can go ahead 
    and get a 5 in one or both of the stats. Do not, I repeat, do NOT have more 
    than 11 combined points in STR and INT. After you get 10, you'll really be 
    missing out on some damage.
    Anywho, we're gonna go straight for the build.
    4.1. Universal Stat Build--->
    Basically, all you're gonna do is make sure you have barely enough DEX to equip 
    your stuff. So instead of making you browse shops in game for what stats are 
    required, I'm going to just list how much DEX you need for each set of 
    The main goal, though, is to have as little base dex as possible. The more you
    can put into dex via equips and wear that under cash shop clothing, the better.
    Damage will be raised hundreds by doing this.
    [Level 10] --- 0 Required DEX for equipment. However, you're gonna need 25 DEX 
    to complete the Job Advancement.
    [Level 15] --- 30 Required DEX for equipment.
    [Level 20] --- 40 Required DEX for equipment.
    [Level 25] --- 50 Required DEX for equipment.
    [Level 30] --- 60 Required DEX for equipment.
    [Level 35] --- 70 Required DEX for equipment.
    [Level 40] --- 80 Required DEX for equipment.
    [Level 50] --- 90 Required DEX for equipment. (This level irritates me, they 
    just had to leave out level 45 gear, didn't they? ;_; Anyway, moving on...)
    [Level 60] --- 100 Required DEX for equipment.
    [Level 70] --- 110 Required DEX for equipment.
    [Level 80] --- 120 Required DEX for equipment.
    [Level 90] --- 130 Required DEX for equipment.
    Currently, the level 100 gear isn't in game anywhere, but it should require 140 
    DEX if you're worried about it. Either way, the suit is ugly. Maple Story 
    basically turns you into a cat. You even get a tail. But I guess it's an 
    overall, which means you can use Overall DEX scrolls to make yourself not have 
    to put any points into DEX for a while. 
    So yeah, any point that isn't in DEX should be in LUK. Don't go all funky and 
    put some into HP so that you can withstand a Jr. Balrog hit, it's just not 
    worth it.
    (                          )
     \   ^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^    /
    <<)     5. Training      (>>
     /   ^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^    \
     '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' 
    Yep, a very simple training guide, I'll post two different ways to level up to 
    25, one for each seperate Rogue Build.
    I got an e-mail saying that I should include information on ludibrium monsters,
    so I'll include a list of the monsters that you can train on in Ludi in section
    5.1. Training as a Thief--->
    Non-Funded Training 
    [For this guide, you should not use Lucky 7 dominantly until level 25 if you 
    want to make money.]
    Levels 1 Through 10 --- Train on Maple Island
    Levels 10 Through 20 --- Train on Slimes in the map 2 screens North-West of 
    Ellinia, "The Tree that Grew".
    Levels 20 Through 25 --- Train at Pig Beach, Hidden street in the Three way 
    Road Split.
    Levels 25 Through 30 --- Train at Ant Tunnel 1 on the Horned Mushrooms near the 
    entrance. Ant Tunnel 1 is one screen East of Sleepywood.
    Funded Training
    [For this guide, you should be using Lucky 7 all the time starting at level 15]
    Levels 1 Through 10 --- Train on Maple Island
    Levels 10 Through 15 --- Train on Slimes in the map 2 screens North-West of 
    Ellinia, "The Tree that Grew".
    Levels 15 Through 20 --- Train at Pig Beach, spamming lucky 7 at everything in 
    Levels 20 Through 25 --- Train at Bubblings at the end of the B1 Jump Quest.
    Levels 25 Through 30 --- Train at Ant Tunnel 1.
    Update: Thanks to new additions you can train faster.
    1-10: Quest on Maple Island
    10-20: Pig Hunting Ground
    20-45: Sand Rats outisde of Magatia
    5.2. Training as an Assassin--->
    Levels 30 Through 35 --- Train at Wild Boars
    Levels 35 Through 42 --- Train at Dark Leatties, 3rd Floor of Orbis Tower
    Levels 42 Through 48 --- Train either at Pixies in Cloud Park 4, or Copper 
    Drakes at Dangerous Valley.
    Levels 48 Through 50 --- Train at Dark Leatties again (If you always 1-hit 
    them, since before you were two hitting) or train at Dungeon Drakes in the 
    Drake Hunting Ground.
    Levels 50 Through 55 --- Train at Jr. Yetis, Zombies, or Stone Golems
    Levels 55 Through 60 --- Train at Zombies or Dark Stone Golem
    Levels 60 Through 70 --- You've got some options now. Drain will be insanely 
    effective, so you can train on a variety of things, including Zombies, Dark 
    Yetis, Yetis, Pepe, and Wild Cargos. 
    30-45: Sand Rats outside of Magatia (trust me, just stay there)
    45-55: Voodoos/Hoodoos at NLC Mansion
    55-70: Wind Raiders
    5.3. Training as a Hermit--->
    Aha! I've made it this far, currently when editing this FAQ, I'm in my
    upper 80s, and I know pretty much everything about training, I think. Let's
    go over the basics for you.
    You have a lot of options, I'll include how fast they are for me right now,
    relatively, and you can go on from there to make your own decisions.
    Zombies are good until the 80s, almost to the 90s. Not much beyond that, 
    but still, you'll see these things overcrowded all the time. Sometimes it's 
    just not worth wasting the time to find a map.
    Yeti and Pepe, these buggers are great for money (Steelys, Geta, Thorns, 
    Doombringer, Gold Hinkle, etc.) train here if you can find a spot, and
    if you want money.
    Dark Yeti, about the same speed as Yeti and Pepe, but much easier to find
    a map to train in. Eventually, as you get higher leveled, these will
    become slower than Yeti and Pepe.
    Cerebes, the slowest thing you should train on, giving a measly 5% an hour
    to me right now. >_< They drop Dark Ritual (level 75 staff) and Dark 
    Scarab (best level 70 claw) though, so they're an option if you're feeling
    Death Teddies and Master Death teddies are also good EXP. I recommend a Priest
    and that you be in your 80s before trying them. If you get a priest with max
    Holy Symbol (extra EXP), you'll find that Master Death teddies are more than
    10% an hour, almost 15%, which is ungodly speed.
    Vikings are good...for Ilbi hunting. Exp-wise, they're decent, better than
    Cerebes, at least.. I'd wait till at least level 90 before seriously fighting.
    Other than this, a bunch of weaker Ludibrium monsters that you kill in one
    or two hits will be good, since generally speaking, Ludibrium EXP Is great.
    Even through the level 110s and higher, Ludibrium will be pretty fast for
    training. You'll know where to train by the time you're up there.
    70-whenever you can hit Newties: Wind Raiders
    whenever you can hit newties-95ish: Snipe Newties
    95-120: Himes/Dreamy Ghosts 
    5.4. Ludibrium --->
    Ludibrium is an interesting place, to say in the least, and it's also a very 
    fun place where we are introduced to a whole bunch of new monsters, and all 
    sorts of exciting quests. I don't cover quests in this FAQ (obviously), but I
    will cover which monsters you can train at while you're in ludibrium.
    First of all, however, I'd like to say that Ludibrium is wonderfully good for
    characters level 40 and higher, but below level 40 it's a waste of time (unless
    you're going for the Ludi PQ, but that's still level 35).
    So here, I'll just say what monsters are there, and what you can train on, 
    without wasting your time.
    Ludibrium PQ - This is decent training if you're in any server except Scania,
    mainly because in Scania it'll take you too long to get in. This is also a very
    fun way to train. I'm not going to go through the whole process, though.
    Ratz - These are found towards the top, and very bottom of the Eos Tower, and
    are decent EXP around level 40. Same goes for Dark Ratz.
    Trixters - Possibly the only exception, these might be worth your time to train
    at around level 30, up to level 35 even, but there are two problems. The spawn
    is horrible, and the exp is also horrible. The only reason why you might want 
    to consider it is because of the shield that they drop (Seclusion Wrist Guard),
    which sells for a lot of mesos.
    Pink Teddies - Exact same HP/EXP as Kitties, and Dark Leatties, but these have
    a slower spawn, from what I've seen.
    Panda Teddies - These seem like okay EXP for the early 40s, but other than that
    they're probably no good.
    Chronos - Similar to the Panda Teddies, these wont be much good beyond the 
    early 40s, but they drop the Level 22 Mage-Exclusive shield, which could sell
    for a lot.
    Platoon Chronos - These are good if you two hit them, and they drop the level 
    33 Mage-Exclusive Shield, which will also sell for a whole bunch. They also 
    drop 60% Glove Attack Scrolls, so these could be big money makers. Two hitting
    these would be tricky without good stats or equips, but eventually you'd do it
    into the mid to late 40s, though.
    Master Chronos - Also good if you two hit them, and these one's drop tobis, at
    a fairly good rate too, I found a set there just after messing around for a few
    minutes. Mid to late 40's, would be good.
    Tick-Tocks - Good if you two hit them, even better if you one hit the little
    ones. Mid 40's would be about the right level for these.
    Block Golems - Never heard of an Assassin training here, but if it works for 
    you, go for it. The only problem would be getting there, as they're quite away
    down the Eos Tower. Also a mid 40's kind of monster.
    Robo's - Probably decent, though I've never tried them. They don't seem to have
    very many good drops, though. Nothing spectacular at least. Try it in the mid
    40's, would be my guess.
    Rombot - Training at the Rombot map might be decent training and good for money
    making. Soloing Rombot would take a lot of time though unless you're in your
    Buffy - The spawn in this map isn't spectacular, but these things are okay
    for money in the 70's to 80's.
    Soul Teddies - Decent EXP and Money in the 70's and 80's.
    Klocks - Klocks are horrible EXP, but maybe you could pull some good drops out
    of them. Steelys seem to be their best, but they've got others. Don't try it
    till the late 70's, though.
    Buffoons - Decent EXP in the 80's, mediocre drops.
    Ghost Pirates - Not very good EXP, and they hurt. Don't train on these unless
    you've got a Priest/Cleric with you (includes Dual Ghost Pirates).
    Death Teddies - Good EXP, but it could be painful. This is one of the few
    places in Ludi where it's actually worth training for a long period of time.
    Similar EXP to Zombies, without the hastle of finding a map. Don't try it till
    the 80s though.
    Master Death Teddies - This is the best EXP for the 80s, especially if you have
    a Cleric or a Priest with you. If the Priest has maxd Holy Symbol, it's roughly
    15% an hour training. Which is insanely fast.
    Spirit Vikings - These are good EXP from the 80's to the 90's, and are insanely
    fun. Fight them, seriously.
    Grim Phantom Watches - I'm not sure when exactly you should start training 
    here, but definately don't start until you're at least level 90. I do know that
    they're great EXP, though. They also drop Kage, the level 85 Staff, so that'll
    be good for money.
    That's about all of the Ludibrium Monsters that I thought were worth mentioning
    If you find any others, or know of any others, email me with the information at
    the contacts section.
    5.5. Training Techniques--->
    I got an email the other day saying I should include some training techniques
    for people to use, and understand why they're done. Such techniques include 
    things like Jumpshooting. I have to say this suggestion definately tipped me 
    off to the fact that I definately need to include this in my guide as an entire
    section all by itself. So we'll get straight to it.
    Technique 1: The Jumpshot
    This is the greatest thing for the Claw Thief/Assassin/Hermit. It's wonderful,
    you're the only class who gets to shoot projectiles in mid air, and it's 
    definately an advantage. But why? Why would anyone want to use the Jumpshot?
    The Jumpshot allows you to continue movement, it allows you to keep up speed, 
    and move around the map faster. When you have haste especially, you'll find
    that you can jump and shoot in mid air, and be able to still move right away
    when you land (unlike when you're haste-less, you'll notice a slight delay).
    All Assassins will eventually learn the usability of this unique ability, so
    you might as well start as soon as you can, and get used to it. Stopping to 
    shoot just seems so rediculous.
    Technique 2: The Backshot
    Here's something that I often use, and for good reason. For example, say that
    you have 7 enemies to your left, and they're running at you. It would be stupid
    to just run straight at them, and end up crashing into them constantly as you
    try to fight. So when they're running at you, you can jump, backshot, and keep
    going as they're chasing you down. It's definately advantagious, but how 
    exactly does one do this? Very simply.
    1. Be walking away from the monster
    2. Jump
    3. Right after you jump, turn around, and fire a few stars out as quickly as 
    3. Land, and continue walking in the original direction
    It's fairly straight-forward, and this will get stuff down.
    Technique 3: Evasion with Flash Jump
    I'm mainly putting this in here for people who don't fully understand the uses
    of Flash Jump. Flash jump is wonderful for moving, and running around way 
    faster than everyone else, but it has a use in battle too! Say you're in the 
    middle of a fight with Balrog, and he seems to be getting angry. Suddenly he
    takes back to release his claw on you, which would surely kill you in one hit,
    but there's something that you can do. You can evade it with Flash Jump before
    he buries you in your grave. There isn't much direction to doing this, just
    jump quickly and dash away before the damage is done. I've found myself using
    this with Lycanthropes, Bains, Master Death Teddies, Death Teddies, Vikings, 
    and pretty much anything else that people would consider as fairly deadly.
    Those are a few of the most basic techniques I could think of putting in here
    but if you have any other suggestions as to a technique that you think I should
    add, please e-mail me with the contact information at the bottom of the page.
    (                          )
     \   ^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^    /
    <<)   6. Other Stuff     (>>
     /   ^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^    \
     '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''
    This section of the FAQ will mainly be dedicated on what equipment you'll want 
    to wear, and when. In some areas, it does get a bit fuzzy, and I've seen many 
    people ask questions like this, so here goes.
    I'm also gonna make sure you look good without risking many stats. =P 
    I guess it's all a matter of opinion though, anyway.
    6.1. Equipment--->
    (Disregard gloves throughout this section, I wont be going over that for some 
    time yet. I'm also not covering earings for a while either.) 
    *** For a complete list of information ***
    *** regarding equipment, stats of said ***
    *** equipment, and anything else, check***
    *** http://www.hidden-street.net       ***
    Right away at level 10 you're gonna want to buy the entire level 10 set, it 
    doesn't matter which color, mainly because they all do the same thing and don't 
    give any stat boosts. Plus at this low of a level, they'd hardly make a 
    difference anyway. Personally I like the red set of gear, but you know, it 
    doesn't really matter. You're gonna want to grab a garnier right away, and 
    subis will do fine if you haven't funded your character. Even if you have 
    funding, subis wont make much of a difference at this level.
    At level 15 upgrade to the dark set of gear. It's not the most attractive set, 
    but why not change up clothing. Either way, you still get a really cool hat, in 
    my opinion at least. The shoes don't need to be changed either, but meh, if you 
    want the extra def, go with your way. The level 15 claw is an okay grab. The 
    mithril titans not only improve your attacking speed (Which is the most 
    important), but they also improve your weapon defense, and obviously your 
    attack power.
    Level 20. Ahh, the famous Pao gear. It's really great-looking stuff, get it. 
    Preferably the dark set, since you'll get some nifty luck and MP bonuses. The 
    green hat for the set also gives 5 MP, so you can add that in there too. The 
    other gear is nice too, but you'll be neading that black top for the luck 
    bonus. Pick any shoe you want, too. It's all good. Buy or craft an Adamantium 
    Igor, as well. It matches the gear nicely, and you could stand a new weapon.
    Hmm, level 25, a debated set of gear for this level. Most people think that 
    your level 25 Top is really ugly since it's pretty much two straps of leather, 
    but I don't think so. Maybe I'm just weird, I don't know. If you really want to 
    skip it though, that's fine, but I think the level 30 gear is worse, so I 
    usually skip that. You can at least get the pants for the set, though. I really 
    like them, and the Dark Brown Sneak Pants give a nice luck bonus, and they wont 
    look too bad in conjunction with a Pao top. The set I went for at this level 
    was the entire Dark Brown set, aside from the hat, which we'll get to shortly. 
    Firstly though, we've got to worry about our claw. The Meba. Honestly, you 
    can't skip this claw. Infact, you should scroll this claw with seven 100% 
    scrolls, which can be bought at the Kerning Pharmacy. You can often buy 
    prescrolled ones and save a bunch of money, though. Why are you scrolling it? 
    This is your fastest claw. It's attack isn't the normal "Fast", it's "Faster". 
    Yeah, it's a huge difference and it'll blow your mind later if you goof around 
    with one and have a few points into booster. Now, for the hat. Buy a brown 
    bamboo hat. It compliments the Sneak set really well, and it gives an amazing 
    +3 LUK. You'll use this hat till level 40 along with the claw. =P Finally, at 
    level 26, buy a pair of whitebottom shoes. They're really cool shoes, yep. I 
    prefer Pink with my sneak set, for some reason, but a lot of people would 
    debate that. Just pick a shoe, it's not worth crafting one since you get your 
    level 30 shoe for free.
    Speaking of the level 30 shoe, let's go over how you'll acquire it. I'm not 
    going to go into an asinine amount of detail about it, but in order to get the 
    level 30, shoe find Nella in Kerning City. Do all of her quests, there are 2 
    sets of quests. One designed for level 15 people; the last one in this quest 
    will give you a glove. The second set of quests will yield your level 30 shoe, 
    silver chain boots. There are 3 quests for level 15, and 3 quests for level 25. 
    Yeah, it's a pain doing them alll, but the result isn't only the shoes and 
    gloves. You'll also get a lot of potions, which you can use, and they'll save 
    you a bunch of money.
    So now, the level 30 set. I really hate the main gear for this level. It's just 
    not well made. At least with the Sneak set we had an idea going, with this 
    set... you're just an ugly mass of skintight armor. Please skip this set, for 
    the sake of humanity. If you don't... prepare to be ugly for 5 levels, I guess 
    if you're basically about stats, you'll like it though. It's definately an 
    improvement in defense, that's it though. Another option, instead of the Sneak 
    set, or the hideous Stealer (level 30) set, is the Sauna Robe. Sometimes you'll 
    see people who are level 50+ using these Robes, that's because there are 
    Scrolls which add DEX to Overall Armor, and these people will scroll as much 
    dex as they can into their robe, and then not add any points into DEX for a 
    while. This way, they still meet the requirements for weapons, but have lots of 
    extra points into LUK. That's the off-dex build, but I don't suggest doing it 
    at all, especially if you're not funded. If you do it, you're pretty much stuck 
    with that Sauna Robe for a long time, and honestly, it's also pretty ugly. You 
    can wear it though, but you don't have to use DEX on it. It is a bit of a 
    refreshing outfit for a while, however, it's refreshing feeling dies out after 
    20 levels of it, so just don't scroll it once you get it from the VIP Sauna 
    quest, assuming you do it. I'm not going to go into that, though.
    Level 35 a good level, really. Your new gear will give a bunch of cool stats, 
    and it's cheap. Even if it has Perfect LUK, it's cheap. So why not buy a 
    perfect luck set? Get the Green Knucklevest Top, and the Blue Knucklevest 
    Pants. Those are the most common ones. If you like Dark Burglars, you should be 
    able to get a perfect LUK Dark Burglar for not too many mesos, however, a 
    perfect LUK Dark Burglar still only gives 2 LUK, which is 1 less than the Brown 
    Bamboo hat I told you to buy. Also, if you want Black Knucklevest Pants, that's 
    fine too, since those also give LUK. Same with Red Knucklevest Top as well. So 
    you've got some mixing up you can do. If you want to, craft the level 35 shoes. 
    They look nice, and give semi-decent stats. The red shoes give the most LUK, so 
    those will do you the most good. You can also get a free glove for this level 
    by completing John's Level 30 Jump Quest. John is in Lith harbor, if you didn't 
    know. He's a fisherman with a bucket of fish, can't miss him.
    Yay, level 40. Now you start getting really sexy. If you have the money, buy a 
    Dark Shadow set. The pants might be a pain to find, but you should be able to 
    find someone selling them in a little while. Just look for sellers for a while, 
    and don't start looking when you're level 39, it might take you a few days. If 
    you're more interested in your stats then you are in your looks, then skip this 
    set. It's expensive, actually very expensive to buy a Dark Shadow set with 
    perfect LUK. Marine Shadow gives LUK also, but it should be expensive as well, 
    although much less pricey then the Dark Shadow set. On top of this, it's 
    finally time for a new claw. Either craft an Adamantium Avarice and scroll it 
    with 100% scrolls, or buy a pre-scrolled one. It's also finally time to slip 
    out of that Brown Bamboo Hat, and buy a pilfer. I strongly suggest buying a  3 
    LUK Pilfer, which means Red and Dark are your only options. If you go with Red, 
    I hope you're planning on using Red China at level 50, because it wont match 
    anything else. Dark will match everything, so it's a good option, since then 
    you're allowed to switch gear without destroying your appearance. Hmm, moving 
    forward, craft some Split Shoes. These are definately worth it, and they're not 
    bad to use until level 60. Red split shoes will give you the best stats, 
    Level 50 you finally get to wear a cape. I suggest one that matches your level 
    50 gear. China gear is great, and inexpensive, so buy it. The only expensive 
    set of china is Brown China. Brown China is probably my favorite of all the 
    colors offered, because it just works so well with Snowshoes, and a Dark Slain, 
    but it's all about your ideas. All of the colors of China will give the same 
    LUK, so it doesn't really matter which color you pick. This is where you'll get 
    your Slain, too. Dark Slains can not be crafted, but they are dropped from 
    enemies so they have potential for higher base attack. We'll get into how to 
    start scrolling your claw at this level, eventually. The level 50 shoes are 
    probably a waste of money, at least that's how I feel. They require 2 moon 
    rocks, which is a pain, really. Especially if you haven't done the Arwen's 
    Glass Shoe quest. Also, stick with your Pilfer. The level 50 hat is ugly. Very 
    ugly. However, once again, if stats are your thing, then go ahead and buy a 4 
    LUK Brown Sonata.
    Yay, another debated set of gear for you to decide on, Scorpio. A lot of people 
    dislike the top to this set, mainly because it is, in a sense, a belly shirt. 
    You'll see all sorts of level 60 outfits. You'll see people at level 60 wearing 
    a Dark Shadow Top (The level 40 top, if you forgot) with Dark Scorpio Pants, 
    since they seem to match well. You'll also see people skipping the set 
    entirely, and sticking with their China for a while. Make a pair of Dark Moss 
    boots; they're really cheap to make, only one Moon Rock, and a Refined Black 
    Crystal will be the things that put a hole in your wallet, but still, that's 
    only about 300,000 mesos, nothing huge, especially at level 60. You'll also 
    want to make a pricey purchase, the Identity. This level 60 hat isn't very 
    cheap (at least it isn't when I'm writing this FAQ) but it looks great, 
    especially with a scorpio set of corresponding colors. (Light Scorpio Set 
    corresponds to Silver Identity, Oaker Scorpio Set corresponds to Bronze 
    Identity, and Dark Scorpio Set corresponds to Dark Identity.) It doesn't look 
    so good with China, though. Personally my favorite is the Light Scorpio set, 
    but that's definitely for people who aren't about stats. The Light Scorpio set 
    after all does give a lot of DEX that you don't need. If you're about stats, 
    you'll want to go with the Dark Scorpio set with a Dark Identity. It'll be 
    pricey, but it'll give great stats, and look pretty decent. The level 60 claw 
    is the Gigantic. Bronze Gigantics, first of all, are a pain. They are only 
    dropped by one monster, Tauro Spears, and those things hurt. On top of that, 
    it's the only level 60 claw that drops, so they're a tad pricey. You can skip 
    it if you want, since by the time you're 70, you'll be able to hunt for a Fury 
    (once Wizet finally patches so that they can drop).
    Ahh, now onto the level 70 gear. the level 70 set is the stud set. Personally,
    I think that Dark Stud looks good, but I prefer people to skip the Rook, it's 
    really, really horrid. Even worse than the Sonata, and the unmentioned level 
    25 hat. The level 70's claw name is Scarab, though the old name was Fury. I 
    happen to like Fury a bit more. Fury's are dropped all over the place, Green 
    Fury is dropped by Transformed Dark Yetis, and just plain Dark Yetis, while 
    the Dark Fury is dropped by Cerebres.
    Level 80 gear owns. Seriously, but I mean it should. Level 80 is a pretty
    difficult feat to get to. Pirate set, it's just amazing. The claw doesn't 
    match the set at all, but we'll leave that out. I just like this gear, and
    that's about all I'm going to say about it. =)
    Finally, we'll cover capes and earings. All together. =) For earings, I say 
    just pick whatever looks best with your outfit, the magic defense will not help 
    you much anyway. For capes, you can scroll one with either LUK, or DEX, 
    whatever you prefer. The level 55, 60, and 65 capes all are pretty nice, and 
    Napoleans are still great, too. Just scroll whatever you think looks nice.
    Now yes, that was long, and only covered Males, but my friend decided to help 
    me out with a bit of female information regardging equipment. Enjoy.
    Female equipment FAQs
    	Only for the use of Wafles =P
    Since Wafles only addressed males in his equipment section, this is to help 
    with all of the female rogues who, despite rational logic, can not use male 
    equipments.  But don't worry girls; we have equipment that makes the guys go 
    gaga (and/or beg you for money, but that's their problem isn't it?)
    Level 10:  What can I say here?  Nothing, really.  Just stick to color schemes.
    No mixing red with blue, and vice versa.  No earrings for you, and if you HAVE 
    to have a glove, go ahead and get a work glove.  Lots of people like scrolling 
    these with attacks, but unless you're a VERY funded person...ah, just stick 
    with no gloves, it's a pain making these at level 10 anyway.  At level 11, buy 
    a pair of Korean shoes, the ones that add speed.  These'll last you a bit, 
    simply because the speed is awesome
    Level 15:  I personally hated these equips.  They're all...weird.  If you're 
    still training at slimes, don't worry about changing out unless you're a stat 
    hoar.  Just get the hat, because that's the closest you'll ever get to a 
    bandana at this point.  Dont' bother with earrings, they don't add anything and
    you can hardly see them.  Gloves, don't bother, you'll be getting level 20 
    gloves from Nella's quest, along with valuable pots.  Stick with the Korean 
    shoes and get a Mithril Titan.  You should have enough money to get one of 
    these by now.  It's hard to craft one, so for 26,000 meso, you can go to orbis 
    and pick up a steel titan.  Then, a mithril plate isn't that hard to come by, 
    so forge the mithril titans.  The gold is far too expensive, and doesn't even 
    look good.
    Level 20:  The Qi Pao sets, these are truely good looking, the best you can get
    at this level.  The Pink Qi Pao shirt gives luck, as do the Purple Qi Pao 
    shorts.  At level 22, you can return the shorts for the Purple Qi Pao skirt, it
    gives more luck, and looks far better than the shorts.  You'll be using the 
    gloves from Nella's quest by now, and you'll still be using Korean shoes.  They
    get old fast, but you're more than welcome to change at any time.  The speed 
    just helps train and get to places.  Ignore the Igor set of claws, they don't 
    give much Watk, and they don't boost your speed any either.  Hold off on these 
    for another level or two.
    Level 25:  Ok girls, this is it.  Our equipment from here till 40 is MUCH 
    better than the guy's equipment.  First off, get the Dark Sneakless set (?) 
    from the shops, this helps a lot with Wdef and luck.  Second, GET A BAMBOO 
    HAT!!!  This hat goes well, IMO, with the dark sneakless, and that +3 luck is 
    no laughing matter.  Next, you're sticking with the Wolfskin (?) glove that you
    got from Nella, there's no point in making gloves for a loong time, they're all
    provided to you by quests.  And as you may have longed for, you can now get a 
    set of earrings, as they now give Mdef.  All that's left are the shoes.  I'll 
    bet you're sick and tired of those old Korean shoes, so you can get rid of them
    At level 26, Red Whitebottom boots give more speed, Wdef, and look cooler with 
    the rest of your equipment from here on out.  Your claw, byfar the fastest claw
    in the game, is Meba.  It's easier to buy one prescrolled with 100%'s and spend
    less than the actual amount of scrolls to scroll it.  However, if you're poor 
    and can't afford 450k at the dime of a hat, it's perfectly normal to forge one
    and scroll it yourself.  It's kind of like a loan, either you pay it all up
    front, or you pay more with intrest over a period of time.  I was...am...
    forever will be a poor 'sin, so I spend 490k on scrolls and 50k on the claw 
    itself, but you can resell it, only spending 100k on the claw.  But it lasts 
    for 15 levels, and more than pays for itself.
    By now, you should have a few decent stars, besides Subi.  If not, focus all of
    your meso on buying several kumbi, around 3-4 should suffice for poor dwellers,
    backed by tops or Mokbi.
    Level 30:  There is a fair bit of variety in here, some use the level 30 gear 
    from the shops, others use sauna robes for the avoidability and dex.  I went 
    with the red Sauna robe, because it looks a little better than the Sneak.  The 
    bamboo hat stays.  That luck is invaluable, and it looks tons better than the 
    30 hat.  The glove stays, since it's a waste to make any now.  You can get the
    chainboots from Nella's quest, but a better alternative, IMO, are black 
    snowshoes from El Nath.  If scrolled properly, those things can last until 
    forever, or until 40-60, whenever you decide to make boots.  The claw stays, 
    for another 10 levels, and you should have a decent pair of earrings if you 
    decided to PQ or do Alex's quest.
    Level 35:  Remember that Reign of utter leetness we had on those guys?  It 
    just ran dry.  But we're still better than they are cause we don't goggle over 
    our new equipments, we just resent it.  The avenger is, by far, the most 
    revealing piece of equipment that women get in this game, even more revealing 
    than shadow or mantis.  The Avenger is an overall armor, more usefull than the 
    Sauna robe, unless some major scrolling is involved.  The only two avengers 
    worth getting are Purple or Dark, since those are the two that give luck.  
    Either axe stumps or Blue mushrooms drop them, so you don't need to fork out an
    arm and a leg to get one.  If you're really anti-social, you can get the purple
    from El nath for about 100k.  You're still using a Bamboo hat, and that sexy 
    Meba, which should be fully scrolled if you didn't do so beforehand.  Go with 
    Cat eyes for the Earrings.  I swear, those things will match just about 
    anything.  Stick with the shoes of your choice at 30, and the glove will be the
    one you received from John's second quest.  It gives a nice bonus of 2 luck, 
    not too shabby.
    There is a bright side: From here on out, female equips are much less 
    expensive, since there are a LOT more guys playing this game than there are 
    Level 40:  Now it's time for a full wardrobe overhaul.  You'll be getting new 
    everything except for gloves and if you decided, shoes.  If you found/bought a 
    5 luck avenger, you have no need to change equipments, but otherwise, get a 
    shadow.  The ones that give luck are Dark and Purple.  Dark equipment from this
    point forward requires 20 fame to use, but there's only the dark shadow set 
    that really needs it.  For the hat, get a pilfer.  The Wdef far outweighs the 
    luck at this point, but you can still get a pilfer with 3 luck, the same as 
    your bamboo hat for 15 levels!  A dark one is perfect here, or red if you have 
    purple avenger/shadow.  The same glove as before, or you can start working on 
    that nifty glove atk that everyone so desires.  Some people like to make Red 
    split shoes, the level 40 shoe, at this point in time as well. It gives luck, 
    and matches well with red and dark equips.  The claw you'll want now is an 
    Adamantium Avarice, prescrolled with 100% claw scrolls.  If you're lucky, or 
    rich, you can get a dark avarice and 60% it for a half decent claw, but it's 
    better to do that to slain.  Stick with Cat eyes here, since halfmoon kind of 
    sticks out, and doesn't go well with red.
    Level 50:  Here you are, finally capeworthy.  First, decide on your moon color.
    Brown and Maroon both give luck and dex, but all of the moons give Luck as a 
    base stat.  The other two colors are Blue and Red, and all of these have 
    certain things that go with them.  There are three gloves you can get, Red, 
    blue, and brown moon gloves, or you can stick with Gold Arbaron/whatever your 
    glove attack scrolled glove is.  Red goes with, well, red moon, but blue AND 
    red go well with maroon.  Just don't go mixing things like red and blue because
    the base is maroon.  Some possibilities are-
    A) Maroon moon set, Red moon gloves, Dark/blood slain, dark/red pilfer/sonata, 
    snowshoes/red splits, Red/Black napoleon, and skull earrings.
    B) Brown moon set, Brown moon gloves, Dark slain, Dark pilfer/Sonata, Snowshoes
    Black napoleon, and Skull earrings.
    Basically, don't mix colors.  Maroon goes well with Red, Blue, or Dark, but Red
    and Blue do not mix well.  Brown is pretty much it's own set, and a red/blue 
    moon base don't get maroon to go off of.  Skull earrings are an option, you 
    could easily use Cats eyes or even Heart earrings, but these ones go better 
    with the assassin style.
    As far as slain goes, it doesn't REALLY matter which one you get, but blood 
    slain gives dex instead of luck, and that can be a nasty impact on your damage.
    Scroll the slains with 60% claw scrolls, but a pre-scrolled 100% one isn't bad.
    These ARE the last forgable claws, so 60%ing a sapphire slain is a wise choice 
    sometime in the near future.  Dark can not be made, so sapphire is the luck 
    claw for this level.
    Level 60:  Mantis.  Ew.  I haven't even GOTTEN this far yet, so not much can be
    said.  Get moss boots, since those are pwn, and get an Identity.  At the time 
    of writing this, Identity's are VERY expensive, but are also well worth it.  I 
    can't recall what Mantis gives luck off the top of my head, but odds are dark 
    is filled with it.  If you've managed to get a Gigantic, then you are some sort
    of god, because those aren't forgable, and can only be found by dark yeti and 
    pepe's and taurospears.
    Well, that's all I've got.  I'll be sure to add more information as more is 
    released, and I become higher leveled in this crazy game.  Happy Mapling! :P
    Thanks to Madmaverick. Hopefully that was helpful for some people.
    6.2. What to Scroll--->
    This will be a rather brief section to the FAQ. I'll just quickly explain to 
    you which stuff you'll want to scroll, how to scroll it, etc.
    First, and most importantly, you're going to want an attack glove. Attack 
    gloves affect Assassins like you wouldn't believe. On top of the attack glove 
    you should also always use Warrior potions, it'll make training much better. 
    For example, I use a 10 attack glove, and it raises the damage that I can do 
    with Lucky 7 by up to about 300 damage per star. Which is a lot, really. Then 
    on top of that, the warrior potion, which will also help loads. The only 
    problem for this is the price. Buying a prescrolled 11 attack glove will cost 
    you an insane amount, currently it's about 30 million mesos, and rising. A 10 
    attack is about 20 million, and an 8 attack is about 12 million. These are all 
    assuming there are no slots again. If you've got an 11 attack glove with slots 
    left, I envy you, seriously. This is pretty much the main reason why you'll 
    want to fund your character.
    Claw scrolling... This is a bit fuzzy. It's perfectly acceptable to scroll your 
    level 50 claw with 100% scrolls, but if you can afford to use 60% scrolls, it's 
    even better. Just hopefully you'll get 5 to 7 of them to work, which will end 
    up making you a decent profit. Only succeeding 4 wont be much good, since then 
    it'll only be 1 more attack and 4 more accuracy then you would've achieved by 
    using 100% scrolls. Any claw past the Slain should be scrolled with 60% 
    scrolls. Why spend 19 million mesos on a Gigantic when you're just going to use 
    490,000 mesos worth of scrolls on it? It's nonsense, that's what it is.
    Shoe scrolling. Believe it or not, 10% Shoe Jump scrolls add 3 DEX. This isn't 
    bad if you want to do an off-dex build, which is scrolling DEX into an 
    equipment, and then using that DEX to meet your equipment requirements, instead 
    of adding points into DEX with your AP. It's not too difficult to just keep 
    trying to succeed the first slot of a snowshoe with a 10% Shoe jump scroll, and 
    then finish with 60% shoe jump scrolls. This could all add up to a shoe not 
    only with a lot of jump (Which you don't need, since Haste will bring you 
    almost to the Jump Cap), but you'll also receive up to 9 DEX, which is a lot, 
    and probably worth your time. 
    Cape scrolling... I believe I talked about this a bit earlier. But if you want 
    the best results, use either 60% Cape LUK or 60% Cape DEX scrolls. It'd be nice 
    to get a 10% to work on the first slot, but it'll cost you a lot of money, 
    depending on the cape you're using. The extra stats will more than likely help.
    6.3. Throwing Stars--->
    Ahh, throwing stars. I'll just start off quickly by listing all of the stars, 
    and their attack. Not going to list prices since the market is ever changing.
    Subis - 15 Attack
    Wolbis - 17 Attack 
    Snowballs - 17 Attack
    Mokbis - 19 Attack
    Wooden Tops - 19 Attack
    Kumbis - 21 Attack
    Icicles - 21 Attack
    Tobis - 23 Attack
    Steely - 25 Attack
    Ilbis - 27 Attack
    Hwambis - 27 Attack (***NOT RELEASED IN GAME***)
    First of all, we know about Hwambis from people who were hacking. Enough said 
    about that. They don't drop anywhere in any Maple Story version, to my 
    Maple Stars are also a throwing star, but are GM only items. They're available 
    in other versions of Maple Story through the Gashapons... which is more or less 
    a gamble. We might get this soon, since supposedly cash shop is coming.
    Stars may be recharged in any Armor vendor by clicking on the Use Tab in your 
    inventory which appears, and then clicking on the orange box next to all of 
    your throwing star sets.
    You should really make note of this: better stars are not your main priority. 
    Stop getting better stars once you have a bunch of kumbis at your disposal. At 
    this point, if you don't have an attack glove with 8 or more attack, make one 
    or buy one. It's a much better investment then better stars because it'll 
    affect your damage much more. Not only that, but one set of steelys may raise 
    your attack, but they run out, and you're back to where you started. Once 
    you've got a good glove, start off with Tobis. It's better to get more of a 
    star with less attack, then less of a star with more attack. In this case 
    especially, since Steelys are insanely expensive. Once you can afford it, 
    upgrade to Steely when you have plenty of tobis to back you up. You should 
    always carry a few sets of tobi arround, anyway. Ilbis... are more or less for 
    show. The price of them is just outrageously high, it's more worth your money 
    to buy a few sets of Steely instead. Eventually though, if in some miraculous 
    turn of events you get insanely rich, go ahead and buy them. After all, it's 
    your money. =P
    (                          )
     \   ^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^    /
    <<)      7. Closing      (>>
     /   ^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^    \
     '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' 
    Well, this is it. The end of the FAQ. Just a few things now...
    7.1. Thanks To... --->
    I have to give out thanks to those who helped me with the FAQ.
    Thanks to all the people below. Without them, this guide would've been a lot 
    Rob209/Makaveli - For contributing the Hermit skill build, and giving me 
    definitions on many Hermit skills. :)
    Madmaverick - For giving me a guide to female thief gear. Thanks a ton, saved 
    me a huge headache. She also helped review the FAQ. :)
    RocketDarkness - For fixing spelling errors, and other things. Big help. :)
    Playwithknives - For reviewing the FAQ.
    Cyanideabuse - For reviewing the FAQ.
    Once again, thanks a ton to all the mentioned people.
    7.2. Closing Statements--->
    Thank you for taking the time to read my FAQ. I hope it's helped you out in 
    some way or form. If you have any questions or comments at all, please send me 
    an e-mail or contact me in the game itself with my contacts below. In game, 
    you're less likely to get a response, but that's simply because I'm often busy, 
    or am gone. I will make sure that I try to respond to your message, though. 
    Also, I can guarantee a response to any e-mails received. Well, actually, the 
    only ones I wont respond to are vulgar or inappropriate ones. If I see any of 
    that, I'll just delete it and be on my way. ;)
    Writing this FAQ has been quite fun. I hope you enjoyed the ASCII image of the 
    Mushroom at the top. I thought it worked out lovely. =) Remember to step back 
    though. It looks much better from a distance. Of course, I also hope you 
    enjoyed my attitude throughout the FAQ. I tried to make it sound informal, 
    after all. That always makes reading a bit more enjoyable. At some points, 
    there were walls of text, and I appologize for those points, but you know, it 
    had to happen at some point or another. ;)
    With that, farewell. I look forward to hearing comments about my FAQ in my 
    inbox and in game. 
    7.3. Contacts--->
    I'm reopening contacts, via this FAQ, but before e-mailing me, make sure
    that you've checked over everything in the FAQ. The following criteria
    also apply.
    1. Your contact must not be about something covered in this FAQ, if it is
    covered in the FAQ, I will simply ignore it.
    2. If you see something that I should include, please tell me, I want this
    guide to be as complete as possible.
    3. If I receive any harassment/complaints, I will simply ignore them, or
    remove contacts if it gets out of hand. Don't mess this up for others.
    4. You should not expect an immediate reply. I often forget to check
    my e-mails, and it make take 3-4 days before I catch yours in my pile of
    spam, and newsletters.
    5. Positive feedback and constructive criticism are always appreciated, 
    however, there's a line between constructive, and rude. Stay on the
    constructive end, please.
    6. Don't chat invite me in game asking for help, please. I reserve chat
    invites for people who are contacting me for reasons such as item trades,
    I usually don't have the extra time to chat anyway, people on my buddy-
    list have gotten upset at me for ignoring them, too. >_>
    Make sure you have read those above rules, they're not hard to understand.
    E-mail : phantasyhero@gmail.com
    (C)2005 PhantasyHero/Spirit of Shaman/Wafles. Return to Section 2 for more 
    information regarding terms and conditions.

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