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    Omega Sector FAQ by Cyberquad

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/28/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                BY CYBERQUAD
    [1.00] Introduction
    [2.00] Getting Started
    [3.00] NPCs
       [3.01] Agent Marco
       [3.02] Alien Gray
       [3.03] Black Mesoranger
       [3.04] Chury
       [3.05] Dr. Kim
       [3.06] Dr. Pepper
       [3.07] Dr. San
       [3.08] Dropship
       [3.09] General Maestro
       [3.10] Green Mesoranger
       [3.11] Gunny
       [3.12] Hoony
       [3.13] Jr. Officer Medin
       [3.14] Kay
       [3.15] Kevin the Soldier
       [3.16] Kubo the Storageman
       [3.17] Maple Administrator
       [3.18] Meteorites 1-6
       [3.19] Pink Mesoranger
       [3.20] Porter
       [3.21] Rice the Medic
       [3.22] Spacen
       [3.23] Yellow Mesoranger
    [4.00] Enemies
       [4.01] Mateon
       [4.02] Plateon
       [4.03] Mecateon
       [4.04] MT-09
       [4.05] Barnard Gray
       [4.06] Zeta Gray
       [4.07] Ultra Gray
       [4.08] Chief Gray
    [5.00] Quests
       [5.01] Chief Stan's Letter
       [5.02] Korin's Memory
       [5.03] VIP Ticket to Florina Beach
       [5.04] Ore of Dark Crystal
       [5.05] Where's the Power of Origin?
       [5.06] Terminating the Dark Force
       [5.07] Eliminating Grays
       [5.08] Eliminating Chief Gray
       [5.09] The History of Zeta Leticulan
       [5.10] Eliminating Mateon
       [5.11] Eliminating Plateon
       [5.12] Elimination Plateon and Mecateon
       [5.13] Trading With Alien Gray
       [5.14] An Effort to Make Up
       [5.15] Dr. Kim's Comments
       [5.16] Supplying the Robotic Parts
       [5.17] Hoony's Toothache
       [5.18] Where is Dogon's HQ?
       [5.19] Chief Gray's Sign
       [5.20] The Alarm Clock
       [5.21] Assembling the Alarm Clock
       [5.22] Delivering the Alarm Clock
       [5.23] The Antidote
       [5.24] Fuel for MT-09
       [5.25] Control Program for Rombot
       [5.26] The Missing Dropship
       [5.27] Retrieving the Robotic Parts
       [5.28] Eliminating Aliens
       [5.29] Lost in the Ocean
    [6.00] Notes & Hints
    [7.00] Credits
    |                     |
    | [1.00] INTRODUCTION |
    |                     |
    I've written a FAQ on the Ludibrium Party quest, but here's a FAQ for the entire
    area of Omega Sector. I'll be explaining the NPCs, enemies, and the quests that
    exist in, and require you to go to, Omega Sector.
    Also, as of MapleSEA patch .32, Omega Sector is unavailable in MapleSEA.
    7/28/06, Version 1.1 - Added the new quests from patch .26 and .27.
    |                        |
    | [2.00] GETTING STARTED |
    |                        |
    Omega Sector is located at the bottom of the Eos Tower in Ludibrium. You can
    either scale down the tower, use Tower scrolls to teleport down, or use a Warp
    Capsule to teleport to the Command Center. Though you can get to Omega Sector
    at any level starting at level 10, it is not recommended unless you are at least
    level 40 or higher, as the enemies are quite powerful (though not as powerful as
    the enemies deep in the Ludibrium Clock Tower or El Nath dungeons). Omega Sector
    is layed out in the following way:
                               Tunnel  Safety Zone
                                  |  \      |
                 Command Center - HQ - Omega Sector
                                  |         |
                                 Silo   Off Limits
                                        /        \
                          Boswell Field I         Kulan Field I
                                 |                     |
                          Boswell Field II        Kulan Field II
                                 |                     |
           Mateon Field - Boswell Field III       Kulan Field III - Barnard Field
                                 |                     |
          Plateon Field - Boswell Field IV        Kulan Field IV
                                 |                     |
         Mecateon Field - Boswell Field V         Kulan Field V - Entrance to 
                                 |                                Dogon's HQ
       Destroy Monsters - Boswell Field VI                             |
                                                                  Dogon's HQ
    |             |
    | [3.00] NPCS |
    |             |
    You can't have an RPG without non-player characters telling you to do stuff or
    spouting useless trivia. In this section, I'll explain NPCs, where they are
    located, and what quests they give or are involved with.
    | [3.01] AGENT MARCO |
    Agent Marco is your average Will Smith-inspired MIB agent serving to cover up
    the aliens in the Omega Sector.
    LOCATION: Omega Sector
    QUESTS: Korin's Memory
    | [3.02] ALIEN GRAY |
    A smooth-talking purple-clad Gray alien with cool shades and a cool hover board.
    He tricks people into helping him by claiming the humans started the war.
    LOCATION: Kulan Field II
    QUESTS: Trading With Alien Gray
    | [3.03] BLACK MESORANGER |
    A special Power Ranger-esque hero helping to stop the alien invasion. He'll give
    you Gray-specific quests.
    LOCATION: Kulan Field I
    QUESTS: Eliminating Grays, Eliminating Chief Gray, The History of Zeta Luticulan
    | [3.04] CHURY |
    A Red-clad special agent for the EDG.
    LOCATION: Silo
    QUESTS: Dr. Kim's Comments, Where is Dogon's HQ?
    | [3.05] DR. KIM |
    The leading scientist in Omega Sector. He doesn't say much until you give him
    the letter from Chief Stan.
    LOCATION: Command Center
    QUESTS: Chief Stan's Letter, Dr. Kim's Comments, Supplying the Robotic Parts
    | [3.06] DR. PEPPER |
    Humorously sharing a name with a popular soft drink, Dr. Pepper serves as the
    potion merchant of Omega Sector. You can also buy Pain Relievers from her, which
    raise your weapon defense by 30 for a half hour.
    LOCATION: Silo
    | [3.07] DR. SAN |
    Another doctor serving humanity, Dr. San is the weapons supplier.
    LOCATION: Silo
    | [3.08] DROPSHIP |
    A green abandoned dropship that was apparently shot down.
    LOCATION: Plateon Field
    QUESTS: The Missing Dropship
    | [3.09] GENERAL MAESTRO |
    Leader of the defense against the alien invasion, the general stands tall and
    proud. He's suspicious of the Drum Bunnies going evil, and suspects that the
    aliens are behind it. 
    LOCATION: Omega Sector
    QUESTS: Ore of Dark Crystal, Where's the Power of Origin?, Terminating the Dark
    | [3.10] GREEN MESORANGER |
    Another of the EDG's Power Ranger-like heroes. Greenie here gives you Mateon
    related quests.
    LOCATION: Boswell Field IV
    QUESTS: Elminating Mateon, Eliminating Plateon, Eliminating Plateon and Mecateon
    | [3.11] GUNNY |
    Another helmetless Mesoranger, Gunny frequently breaks his Laser Gun somehow and
    frequently asks Hoony to fix it.
    LOCATION: Boswell Field V
    QUESTS: Dr. Kim's Comments, Chief Gray's Sign
    | [3.12] HOONY |
    The third and last helmetless Mesoranger. Apparently the weapons expert who also
    has a terrible toothache.
    LOCATION: Boswell Field III
    QUESTS: Dr. Kim's Comments, Hoony's Toothache
    | [3.13] JR. OFFICER MEDIN |
    A higher-ranked soldier who serves no real purpose as of Patch .24.
    LOCATION: Omega Sector
    | [3.14] KAY |
    Omega Sector's mechanic. Has a scheme to use Rombot's Memory Disk and MT-09's
    fuel to create the ultimate alien-fighting robot.
    LOCATION: Silo
    QUESTS: Fuel for MT-09, The Control Program for Rombot, The Missing Dropship
    | [3.15] KEVIN THE SOLDIER |
    A hard-working soldier who wishes he had some vacation time. He's recently found
    a torn VIP Pass to Florina.
    LOCATION: Omega Sector
    QUESTS: VIP Ticket to Florina Beach
    | [3.16] KUBO THE STORAGEMAN |
    The aptly-named storage guy in Omega Sector. Put stuff in or take stuff out.
    LOCATION: Silo
    The woman with the white beret, simply stands there delivering threats against
    LOCATION: Omega Sector
    | [3.18] METEORITES 1 - 6 |
    Not one NPC but rather several NPCs who serve no real purpose as of patch .24.
    None of the meteorites have nametags underneath them, nor do they appear on the
    Mini-Map, but you can click on them.
    LOCATION: Kulan Fields I, II, III, IV, V and Barnard Field
    | [3.19] PINK MESORANGER |
    The pink-clad Mesoranger who has trouble getting up in the morning.
    LOCATION: Boswell Field II
    QUESTS: The Alarm Clock, Assembling the Alarm Clock, Delivering the Alarm Clock
    | [3.20] PORTER |
    Dr. Kim's absent-minded assistant with either bad allergies or a bad cold.
    LOCATION: Command Center
    QUESTS: Control Program for Rombot, The Missing Dropship
    | [3.21] RICE THE MEDIC |
    Omega Sector's resident medic, who noticed that the Mateons' tentacles can be
    used in a potent antivenin.
    LOCATION: Omega Sector
    QUESTS: The Antidote
    | [3.22] SPACEN |
    Omega Sector's resident armor merchant.
    LOCATION: Silo
    | [3.23] YELLOW MESORANGER |
    The last Mesoranger who warns people of the Alien Gray that sweet-talks humans
    into helping him.
    LOCATION: Off-Limits
    QUESTS: The Effort to Make Up
    |                |
    | [4.00] ENEMIES |
    |                |
    Omega Sector is home to two species of aliens, the Mateons and the Grays. The
    Mateons in the Boswell field are small, purple, tentacled aliens that look like
    the Octopus enemies back on Victoria Island. The Grays in the Kulan field are
    humanoid with large heads and stick-figure bodies. All enemies except for Plat-
    eons have ranged magic attacks. This section will explain enemy HP, EXP, and
    what maps they're in.
    | [4.01] MATEON |
    The minor footsoldier of the Mateon army. Mateons carry a ray gun that shoots
    a slow-moving atom-shaped ball. The shot can be avoided with a jump or duck.
    HP: 2080
    EXP: 99
    MAPS: Off-Limits, Boswell Field I, II, III, Mateon Field
    | [4.02] PLATEON |
    A Mateon riding on a flying-saucer shaped hovercraft. While it doesn't have a
    ranged attack like the other Mateons, it moves faster.
    HP: 2480
    EXP: 105
    MAPS: Boswell Field I, II, III, IV, V, VI, Plateon Field, Destroy Monsters
    | [4.03] MECATEON |
    A Mateon controlling a robot suit. It has an electric attack that hits anyone
    within range, whether or not they are the ones that hit it.
    HP: 2600
    EXP: 110
    MAPS: Boswell Field III, IV, V, VI, Mecateon Field, Destroy Monsters
    | [4.04] MT-09 |
    The ultimate Mateon warrior. A Mateon riding an even bigger robot suit that
    fires avoidable rockets.
    HP: 13500
    EXP: 980
    MAPS: Destroy Monsters
    | [4.05] BARNARD GRAY |
    The weakest Gray enemy and the weakest Omega Sector monster. Fires a laser from
    its arms.
    HP: 1930
    EXP: 95
    MAPS: Kulan Field I, II, III, Barnard Field
    | [4.06] ZETA GRAY |
    A flying Gray alien that can shoot a slow-moving energy orb. They appear all
    over the place.
    HP: 2300
    EXP: 102
    MAPS: Kulan Field I, II, III, IV, V
    | [4.07] ULTRA GRAY |
    A Gray that uses a electric attack similar to the Mecateon's electric attack.
    HP: 2550
    EXP: 110
    MAPS: Kulan Field III, IV, V
    | [4.08] CHIEF GRAY |
    An elder gray with a giant mustache and a cane. Uses a meteor shower as a magic
    attack and can summon Barnard Grays.
    HP: 9000
    EXP: 580
    MAPS: Kulan Field IV, V, Barnard Field
    |               |
    | [5.00] QUESTS |
    |               |
    Ah, the good ol' quests. This section will explain what things you need for the
    quests, any quests you need to complete before you can activate a quest, and
    what rewards you get for completing the quest.
    | [5.01] CHIEF STAN'S LETTER |
    This one starts in Victoria Island. In Henesys, talk to Chief Stan and he will
    give you a letter. He claims that someone gave it to him. The letter is labeled
    "Dr. Kim" and the Chief has no idea who that is. Simply go to Omega Sector and
    give the letter to Dr. Kim to complete this quest.
    REWARD: 7500 Mesos
    | [5.02] KORIN'S MEMORY |
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 25
    This quest starts in Ludibrium. In the Ludibrium Village, enter the far left
    house and talk to Korin. It seems that Korin has lost her memory and can't re-
    member how she got to Ludibrium. After talking to Korin, go down to Omega Sector
    and talk to Agent Marco. Marco will explain that Korin was abducted by Mateons
    and that they must have sapped her memory. He'll then tell you to collect 5
    Pieces of Memory by killing Mateons. Pieces of Memory look like a group of
    green gas and bubbles. Anyway, collect 5 of them and return to Agent Marco and
    he'll turn them into "Korin's Memory". Take the memory to Korin for your reward.
    REWARD [Marco]: 2150 EXP, 5500 Mesos, Korin's Memory
    REWARD [Korin]: 2550 EXP, 60% Scroll for Helmet Defense
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 30
    For this quest, start by talking to Kevin the Soldier. He'll tell you he found
    half of a ripped Florina VIP ticket and has a simple proposition for you:
    Collect 30 Mateon Tentacles and the other half of the ticket. Both objects drop
    from Mateons, and once you've got them, take them back to Kevin, who will give
    you the second half of the ticket. Take the ticket to Nana the Tourguide in
    Ludibrium, and she will tell you that since it's ripped, the ticket is now void.
    She'll then tell you to take it to the Tour Guide in Orbis, so take the train
    back to Orbis and talk to Shuri there. The Guide will tell you that to repair
    the ticket is if you bring her 50 Star Pixie Starpieces, 30 Lunar Pixie
    Moonpieces, 3 whole Diamonds and both halves of the ticket. Bring all these to
    Shuri and you'll get your VIP Ticket!
    REWARD [Step 1]: 4000 EXP, Ripped Travel Ticket 2
    REWARD [Step 2]: 500 EXP
    REWARD [Step 3]: 4500 EXP, VIP Ticket to Florina Beach
    | [5.04] ORE OF DARK CRYSTAL |
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 31
    Start off by talking to General Maestro near the HQ in Omega Sector. He'll tell
    you that the Drum Bunnies in the Eos Tower have inexplicably turned evil and
    that he suspects Dark Crystal is behind it. Simply go up to the Eos Tower and
    collect 20 Dull Crystals by killing Drum Bunnies.
    REWARD: 3800 EXP, 13000 Mesos
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 31, Complete "Ore of Dark Crystal"
    Talk to General Maestro again and he'll tell you that he thinks the aliens are
    behind the Dark Crystal plot. The General will instruct you to find Alien Gray,
    so go to Kulan Field II. Here you will see several boxes, so smash away. Smash
    a few and eventually, an item called "Gray's Document" will pop out. Collect it
    and take it to General Maestro.
    REWARD: 4200 EXP, 15000 Mesos
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 31, Complete "Where's the Power of Origin?"
    Talk to the General once again. This time he wants to perform experiments on
    why the Dark Crystal turns the Drum Bunnies evil. Go back up to the Eos Tower
    and bring back 30 Dull Crystals and 10 Dark Crystal Ore.
    REWARD: 5800 EXP, 10% or 60% Scroll for Overall DEX, STR, LUK or INT
    | [5.07] ELIMINATING GRAYS |
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 37
    Talk to the Black Mesoranger, who is at Kulan Field I. He'll ask for help in the
    art of Alien ass-kicking by telling you to kill 30 Barnard Grays. There's a lot
    of them in Kulan Field I, so simply kill 30 and report back to the ranger.
    REWARD: 5400 EXP, 100 Mana Elixir Pills
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 43, Complete "Eliminating Grays"
    Once again, talk to the Black Mesoranger. This time, he wants you to kill Chief
    Grays, though not for the sake of killing them. The good ranger wants you to
    collect 3 Notes from them, which will take longer than just killing them (which
    is still pretty long). Go to Kulan Fields IV and V and kill the Chief Grays
    there. Once you have 3 notes, return to the Black Mesoranger.
    REWARD: 5800 EXP, 25000 Mesos
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 45, Complete "Eliminating Chief Gray"
    Again, talk to Black Mesoranger. He'll tell you that the scientists are planning
    on developing a pollutant that will drive the aliens back to whence they came.
    To do this, however, the scientists will need skin samples to test specific
    pollutants on. You'll need to collect one cell sample from Barnard Gray, Zeta
    Gray, Ultra Gray and Chief Gray. Once you get these four items, take them back
    to Black Mesoranger for your reward.
    REWARD: 6200 EXP, 10% Weapon Scroll of your choice.
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 41
    Well, we got rid of some Grays, so how about slaughtering some Mateons? To
    start, talk to the Green Mesoranger in Boswell Field II. Greenie over here will
    ask for help on his Mesoranger Mission and needs you to kill 100 Mateons for
    him. Kick the crap out of 100 Mateons and return to Green Mesoranger for your
    REWARD: 5100 EXP, 20000 Mesos
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 41, Complete "Eliminating Mateon"
    Talk to Green Mesoranger again and he'll ask you to kill some Plateons and bring
    their helmets back as proof. Simply rob 100 Plateons of their helmets and return
    to Greenie for your well-deserved reward.
    REWARD: 5600 EXP, 50 Orange Juices
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 41, Complete "Eliminating Plateon"
    Once again, talk to Greenie. He'll tell you that the Mecateon's Laser Guns are
    very strong and are preventing the soldiers from fighting them. He also wants
    you to kill some more Plateons, because apparently they aren't through having
    their asses kicked. Kill 100 Plateons and collect 150 Mecateon Laser Guns and
    bring them to Green Mesoranger.
    REWARD: 6100 EXP, Level 40 Gloves for your Class.
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 44
    To initiate this quest, go to Kulan Field II and talk to the Alien Gray. He
    tells you that the EDG started this war, not the aliens. Gray wants you to go
    into the Silo and retrieve some Secret Documents from boxes there. Once you've
    collected three Documents, return to Alien Gray. Whoops, turns out Alien Gray
    was using you and that the Aliens DID start this war. But since you've been so
    helpful, he'll give you some Player-Killing Devices.
    REWARD: 3400 EXP, 3 Alien Sacks
    | [5.14] AN EFFORT TO MAKE UP |
    REQUIRMENTS: Level 44, Complete "Trading With Alien Gray"
    Begin by talking to the Yellow Mesoranger in the Off-Limits zone. It seems she
    discovered you helped the aliens, but is willing to forgive you. That is, if you
    can kill 120 Ultra Grays. Travel to the far reaches of the Kulan Field and teach
    them aliens that they can't fool you twice. Once you've kicked 120 Ultra butts,
    return to Yellow Mesoranger for some pretty earrings.
    REWARD: 5700 EXP, Pansy Earrings
    | [5.15] DR. KIM'S COMMENTS |
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 30, Complete "Chief Stan's Letter"
    After delivering the letter, Dr. Kim will give you a Blueprint Machine and will
    ask you to show it to Chury, Hoony and Gunny. First, take the machine to the
    Silo and show it to Chury. Chury will then ask you to show it to Hoony. He'll
    also ask you to bring some food to Hoony. Collect 20 Space Foods and bring them
    and the machine to Hoony, in the Boswell Fields. Upon showing the food and 
    machine to Hoony, he'll ask you to give Gunny's repaired Laser Gun to him. So
    take both the gun and the machine to Gunny, who is slightly further in the
    Boswell Fields. After all this, take the machine back to Dr. Kim.
    REWARD [ Chury ]: 2400 EXP
    REWARD [ Hoony ]: 2700 EXP, Laser Gun
    REWARD [ Gunny ]: 3000 EXP, 7 Command Center Warp Capsules
    REWARD [Dr. Kim]: 4500 EXP, 12000 Mesos, 2 Fame
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 30, Complete "Dr. Kim's Comments"
    Start off by talking to Dr. Kim in the Command Center. He'll tell you that he
    ordered some robot parts from Cheng the Assistant up in Ludibrium, so go on up
    to Ludibrium. In the toy factory, go all the way to the left (the factory floors
    are connected so it doesn't matter which floor you enter) and talk to Cheng. He
    will give you 3 boxes and some EXP while spouting nonsense about how the boxes
    will explode if they are struck. Take these boxes back to Dr. Kim for your easy
    REWARD [Cheng]: 1600 EXP, Box I, II, and III
    REWARD [DrKim]: 3200 EXP, 7 Ludibrium Warp Capsules
    | [5.17] HOONY'S TOOTHACHE |
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 31, Complete "Dr. Kim's Comments"
    If you're in Omega Sector, go to the Silo and purchase a Pain Reliever from Dr.
    Pepper, since it'll make this quest rediculously easy. After buying the Pain
    Reliever, travel to Boswell Field III and talk to Hoony. He'll complain of an
    excrutiatingly painful toothache that impares him, and requests a Pain Reliever.
    If you followed directions and have one, simply give it to him right now, other-
    wise, backtrack and buy one.
    REWARD: 3000 EXP, Three 60% Scrolls for Pet Equip Speed
    | [5.18] WHERE IS DOGON'S HQ? |
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 35, Complete "Dr. Kim's Comments"
    In the Silo, talk to Chury. He'll talk about a crazy guy who is reported to be
    helping the aliens and that he has a base somewhere in the two fields. So you
    don't have to guess, Dogon's HQ is at a hidden street in Kulan Field V. Go to
    the top-and-left-most point on the map and press up on the flowers. In this new
    area, walk to the left until you find some cattails. Push up on these and you'll
    teleport to the other side of the map. Scale the chimneys until you are warped
    to a new map: Dogon's HQ. Technically speaking, this is a jump quest, but you
    actually need to teleport to the top using several sets of 3 platforms. The
    correct combination is: Middle, Middle, Right, Left, Right, Left, Middle, Left.
    Once you're at the top platform, walk over and smash the box. If the report
    doesn't fall out, wait for the box to respawn (which is about a 5 second wait)
    and break it again. Once you've gotten the report, return to Chury.
    REWARD: 5700 EXP, 15000 Mesos, Cat's Eye [Level 35 Earrings]
    | [5.19] CHIEF GRAY'S SIGN |
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 47, Complete "Dr. Kim's Comments"
    Go to Boswell Field V and talk to Gunny. He will tell you that his newest task
    is to figure out how Chief Grays teleport around and stuff. This apparently has
    something to do with that thing they have on their Staves, so it's up to you to
    kick the crap out of them and steal the signs. Go to the Kulan Fields and get 5
    Chief Gray Signs and bring them back to Gunny.
    REWARD: 5200 EXP, 100 Fat Sausages
    | [5.20] THE ALARM CLOCK |
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 38
    Talk to the Pink Mesoranger in Boswell Field I. She'll explain that she's in a
    jam because she keeps oversleeping and requests that you get some clocks for
    her. Head on up to Ludibrium and enter the clocktower/toy factory. Travel down
    and collect 20 Table Clocks from the Tick-Tock enemies. Afterwards, return to
    Pink Mesoranger and give her the clocks.
    REWARD: 4200 EXP, 50 Dried Squids
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 38, Complete "The Alarm Clock"
    Talk to Pink Mesoranger again. She tells you that all the clocks you gave her
    were mysteriously smashed by someone and that she needs a special alarm clock.
    To make this special alarm clock, you'll need 10 Table Clocks, 10 Cogs, and 2
    Special Batteries. Collect another 10 Clocks from your Tick-Tock friends, get
    10 Cogs from any of the Chronos forms, and finally the 2 special batteries come
    from Master Robo, the red robot. Once you have the stuff, return to Pink Meso-
    REWARD: 5500 EXP, 50 Fat Sausages.
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 38, Complete "Assembling the Alarm Clock"
    Talk to Pinky again and she'll let you know that she's sent the special clock
    parts to Kevin the Soldier. Go back to Omega Sector and talk to Kevin, who will
    give you the SUPER ALARM CLOCK! Actually, it's not all that impressive. Just
    give it to Pink Mesoranger and get your reward.
    REWARD [Kevin]: 500 EXP, Super Alarm Clock
    REWARD [Pink ]: 3200 EXP, 3 Command Center Warp Capsules, 3 Ludibrium Warp Cap-
    | [5.23] THE ANTIDOTE |
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 40
    Talk to Rice the Medic in Omega Sector. He'll explain that he's trying to make
    an antidote using a recipe so secret, not even Dr. Pepper knows about it. Okay.
    So Rice wants you to collect 100 Mateon Tentacles for him. Go out to the Boswell
    Fields and get 100 Tentacles. Bring them back to Rice, and he'll ask for more
    tentacles. 200 to be exact. Once you get 200 and bring them back, he'll ask for
    another 300 tentacles, then 400 tentacles, and finally an assload of 500 Mateon
    Tentacles, for a grand total of 1500 Mateon Tentacles. This may remind you of
    that Cursed Doll quest back in Victoria, but trust me, it's easier here.
    REWARD [100 Tentacles]: 4500 EXP, 50 Holy Waters
    REWARD [200 Tentacles]: 5000 EXP, 50 Cure-All Potions
    REWARD [300 Tentacles]: 5500 EXP, 50 Elixirs
    REWARD [400 Tentacles]: 6000 EXP, 50 Power Elixirs
    REWARD [500 Tentacles]: 6500 EXP, Level 40 Shoes for your Class
    | [5.24] FUEL FOR MT-09 |
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 50
    To start, talk to Kay at the very bottom of the Silo. She'll tell you that she
    has a scheme to recycle MT-09's fuel for use in an alien-fighting robot. Kay
    needs 5 tanks of MT-09 Fuel, which obviously drops from the MT-09 found all the
    way in Destroy Monsters. The portal's in Boswell Field VI. Anyway, collect 5
    canisters of fuel from these guys and be glad that you'll never have to do this
    again. Return to Kay for your reward.
    REWARD: 5800 EXP, 50 Screws
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 50, Complete "Fuel for MT-09"
    Talk to Kay again, and she'll ask you to get 3 Rombot Memory Cards and then to
    give the cards to Porter for deciphering. Anyway, travel up to the 8th floor of
    the Eos Tower and enter the Hidden Tower, which is marked by the giant blue lego
    surrounded by screw platforms. Kill some Rombots, and collect 4, yes, FOUR Mem-
    ory cards from Rombots. You'll see why in a moment. Once you've got 4, go to
    the Command Center and talk to Porter. Porter deciphers them all, but ends up
    sneezing all over the last card, effectively destroying it. He'll give you the
    two uncontaminated cards, but asks for another undeciphered card. Give it to him
    if you have it, otherwise get one. This time, he doesn't sneeze on it, and you
    now have all 3 deciphered memory cards. Return to Kay for your stuff.
    REWARD [Porter 1]: 2 Deciphered Memory Cards
    REWARD [Porter 2]: 500 EXP, 1 Deciphered Memory Card
    REWARD [ K a y  ]: 6300 EXP, 3 Command Center Warp Capsules
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 50, Complete "Control Program for Rombot"
    Start by talking to Porter in the Command Center. He will give you a letter to
    take to Kay in the Silo, so do so. Kay reads the letter and it turns out that
    it's about a missing dropship. Kay wants you to go find it. For the record, it's
    in the Plateon Field. Anyway, "talk" to the dropship and you'll get a letter
    from the pilot, but otherwise the ship is empty. Take the pilot's letter back to
    Kay for your reward
    REWARD [Porter's Letter]: 2500 EXP
    REWARD [Pilot's Letter ]: 6800 EXP, Red-Hearted Earrings
    | [5.27] Retreiving the Robotic Parts |
    REQUIREMENTS: Complete "Supplying the Robotic Parts"
    Talk to Dr. Kim in the Command Center. He'll tell you that someone has stolen
    the Robotic Parts, and he needs you to get some more. The Robotic Parts can be
    found in giant shed-like objects in the Mateon, Plateon and Mecateon Fields.
    See my crude map above to see which map they connect to. The Mateon and Mecateon
    fields are entered by pressing up on a boulder with an alien Gray drawing on it.
    The Plateon Field's entrance is between a tree and a crashed tank. Mateon boxes
    give you Box III, Plateons are Box I, and Mecateons are Box II. Get all three
    and return to Dr. Kim for your reward.
    REWARD: 4200 EXP, 3 Command Center and Ludibrium Warp Capsules (each)
    | [5.28] Eliminating Aliens |
    REQUIREMENTS: Complete "Retrieving the Robotic Parts"
    Dr. Kim knows about the aliens' high tech fighting machines and wants you to
    destroy a few to help the soldiers. How many? Just 5 MT-09s. Simply travel to
    Destroy Monsters and search-and-destroy the MT-09 robots. Kill five and go back
    for your reward.
    REWARD: 6000 EXP, Blue Moon Earrings
    | [5.29] Lost in the Ocean |
    REQUIREMENTS: Level 35
    This one actually starts in Aqua Road, so head there. In Aqua Road, head right
    until you reach "Aqua Road: Sand Castle Playground" or something like that. Head
    up and climb up onto the whale island. Grab an SOS Bottle from any enemy, then
    Talk to Robinson to hear his sad tale: He was fighting aliens in his plane when
    he was shot down. He ejected, but was swept away by a tidal wave. Robinson will
    give you his Identification Card and tell you to find Kay. Travel to Omega
    Sector and talk to Kay in the Silo. She'll give you an Omega Sector Warp Cap-
    sule, which will directly teleport the user to Omega Sector, regardless of which
    continent they're on. Don't think about being greedy and using it for yourself,
    because you can't. Only highly trained Omega Sector soldiers can. Anyway, go
    back to Aqua Road and deliver the Capsule to Robinson.
    REWARD [  Kay   ]: 10000 EXP, 2 Fame
    REWARD [Robinson]: 10000 EXP, Level 40 Helmet for your class (unless you're a
                       Warrior, in which you'll only get a level 35 one.)
    |                      |
    | [6.00] NOTES + HINTS |
    |                      |
    - Warp Capsules teleport you between Ludibrium and Omega Sector. Ludibrium Cap-
      -sules warp you to the main Ludibrium town and Command Center capsules warp
      you to Dr. Kim's room in the HQ.
    - The giant rocks with Gray drawings on them usually lead to Hidden maps.
    - If you want to get back up the Eos Tower without using Tower Scrolls or a Warp
      Capsule, and you have very little EXP, you can always die inside the tower.
      No matter what floor you're on in the Eos Tower, death delivers you back to
    - For some reason, the small boxes in the Silo and Kulan Field II have a lag
      time between each hit.
    - If you're a Magician, stick to Magic Claw when fighting Chief Gray, as he's
      resistant to all elements of magic.
    |                |
    | [7.00] CREDITS |
    |                |
    - Wizet and Nexon, for making the game.
    - Sauna [http://www.sauna.gibbed.us/] for reference to the quests and NPCs.
    - Hidden-Street [http://www.hidden-street.net/] for reference to the monsters
      and NPCs.
    --- TO CONTACT ---
    E-mail me at "cyberu[at]gmail.com" if you have any questions, comments or have
    any information I missed or you would like me to add.

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