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    Pet FAQ by Poalas

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    Use CTRL + F, always, always, always! Sifting through any guide is hell
    unless you use that command.
                                   Pet FAQ
                                  By Poalas
    Table of Contents
    1.0 Intro & Legal
    2.0 Updates
    3.0 About Pets
    4.0 Pet Types
    5.0 Pet Commands
     5.1 Brown/Black Kitty
     5.2 Brown Puppy
     5.3 Rudolph
     5.4 Pink/White Bunny (NOT in oMS yet)
     5.5 Mini Cargo (NOT in oMS yet)
    6.0 Pet Leveling Chart
    7.0 Pet Equipment
    8.0 Pet "Use" Items
     8.1 Cash Shop "Use" Items
     8.2 Pet Scrolls
    9.0 Misc.
    10.0 FAQ
    11.0 Closing and Credits
    1.0 Intro & Legal
    Alright, let me introduce myself. My name is Poalas, in-game (duh).
    This is the 2nd FAQ I have written, so it's probably crap. Eh, whatever.
    Now, this wall of text will explain as much as it possibly can regarding
    pets. Kay, now for the legal stuffs. This guide may not be replicated
    under another person's name, nor may it be distributed under another
    person's name. Plagiarizing this guide is the worst thing you can do.
    Just don't do it. The only sites that may have this guide are those that
    I have submitted this to, or those who receive my permission. All credit
    must go to the people credited in the making of this. All ownership
    of this guide will be entitled to the creator of the guide. Legal
    action will be taken for using this guide without contacting me and
    gaining permission.
    2.0 Updates
    0.8- FAQ complete, had to update the section numbers to accomodate
    the Updates section, and some things in the general structure of this
    0.85- Updated the FAQ section, and anything on Rudolph, minus its
    commands. Also updated a few Use items, and some more descriptions
    in a few areas of the guide.
    1.0- Basically everything is done, unless Wizet adds in something
    extraordinary about pets. Misc. section added.
    1.01- I felt I had to edit the Credits. Nagged at me for awhile. If it
    weren't for this site's message board community, this FAQ wouldn'tve
    really gotten far.
    3.0 About Pets
    Pets are, well, as the name suggests, pets. They follow you around,
    you can teach it new tricks, feed it, play with it, scold it, and even
    train it. If you have the money to, you can also equip it with things
    and get pet scrolls to alter your(yes, YOUR) speed/jump(ie speed,
    jump, etc). You can get pets in the Cash Shop. They're generally around
    4,900 NX Cash for regular pets, and for special, limited-edition ones,
    are around 6,700 NX Cash. Once you buy a pet, you cannot change your
    mind about it, so be wary of that.
    4.0 Pet Types
    Below are the current pets available for purchasing in oMS. Some are
    limited-edition, and the date at which they were removed will follow
    the description of the pet.
    Brown Kitty(4,900 NX Cash): They are quiet and gentle in nature, so
    they don't go craving for food too often. They don't seem to be too
    obedient of their owners, however.
    Brown Puppy(4,900 NX Cash): They are outgoing and active in nature,
    so they can't sit still for a period of time, which makes them hungry
    often. They are very obedient of their owners.
    Rudolph (6,700 NX Cash): They are smart and obedient by nature,
    picking up commands faster than other pets, but they can also get
    hungry in a hurry. *HAS BEEN REMOVED AS OF 1/4/06*
    Black Kitty (5,100 NX Cash): They are quiet and gentle in nature, so
    they don't go craving for food too often. They don't seem to be too
    obedient of their owners.
    Mini Kargo (5,100 NX Cash): They are very very active, so they get
    hungry pretty often. Very intelligent, they are quite obedient of
    their owners.
    5.0 Pet Commands
    Depending on your pet's level, it can sit, roll over, mush, blush,
    talk, and do many other things. Sometimes it will not obey you. Higher
    closeness doesn't always mean it'll always obey you. It's simply pet
    exp, not to be confused with anything else.
    Note: Any commands grouped together are really, the same command. Just
    different words >_>
    Note 2: Upon your pet reaching level 15 (1642 Closeness), it will gain
    the ability to say whatever the hell you want it to say. The command
    for this is /pet insert-text-here.
    5.1 Brown/Black Kitty
    Commands for levels 1-30:
    bad, no, badgirl, badboy
    stupid, ihateyou, dummy
    Commands for 10-30:
    talk, say, chat
    Commands for 20-30:
    up, stand, rise
    5.2 Brown Puppy
    Commands for levels 1-30:
    bad, no, badgirl, badboy
    stupid, baddog, ihateyou, dummy
    Commands for 10-30:
    talk, bark, say, chat
    Commands for 20-30:
    5.3 Rudolph
    Commands for levels 1-30:
    no, badgirl, badboy, bad
    up, stand
    stupid, ihateyou, dummy
    merryxmas, merrychristmas
    Commands for 11-30:
    talk, say, chat
    alone, lonely
    Commands for 21-30:
    mush, go
    5.4 Pink/White Bunny (NOT in oMS yet)
    Commands for levels 1-30:
    bad, no, badgirl, badboy
    up, stand, rise
    Commands for 10-30:
    talk, say, chat
    Commands for 20-30:
    sleep, sleepy, gotobed
    5.5 Mini Kargo
    Commands for levels 1-30:
    bad, no, badgirl, badboy
    up, stand, rise
    Commands for 10-30:
    talk, say, chat
    thelook, charisma
    Commands for 20-30:
    goodboy, goodgirl
    6.0 Pet Leveling Chart
    Here's the chart for pet leveling. You can level your pet by feeding it,
    playing with it by giving it commands, or going to the Pet-Walking Road
    in Henesys Park. There's a hidden portal near Cloy. It's the kitty
    statue. So, press up on it. You'll be taken to the platform above you.
    That's a portal, too >_>; So press up on it again, and bam. So go all
    the way to the left of the place, talk to Trainer Bartos, get the letter
    from him, jump to the top of the map, and talk to Trainer Frod. Your
    pet "Closeness", or, EXP of the pet, will go up by 2 or 3. Or, you
    can go to the Ludibrium Pet Walkway, which is in Ludibrium
    (coincidence?). The Ludi Pet Walkway gives a lot more Closeness than
    the one in Henesys--Up to 6! 4-5 is the norm, however. Try both Pet
    Parks, and see which one is easier for you. It's all in your head,
    Level / Total Closeness / Closeness needed for next level
    1 / 0 / 1
    2 / 1 / 2
    3 / 3 / 3
    4 / 6 / 8
    5 / 14 / 17
    6 / 31 / 29
    7 / 60 / 48
    8 / 108 / 73
    9 / 181 / 106
    10 / 287 / 147
    11 / 434 / 198
    12 / 632 / 259
    13 / 891 / 333
    14 / 1224 / 418
    15 / 1642 / 519
    16 / 2161 / 632
    17 / 2793 / 764
    18 / 3557 / 910
    19 / 4467 / 1083
    20 / 5542 / 1256
    21 / 6798 / 1452
    22 / 8250 / 1700
    23 / 9950 / 1950
    24 / 11900 / 2200
    25 / 14100 / 2500
    26 / 16600 / 2800
    27 / 19400 / 3200
    28 / 22600 / 3500
    29 / 26100 / 3900
    30 / 30000 / End
    7.0 Pet Equipment
    Some are for all pets. Others are for just your special Kargo, or
    your adorable Rudolph. In either event, pets can equip just ONE piece
    of equipment. Pet-specific equipment offer 7 slots. Common pet 
    equipment allow for 5 scrolling slots.
    Rudolph's Hat (2,400 NX Cash): A hat with antlers shaped like a
    reindeer's. 5 Slots for Pet Scrolls, can be used by all pets.
    Rudolph's Sleigh (2,400 NX Cash): It is the very vehicle Santa uses
    on his Christmas trips. Only available for Rudolph. 7 Slots for Pet
    Scrolls. *HAS BEEN REMOVED AS OF 1/4/06*
    Meso Magnet (2,400 NX Cash): With this item, your pet will collect
    dropped by a monster as it passes by them. Applies to only your
    MESOS. Your pet will NOT be attracted to the mesos at all, it will
    only loot them if your pet passes by the mesos.
    Red Ribbon (2,000 NX Cash): A ribbon for your pet; any pet can wear
    this, and it has 5 slots available for pet scrolls.
    Mini Kargo Wings (2,400 NX Cash): A small, cutesy set of wings for
    kargos only.
    Red/Blue Top Hat (2,400 NX Cash): N/A
    Black/Blue/Red Hats (2,000 NX Cash): N/A
    8.0 Pet "Use" Items
    There are usage items for pets, which will alter the pet's abilities
    to do things, or its appearance. Do note, most Use items are from
    Cash Shop, or require Cash Shop items in order for them to be used.
    Pet Food (100 mesos/food): Small pets love them. Recovers 30 Fullness.
    NOT for humans! No crap. Anyways, you'll need these if you wanna see
    your pet out for over 5 minutes at most. Feeding your pet increases
    Closeness. Overfeeding it, when your pet is at 100 Fullness and you
    feed it anyways, will DECREASE Closeness. It is the only way to
    decrease Closeness. Funny.
    8.1 Cash Shop "Use" Items
    There are only 2 Use items in CS as of now. I will update this as
    more are released.
    Naming the Pet (2,100 NX Cash): With this, you'll be able to name your
    pet. Call its name before making an order, and the pet responds much
    better to your command. Instead of the pet type being below your pet,
    you can buy a name tag and name your pet, to get rid of that silly 
    thing. Now, instead of saying "sit" like, 15 times in a row to get your
    kitty to sit, you can say "*insertnamehere*, sit". Bleh, not much of a
    change, but break out of the ordinary, yah? Also, its tendency to
    obey your commands will increase a bit, by calling its name before
    making your command.
    Water of Life (2,400 NX Cash): A mysterious water gathered from the
    deepest valleys of Ellinia. Get this to Mar the Fairy and the pet
    that had turned back into a doll will come back to life. Basically,
    if your pet dies and turns back into a doll, you can use this to bring
    it back to life.
    8.2 Pet Scrolls
    Pet scrolls your ability to jump, or how fast you become. They
    aren't different from regular scrolls, as they come in 100%, 60%, and
    10%s. So, here they are. In addition, if a scroll fails, you cannot
    recover the slot in which it failed on, you have been warned. There
    is no guarantee that all will work, or some, or none. One last thing
    about these is that, pet equips are Cash Shop items. Cash Shop items
    EXPIRE. If you scroll your pet equips, you'll lose the effect on them
    AND the piece of equipment once it reaches the time it expires.
    Scroll for Pet Equip. Jump [100%]
    Effect: Success rate 100%, Jump +1
    Dropped by: Green Mushroom, Jr. Necki
    Description: Increases jump effect by +1 on the equip.
    Scroll for Pet Equip. Jump [60%]
    Effect: Success rate 60%, Jump +2
    Dropped by: Stirge
    Decription: Increases jump effect by +2 on the equip, has a 60% success
    Scroll for Pet Equip. Jump [10%]
    Effect: Success rate 10%, Jump +3
    Dropped by: Lorang
    Description: Increases jump effect by +3 on the equip, has a 10% success
    Scroll for Pet Equip. Speed [100%]
    Effect: Success rate 100%, Speed +1
    Dropped by: Bubbling, Green Mushroom, Horned Mushroom, Jr. Wraith
    Description: Increases speed effect by +1 on the equip.
    Scroll for Pet Equip. Speed [60%]
    Effect: Success rate 60%, Speed +2
    Dropped by: Bubbling, Green Mushroom, Jr. Wraith
    Description: Increases speed effect by +2 on the equip, has a 60%
    success rate.
    Scroll for Pet Equip. Speed [10%]
    Effect: Success rate 10%, Speed +3
    Dropped by: Jr. Wraith, Lorang
    Description: Increases speed effect by +3 on the equip, has a 10%
    success rate.
    I personally think 60%s are the way to go. If you think about it, 100%s
    are kind of a waste, 10%s have a ridiculously low chance of success, but
    60% scrolls are sorta in the middle. A coin flip chance. No, even better
    than that. And yet, you get double the effects of a 100%. However, if
    you have back scrolling luck, then I'd just stick to 100%s >_>
    9.0 Misc.
    There's a few other things about pets. They die and revert back to
    their original form; a doll. In order for you to revive your pet, you
    must purchase a "Water of Life" from the Cash Shop, and go to Mar the
    Fairy in his (OMGWTF, yes, he's really a he) own little forest. The
    forest is located at the bottom right corner of Ellinia. You'll see a
    glowing, oversized flower. That's a hidden portal. So enter it, and
    you'll see Mar, perched up on the oversized flower wearing a skirt.
    Moving 'long, give him the doll + water, and your pet will be good
    as new. Seems cruel that you can't give it a peaceful death, but hey.
    I'm not the one reviving it >_>;
    There is an item you can purchase in the Cash Shop, called a
    Meso Magnet. This nifty tool will give your pet the uber hax ability to
    loot mesos for you. Now, it will loot ONLY mesos with this. Not to be
    confused with anything else. Although it is a meso MAGNET, your pet
    won't be attracted to the loot. It'll just pick the mesos up as it
    happens to pass by. Might as well just put a stone on your pick-up
    key or something, I mean, 3 bucks for that? Of course, that's just me.
    If you don't like the idea of a huge stone obstructing your hands as
    you train/fight a Zakum/do whatever, you can also opt to buy an item
    pouch, along with that slightly pointless meso magnet. Now your pet
    is an autolooter. Yay. Basically it loots whatever spoils you get
    that crosses in its path now.
    10.0 FAQ
    Title is self-explanatory. 
    Q: Will my pet die?
    A: Unfortunately, yes. It will die after 90 days of living. Purchase
    a Water of Life from the Cash Shop, and bring it to Mar the Fairy.
    He (YES, he's a he, eww) will revive your pet for you, back to the way
    it was.
    Q: My pet is crying. What do I do?
    A: It's hungry. Feed it with Pet Food, which can be purchased from
    Doofus of Henesys, the NPC in Orbis Park (I forgot his name >_>), or
    from Patricia of Ludibrium. The pet food will boost your pet's
    Fullness by 30. Sometimes it will increase the pet's closeness by 1,
    too. It can also cry if you scold it, but it's only momentary and does
    nothing to affect your pet's stats.
    Q: How can I check my pet's Fullness?
    A: Double-click on your pet. You can even check your own profile. Neat
    Q: Your guide doesn't explain *insert noun here*!
    A: Well, I'm not Superman. I probably missed something. Or, there is
    too little info on it to even say much about it.
    Q: How do I scroll my pet equipment?
    A: Firstly, find a pet scroll. Ok, good. Now, open your item and equip
    inventory. Drag the scroll to the pet equip that you wish to scroll.
    It'll either fail or succeed, so if it fails, you've still got a few
    chances left, so don't worry.
    Q: Can my pet lose closeness?
    A: Yes, it can. By overfeeding it. Not that it's a big deal,
    you can always get the closeness back by feeding and/or playing with
    it again.
    A: It either:
       1) Went home, because it hit 0 Fullness. If you go to your Items
    window, and go to your Pet tab, you'll see your pet icon there. Double-
    click it. Bingo. Now feed your pet like crazy. >_>
       2) You were asleep, or at a dance or something...and then #1
       3) Your pet expired.
    Q: What is the maximum level for pets?
    A: Level 30. It's a whooping 30,0000 closeness, so uh, g'luck training
    your pet to that level >_>
    Q: I'd like to go AFK in a spot, but I don't want my pet to lose
    Fullness. What do I do?
    A: Put your pet back "home" by double-clicking your pet icon in your
    Pets tab, which is located in your item inventory.
    Q: Can your pet die before its expiration date?
    A: Nah.
    Q: Can you transfer your pet between characters?
    A: Yes, just like any other Cash item.
    Q: Can you transfer your pet between servers?
    A: No.
    Q: Do pets de-level?
    A: No, they just lose Closeness.
    Q: What, exactly, do you DO at Pet Park?
    A: Think of it like a jump quest. Considerably easier than most jump
    A: No. Just, no.
    Q: Can you be my buddy?
    A: Heh, I would but y'know...>_>
    Q: Will you update this FAQ?
    A: Yes, probably once a month, depending on what Wizet releases.
    11.0 Closing and Credits
    So, that's my guide for ya. Hope you find it informative. More will
    be put on this guide as Wizet and NX Games release more things for it.
    My email is Poalas@gmail.com if you wish to ask me something, but
    please, please, PLEASE check this guide before asking me. Don't come
    to me and beg for anything in-game either, I won't listen to you. Okay,
    so, I'd like to credit the following people:
    Wizet and NX Games for this game.
    Me, for having waaaaaaay too much free time to type this all at once.
    CJayC, for his very helpful site, and for hosting this.
    Everyone who reads this, because then this guide has a purpose.
    My Compaq Presario, for being able to let me multitask. Fun.
    xXFinXx, because he requested for a Pet FAQ. I wouldn'tve even thought
    about making one if he didn't make that topic >_>
    The GFAQs message board community, without feedback and stuffs this
    guide would've failed.

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