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    Thief/Rogue/Assassin Guide by xChrome

    Version: FINAL | Updated: 02/24/16 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    	/* Authored by xChrome/ChaosXLegion
    	 * Covers Assassin line of Thief class, accurate to GMS 2007 */
    DISCLAIMER: MapleStory and all therein belong to Wizet and/or Nexon,
    I make no profit from this. I do, however, take credit for this guide.
    [ FINAL ] --- 23 FEB 2016
    Final revision. Formatting and style change only, no major content revisions.
    (I wanted to update a 10-year old guide so I wasn't embarrassed for myself when
    I read it over occasionally.)
    [ 3.0 ] --- 20 AUG 2016
    Guide updated to current patch. Modified Rogue builds. Modified training
    [ 2.0 ] --- 30 SEP 2006
    	Guide updated to fully include Hermits.
    [ 1.3 ] --- 26 AUG 2006
    	Updated for clarity. Included information on Hermits.
    [ 1.2 ] --- 02 JUN 2006
    Added more skill builds for all classes. Updated training information.
    Simplified explanation of AP/SP distribution.
    [ 1.1 ] --- 19 MAR 2006
    Modified information on all job classes. Fixed major typo which gave an
    incorrect DEX requirement for first job advancement.
    [ 1.0 ] --- ?? ??? 2006
    	Original publication.
    I. Introduction
    	A. Introduction to MapleStory
    	B. Downloading and Playing Maplestory
    	C. Self-intro
    II. Gameplay Basics
    	A. Controls
    	B. Customization
    III. About Thieves
    	A. Pros and Cons
    	B. Why choose an Assassin?
    	C. Assassin/Bandit Line Comparison
    IV. Your First Character: Levels 1 - 10
    	A. Character Creation and Growth
    	B. Welcome to Maple Island
    	C. How to Get the Hell Out
    V. Victoria Island: The Adventure Begins
    	A. Becoming a Rogue
    	B. Skill Breakdown
    	C. Rogue Character Growth
    	D. Equipment Breakdown
    	E. Financing Your Character
    	F. Training
    VI. An Assassin Is You: Second Job Advancement
    	A. Becoming an Assassin
    	B. Skill Breakdown
    	C. Assassin Character Growth
    	D. Training
    VII. Go West: Third Job Advancement
    	A. You've Come A Long Way
    	B. Becoming a Hermit
    	C. Skill Breakdown
    	D. Hermit Character Growth
    	E. Training
    VIII. Where to from Here?
    	A. What to Expect (in 2007)
    	B. Advantages of Your Job Choice (...in 2007)
    	C. What Now?
    IX. Special Thanks
    I. Introduction
    A. Introduction to MapleStory
    MapleStory is a 2D MMORPG developed by Wizet and published worldwide by Nexon,
    both based in South Korea. It has become one of the world's most popular
    MMORPGs since its original 2003 release in South Korea. Following its local
    release, the game gained a following in the East Asian market, eventually
    leading to a worldwide publication by Nexon (formerly NX Games).
    The game features most of what you'd expect in an MMORPG: A leveling system,
    character growth, a class-tree system, dungeons, boss fights, quests, a
    player-driven economy, etc.
    What makes the game popular is its micro-gameplay and its social sphere;
    regular gameplay resembles a traditional 2D platformer, featuring responsive
    and intuitive controls. MapleStory is intuitive for the most casual player, yet
    many of its macro-elements make the game deep enough to satisfy the depths of
    its playerbase.
    MapleStory is also highly social. It's among the first MMORPGs to feature
    separate chatrooms for an entire friend list, guild, etc. rather than forcing
    individual communication between friends. The environments in the game are
    havens for people to chill and do absolutely nothing with everyone in the guild.
    B. Downloading and Playing MapleStory
    MapleStory can be downloaded from maplestory.nexon.net. The game isn't too
    taxing on the system--as of 2007, the hardware requirements are:
    -  CPU: Single-core, 500-MHz
     - RAM: 64-MB DDR
     - Disk Space: 300-MB
     - OS: Windows 98
     - GPU: Integrated, 3D Acceleration
     - Network: Any internet connection
    With these settings, you can download MapleStory and play it,
    but you'll experience some lag and opening it might take a while.
    C. Self-intro
    Hi. I'm xChrome.
    If you've read this guide before, you'll probably be able to tell that it's
    been updated a lot...for no reason, since I haven't played the game since 2009.
    Either way, we want to have some kind of credibility here, so here are my
    characters as I remember them:
    - ChaosXLegion, 85 Hermit
    - Hybe, 101 Sniper
    - Xaenus, 52 Page
    I played in Scania, and if you've ever seen the guild Reverie running around
    then, then you've probably seen the purple-haired mess known as my Hermit. I
    put a lot of time and heart into growing him into what he became, so basically
    my entire soul ended up in this guide as I tried to rationalize my decisions up
    to the point where I stopped playing him in favor of my Sniper.
    Also, I was literally a child when I first wrote this. Now I'm a
    near-graduating college student. I figured I'd do myself a favor by updating my
    style here. Doesn't hurt to pour the last few bits of my soul into the game
    that consumed it for 4 years of my childhood.
    Ah, nostalgia. Onward.
    II. Gameplay Basics
    A. Controls
    The game throws you a default configuration for your starting controls. This
    configuration is really uncomfortable and I don't know who thought of it, so
    the next section will go over customization. The core default controls are
    ALT ---------------- Jump
    CTRL --------------- Basic Attack
    1/2/3/4/ ----------- Chat (All / Party / Friends / Guild)
    R/P/G -------------- Groups (Friends / Party / Guild)
    H ------------------ Whisper
    Z ------------------ Loot
    x ------------------ Sit
    M ------------------ Minimap (Current Location)
    W ------------------ World Map
    E ------------------ Current Equipment
    I ------------------ Inventory
    S ------------------ Character Sheet (Stats, damage, defense, etc.)
    K ------------------ Skills (Unique to class)
    F1 - F7 ------------ Facial Expressions
    B. Customization
    It's also possible customize your keyboard layout should you so please. I
    highly recommend doing so, so I've included it here.
    Personally I always found the default configuration to be all over the place.
    If you're like me, you might want to condense your most frequently used
    abilities, hotkeys, etc. into a grid. Or whatever. Maybe you play a lot of
    Counter-Strike so you prefer WASD. Or you actually like the default controls, I
    Customize your controls using the KEY SETTINGS button on the bottom right of
    the HUD.
    My personal controls across all my characters (not just my Hermit) follows a
    grid scheme so my left hand doesn't have to change position much, if at all,
    when I'm endlessly killing Gobis. Here it is:
    CTRL -------- Support Skill (ex. Drain, Blizzard)
    SHIFT ------- Mobility or Utility Skill (primary attack for Hermit)
    Q ----------- Basic Attack
    W ----------- Crowd-Control or Utility Skill (ex. Eruption or Dark Sight)
    R ----------- Inventory
    T ----------- Crowd-Control Skill
    A ----------- Booster
    S ----------- Hasting Skill/Speedup (ex. Haste, Speed Pill)
    D ----------- Steroid (ex. Warrior Elixir, Dragon Blood, Rage)
    F ----------- Loot
    G ----------- Primary Skill (ex. Lucky Seven) (on Hermit, mobility skill)
    B ----------- Character Sheet
    P.UP -------- HP Potion
    P.DN -------- MP Potion
    HOME -------- Status Potion
    INS --------- Summoning Skill (Shadow Partner, Eagle, etc.)
    DEL --------- Friends
    END --------- Guild
    As you can see, most active skills can be assigned to the keyboard, as well as
    potions and most usable items. The Quick Slot hotbar on the bottom-right of the
    HUD can be edited similarly, so keybinds and item displays can be changed on
    the fly.
    III. About Thieves
    A. Pros and Cons
    As far as the Assassin line goes, there are definite characteristics you should
    consider before you decide if it's really for you.
    	- Most popular class; huge market for equipment
    	- Becomes self-funding past level 40
    	- Ranged attacker with high dodge, so you take less damage overall
    	- High single-target DPS
    	- Fun, dynamic skillset
    	- Mobility, especially past 3rd job advnacement
      	- Huge demand for equipment can mean high prices
    	- Hard to self-fund for new players
    	- Relatively weak early on
    	- May carry a bad reputation as "KSers"
    	- Subpar multi-target/crowd control until 3rd/4th job
    	- No defensive buffs, only a single self-healing skill
    	- Only one party supporting skill
    B. Why Choose Asassins?
    The Assassin line is a pure DPS line of classes. Basically, choose the Assassin
    line if you want to be the most damaging character running around Forest of
    Golems. When you get to boss runs, Hermits often carry the highest
    single-target DPS in the party. This is due to the line's emphasis on
    single-target, multi-hitting skills, high crit rate, and the highest base
    attack speed in the game, both with and without Boosters.
    However, damage is often the only thing the Assassin line has to brag about;
    their only party buff is Haste, so they bring no offensive/defensive buffs,
    heals, statuses, or really anything else to parties. Arguably, this is all made
    up for by the Assassin line's DPS--it really is the highest in the game,
    probably to compensate for their lack of everything else.
    C. Assassin/Bandit Line Comparison
    TL;DR - Both are mobile DPSers. The Assassin line is immediately rewarding,
    while the Bandit line needs you to wait a bit. The Assassin line sticks to a
    formula that definitely works. The Bandit line takes a little more effort to
    shine, and they become more dynamic as you progress. Both are fun.
    The popularity of Assassins is due to their relatively intuitive power
    curve--it goes in a straight, increasing line. As Rogues, they're relatively
    weak. They get steadily stronger as they level up and advance through jobs.
    This trend never really changes, so you can really "feel" the progress you make
    with your character as you level up.
    Compare this with their counterparts, the Bandit line. While they start weak as
    Rogues, they stay weak as Bandits until about 12-13 levels in, when Savage
    Blow, their primary attack, gets maxed out. Still, the fact that they're
    close-ranged, don't have a self-heal, and generally are not as mobile as
    Assassins during this time extends their power trough until about 10 levels
    into 3rd job, where they suddenly gain a huge spike in in-combat mobility and
    crowd control/mobbing power. From there, their power curve starts to look more
    Where the Assassin line has a linear power curve all throughout, the Bandit
    line has a two-part curve: A really shallow parabola for the first 80 levels,
    then a steep line from level 80 onwards.
    Finally, their skillsets start to diverge from 3rd job onwards. Hermits
    generally remain the same, hoppity-hoppity DPSers they were in 2nd job, while
    Bandits become a high-DPS mobbing and cleanup class as Chief Bandits. After the
    4th job advancement, Night Lords, again, remain the same. Shadowers add even
    more different tools to their attack patterns and become a more micro-intensive
    IV. Your First Character: Levels 1 - 10
    A. Character Creation and Growth
    You get to customize your character upon creation. Most of this is preference,
    but among your choices is your choice of a starting weapon. I recommend that
    you choose the Sword, as it generally is the most reliable starting weapon in
    terms of damage (Axe and Club both have negative multipliers on stab attacks,
    albeit positive ones on slash attacks).
    Name your character. You'll notice you can't actually pick "Thief" as your
    class--by default, you start as a Beginner; don't worry, you become a Thief
    later. Then you get to go through the hell that is the stat dice roll.
    The red dice randomly generate your stats. As Assassins, we want to focus on
    maximizing LUK and adding DEX as needed, while forgoing STR and INT altogether.
    To do this, we want to minimize STR and INT by rolling a 4, the minimum value,
    in both. Go ahead and do that.
    Yeah, unless you got insanely lucky in the first few rolls, you've realized by
    now that this might take a while. It's perfectly acceptable to roll a 5 in
    either one of those unimportant stats--or if you're impatient, in both.
    Your stats should be as follows:
    STR --- 4 or 5
    DEX --- ???
    INT --- 4 or 5
    LUK --- ???
    Don't worry about maximizing LUK or DEX upon creation. We'll be allocating our
    AP in a specific manner, so they'll end up how they should be in the long run.
    As far as levels 1 - 10, you want to ***spend all your points in DEX until you
    have 25 DEX***. This is very important. Once you have 25 DEX, put the rest in
    B. Welcome to Maple Island
    You'll quickly realize that Maple Island is MapleStory's idea of a tutorial.
    The area features low-level monsters, quests which teach you the basics of how
    to play the game, and some decent low-level items as rewards for those quests.
    I recommend doing those quests as long as it's convenient and reliable. Some
    quests will just take too long, or will be a difficult task all their own--if
    that's the case, just don't do the quest. It's probably better to just kill
    Your main monster targets for hunting will be Snails, Blue Snails, and Shrooms.
    The reason for this is that they all have very low HP/defense and give good EXP
    (+2, +3 for the latter two) for how much HP they have. Try to avoid Red Snails,
    Stumps, Pigs, Slimes, and Orange Mushrooms; they either have high HP/defense
    with low EXP reward, or are simply too strong for you right now.
    C. How to Get the Hell Out
    First of all, I don't recommend actually leaving Maple Island until you're
    level 10 or very close to level 10, since training at low-level spots in
    Victoria Island will need you to travel and deal with competition and
    high-leveled jerks who camp Henesys Hunting Ground.
    Whatever your decision, you can leave by buying a ticket from Shanks, or by
    receiving a free pass from Lucas, the Chief of Amherst, through Sara's
    REMEMBER: You want to have 25 DEX by the time you're done as a Beginner at
    level 10. You WILL NOT be able to advance to Rogue if you don't meet these
    V. Victoria Island: The Adventure Begins
    A. Becoming a Rogue
    Nice, you did it! To complete your magnificent transformation from Beginner to
    Thief, travel to Kerning City and talk to Dark Lord, located in the basement of
    the Fusion Bar. As long as you've met the 25 DEX/level 10 requirement, he'll
    promote you to Rogue and give you your first SP.
    B. Skill Breakdown
    Rogues are the common class between Assassins and Bandits, so their skillbook
    features elements of both classes. The skills are broken down as follows:
    	- PASSIVE: Permanently increases ACC/AVD.
    	- PASSIVE: Permanently increases attack range for throwing stars.
    	- ACTIVE: Briefly stuns a target and reduces its W.ATT/W.DEF. Melee only.
    - ACTIVE: You stealth and are able to phase through monsters, but attacking
    breaks stealth. Your SPD/JMP are also reduced.
    	- ACTIVE: Exactly what it sounds like. Dagger only.
    - ACTIVE: Quickly throw two stars to strike a single target. Claw only. Ranged
    equivalent to Double Stab.
    C. Rogue Character Growth
    Throughout your MapleStory career, you'll find that there are certain skills
    which you MUST (or should if you want to be any decent) max, some which are
    simply prerequisites to other skills, and some that are just terrible
    For Rogues, we're going to pick the same skills to max every time, but the
    order in which you do this depends on how you want to play and whatever funds
    you may or may not have. The two builds below are really simple, but don't
    worry, you'll end up with more freedom with what skills you want as you advance
    through jobs.
    (Note that if the guide tells you to level or max a skill, it's also telling
    you to get that skill's prerequisite.)
    CRIT FIRST (less MP intensive, safer training, better for low funds):
    	- Keen Eyes (MAX)
    	- Lucky Seven (MAX)
    	- Dark Sight (MAX)
    L7 FIRST (more damage, more MP intensive, short ranged at first):
    	- Lucky Seven (MAX)
    	- Keen Eyes (MAX)
    	- Dark Sight (MAX)
    D. Equipment Breakdown
    As a Rogue, you want to maximize your LUK stat. However, you'll soon find that
    Thief equipment often carries a DEX requirement. This means that even though
    Assassins gain power from LUK, we should periodically increase our DEX in order
    to use new equipment. Equipment also has LUK requirements, but we're always
    going to have enough, so that doesn't matter.
    Note that DEX can be supplemented by other items whose requirements you already
    meet and that you are able to use. This might reduce the amount of DEX you have
    to invest in the future and allow you to maximize LUK.
    DEX requirements increase with every new equipment set. During your time as a
    Rogue, you'll find that the level 10 armor and weapon requires nothing, but the
    level 15 set requires 30 DEX. The trend with these DEX requirements is as
    LEVELS 15 - 40 --- Required equipment DEX = Required level * 2
    LEVELS 50+ ------- Required equipment DEX increases from previous by 10
    It's up to you to decide how you want to allocate your points then, as long as
    you meet the stat requirements for your next set of equipment by the time you
    get to the required level.
    Alternatively, you can opt to skip some equipment sets altogether and just dump
    your points into LUK. These can turn into alternative stat builds called
    "Low-DEX" or "DEXless"--these require significant funds, and if you're reading
    this guide, you probably don't have those funds right now.
    E. Financing Your Character
    Speaking of funds, it can't hurt to save a little money early on to help you
    later. There are two key things you can do to minimize your expenses as a
    Rogue. Obviously, if you're already funded, you can do whatever the hell you
    want, but for the newcomers, consider the following:
    ***Don't max Lucky Seven first.***
    This may seem counter-intuitive, but eventually you save money by not having to
    buy MP potions until later, and because you max Keen Eyes instead, you'll be
    able to hit things from a safer distance, reducing your HP potion usage.
    Obviously you'll train a bit slower, but it may be worth the trade-off if
    you're really low on money.
    ***Skip the early equipment.***
    Again, might seem counter-intuitive. But if you just keep the level 10 Garnier
    and skip all the other claws and armor, even the level 10 armor, you'll be able
    to save a bunch of money on ultimately useless equipment. Also, you'll be able
    to hoard LUK for a while, which will compensate for your reduced damage a bit.
    If you choose to do this, it should be until level 25, at which point you buy a
    Meba and upgrade your DEX to 50. The reason for this is because Mebas have a
    "Faster" attack speed, which ends up increasing your DPS considerably compared
    to if you kept your Garnier any later. Later on, you'll find that a Meba can
    replace the level 30 and 35 claw thanks to the DPS it provides.
    F. Training
    These training spots maximize the HP/EXP ratio with monsters that we talked
    about earlier, while also considering maps which are nice and easy to maneuver.
    Note that this is optimized for unfunded newcomers. If you're funded, I'm sure
    you can find the correct training spot appropriate for your strength level.
    LEVEL 10 - 21:
    	Slime Tree (Slimes)
    LEVEL 21 - 24:
    	Pig Beach (Pigs, Ribbon Pigs)
    	Henesys East Rainforest (Pigs, Ribbon Pigs)
    LEVEL 25 - 30:
    	Ant Tunnel I (Horned, Undead Mushrooms)
    	Mushroom Tree (Green, Horned Mushrooms)
    	Land of Wild Boar I (Wild Boar, Axe Stumps, Dark Axe Stumps)
    VI. An Assassin Is You: Second Job Advancement
    A. Becoming an Assassin
    At level 30, you're granted the opportunity to become an Assassin. Look at you!
    Unlike the 1st job advancement, there aren't any stat requirements for the 2nd
    job advancement besides being level 30. However, you must have allocated every
    SP you gained between the levels of 11 and 30 in order to be able to advance.
    The second job advancement involves a pretty tedious combat test, so you should
    stock up on potions and whatever you need beforehand. Once you've done that,
    speak with Dark Lord and he'll send you to the Construction Site North of
    Kernign City to speak with the advancement NPC.
    The test involves gathering 30 Dark Marble drops from a bunch of overpowered
    Cold Eyes and Blue Mushrooms which grant no experience. It sucks. But whatever.
    Just do it.
    Ten years later, you're an Assassin! Again, you've got 1 SP to spend on
    whatever you want. Enjoy it. Savor it. Become it. You are that 1 SP.
    B. Skill Breakdown
    But not really. Read below before you decide what to spend that point on.
    - PASSIVE: Stabilizes your damage range with claws and increases accuracy.
    Increases maximum throwing star capacity. Claw only.
    	- PASSIVE: Increases critical strike chance.
    ENDURE (MAX 20)
    	- PASSIVE: Idling recovers more HP/MP. Allows ladder recovery.
    	- ACTIVE: Increases attack speed. Claw only.
    HASTE (MAX 20)
    	- ACTIVE: Increases SPD/JMP of you and all nearby party members.
    DRAIN (MAX 30)
    - ACTIVE: Throw a draining star to steal some HP from a single target,
    proportional to how much damage was dealt. Can only steal half of a monster's
    max HP per attack.
    C. Assassin Character Growth
    Now, you've got several options when building your Assassin, but you've
    probably realized just by reading that list that Endure sucks, so don't build
    it except as a pre-requisite to Drain. Also, it's important to note that Claw
    Booster is a static buff--the only thaing that increass with its level is the
    duration of the buff.
    Here are some sample builds you can follow. Note that I only level up Claw
    Booster to 5 in all of these builds; that's just personal preference for the
    buff duration, you can add or deduct points as you wish.
    	- Critical Throw (MAX)
    	- Claw Booster (5)
    	- Haste (MAX)
    	- Drain (MAX)
    	- Claw Mastery (MAX)
    	- (Remaining points in Booster or Endure)
    	- Critical Throw (MAX)
    	- Claw Booster (5)
    	- Haste (MAX)
    	- Claw Mastery (MAX)
    	- Drain (MAX)
    	- (Remaining points in Booster or Endure)
    	- Claw Booster (5)
    	- Haste (10)
    	- Critical Throw (MAX)
    	- Haste (MAX) OR Drain (MAX)
    	- Whatever you didn't max between Haste and Drain
    	- Claw Mastery (MAX)
    	- (Remaining points in Booster or Endure)
    These are examples of three distinct builds. The first option maximizes your
    self-sustainability and damage by taking Drain before Mastery and maxing
    Critical Throw first.
    The second opts for better damage while forgoing self-healing by taking Mastery
    The last option delays Critical Throw by three levels in favor of Haste, which
    gives slightly better mobility at the cost of damage.
    D. Training
    Rather than list locations I'll just list specific mobs, as they're all pretty
    abundant throughout several maps.
    LEVEL 30 - 36:
    	Sakura Cellions
    	Evil Eyes
    	Zombie Mushrooms
    	Teddies/Pink Teddies
    LEVEL 37 - 49:
    	Platoon Chronos
    	Sakura Cellions
    	Lunar Pixies
    	Copper Drakes
    	Mask Fish
    LEVEL 50 - 55:
    	Lunar Pixies
    	Luster Pixies
    	Jr. Yetis
    	Hectors/White Pangs
    	Dark/Mixed Golems (Forest of Golems)
    	Coolie Zombies (Dead Forest 1-4)
    LEVEL 56 - 70:
    	Luster Pixies
    	Coolie Zombies
    	Hectors/White Pangs
    	Dark/Mixed Golems
    VII. Go West: Third Job Advancement
    A. You've Come A Long Way
    Through 40 painful levels, you'll come to realize the exact strengths and
    weaknesses of the Assassin line. Hopefully you've become comfortable enough
    with your character to have learned essential techniques such as jump
    attacks/reverses, aggro pulling, and some map-specific maneuvering tricks.
    You probably started to realize just how good your DPS and killing efficiency
    is towards level 50. That's going to stick, and it's going to get better. I
    hope you haven't become too comfortable with your style, because everything is
    going to get a lot easier from here.
    B. Becoming a Hermit
    At level 70, you're able to become a Hermit, this time through Arec in El
    Nath's. This job advancement requires a lot more work than the first
    two--here's the rundown.
    - You're going to be fighting a rather difficult, hostile version of Dark Lord,
    so make sure to stock up on potions, elixirs, etc. and upgrade your gear if
    - 10 Dark Crystal Ores will be needed to create one refined Dark Crystal for
    later in the test.
    - Pull up Hidden Street or something, since this test involves a (very
    important) pop quiz on MapleStory trivia. Once you get to this stage of the
    test, be very careful not to answer incorrectly--else you'll need to refine
    another Dark Crystal.
    The details of that summary are explained by Arec himself, so take his word for
    If you've managed to do all of that and not pass out from excitement,
    congratulations, you're a Hermit! Cool, yeah, awesome.
    C. Skill Breakdown
    The Hermit skillbook involves a much more dynamic and versatile kit compared to
    that of the Assassin skillbook. Most of your mobility, DPS, and all of your
    mob-DPS capabilities come from this skill tree. Again, the order in which you
    max the vital skills is your choice, and whether or not you opt for the
    less-important ones is for you to decide.
    The skills of a Hermit are as follows.
    - ACTIVE: Consume a Summoning Rock to summon a copy of you which mimics your
    AVENGER (MAX 30)
    	- ACTIVE: Throw a huge shuriken which damages multiple enemies.
    	- ACTIVE: While mid-air, use to quickly propel yourself forward in an arc.
    MESO UP (MAX 20)
    - ACTIVE: You and your party pick up an increased amount of money from monster
    - ACTIVE: Consume some mesos to throw a projectile capable of critically
    striking for huge damage.
    - PASSIVE: Increase the effect and duration of potions, elixirs, and status
    - ACTIVE: Consume your Shadow Partner to root an enemy in place for a hefty
    D. Hermit Character Growth
    The first big choice you'll face in your Hermit build is deciding when you want
    to max Shadow Partner early or save the points for increased mobility through
    Flash Jump or increased mobbing through Avenger. This trio of skills forms your
    core build as a Hermit; the other skills, while beneficial, aren't really
    important, and should be saved for last.
    Here are some sample builds.
    	- Avenger (1)
    	- Shadow Partner (MAX)
    	- Flash Jump (MAX)
    	- Avenger (MAX)
    	- Alchemist (MAX)
    	- Meso Up (MAX)
    	- Shadow Web (MAX)
    	- Shadow Meso (whatever's left)
    	- Shadow Partner (MAX)
    	- Flash Jump (MAX)
    	- Avenger (MAX)
    	- Alchemist (MAX)
    	- Meso Up (MAX)
    	- Shadow Web (MAX)
    	- Shadow Meso (whatever's left)
    	- Avenger (5)
    	- Shadow Partner (MAX)
    	- Avenger (1)
    	- Flash Jump (MAX)
    	- Avenger (MAX)
    	- Alchemist (MAX)
    	- Meso Up (MAX)
    	- Shadow Web (MAX)
    	- Shadow Meso (whatever's left)
    	- Flash Jump (1)
    	- Shadow Partner (MAX)
    	- Flash Jump (MAX)
    	- Avenger (MAX)
    	- Alchemist (MAX)
    	- Meso Up (MAX)
    	- Shadow Web (MAX)
    	- Shadow Meso (whatever's left)
    E. Training
    LEVEL 70 - 75:
    	Dark/Mixed Golems (Forest of Golems)
    	Coolie Zombies (Dead Forest 1 - 4)
    	Wolf Spiders
    LEVEL 76 - 89:
    	Death Teddies
    	Black/Risell Squids
    LEVEL 90+:
    	Black/Risell Squids
    	Grim Phantom Watches
    VIII. Where to from Here?
    Well, that's about all the useful content I have to give you. I hope I've
    outlined everything pretty well.
    Back to the modern era--I sincerely enjoyed rewriting this guide in my
    up-to-date style. Formatting this guide really brought back what it was like
    for me to play MapleStory every single day up until high school started for me,
    and I won't forget all the friends I made through this game. I actually
    surprised myself with how much knowledge I retained.
    If you've managed to read this far, you can probably find me on the
    Southperry.net Discord server--find that by browsing through Southperry.net for
    a bit until you find the thread.
    An update on myself since I first wrote this thing: I've been enrolled in
    university for four years now, and I'm on track to graduate in five. I've since
    taken up Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Mechatronics, and I
    love what I study and what I do. It has almost nothing to do with MapleStory
    and has taken no influence from it besides maybe the small elements of the
    coding that I do on a regular basis.
    If you've really, really read this far, I figured I'd share all of that with
    you to commemorate how much you and I have grown over the past 10 years--or at
    least I assume you'd grown, otherwise, why are you just now reading a
    ten-year-old guide for an old game?
    IX. Special Thanks
    I'll keep this part the same as it was originally.
    Well, this is it. We part here. I'll never forget you, old friend,
    with your practical jokes..and beating me to a pulp, burning my
    house to a pile of ashes..
    No wait, that was my 5th birthday party. Whoops!
    A. A Special thanks to..
    I'd like to thank..
    GameFAQs for hosting my guide.
    The Reverie guild for helping me through my emocidal period
    (Level 74).
    Reverie again for being awesome.
    DRCsyntax, the founder of TWM, the guild I'm in, for giving me some
    or most of the information of how to be a good Assassin.
    ExAtlas, another TWM member, helped me get to 50, and motivated me
    to get as far as I am now. Being a 5x Assassin made me want to write
    a guide about Assassins, as I'm pretty experienced..had one in Beta
    Myself, for powerleveling me (Being a Hermit is oh-so sweet.)
    The community of onRPG's former Forum 57, the Maple Story forum, for
    helping me, giving me tips on how to be an Assassin, leading to this
    And you, the readers, especially, for taking the time to read this
    guide. I hope all this information doesn't go to waste. >_O
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except
    for personal, private use without my permission. It may NOT be hosted
    on ANY website other than the ones listed below without my consent.
    If you print out a copy for your friend, that's fine, but I don't
    want you telling random people about this guide, or even advertising
    it. Also, I don't want you using this guide for any profit
    whatsoever, in real life or in-game. All of the above are copyright
    I authorize this guide to be hosted only by the following sites:
    GameFAQs [http://www.gamefaqs.com/]
    NeoSeeker [http://www.neoseeker.com/]
    CheatCodes [http://www.cheatcodes.com/]
    And any other sites that request my permission.
    Thanks again for reading my guide.
    Copyright (C), 2006 ChaosXLegion

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