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    Spearman FAQ by Dninex

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    Spearman/Polearm Spearman Guide
    11/03/05 Version 1.003 - by. Dninex
    P. Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. What is Maple Story
    3. What is a Warrior?
    4. What is a Spearman?
    5. Combined Guide
    6. Pileup- Stats & Builds
    7. Pileup- Skills & Builds
    8. Pileup- Hunting grounds
    9. Pileup- Weapons, Armors & Accessories
    10. Pileup- Quests
    11. Info on Continents & Other Versions
    12. Legal Info
    13. Version History
    14. Credits
    1. Introduction
    Hello fellow maplers! This guide is intended to help you raise
    your spearman to be a character that will rock Maple Story and
    make the maple experience enjoyable! I've raised a spearman in
    the Korean version, and am currently working on one in the
    global version. I also have a few friends that raise Dragon
    Knights, and their info helped me a lot on writing this guide.
    I hope this guide will help you raise your spearman to be a
    full-fledged Warrior of the Dragon. Well, that's it for me,
    lets get on to the guide.
    2. What is Maple Story?
    Well, Maple Story is called many things, but it's a 2D MMORPG
    (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) with a slight
    hint of a platformer aspect in it. Some of my friends call it a
    hack n' slash version of Mario, others call it a kid's game, but
    I call it addictive, fun (at higher levels), and cute. It's free
    and probably always will be free, since most of the players
    probably will quit if it turns payment based. The Korean version
    is currently more up-to-date, and is still free. Well, lets get
    onto the other sections.
    2a. Where do I get Maple Story?
    If you have a Korean version of Windows and speak Korean, go get
    the Korean version. (why not?) There are much more stuff and
    items are much, much cheaper. But if you dont fit the
    requirements, get the global version. Type in
    www.maplestory.com and click on the desired version. Then, go
    to the Guide tab, and click Download. After you do that, install
    the game, and register at the home page.
    3. What is a Warrior?
    Warriors... are boring at first. And there's really no way to
    get around it. Warriors are short range attackers, so You'll get
    KSed easily by Mages, Claw Thieves, Archers... and such. But at
    higher levels, especially as a Dragon Knight, You'll outdamage
    other jobs by hundereds, if not thousands, and be able to hunt
    any monster with ease. 
    The advantages of a warrior are:
    - Lots, Lots and lots of HP for close range fights
    - Outdamage any other job at higher levels
    - Best armor in game (for physical defense)
    - Not quite a usage character unlike other jobs
    (Archer- arrows, Mage- MP potions, Claw Thieves- Star Recharges,
    Dagger Thieves-  HP potions for close range combat, they dont
    have as much HP & def as warriors and are strictly short range)
    But there's quite a few disadvantages
    - Bad damage till mastery is at a good enough point
    - Close range attacks
    - No speed increase skill that other jobs have
    (Archer- Thrust, Mage- Teleport, Thieves- Haste)
    4. What is a Spearman/Dragon Knight?
    Spearmen use spears or polearms, two different weapons. Spears
    do more damage at stabs, and Polearms do more damage at slashes.
    In some MapleStory info section, there was a note that Dark
    Knights will be able to use magic. I hope that doesn't mean that
    we have to raise INT, so we'll have to see.
    Here are the advantages of a spearman in general:
    - Most MP out of all the other warriors
    - Hyper body raises your & your party members HP & MP by 60%,
    making you invaluable in parties
    - Highest max attack of all jobs
    - Longest range of attack of all warriors
    - Dragon Roar pertty much covers the entire screen attacking
    up to 15 monsters at 240% damage, one of the widest range
    attacks in Maple
    - When partying with a Priest/Cleric, can easily do 3 warriors
    worth of jobs with Dragon Roar
    - Most magical defense of all warriors when Iron Wall and Magic
    Resist is combined
    - Cheap weapons and scrolls, easy to find most of the time
    - Dragon Blood gives +12 attack points
    And these are the disadvantages
    - Slowest attack speed of all jobs
    - Biggest gap of all jobs in the minimum and the maximum damage
    - Cant equip shields
    So the spearman is a decent job. but there is a big difference
    between polearms and spears.
    Polearm's advantages:
    - 2/3 of the attacks are slashes
    - Generally more base damage than spears
    - Thresher has less delay than Buster
    - Thresher ia a much better skill at attacking mobs than Buster
    Spear's advantages:
    - Usually cheaper than Polearms
    - When maxed Blood and Buster is combined, you can do 510% damage
    at +12 attack points
    - Buster's max level is 510% damage. Thresher's max is 250%, not
    even half of Buster - There arent too many mob situations in
    high-level hunting grounds, making Buster far more effective
    - Thresher uses HP & MP, but Buster only uses MP
    As you see, the only non-Buster advantage the spear has is that
    it's cheap. Not good. That means you'll have a hard time as a
    Spearman, but a very fun time as a Dragon Knight.
    So basically, Buster > Thresher.
    5. Combined Guide
    Well... when you start off, pick an axe or a club. The basic
    sword isn't as good as those, so why use it? Try to get 4 luk
    and 4 int, it might take a few seconds to three hours, so you'll
    have to be patient. Anyways you start off with a pop-up telling
    you the controls. Go to the key setting tab to put them in your
    desired setting.
    Stick around Maple Island for now. Hunt Snails and Spores, and
    a few Orange Mushrooms for their caps. After you collect 30
    blue snail shells and 10 Mush Caps, go to Biggs at the top of
    Southperry and get an item. You will either get a Razor Blade
    or a Fruit Knife. If you got a fruits, you're in luck. If you
    got the razor... you'll need to switch weapons quicker. Then,
    enconter Maria in the split road and talk to her. Go to Amherst
    and send the chief the letter, and give the reply to maria to
    recieve a hat. If you got a Red Bandanna, you're Lucky with a
    capital L. But any other item is ok too, since they can be
    equipped at level 5 and all have the same defense, with red
    bandanna having +1 accuracy. Heep on hunting and go to Victoria
    Island by paying Shanks 150 mesos. Now onward to the warrior's
    The general formula for the stats is Dex =  level X 2, so it
    Level 10 = 20dex
    Level 11 = 22 dex
    Level 12 = 24 dex... and so on. the rest of the stats should
    go to STR
    You can either hunt Slimes or Orange Mushrooms at this level,
    Slimes at Ellinia and Mushes at Kerning. But right at level 10,
    go to Perion by talking to the guy in the counter in Lith
    Harbor, and go to Perion by paying... i think 120 mesos. If you
    have more than 5000 mesos, go to Ellinia or Kerning first and
    buy the return scroll at the local potion shop, and if not, go
    straight to Perion. Go to the top, into the temple, and talk
    to Dances. If you stuck with the formula, you should have much
    more than 35 strength, just enough to step into the path of the
    warrior. Try to do blackbull's quest as soon as possible, either
    try to buy the firewoods or hunt axestumps at around level 15.
    If you're one of the lucky 10%, you'll get the Red Triangular
    Shield. Buy a Metal axe at Perion if you have more than 4000
    Mesos, if not, stick with Bigg's item. You don't need the 10
    set, so don't buy it.
    Buy the 15 set at Perion. I suggest buying Steel corporal since
    it adds HP instead of MP. Start hunting Green Mushrooms and
    advance to hunting Spiky Mushrooms. If it's too much, hunt
    Pigs instead at two maps east of  Henesys If you got the Steel
    Shield instead of Red Triangular from Balckbull, use that and a
    one-handed mace. If not, get a lv 15 spear, polearm or two
    handed sword. Do John's and Nella's quest, and especially
    Nella's to get the level 20 glove.
    I'd hunt Blue Mushrooms around this point, there is a hidden
    map in the last Henesys area leading to Ellinia. A pole will
    be at the highest platrorm, and if you press up, you'll warp
    into an area infested with Blue Mushes. Buy the lv. 20 set,
    and use the lv 20 polearm to hunt these mushes. Do Pia,
    Shumi and Alex's quest when you turn 20.
    Try to do the Party Quest if you want to, but warriors tend
    to be left out in PQ's, so go ahead.
    Buy the 25 set except for the hat. Do the party quest till
    you get a Blue Bamboo Hat. It only has 15 def, but gives
    you +3 str, so it's quite useful. Try hunting Wild boars,
    not at the Land of Wild Boars where the generation rate is
    too fast and overpopulated, but at here. go 2 maps west of
    Perion. Here, go to the upper portal, and keep on advancing
    till you go the 4th area. This area is quiet, and Wild
    Boar-rich, so it's the perfect training spot, but beware,
    Lupins are also in this area as well.
    Do Jane's and Sabitrama's quest.
    Go to Ossyria and buy your needed items. Do this by going to
    the harbor on the upper part of Ellinia, and buy a ticket.
    Watch out for Crimson Balrogs, they probably will kill you in
    one or two shots. After that, go back to Perion and get the
    remainder of items. Hunt Evil Eyes, and obviously, go to the
    hunting spot to turn into a spearman at lv 30.
    Do John's, the Sauna's, Blackbull's and Shumi's quest.
    I'd hunt Jr. Sentinels or Sentinel Variants at orbis tower.
    They're pretty easy to hunt, so try Green Evil Eyes if it
    gets boring. From now, try to scroll your items, since you'll
    be with them for a long time.
    Do Heinz's quest. (by talking to the green elf)
    Well, at this point, try hunting Jr.Pepes, Copper Drakes, Fire
    Boars or the small cats at Orbis. You can also return to Green
    Evileyes too. Try to get Arwen's shoe by hunting boars. I'd
    recommend trying to hunt Golems at this point
    Do Jane's, Manji's, Shumi's and the Soldier's in Orbis's quest.
    Stick with Dark Golems, Flame Drakes or Normal Drakes, Wild
    Cargoes or Florina Beach. You're close to being a Dragon
    Knight, go all the way soldier!
    Do Sabitrama, Alkester, Luke's, and John's quest
    Go and hunt Zombies. Or you can try to get a nice party and
    hunt Werewolves. You might get a few decent items here, but
    not many people hunt werewolves, so you might have a tough
    time recruiting.
    You're now a Dragon Knight! Congrats!
    It really depends on if your items are scrolled good or not.
    If they're over average, go hunt Firedogs with a party. If
    they're less than average, stick with Zombies, or attempt
    You'll probably have decent enough items by now, so go hunt
    Fire Dogs. If you want to hunt Zakum, you'll need to be
    patient and strong. Also, you'll end up spending a lot of
    money, so stick with firedogs.
    Firedogs... stick with them. You'll earn more money fighting
    dogs than hunting Zakum, plus you'll get decent Items off
    them, so stick with them. If you want to hunt Zakums you'll
    need these.
    - Good team arsenal
    If you have a combnination of many strong jobs and a Priest,
    attempt it. But you'll have to be quick. Try and get one or
    two priests (for bless, invincible and heal), a crusader
    (for panic), a spearman (hyper bod), a thief (haste), maybe
    an archer (thrust) and anything else.
    - Good computer specs
    You'll need a gaming-quality PC, buy Windows XP 64-bit edition
    or Windows 2003, and get 2.5GB and 512 RAM on the 2003 or just
    dont install too many things if you decide on the 64 bit.
    -Ability to withstand great loss of money
    Yah... it really depends on the characters, but most likely,
    you'll lose money, especially fighting the self-healing arm. A
    single priest will gobble up 100~150 elixirs, and that costs
    roughly 500K. 500K usage on 2 hours... you're sure to use up
    money there.
    Whoa! that was great! well, keep hunting Firedogs, unless
    stronger monsters turn up elsewhere! Well, that's the end of
    that. I'll just organize the data for easy reference here.
    Pileup- Stats & Builds
    There are a few builds you can go. I recommend this build, it
    is standard, and you can follow the guide up there if you use
    this, so stick with this if you can.
    Also, when you roll the dice for the first time, try to get a
    4,4 on Luk and Int. it may take anywhere from a few seconds to
    around three hours. Be patient, since it'll pay off.
    Standard Build- DEX = 2 times of Level, rest into STR
    Yah. That's the standard build. Stick to it if you can, and why
    not? But stop raisind DEX at level 50 if you want to play risky
    or lv 60 if you want it to be safe. Firedogs can be hunt down
    with 100 Dex or so, if you have 120 accuracy but there are bound
    to be stronger monsters added later, so don't struggle to up your
    dex, and put dex up till lv.60. Then invest it all in STR.
    Minimum STR build until 120 DEX = just enough STR for next level
    armor, Rest into DEX
    You'll be able to hurt higher level monsters faster this way, by
    JUST matching the required STR for the next armor. once you
    reach 120 DEX, you'll raise extra points in STR, so you'll be
    able to hunt better. But you'll do ugly, ugly damage, but dex
    tends to raise your min dmg quite a bit and a little of the max
    dmg, so your attacks will do slightly more level damage.
    No Dex Build = All points into STR
    You can't start off with this guy. You'll need another character
    to support this guy with money and if you can, experience. You'll
    level extremely slow, and spend millions in potions, and almost
    billions in scrolling, but it'll pay off by you doing hundreds, if
    not thousands more damage than other warriors at your level.
    Balance Build = Start off with standard build, as soon as MAX HP
    skill is mastered, do 1 HP, 2 STR and 2 DEX per level
    You'll have loads of HP, but do less damage. Heck, it's gunna save
    you in potions, but why not do more damage instead? Do this build
    if you want to raise warriors to earn money.
    Pileup - Skills & Builds
    Okay, i'll split up the Skills into tiers and give the builds
    and descriptions for each of them.
    Improving HP Recovery (HR)
    Not really necessary, good to have, but after maxing out the
    vital skills. Keep it at 5, and then raise it later, probably
    after you MAX out Power Strike, Slash Blast and MAX HP. What it
    does is it increases how much HP you recover when you stay idle
    for 10 seconds.
    Improving MAX HP (MH)
    Your MOST IMPORTANT SKILL in all the tiers (possibly) MAX it out
    ASAP, and then go on to the attacking skills. It increases how
    much HP you gain per level up.
    An experiment has been done by me, and I saw how much HP my
    warrior had when it maxed MAX HP and when it didn't The
    non-MAX had roughly 1000 HP when he turned 30. The MAXed out
    character had around 1000 at level 20. That's a lot of
    difference, meaning that you'll have roughly 1500 at level 30.
    150% for the non- MAXer.
    Endure (ED)
    You shouldn't need to put more than 1 point into this skill,
    and all it does is that is allows you to heal when hanging
    from ropes or ladders. I mean, why not use potions instead?
    Iron Body (IB)
    In lower levels, the difference between having IB and not
    having it is big... but after the 2nd advancement, you'll
    find yourself rarely using it, not to mention that it forces
    you to put 3 points into endure. Just don't raise this skill
    in the first place, because all is does is add more defense,
    and it barely helps after level 30. Roughly a damage
    difference of 10 or so.
    Power Strike (PS)
    Your main skill for a loooooooong time. Max this or SB out
    after MAX HP. At max level, it does 260% damage, so why not
    take up on the offer?
    Slash Blast (SB)
    Your main Mob skill. At max, it attacks multiple monsters,
    (I believe no limit on attacked monsters) at 130% damage.
    raise this or PS after MAX HP is mastered.
    Ok, all the builds will start off like this.
    () - skills raised at that status, (5) means 5 points have
    been put in total into that skill, (M) means Maxed.
    HR (5) - MH (M)
    Then the forks on the road.
    Standard Build - Attack Type
    PS (10) - SB (10) - PS (M) - SB (M) - Rest into HP recovery,
    or one into Endure
    Why 10, 10 then M, M on PS and SB? well, at level 10, you only
    spend 6 MP for PS, and 8 MP and 7 HP for SB. But at level 11,
    PS uses 12 MP and SB uses 16 MP and 14 HP for only a few % of
    damage increase. So save potion costs, and save SP's, then MAX
    out the attack skills
    Iron Body Build
    ED (3) - IB (M) - Max out PS or SB, put remaining SP's into
    other attack skill
    Not recommended. You wont even use IB later on, so why max it?
    Moneymaker build
    HR (M), ED (M), IB (M) rest of points into SB or PS
    Excellent for making money by not using any potions. Just use
    this build if you wanna support Mages, Archers or Thieves
    with money.
    Mastery (MT)
    It makes the min dmg of the weapon rise by great amounts,
    making your damage more level and increasing your accuracy.
    Very vital skill since the polearm's stabs and the spears's
    slash can hinder your average damage by quite a bit.
    Booster (BO)
    It increases your attack speed for a certain amount of time, so
    very slow will be slow attack speed and slow will be normal
    attack speed. Max this out too, probably right after Mastery.
    Final Attack (FA)
    Just gives you a chance to attack again using an attack skill
    (PS, SB... and such) Max it or leave it at 0.
    Hyper Body (HB)
    Great, Great skill. At max, it gives 60% extra HP and MP to
    you and your party members for a limited time. This skill makes
    you invaluable in parties. Max it out in your later days, or
    Iron Wall (IW)
    Not too useful, the + def's barely help, and they won't be used
    often, so just raise it with the remaining SP's.
    Well, there are different builds. here goes
    Standard Build A (attack type) - 
    MT (19) - FA (M) - IW (3) - HB (M) - BO (M) - IW (M) - MT (M)
    rest into whatever 1st tier skills.
    Stick with this, probably the easiest hunting will result with
    this build, so why not?
    Booster Build -
    MT (5) - BO (M) - MT (19) - FA (M) - IW (3) - HB (M) - IW (M)
    - MT (M) Rest into 1st tier skills
    IF you want to attack faster with lower damage, go ahead, it'll
    just rob your wallet more than the standard build, so do this if
    you want.
    Standard Build B (booster type) -
    MT (19) - FA (M) - BO (M) - IW (3) - HB (M) - IW (M) - MT (M)
    Rest into 1st tier skills
    You might want to do this build too, probably going to cost
    you more in potions but faster level ups though.
    I won't include the Hybrid build sorry, but you can refer to
    other guides for that. Hybrids arent too great at damaging so
    why do them?
    Dragon Knight
    OK! Here it is! MY friend helped me out here, so i'll give him
    much thanks! Thanks RED!
    Element Resistance (ER)
    This increases your magic defense, which might save you
    in potions, so max this out after the vital skills.
    Spear Buster (SB)
    Whoa... 510% damage... now you just can't beat that can you?
    It's one of the most agressive skills in the game, with the
    highest damage. the dealy time isn't that great though.
    Vital skill for a spearman.
    Polearm Buster (PB)
    Since buster only stabs, Polearms aren't going to be too
    great. I mean on a 1:1 situation, Polearm Buster does more
    damage than Polearm Thresher, so it might be tempting, but
    don't raise it if you're using polearms. you'll be better
    off with thresher, since the delay for buster is long and
    the range isn't as great as thresher.
    Spear Dragon Thresher (ST)
    You'll be better off with Buster. Nuff said.
    Polearm Dragon Thresher (PT)
    It's time you got tired of PS and SB right? Well here are
    your new attack skills. But at max, it does 250% damage
    PS's max is 260%, why is it weaker? Well, PS does slashes
    and stabs, but thresher does only slashes. A big plus for a
    polearm, since slashes are better for pole arms, so that's
    why it's better than PS. Plus it attacks up to 6 monsters at
    once too. 
    Sacrifice (SA)
    Useless... It's a skill that does 350% damage ignoring the
    defense of the enemy. Now how is that useless? Well, you
    recieve 5% of the damage given at MAX, and that's bad... 5%
    doesn't sound like much huh? Well, if you do around 10000
    damage, that means you recieve roughly 500 damage. that's
    500 mesos. You're spending 1000 mesos using it twice. that's
    a lot of money to spend, and since there aren't too many
    patterns where priests and Dragon Knights hunt together, so
    you'll have to spend a lot of money, much too expensive to
    use. Raise it later, possibly for Zakum. 
    Dragon Roar (DR)
    At max level, it attacks 15 monsters on pretty much the ENTIRE
    SCREEN at 240% damage. Widest range attack in Maple, unless
    I'm mistaken. Well, the drawback? At MAX, you spend 30% of
    your HP using it, AND you are stunned for 2 seconds. You can
    be attacked at that time. If you have many priest friends, use
    this skill, but if you dont, let's say you have 10000 HP when
    you use HB. That means you get 3000 damage, and you use 3000
    mesos. 3000 mesos every time you use a skill is much too
    expensive to use often, so raise it later.
    Power Crash (PC)
    This skill is hopeless. Firedogs are the strongest monster
    as of now, but it doesn't use a power up skill. This skill
    negates the effect of a power up skill, and the next strongest
    monster is a Lycanthrope. I don't know if it uses a power up
    skill, but assuming it does, let's go on. My friend can kill
    it in 6-7 hits. Then why use a skill, that doesn't even have
    a 100% activation rate at max, and risk getting hit 1~2 times,
    when you can kill it in 6~7 hits? Pointless.
    Dragon Blood (DB)
    +12 attack. Drooling yet? This skill is very, very useful as
    it adds 12 weapon attack, like a souped up version of a
    fighter's rage. It also drains HP every few seconds, but that
    doesn't mean anything when you're a high leveler. +12 attack
    is enough to say dragon blood is important
    I only have one build, probably the best, so go on with this
    Pole Arms
    PT (M) - DB (M) - ER (M) - SA (M) - DR (M) - PC (M) - PB
    (M) then save up
    SB (M) - DB (M) - ER (M) - SA (M) - DR(M) - PC (M) - ST
    (M) then save up
    Well... that's about it for that, Whoa! well, that's a lot of
    skills! Go on dude!
    8. Hunting Grounds
    Well, here we go, this is what you'll hunt in your career
    1-9: Snails, Mushrooms
    10-14: Slimes, Orange Mushrooms
    15-19: Spikey Mushrooms, Green Mushrooms, Pigs
    20-24: Blue Mushrooms, Dark Axe Stumps
    25-29: Wild Boars
    30-34: Evil Eyes
    35-39: Jr. Sentinels, Sentinel variants
    40-49: Jr.Pepes, Copper Drakes, Fire Boars, Mini Cats, Green Evil
    Eyes, Golems
    50-69: Dark Golems, Drakes, Flame Drakes, Wild Cargoes, Florina
    Beach Monsters
    70-89: Zombies, Werewolves, Mushmoms, Jr.Balrogs
    90-95: Zombies, Lycanthropes, Fire Dogs
    95-100: Fire Dogs
    100~: Fire Dogs, Zakum, Crimson Balrogs
    Well, that's it for hunting grounds! Hope you score a few items!
    9. Pileup- Weapons, Armors & Accessories
    Well, I'll post the Recommended Armor for these levels. (polearm,
    spears'll have to look it up, sorry)
    Hat: Maria's Hat
    Upper: Basic Shirt
    Lower: Basic Pants
    Shoes: Basic Shoes
    Weapons: Bigg's Item
    Earrings: -
    Shield: Stolen Fence
    Gloves: -
    Cape: -
    Overall: -
    I recommend Sticking to your basic clothes and Maria's hat with
    Bigg's item for now. You won't do heavy hunting, so don't buy
    the fence if you don't want to.
    Hat: Maria's Hat
    Upper: Basic Shirt
    Lower: Basic Pants
    Shoes: Basic Shoes
    Weapons: Spear or Pole Arm
    Earrings: -
    Shield: -
    Gloves: -
    Cape: -
    Overall: -
    You should just stick with your original clothes for now, since the
    10 set won't be worth the price that you'll pay for it. Buy a Spear
    or a Polearm though.
    Hat: Mithril Full Helm
    Upper: Steel Corporal
    Lower: Steel Corporal Pants
    Shoes: Steel Grieve
    Weapons: Fork Spear or Iron Ball
    Earrings: -
    Shield: -
    Gloves: -
    Cape: -
    Overall: -
    Purchase the 15 set at Perion. Making the Bronze Full Helm a Mithril
    Full Helm is optional. Don't do it if you don't have much money.
    Hat: Mithril Viking Helm
    Upper: Blue Sergeant
    Lower: Steel Sergeant Skirt
    Shoes: Blue Middle Ladder
    Weapons: Phantom, Fish Spear if your'e rich, buy it from someont at
    something like 70K
    Earrings: -
    Shield: -
    Gloves: Venon
    Cape: -
    Overall: -
    No need to make your gloves, Nella's third quest will give you the lv.20
    glove for free. Get the Blue Sergeant set at Perion. The fish spear
    isn't sold in stores, so you'll have to dish out 70K or so to buy it
    from a person. Get the Phantom for much less instead. (12K) Again, the
    Bronze ~ Mithril conversion of the helmet is optional.
    Hat: Blue Bamboo Hat or Orihalchon Burgernet Helm
    Upper: Dark Master Sergeant
    Lower: Dark Master Sergeant Skirt
    Shoes: Silver War Boots, Dark War Boots if you're Rich.
    Weapons: Nasty Mop
    Earrings: Red Cross or Gold Earrings
    Shield: -
    Gloves: Stick with the lv. 20 Gloves
    Cape: -
    Overall: -
    Buy the Dark Master Sergeant Set at Perion, and make the Battle Grieves
    at Sleepywood. If you have tons of money, get the Dark version, if
    you're average, get the Silver variant. Also, if you value Defense
    more than Damage, get the Orihalchon Burgernet Helm. If you don't PQ
    and get the Blue Bamboo hat. This time's going to take looooong to
    level up, so keep it up!
    Hat: Jousting Helmet
    Upper: Korean Instrumental Shirt (orange or green, your pick)
    Lower: Black Martial Art Pants
    Shoes: Silver or Emerald War Boots
    Weapons: Mithril Pole Arm or Triple Tips
    Earrings: Emerald, Star or Lightning Earrings
    Shield: -
    Gloves: lv. 20 Gloves
    Cape: -
    Overall: -
    Here's your list. You've finally turned into a Spearman! Congrats!
    well, the Green shirt gives you 2 DEX and the Orange one gives you 20
    HP. i'm leaning on the Green a bit, but it's your choice. Silver and
    Emerald each do the same thing, so make whichever one that looks cooler.
    Same goes for the earrings. From now, you'll need to go to Ossyria to
    buy items.
    Hat: Great Brown Helmet
    Upper: -
    Lower: -
    Shoes: Steel Tigger
    Weapons: Nakamaki or Axe Pole Arm
    Earrings: Cat's Eye or Sapphire Earrings
    Shield: -
    Gloves: Dark Briggon
    Cape: -
    Overall: White or Dark Chain Mail
    Again, if you do John's Quest, you'll get this decent glove. Earrings
    & overalls do the same, so get what's cheaper or cooler.
    Hat: -Gold Norman Helm, Mithril if you're poor (a Red Duke helmet
    has been added recently. i do not know its stats, so wear it if
    its good.)
    Upper: Maroon or Blue Asian General's Armor
    Lower: White or Black Flaming Pants
    Shoes: Blue OS Boots
    Weapons: Crescent or Zeco
    Earrings: Blue Moon at 40~44, Pansy Earrings at 45~49
    Shield: -
    Gloves: Stick with lv. 35 or Dark Knuckle ir you're rich.
    Cape: -
    Overall: -
    You may now officially scroll your items. You'll stick with them for
    10 levels instead of 5 from now, so go ahead. You'll have plenty
    of money anyways. Heinz's quest will provide you with the helmet.
    Hat: Silver Crusader Helm/ Old Mthril Norman Helm at lv 55
    Upper: Blue or Umber Shoulder Mail
    Lower: Blue or Umber Shoulder Mail Pants
    Shoes: Gold Hildon Boots
    Weapons: The Nine Dragons or Red Curve
    Earrings: Skull Earrings for 50~54/ Holy Crossring or Crystal
    Flowerrings at 55~59
    Shield: -
    Gloves: Gold Brist
    Cape: Napoleon's Cape 50~54/ Justice cape from 55~59 
    Overall: -
    Manji's quest will give the earrings, and everything else, you'll buy.
    The Umber mails look kinda ugly in my opinion, so you might want to
    scroll them to show off at least. The weapons look cool though.
    Alkester will give the justice cape for level 55. You finally get to
    wear capes! Also, luke will give the Norman Helm.
    Hat: Red Oriental Helmet
    Upper: Red or Dark Orientican
    Lower: Red or Dark Orientican Pants
    Shoes: Blood Camel Boots
    Weapons: Skylar or Cross Spear
    Earrings: Pink Flowered Earrings from 60~64/ Gold drop Earrings from
    Shield: -
    Gloves: Dark Clench
    Cape: Magic Cape
    Overall: -
    Orient Style! The Pink Flower Earrings can be gained from John, but
    everything else needs to be bought. You're almost a dragon Knight!
    Keep it up!
    Hat: Silver Planet
    Upper: Mithril or Orihalchon Platine
    Lower: Mithril or Orihalchon Platine Pants
    Shoes: Dark Cazen Boots
    Weapons: The Gold Dragon or Spephan
    Earrings: Metal Silver Earrings 70~74/ Half Earrings 75~79
    Shield: -
    Gloves: Dark Husk
    Cape: Gaia Cape
    Overall: -
    Dragon Kinght! Congrats. You'll either Need to scroll these Items, or
    Get the 80 Set for expensive from people so it's your choice.
    Hat: Blue or Black Dragon Babuta
    Upper: Dark General or Battle Road
    Lower: Dark General Pants or Battle Road
    Shoes: Dark Reverse Boots
    Weapons: Wol-A-San or Ho-Jin-Gong-Chang (korean names)
    Earrings: Metal Heart Earrings 80~84/ Strawberry Errings 85~89/
    Red Rose Earrings 90~
    Shield: -
    Gloves: Dark Emperor
    Cape: Seraph's Cape
    Overall: Battle Road
    That's the latest set. Well, Hope that cleared everything up!
    10. Pileup- Quests
    Quests... Most you'll need to do for items or money, some you'll
    ignore. Here goes...
    Sera's Mirror
    When you first start, Sera will be right above you. She'll ask
    you to get her mirror from Maria, her sister, and she'll be doing
    laundry at the eastern hill. Talk to her, get the mirror, and give
    it to Sera to get a few EXP and go to the next section.
    Items Needed: Sera's Mirror
    Rewards: EXP
    My View: Pointless. Just go on ahead. I never did this quest
    because im too lazy =) so just go on ahead.
    Roger's Apple
    On the second area, a boy will be there. His name is Roger, and
    he'll damage you by 25 HP and give you an apple to heal yourself.
    After you do, he gives you a few EXP and a few potions and a
    transportation to the next area.
    Rewards: EXP, 3 Red Potions
    My View: The potions may help, but not by much. Do it if you want
    to, i did it 60% of the time with my characters.
    Nina and her Dinner.
    On the third area, a girl called Nina will be there. She'll ask
    you to ask her brother what he wants for dinner. Go in the House
    next to her and click on the small dude there. He'll say he wants
    mushroom soup for dinner and go tell Nina. She'll give you EXP
    and transport you to the next area.
    Rewards: EXP
    My View: Again, pointless. Be lazy and just pass her.
    Onward to the Next area
    At the top of the fourth level, a guy will be there. Click on him
    to get some EXP and go to the next area.
    Rewards: EXP
    My View: Free EXP without extra work? Count me in! Even if it's
    only 2 or 3 EXP. Do it, I mean why not? It's not like you do
    extra work or anything.
    Send the Reply letter
    On the later areas, you'll see a girl called Maria. She wants you
    to go to Amherst, and sent the chief a letter. Go to Amherst and
    get the reply, and Maria will give a lv.5 hat.
    Items Needed:  Reply Letter
    Rewards: a level 5 hat
    My Opinion: Hmm... just do it for the free hat, although there
    really isn't any reason to go to Amherst... just do it for the
    Bigg's Request
    At tho top of Southperry, a boy called Biggs wants you to get
    30 blue snail shells and 10 orange mushroom caps. If you gather
    these, he'll give you a weapon
    Items Needed: 30 Blue Snail Shells & 10 Orange Mushroom Caps  
    Rewards: Razor or Fruit Knife
    My Opinion: Hmm... A weapon for a few common items, do it.
    Blackbull's House Repair
    At Perion, a guy called Blackbull wants you to get 30 Branches
    and 50 Firewoods to repair his house. Gather these items to get
    a shield.
    Items Needed: 30 Branches, 50 Firewoods
    Rewards: Steel Shield or Red Triangular Shield
    My Opinion: The items are easy to get and the reward is great,
    even if it's the steel shield. Go do it.
    Deal with Charlie
    At orbis, a guy called charlie will want you to get 100 of a
    few items. If you get them, he'll give you items.
    Items Needed: 100 of Starpixie's Star, Nependus's Seed,
    Lunapixie's Star, Jr.Yeti's Fur, Hector's Tail, Dark Jr.Yeti's
    Fur, White Fang's Tail, Pepe's Beak, Dark Pepe's Beak, Yeti's
    Horn, Dark Yeti's Horn or Werewolf's Claws
    Starpixie- 30 orange potions, 20 blue potions, 40 meats, 20
    processed woods, 10% helmet def scroll
    Nependus- 15 white potions, 25 blue potions, 15 lemons, 30
    processed woods, 10% earring mdef scroll
    Lunapixie- 20 white potions, 10 mana elixirs, 5 clear waters,
    15 dragon skins, 5 nails, 10% shield def scroll
    Jr.Yeti- 30 white potions, 15 mana elixirs, 20 salads, 30
    prcessed woods, 5 nails, 10% shirt def scroll
    Hector- 10 magic potion (green), 15 strength potion, 15 sniper
    potion, ancient scroll, 10% overall def scroll
    Dark Jr. Yeti- 30 long hot dogs, 15 fat hot dogs, 30 bean soups,
    1 fairy wing, 10% overall def scroll
    White Fang- 20 mana elixirs, icicle, 7 silver ores, 7 adamantium
    ores, 7 orihalchon ores, 1 piece of ice
    Pepe- 20 mana elixirs, 2 gold ores, 7 steel ores, 7 bronze ores,
    7 mithril ores, 10% shoe scroll speed
    Dark Pepe- 20 mana elixirs, 7 silver ores, 7 orihalchon ores, 2
    gold ores, 2 black crystal ores, 2 diamond ores, 10% shoe scroll
    Yeti- 25 mana elixirs, 7 garnet ores, 3 aquamarine ores, 2
    diamond ores, 7 amethyst ores, 10% shoe scroll speed
    Dark Yeti- 25 mana elixirs, 7 sapphire ores, 7 emerald ores,
    7 opal ores, 2 black crystal ores, 10% glove scroll strength
    Werewolf- 30 mana elixirs, icicle, 7 topaz ores, 2 black crystal
    ores, 2 diamond ores, 10% glove scroll strength
    You also gain 500 EXP every time you do the quest.
    My Opinion: a chance to earn decent items while getting rid of
    the "leftovers"? Count me in! Not to mention you can repeat
    the quest many, many times. As much as you want.
    Maya's Sickness
    You'll meet a girl in henesys called Maya. She's coughing badly,
    and she wants you to get the weird medicine from Teo in lith.
    Once you get there, He'll want a sparkling rock for the medicine.
    Greedy huh? Ayways, Sophia in Perion will know about it, and
    she'll need 50 squishy liquids, 50 leafs, 20 octo legs, and one
    Arcon's Blood. Squishes can be gained from slimes, leafs from
    dark stumps, octo legs from octopuses, but Arcon's  blood...
    Manji has those. He'll want 40 charms of the undead, gained from
    zombie mushes. Not good. You won't be able to properly hunt those
    till level 20 or so, so when you get em, go to Manji, get the
    blood, go to Sophia, make the rock, go to Teo, get the medicine,
    and finally go to Maya. Fun huh? Well, she'll give you some EXP,
    5K mesos and a Brown Bamboo Hat. You won't use this hat, so NPC
    (sell it to the store) it or sell it to a person or do whatever
    you want with it. 
    Level Requirement: 15
    Items Needed: 50 Squishy Liquids, 50 Leaves, 40 Charms of the
    Undead and 20 Octopus legs.
    Rewards: EXP, 5000 mesos, brown bamboo Hat
    My Opinion: A lot of trouble to go for a useless Bamboo hat huh?
    Well just do it as a prerequisite for Manji's quest.
    Nella's quests
    At Kerning, a girl called Nella will make you pay 1K to help
    people (Why do I have to pay to help! D:<) Anyways you'll need
    50 Green Mush Caps and 50 Bubbling Bubbles. Green Mush can be
    hunted near kerning at the western and on the top of the eastern
    map, and bubblings at the Subway. After that, She'll give you
    some EXP and 50 lemons.
    After you keep harrassing Nella by repeatedly clicking on her
    and pressing enter, another quest will come up. 5 Processed
    woods and 5 nails. You can get nails at John's quest. On the
    top of the eastern map, kill axestumps and get 25 firewoods,
    go to perion's smith, make the woods, and go to nella and get
    100 cakes and EXP. 
    On the third quest, you'll need 100 Octo Legs and 1 Clear
    Water. Octo legs can be gained by hunting octopuses around
    Kerning, and the water can be bought in the regular sauna at
    sleepywood. Get it and give it to Nella to get the level 20
    Glove for your job (Venon). 
    Level Requirement: 15
    Items Needed: 50 Green Mush Caps, 50 Bubbling Bubbles, 5
    Processed woods, 5 Nails, 100 Octo Legs, 1 Clear Water
    Rewards: 50 lemons, 100 cakes, lv 20 glove (Venon for
    warrior), EXP
    My Opinion: Do it for the Glove. It's worth it.
    John's Quest
    John in Lith wants you to get 10 Pink Violas at Sleepywood.
    Go there, and click the statue. Feels like a platformer huh?
    Well, after two levels of jumping and dodging, at the top,
    there will be a bunch of pink violas. click on them to get
    anywhere from 1~10 flowers. you can't re-enter the zone as
    long as you have violas, so go to John, give him the violas,
    and repeat. after you get 10, he'll give you 30 screws.
    Level Requirement: 15
    Items Needed: 10 pink violas
    Rewards: 30 screws
    My Opinion: Why not do it? You'll need screws for the future.
    Luke's quest
    In the Henesys entrance of the dungeon, Luke will be standing
    there. Talk to him, and he'll want 100 Necki skins, 10 stiege
    wings and 1 salad. You won't be hunting Neckis for a
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time, but when you get to, (you'll need
    roughly 70 or 80 accuracy) and give them to Luke, then he'll
    give you a refined jewel. Stiege wings by hunting stieges and
    salad in the Ant Tunnel Plaza.
    Level Requirement: 15
    Items Needed: 100 Jr.Necki Skins, 10 Stiege Wings, 1 Salad.
    Rewards: 1 refined jewel.
    My Opinion: Do it in your later days. you can fetch 10K for the
    items, 100K for the diamond or black crystal but mainly, just
    do it as a prerequisite for his next quest, since 10K or 100K
    isn't a lot of money in later days.
    Pia & the mushrooms
    In henesys, a guy called Pia wants you to get 60 Blue Mush caps
    and 60 Green Mush Caps because they bully him. After you get
    that, he'll give you a helmet scroll.
    Level Requirement: 20
    Items Needed: 60 Green Mushroom Caps, 60 Blue Mushroom Caps
    Rewards: Helmet Defense Scroll (10%, 60% or 100%)
    My Opinion: Scrolls are good. Scrolls are great. Do it for the
    Alex and his dad
    In Kerning, a kid called Alex wants to see his mom's watch, and
    his dad has it. He's the chief of Henesys, and he wants 50
    Evileye tails and 100 Pig Ribbons. After that, you'll need to
    talk to him and pick the right answers. After you do that, give
    the watch to Alex to get an earring from him.
    Level Requirement: 20
    Items Needed: 100 pig ribbons, 50 evileye tails
    Rewards: Yellow Square, Gold Ring, Red Cross Ring, Emerald Ring,
    Star Ring or Thunder Ring
    My Opinion: Earrings help warriors. You won't hunt evileyes till
    lv 30, so you'll need to wait. Yellow Squares do nothing, so hope
    you get something else than that. Earrings are GOOD for warriors,
    since warriors don't have much magic defense.
    Shumi's coin
    In Kerning, Shumi loses a coin, and she wants you to find it. Go
    to the subway, buy a ticket, and go through the "platformer"
    scenario again. On the last area, there will be a chest and you'll
    get the coin. When you return she'll give you 1 fame, and 30
    random return scrolls.
    Level Requirement: 20
    Items Needed: Shumi's coin, 500 mesos for Ticket
    Rewards: 1 fame, 30 return scrolls to a random town
    My Opinion: Why not? A free fame and 30 return scrolls, but you'll
    need to be patient and have good timing.
    Party Quest
    This quest is fun, and can be repeated. well, you'll need a party
    of level 21~29 ers, so go ahead. On the first area, you'll need to
    get the required tickets. Then, you need to hang on the correct
    combo of ropes to advance. Then you'll need to stand on the correct
    combo of logs, then barrels, then, you need to hunt Green Evil Eyes
    for passes, then some neckis, and then the King Slime. Then, you
    get enough passes to advance, and then, advance to the next level,
    where you get to fight mushes, then talk to the girl and get your
    Level Requirement: 21~29
    Items Needed: Party
    Rewards: EXP, Niam, Bamboo hats, Earrings, Healing Items, scrolls
    My Opinion: You'll need to do this more than once, since it's fun
    and gives decent items
    Jane's wish
    In Lith, a girl clled Jane needs 120 Spiky Mush caps and 100
    wildboar teeth. After you get them, she'll give you a random
    weapon scroll.
    Level Requirement: 25
    Items Needed: 120 Spike Mushroom Hats, 100 Wildboar teeth
    Rewards: Random Weapon Scroll
    My Opinion: Scrolls are good... just go ahead and finish the
    Sabitrama's plant
    When you go to sleepy, talk to Sabitrama, and he needs a random
    plant. When you go to Ellinia, a guy called roger wants some
    money for you to enter the quest area. After another platformer
    scenario, get the plant and he'll give you an overall defense
    scroll (10, 60 or 100%).
    Level Requirement: 25
    Items Needed: Sabitrama's plant
    Rewards: Scroll for overall armor defense (10, 60% or 100%)
    My Opinion: Must... have... scrolls... do... the ... quest...
    Arwen's Shoes
    In Ellinia, Arwen wants you to find her shoes. Fireboars drop
    shoes, so when you get it, she'll give you a Piece of Ice or a
    Fairy Wing. the difference? Wings sell for about 100 times more
    than the ice. (In Korean version)
    Level Requirement: 25
    Items Needed: Glass Shoe
    Rewards: Piece of Ice or Fairy Wing
    My Opinion: POINTLESS. Just do it ONCE as a prerequisite for
    Luke's quest.
    Rony and the Mysterious Book
    Go to Sleepy's second sauna and talk to the guy. he wants his
    book that his son took. His son is at the last Ellinia map
    leading to Perion in the tunnel. He wants 50 monkey's banannas,
    one fresh milk, and a special eel roast. Banannas can be gained
    from monkeys, the fresh milk can be gained by giving an elf 1
    refined diamond, and the eel roast can be earned by giving the
    girl in Henesys 50 Green Evil Eye tails and 5 pig heads. Then,
    get the book, then get the clothes from the sauna guy.
    Level Requirement: 30
    Items Needed: 50 green evil eye tails, 5 pig heads, 1 refined
    diamond, & 50 banannas. 
    Rewards: 10K mesos, sauna gown.
    My Opinion: Why not? Well, it costs way too much and the reward
    isn't that great, do it eventually.
    Blackbull's new quest
    Blackbull needs to make a new home for his cousins. He needs
    100 Stone Golem's Rocks, 30 Processed Woods, 30 nails and his
    Land Claim Document. The form can be gained by hunting Green
    Evil Eyes.When you get these, he'll give you a 10% weapon attack
    scroll, 15K and 2 fames. You need 10 fames to do this quest.
    Level Requirement: 30
    Items Needed: land ownership form, 100 stone golem blocks,
    30 processed woods, 30 nails, 10 fame
    Rewards: 10% weapon attack scroll, 15K and 2 fames
    My Opinion:  the required items are extremely hard to get, so
    try to do it if you're patient.
    John's 2nd quest
    He needs 20 blue violas, and another platforming scenario.
    After that, he'll give you a lv 35 glove. Be careful as some
    platforms will be an illusion, and wolbis will try to hurt you.
    Level Requirement: 30
    Items Needed: 20 Blue Violas
    Rewards: level 35 glove (dark briggon for warrior)
    My Opinion: Do it, even if it's annoying. the glove gives +2 STR
    nuff said.
    Shumi's Second Quest.
    Areas filled with a whole bunch of Lazers appear. After you get
    the moneybunch, Shumi will give you some items.
    Level Requirement: 30
    Items Needed: Shumi's Moneybunch
    Rewards: 1 fame, 100 mana elixirs or elixirs.
    My Opinion: Do it for the elixirs. Even if you get mana elixirs,
    it's good nuff.
    Heinz's quest
    Talk to the fairy that gave you the milk for the sauna quest. she
    needs a total of 2300 cursed dolls to complete something. You can
    get them by killing zombie monkies. You'll get rewards for the
    items you give.
    Level Requirement: 35
    Items Needed: 2300 cursed dolls
    100 dolls- 1 fame, ores
    200 dolls- 1 fame, ores
    400 dolls- 2 fame, ores
    600 dolls- 2 fame, DEX glove scrolls (60% or 10%)
    1000 dolls- 3 fame, lv 40 hat (Steel Norman Helm for warrior)
    My Opinion: Hard, but do it for the helmet.
    Jane's second quest
    Jane needs 130 Strange Medicines, 50 Experimental Frogs, 1 Clear
    Water, 1 Moon Stone, 20 Dragon Skins, 10 Tree Saps, 1 Mushmom's
    Spore and 3 Drake's Blood to be an alchemist. The monsters you
    can gain them from will be listed in order. Wraith, Melody,
    sleepywood or ant tunnel plaza, by fusing all refines together
    (i forget, minerals or jewels, all of them) drakes, axe stumps,
    mushmoms, and drakes, in order of the items.
    Level Requirement: 40
    Items Needed: 
    1st tier- 1 clear water, 30 strange medicines & 20 experimental
    2nd tier- 1 mushmoms's spore, 3 drake's blood, 100 strange
    medicines and 30 experimental frogs
    3rd tier- moon stone (give arwen all refined metals to make it),
    20 dragon skins and 10 tree saps.
    1st tier- 10 elixirs or 10 red potions
    2nd tier- 15 power elixirs or 15 mana elixirs
    3rd tier- 100%, 60% or 10% glove attack scroll
    My Opinion: Even if you need a LOT of items, do it for the
    Shumi's 3rd quest
    Shumi lost her moneysack again. She wants you to go get it. Again,
    a platformer with lots of lazers, tricks and hoaxes. You need to
    be patient and smart.
    Level Requirement: 40
    Items Needed: Shumi's Moneysack
    Rewards: 100%, 60% or 10% shoe speed scroll, 30 elixirs, 1 fame.
    My Opinion: do it for the scroll, even if it's very annoying.
    Manji and the Hero's Gladius
    Manji's gladius has been cursed by balrog so it became rusty, and
    he wants you to fix it. Go to Crishrama in Sleepy. He says he made
    it, and he says you need 1 Star Stone, a Piece of Ice, one Ancient
    Scroll and 1 Flame Feather. Mike who guards the Perion entrance to
    the dungeon knows how to make them, and he tells you that you need
    every refined jewel for the star stone, give Arwen her shoe and
    with an 80% chance, she gives a piece of ice, ancient scrolls are
    dropped by dark stone golems, and the flame feather is given by red
    drakes. Then, Arwen can make the items, and you give then to
    Crishrama, then he refines the galdius, and Manji will give you
    skull earrings in return.
    Level Requirement: 45
    Items Needed: Hero's Gladius (star stone, piece of ice, ancient
    scroll, flame feather)
    Rewards: Skull Earrings
    My Opinion: Do it for the earrings.
    Alpaso's communication center
    Fox of El Nath wants you to meet his men in order, and they are
    Charlie, Bravo and Easy. if you meet them, you need different
    items for them charlie - 2 refined orihalchons, bravo - 2 refined
    adamantiums, easy - 2 refined sapphires. if you give the items,
    they give 3 ancient scroll pieces. then, give them to charlie to
    get the reward.
    Fox (El Nath)
    Charlie (Orbis)
    Bravo (Cold Ice)
    Easy (Cloud Park 6)
    Level Requirement: 40
    Items Needed: refined 2 orihachons, 2 adamantiums and 2
    met in order and have 3 pieces of scrolls-
    shoe jump scroll (10% or 60%) or shoe speed scroll (10% or 60%)
    met in order and don't have 3 pieces of scrolls-
    20 elixirs
    didn't meet in order and have 3 pieces of scrolls-
    overall defnese scroll (10% or 60%), shirt defense scroll (10%
    or 60%) or pants defense scroll (10% or 60%)
    didn't meet in order and don't have 3 pieces of scrolls-
    50 mana elixirs
    My Opinion: Try to meet in order and have 3 scrolls or not meet
    in order and have 3 scrolls. Not anything else, since only
    these two variants give something useful.
    Sabitrama's second quest & Shane's hidden quest
    Platformer with many tricks & hoaxes. you'll need to analyze the
    map clearly to pass it.
    After you beat it, Shane tells you that if you beat it again,
    you might get the Red Heart Earrings.
    Level Requirement: 50
    Items Needed: Ginseng or Red Ginseng.
    Rewards: Star Stone or Moon Stone, Red Heart Earrings (Shane)
    My Opinion: Why not? It's annoying, but worth it. Especially
    Luke's gloves
    He needs 10 Refined Orihalchons, 50 Drake Skins, 40 Screws,
    3 Taurospear's Horns and 1 Black Feather. The Black Feather
    can be made by combining 1 Flame Feather, 1 Moon Rock and 1
    Refined Black Crystal. Arwen will make them for you, and Luke
    will give you an old Bronze Norman Helm.
    Level Requirement: 55
    Items Needed: 10 Refined Orihalchons, 1 Refined Black Crystal,
    50 Drake Skins, 40 Screws, 3 Taurospear's Horns, 1 Flame Feather,
    1 Moon Stone
    Rewards: Old Bronze Norman Helm
    My Opinion: Do it for the helmet. It's not quite worth it, but
    anyways, do it.
    Alkester's Magic Book
    Story's too long, Ill just write the procedures.
    Alkester (El Nath Market) -> Lisa (Orbis) -> Elma (Orbis Park)
    -> Jade (El Nath) -> Elma -> Jade -> Spiruna (cloudpark 4) ->
    Snow Covered Stone (Ice Cliff 1, get broken black crystal) ->
    Spiruna (give BBC) -> ??? (cloudpark 4) -> Criel (Orbis Potion
    Shop, starpixiestar 100, lunapixiemoon 50, lusterpixiesun 30,
    get elf powder)  -> Spiruna (give elfpowder get cape scroll)
    -> ???? (get pendant) -> small grave (wolf's territory, get
    old ring) -> Alkester -> Skadur (El Nath, give old ring,
    whitefangtail 100, hectortail 100, get 30 elixir, old ring)
    -> Alkester -> Dances with Balrog (Perion, give 2 STR crystals,
    get old map piece) -> Heinz (Ellinia, Give 2 INT crystals, get
    OMP) -> Helena (Henesys, 2 DEX crystals,  get OMP) -> Dark Lord
    (Kerning City, Give 2 LUK crystals, get OMP) -> Alkester (give 4
    OMP) -> Easy (orbis tower entrance, give 3 werewolf claws, get
    memory powder) -> Alkester (give memory powder) -> Statue (orbis
    tower 9, give old ring, get ancient book) -> Alkester (give
    Ancient Book, get cape)
    Fun huh? Anyways, that's it.
    Level Requirement: 55
    Items Needed: 100 Starpixie Stars, 50 Lunapixie Moons, 30
    Lusterpixie Suns, 100 Hector Tails, 100 Whitefang Tails, 3
    Werewolf Claws, 2 each of refined STR, DEX, INT and LUK
    Rewards: 30 Elixirs, Cape Defense Scroll or Cape Magic Def Scroll
    (10 or 60%), Shoe Speed or Dex Scroll (10 or 60%), Justice Cape  
    My Opinion: Lot of travelng. Not too great rewards, do it
    eventually for the cape.
    John's 3rd quest
    Platformer, tricky, be smart, nuff said.
    Level Requirement: 60
    Items Needed: 30 White Violas
    Rewards: Pink Flower Earrings
    My Opinion: Hard, but worth it, be smart and analyze the
    stage well.
    Sigh... that's it guys!
    11. Info on Continents & Other Versions
    Maple Island
    An island floating near Victoria Island. This Island is Small,
    and it is where Maplers first appear.
    You'll be here for your beginner time, and hunt low level
    Strongest Monster- Orange Mushroom (during an event, a mushmom
    appeared once, but event generations aren't normal generations,
    so this doesn't count)
    Mushroom Town
    Where you start off. This town is small, and divided into
    setions. You will never enter here after you leave.
    A port city. Shanks here will take you to Victoria Island for
    150 mesos.
    Another City. The weapons shot of Maple Island is located here,
    and some entertainment is also loacted here. (putting faces on
    pictures on east side of city)
    Victoria Island
    The main island where you will be. Has the most cities and is
    the Biggest out of the Maple World.
    Strongest Monster- Jr.Balrog
    Lith Harbor
    A port city where you land when you first arrive at Victoria
    Island. Many beginners start off their Victorian hunting
    around here. Many events are held here as well.
    Kerning City
    A civilization from the future built thid city and left. The
    citizens use sophisticated technology and have very different
    clothing. Many mutations due to pollution occur here though.
    An archer town that has a nice balance of monsters around it.
    Much training is done here, and Minigames can be played at
    its game zone.
    A forest city that is close to nature. MAny magical creatures
    such as fairies and elves live here. A port is also located
    here that leads to another continent.
    An Aztec-like city that is filled with strong warriors. The
    technology here is not advanced at all, and people depend on
    sole strength to survive. It also has a deadly Entrance to
    the Dungeon, and has the strongest Monsters out of the four
    Major cities. (Henesys, Kerning, Ellinia, Perion) Much
    commerce goes around here at all times.
    A city deep into the forest fo the dungeon. This city has a
    sauna where you can relax and get out of fatigue. Many
    strong people gather around here and hunt monsters in the
    Ant Tunnel Park
    Not a town, but a 24-hour Store is run here. You can buy
    items in need in this store without going back to Sleepywood.
    Florina Beach
    A beach where many sea creatures roam around. You can rest
    here at an Island rest spot, or hunt strong monsters.
    This continent is newly found, and has two major parts to it.
    Orbis and El Nath.
    Strongest Monster- Fire Dog
    Orbis- A city that floats above the clouds. You can buy good
    items at the store here. Many angels live here as well.
    El Nath- A snowy city that has a unique attribute where you
    slide on the ground. You can purchase Eisen boots to top the
    Aquaroad- An underwater area in ossyria. It is filled with
    marine monsters.
    ??? (name unknown)
    A world with unearthly creatures made up of toys, aliens or
    other stuff
    Strongest Monster- Tanathos
    Ludibrium- This town's NPC's are made up of legos, as are
    their buildings. The monsters in the surrounding area include
    toy rats, lego-block golems and toy aircraft.
    Earth Defence HQ- Who knew aliens protected earth when
    octopuses tried to take over earth? The monsters around here
    include Grey Variants (Aliens, such as Ultra Grey) and
    Octopuses riding UFO's. There is also a 100-story tower
    connecting here and Ludibrium.
    The Lost Time- A mysterious area where time-related monsters
    and ancient monsters appear.
    12. Legal Info
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances, sold
    or publicly distributed without advance written permission. This
    guide may only be used for private, personal use, and placing
    this guide on another web site except www.gamefaqs.com,
    www.neoseeker.com and its partners is strictly prohibited, and
    is an act of violating copyright.
    All trademarks and cpoyrights belong to their respective owners.
    Cpoyright 2005 Dninex
    13. Version History
    1.0- Initial release, looking to change Korean transliteration
    into proper English names, got all the basics down, looking to
    fix typos through Word.
    1.00T2- Fixed the numerous typos found on guide, still have to
    change from Korean transliteration into proper English names.
    1.003- Further minor revisions
    14. Credits
    Friends of Dninex, Evergelion, Nemitrachion and Rickah- Thanks
    guys! You guys helped me a lot!
    [Yellronde]RED- For giving useful info on 3rd job skills
    www.sleepywood.net, www.hidden-street.net- two great english
    sites packed with info, helped me a lot in my noob days
    maple.playforum.net, maple.playpot.com- probably the two best
    maple sites out there (korean). Lot of population to get help
    from. Their help was and is invaluable to me.
    (It seems that mapleworld [maple.playpot.com is temporairily
    closed. They say they'll open soon. I've had bad experiences
    with sites that claim to be resting for a short period... I
    hope they come back online quick! It's suck a great site!])
    Demethus and Bera- for being my home servers
    GameFAQs- For being the best game-related site out there
    CJayC- For the best Game-Related site out there
    My Computer- for being tweaked and tweaked for maximum
    performance through maple.

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