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    Orbis Party Guide by tinmap

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 04/20/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    | 	     Orbis Party Quest Guide - From level 51 to level 70             |
    \ Version 1.5 \
    Version 1.5 04/20/08
    _ "Diaries quest"
    Version 1.4 06/16/07
    _ "Feed Wonky" Activation
    _ New format for easy reading
    _ More strategies
    _ Room of Darkness
    Version 1.3 04/19/06
    _ Added new section "Feed Wonky"
    _ Fixed "Sealed Room" mistakes
    _ Better method of doing "On The Way Up"
    _ Some minor changes
    Version 1.2 04/17/06:
    _ Added new method for "Sealed Room"
    _ Added another strategy for "On The Way Up"
    _ More credits :P
    Version 1.1 04/13/06:
    _ Added "Room of Darkness"
    _ Added "On the way out"
    _ Stage Instructions
    _ Goddess Statue parts
    >Table of Contents<
     1B.Job Requirements 
     1C.Feeding Wonky 
     1D.Failing the Quest? 
    02.Enter the Full Party Quest
     2A.Entrance to the Goddess Tower 
         2AE.Extra Missions
     2B.Center Tower 
     2C.Basement - The Room of Guilty 
     2E.Room of Darkness 
         2EE. Diaries Quest
     2F.Sealed Room
     2J.On The Way Up
     2K.Goddess Statue
     2M.Center Tower *after boss*
     2O.On The Way Out
    03.Rush Party
    I am making this guide in order to help people to understand Orbis Party Quest
    (OPQ) better. If you consider yourself a Pro. in this PQ, then go ahead and 
    see if you have a better idea of how to do stages then email me :D
    There might be some mistakes because I don't know everything from this PQ but
    I am sure that this guide is helpful.
     "A few days ago, after a huge rainstorm, a new cloudy path has emerged at the
      top of the Orbis Tower, behind the statue of Minerva the Goddess. The clouds 
      have broke apart, and a new mysterious tower has emerged. We have made the
      conclusion that the tower we're looking for is the tower of a being that
      controlled Orbis way back: Minerva the Goddess. I'm more than certain that
      Minerva the Goddess is trapped somewhere in that tower. What do you think?
      Would you like to explore the tower and find the remnants of the Goddess?"
    [ 1A.Overview ]
    You must be from level 51 to level 70 to enter this party quest.
    Location: The Unknown Tower - Orbis
    _Enter through Orbis Tower Entrance - the portal to the bottom right.
    ** First of all choose your path, boss PQ or rush PQ. If you decided to do
    rush PQ, don't ever do boss until you are sure you won't rush again. The 
    reason is that if you killed boss once your exp. will go down from 7500 to
    5250 each stage in the tower** If you decide to do rush, scroll down to 
    Rush Party section.
    To get ready for finishing the whole quest, you should bring with you a good
    amount of Eyedrops and Holywaters or All Cures because the boss can curse you.
    For some jobs, if you get cursed, it might be the result of your death. So you 
    better get ready!
    _ Eyedrops are used to cure Darkness, a curse that lowers your accuracy.
    _ Holywaters are used to cure Sealed, which means you can't use your skills.
    _ All cures are used to cure everything, a combination of Eyedrops and 
    _ You need a huge amount of potions, and I mean huge! Papa Pixie does around 
    1,300 damage on you. It's good if you have a cleric to heal you, but what if 
    your cleric dies? The potions are for that purpose - in case your cleric dies!
    _1,500HP up :) or magic guard
    A party for the PQ includes 6 people. 
    If you can get all jobs (Thief+Magician+Warrior+Bowman) into one party, you 
    will receive a blessing from Wonky once you get in.
    The blessing might be:
    +30 physical and magic attacks
    +30 accuracy and avoid ability
    +30 physical and magic defenses
    +20% speed and 10% jump
    You will probably want to check what kind of bless Wonky gives you. If you
    get bonus attacks then make sure your party member won't use Rage or 
    Meditation. Those support skills will cancel out Wonky's bless. Bless or 
    Iron body will cancel out Wonky defense bless. Wonkey's bless lasts 30 minutes,
    so if you can't get to boss in 30 minutes then his bless will disappear :P
    The way to get in this party quest is just like any other. The leader of the 
    party clicks on Wonky and chooses Apply for Entrance to enter the party quest.
    You'll be given 60 minutes to finish the quest.
    **The fastest way to rapidly click is to drag the "Apply for entrance" right 
    over Wonky then keep clicking and pressing "enter" for "next". Note that 
    "enter" always activates "next", but chooses "no" in yes/no windows. 
    (R Amythest)
    [ 1B.Feeding Wonky ]
    As you notice, when you talk to Wonky at the Unknown Tower there is "Give
    Wonky something to eat" tab. Savag3blow informed me about it. 
    First off here is what you can feed Wonky:
    _Fried Chicken
    _Red Bean Porridge
    _Ice Cream Pop
    _Red Bean Sundae
    If you feed him, you'll get a better chance of receiving a "special mission".
    I believe that the better item you feed him, the higher the chance.
    _The way to active the Mission is LEADER click on Wonky at the entrance. Don't 
    worry, just click on him. Then there'll be two possible scenario:
    __ The first: He will ask you whether to "leave the Quest or not", this means
    you don't get the Mission :( so just answer NO.
    __ The second: He'll state the mission by the chat window. This is confirmed by
    me :)
    As for the missions, scroll down to [ 2A.Entrance - Extra Missions]
    [ 1C.Job Requirements ]
    Party MUST include the following jobs:
    _Thief (Sin/Bandit) that has at least level 11 haste, lower hastes can't help 
    you pass the Entrance and other stages.
    _Warrior (Fighter/Page/Spearman) must be high level or high dex, to hit boss. 
    Warriors do good damage on the boss. The other jobs might need a spearman's 
    Hyperbody to increase their HP.
    _Magician (Cleric/Wizard) with teleport (needed to pass the Lobby stage). I 
    don't think I have to explain why we need a cleric. :P Well, you don't want 
    magicians to be the main attackers because Papa Pixie is strong against magic.
    Sadly, this "must" does not include bowmen, but bowmen do good damage on boss
    (Papa pixie) and helpful in some way.
    To fight boss, you'll need at least 2 lvl60+ attackers. The reason is low level
    warriors and magicians won't be able to hit the boss. Thief/Archer will 
    have difficulties surviving after the boss' attacks.
    [ 1D.Failing the Quest? ]
    Yes, you can fail this quest. The conditions for failing this quest are:
    _Leader disconnected or you disconnected.
    _Leader died or you died.
    _A member of the party left the party inside the quest ( it's okay if he or she
    leave the party outside of the quest).
    _Click Wondy and press next/yes in the Entrance.
    _Ask Eak to leave party in the Center Tower.
    _A party member drops the wrong music CD while the right one is playing.
    _Not having enough members for Sealed Room.
    _Members with Stone Pieces die/ disconnect in either Lounge or Walkway.
    _No thieves (most of the stages)/ magicians (for Lobby)
    _Run out of time
    When you failed the party quest, you'll be send to On The Way Out. This is when
    you need to scroll down to On The Way Out sections to learn how to leave :P
    I guess... ha!
    __02.Enter the Full Party Quest__
    [ 2A.Entrance ]
     -->6000 exp.
    Require: Haste.
     "Hi, my name is Eak, the Chamberlain of the Goddess. Don't be alarmed; you 
      won't be able to see me right now. Back when the Goddess turned into a block
      of stone, I simultaneously lost my own power. If you gather up the power of
      the Magic Cloud of Orbis, however, then I'll be able to recover my body and
      re-transform back to my original self. Please collect 20 Magic Clouds and
      bring them back to me. Right now, you'll only see me as a tiny, flickering
    \ Mission \ Get 20 clouds pieces and drop it in front of the little light.
    _Feel free to click on Wondy and leave the party quest here. If you accidently
    clicked Wonky, don't click Next, but click End Chat or press Esc.
    _Leader should click on Wonky once to see if your party get the mission.
    As for what missions, scroll down to Extra Missions
    _Chamerlain Eak is appearing as a "tiny, flickering light" in the middle. 
    You need haste to climb up and collect 20 Cloud Pieces around the map then 
    place them right at the light spot to summon Eak. Don't be disappointed if you
    think Eak should be more cute and cool.
    After that click on Eak and he'll transport you to the Center Tower. Oh, your
    leader will click, not party members. 
    | NOTES: If you killed boss you'll receive 4200 exp. for Entrance and |
    | 5250 exp. for other stages.                                         |
    \ 2AE.Extra Missions \
    The missions you can get from Wonky are:
    _ Complete the party quest within 25 minutes
    _ Kill all the Luinel, or Jr.Kitties (at <2E.Room of Darkness>)
    _ Complete the Room of Guilty - Eliminated all Lucidas (there is no confirmation
      of this one so if you do get it, please tell me)
    _ Collect 6 LP Disks 
    I never finish any of those missions above due to my skill of getting members
    they either d/c or afk..., so I don't know what are the rewards. I heard that
    you get 5000 additional exp once you completed the whole quest.
    [ 2B.Center Tower ]
     --> Exp. gained from Jr.boogies
    \ True Mission \ Get the missing Statue Pieces from all the rooms (stages) to
      --------------  recover the Goddess Statue.
    _This is the place that you'll be walking around a lot to enter the stages. 
    _It has Jr. Boogies which do around 200 damages. So be careful, you don't want 
    to go away here :) because Jr.Boogies will fly to you and you know... 
    _You can kill those Jr.Boogies if you want but you need high dex and level to
    hit them. They gave good exp. like around 500 exp each. This is when thieves or 
    bowmen come in handy since they always have high dex-high accuracy. Low level
    thief/bowman will not 100% hit the Jr. Boogies. We need both high accuracy and
    high level to kill them.
    You can only enter the place that your leader goes to (now leader can abuse 
    leadership power).
    *Notes: You can choose to go to any room in here, it doesn't matter as long as 
    you can get all the Statue Pieces. I'll explain from the bottom to the top, 
    from left to right :).
    Here's the map
    |    2J   |     On The Way Up
    |2I       |     Walkway
    |    2G 2H|     Lounge, Storage
    |2f       |     Sealed Room
    |         |
    |Broken   |     Goddess Statue *broken*
    |Statue   |
    |       2E|     Room of Darkness (Hidden street)
    |       2D|     Lobby
    |   2C    |     Room of Guilty
    Most people chose to do orderly from bottom to top but I refer do Walk Way
    first because most people die here, with stones, make you rush...if you do this
    room after the other, you'll have to do all over again :( 
    **I recommend to skip the Room of Guilty, unless you want some adventure**
    [2C.Basement - The Room of the Guilty ]
     --> No exp.
    Require: 2000HP and up (just in case)
     "This is the room of the Guilty in the Tower of Goddess. Minerva the Goddess
      used to keep the most sinister monsters that have committed the most hideous
      crimes here. Thankfully you won't find a piece of the statue of goddess here
      so please return to the ladder on the right side of this room. But then 
      again ... something maybe hidden ..."
    You can enter the basement through the ladder at the bottom of the Center
    Tower. This is the only stage where you won't gain experiences or <Statue
    Pieces>. So you can decide whether to explore it or not.
    Haste or other kinds of speed equips are disabled in this room.
    There are 3 holes that you can enter from top to bottom. You'll want to jump
    diagonal to the holes, you can't get in them if you jump straight down. There 
    are some platforms that you can jump from.
    It's dark so good luck in getting in the holes :P
    |         | | Rope
    |       _  _|
    |     O     | First
    |           |
    |  _        |
    |     O     | Middle
    |           |
    | _ _       |
    |     O     | Last hole
    |           |
    |     o     | Teleport up to Rope
    Each hole will lead you to a Jail. Jail contains Lucidas which hurt 2,000 
    damage. You can't hit them but you need to kill them to proceed. So don't think
    you can hit them if you have high accuracy. I recommend not to trying hiting 
    them either. The switches are your friends :) Hit a switch and a trap will 
    start. Use those to damage the Lucidas. After killing all Lucidas, you can go 
    ahead and enter Jail Treasure. Please note that if you didn't kill them, there
    won't be a ladder. The Jail Treasure contains a box that drops Crystal Ores. 
    All holes are somewhat the same.
    The first hole, however, is the easiest, where you don't have to face the 
    danger of touching the Lucidas. There are 8 Lucidas in here.
    |   O        |  = Enter the Treasure  
    |L L L       |    3 Lucidas
    |    X _ X   |    Switches
    |X _ X    L L|    Switches - 2 Lucidas
    |            |    
    |  L L L     |    3 Lucidas
    |X     X     |    
    |   X        |    3 Switches
    |   O        |    Hole
    The " _ " is the safe area for u :) 
    You'll see 3 switches as you come in, just hit the switch and the traps will 
    start to attack the Lucidas. Same to the other ones. Well, try to limit the
    amount of times use to kill Lucidas. I think the lesser time you use to kill
    Lucidas, the valuable Crystal Ores you will get.
    The middle hole is more difficult than the first one.
    |    O     | Treasure
    |  X _ X   | 
    |    |     | Rope
    | L L L L  |
    |          |
    |L  X X  L | 
    |    |     | Rope
    | X _ X    | X = switches
    |   |      | Rope
    |  L L L   | L =Lucidas
    |    O     | O = Door
    You'll have to reach the first set of switches by climbing fast to the 
    rope while the 3 lucidas was at the left side. The second set is dangerous.
    The 2 lucidas will run around if you tried to climb and hit the switch they
    will chase you and ... So I think it's best for you to stay on the rope and
    wait for a chance then jump to the left or right then hit the switch. 
    It doesn't look like you can hit the switch but you can :) Then the last set
    of switches. You'll have to wait for a chance (again) then run really fast to
    the rope and climb up. Just pay attention because those Lucidas jump. So they 
    touch you while you're on the platform.
    The last hole is the last one you want to enter. You'll be wasting potions 
    or die if you are not careful. I'll leave the exploration to you since I did
    not have a chance to explore it yet :P
    To go back to the Center Tower, simply go to the door at the bottom and press
    up. It'll teleport you up near the ladder, climb the ladder and you're back
    at Center Tower.
    [ 2D.Lobby ]
     -->7500 exp.
    Require: Haste, Teleport
     "This is the lobby of the Tower of Goddess. This is the place Minerva the 
      Goddess preferred to listen to music. She loved listening to different kinds
      of music, depending on what day of the week it was. If you play that music
      you played before, the spirit of Minerva the Goddess may react to it and ...
      something curious may happen."
    / Mission / Get the right CD of the day and drop it in front of the player.
    _ In this stage, haste is needed for you to jump up to the boxes, and 
    don't think that you can do the magicians boxes with 23+ jumps, you can't. 
    _The first and third box (from right to left) are for magicians, only 
    Teleport can help you reach the platforms. 
    _Members will need to hit 7 boxes to get the right CD and whoever gets the right
    one needs to place it in front of the CD player. 
    **If you drop another CD while the right one is playing, you'll fail the 
    quest** There is no backup sorry :P
    _The right CD is determined by the DAY of the week. You can either talk to Eak 
    or look at the chart down there for details.
    The leader will then click the Eak cloud and hit the box for <3rd Statue Piece>
    **NOTES: Do not walk out of the room until you got the <3rd Statue Piece> 
    because you CAN'T go back in!
    Here is the chart of what type of CD you need for what day.
    | Day        Type       Color of CD  |
    | ---------- ---------- ------------ |
    | Monday    - Cute     - Orange      | 
    | Tuesday   - Scary    - Yellow      |  
    | Wednesday - Fun      - Purple      |
    | Thursday  - Sad      - Dark blue   | 
    | Friday    - Cold     - Light Blue  |
    | Saturday  - Tight    - Green       |
    | Sunday    - Operatic - Red         |
    [ 2E.Room of Darkness ]
     ---> Exp. gain from monsters 460 exp. for each.
    Require: None.
     "Argh, so dark here. You're now inside the Room of Darkness in the Tower of
      Goddess, but they, how did you get here? You won't find a piece of the statue
      of goddess here. I suggest you check out other rooms instead."
    Evil Eak don't want us to kill the Jr.kitties (Jr.Cellions, Lioners, Grupins)
    that's why he suggested "you check out the other rooms instead". :P
    You guessed right, many Jr. kitties are in this room waiting for you to get
    easy experiences from them. :) 
    Climb the ladder to the right and go up. Like Eak said, you won't get any
    Statue Piece.
    To leave this room, press up at the door where you came from.
     / 2EE. Diaries Mission /
     * This room also has diary pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.       *
     * They are for:		    					    * 
     * 			    						    *
     * Quest: The Record Of Goddess Minerva					    *
     *  Talk to the libarian in helios tower. 				    *
     *  He'll ask you to get 10 diary pages.				    *
     * Once you get all diary pages, do a full pq with the pages in your        *
     * inventory, 								    *
     * and at bonus, she will give u her complete diary, which u must give to   *
     * the libarian.							    *
     * Reward: A random scroll						    *
     Contributed by josh.
    [ 2F.Sealed Room ]
     -->7500 exp.
    Require: At least 5 members.
     "This is the Sealed Room of the Tower of Goddess. It's the room where Minerva
      the Goddess felt safe enough to keep her very valuable belongings.
      The three steps you see on the side work as the locks that can unseal the
      curse, and they all have to carry the exact amount of weight. Let's see...
      it'll require five of you to stand on it to match the ideal weight. By the
      way, you'll need to solve this in 7 attempts or less, or you'll be banished
      from the sealed room, as well as changing up the answer in the process."
    /The basic /
    This room might be the most troublesome if you don't get how to do it. 
    Haste/Teleport are disabled in this room.
    In this room, you need to "balance out" the weight of the 3 stones. You can
    find the 3 stones near Eak. You have Left, Middle, and Right stone and only 
    5 members are needed to finish this stage. You have 7 tries.
    The possible combinations are:
    | 500 410 320 230 140 050 |
    |     041 032 023 014 005 |
    |     104 203 302 401     |
    | 311 221 212 131 122 113 |
    Well right, 7 tries to do those combinations. Guessing isn't the best way. 
    First you need all 5 members stand on the Left stone (5-0-0). 
    Then click Eak and see the clue either "different"
    or "correct". 
    If you get"different", that means all the stones are wrong! 
    Including the one you're standing on.
    If you get "1 correct", that means ONE of the stones is right
    So leave that stone alone! Now you just need to take care of the other 2 
    Use the clues given to determine what is the right number of members needed on
    each of the stones. 
    / Strategies /
    Now, be happy, because James (savag3biow or savag3bl0m)
    sent me his chart the other day, all you need to do is copy down the chart 
    and be pro in Sealed Room :) without wasting a single brain cell. Remember,
    when you see savag3biow or savag3bl0m, you know you got the pro. in your party.
    If you fail, you can try again, but the combination will change.
    Well if you think my explain is not good enough, then include James' method!
    Here's the chart:
                Same---------- ----------Different
                  |                          |
                 410                        410
                  |                          |
             Same- -Different           Same- -Different
              |        |                  |        |
             320      302                311      320
              |        |                  |        |
    Different- -Same  Same              Same  Same- -Different
       |      |        |                  |        |       |
      401    230      203                212      221     230 
              |        |                  |        |       | - Different
             Same     Same              Same     Same    Same     | 
              |        |                  |        |       |      140
             140      104                113      122     131      |
              |        |                  |        |       |      Same
             Same     Same               Same     Same    Same     |
              |        |                  |        |       |      041
             050      005                014      023     032
    _First off, you start at 500. There are two possible answer: Correct (Same) or
    Hey hey, pay attention, there are two 410 here. If you get SAME, you'll 
    follow the left of that char. If you get DIFFERENT, you'll be continue at the
    the right of the chart. So good luck.
    James stated, "there are lots of logical stuff that I cannot explain clearly,
    but I guarantee it will work." I have confirmed, it works well.
    Here is the Original Image (use it if you found my chart confusing):
    **Okay, take your time reading the method for Sealed Room :)
    If you happened to find my language too confusing, chart too weird, then try
    this out...
    Written by XBanditsFury (IGN):
    _Email: dashuaige92(at)yahoo.com
    _Server: Bera
    Start with 500, then follow these rules until you clear the stage.
    If the leader sees "Correct (Same)," then go down that column
    from the combo you just tried until you see "SAME" and try the combo to the
    right of that "SAME" next.
    If "Wrong (diff)," then go down until you see "DIFF" and try
    the combo to the right next.
    Note: Some only branch off into either "SAME" or "DIFF" because that's the
    only thing that you can possibly see if you followed this right.
    1st	2nd	3rd	4th	5th	6th	Last
    SAME	410
    	SAME	401
    		DIFF	320
    		-------	SAME	230
    			-------	SAME	140
    				-------	SAME	050
    	DIFF	302			-------
    	-------	SAME	203
    		-------	SAME	104
    			-------	SAME	005
    DIFF	410*			-------
    -------	SAME	311
    		SAME	212
    		-------	SAME	113
    			-------	SAME	014
    	DIFF	320*		-------
    	-------	SAME	221
    			SAME	122
    				SAME	023
    			DIFF	302
    			-------	----
    		DIFF	230*
    		-------	SAME	131
    				SAME	032
    			DIFF	041
    *The stage will never clear on these combos, but they are needed to branch
    out all other possible combos to fit the 7-try limit.
    Is this the only way to complete it? No. But it is proven to never miss if
    done correctly. If you are not convinced, choose any combo from the list
    above and test it using this format.
    It is also theoretically faster than most ways, given enough combos to rule
    out luck, since there is a minimum number of people that are required to move
    after each try.
    This is useful for rush parties that choose to do the Sealed Room stage along
    with Entrance and Lobby, where speed is important.
    I saw some other method of doing Sealed Room too, but they missed sometimes. I
    believe the chart works well, I never miss before. Trust the chart :P
    When you clear the stage:
    ***Don't forget to go to the top and get the <4th Statue Piece>!!!*** Unless 
    you want to fail the quest.
    [ 2G.Lounge ]
     -->7500 exp.
    Require: Haste, living members (death members with stones will make you fail)
     "This is the lounge area of the Tower of Goddess, where the guests stayed for
      the night or two. <Statue of Goddess: 5th Piece> has been broken into 40
      pieces, and separated all around the lounge. Please roam around and collect
      the pieces of 5th Small Pieces."
    \ Mission \ In this stage, you need to collect 40 small pieces from 4 rooms.
    |Room 303|
    |Room 302|
    | - - - -|Press up on the stones to teleport to the next level.
    | - - - -|
    |Room 301|
    |Room 304|
    | Room 304 |
    _It is dark and u can't see anything except for the boxes. Don't trip and fall.
    _Go to the box and get the small piece out of it. There are 10 small pieces in 
    here, 5 on the left and 5 on the right.
    here's the map of the platforms.
    |Left:             Right:            |
    |_                                   |
    | -_                    _            |
    |   -_              _ -              | 
    |  _-                _- _            |
    |_-           o       -   - _        |
    |                                    |
    | - is how to step to the next one   |
    | _ is where the piece at            |
    | o is the door                      |
    _Sometimes jump randomly isn't a bad idea.
    Then you'll need Haste to get into other rooms since the platforms are too
    high for normal jumps.
    | Room 301 |
    _is the one above the cloud Eak. 
    _Only magicians should do this room because those Cellion can use their 
    MP to defense weapon attack. Weapons can only do 1 damage on them. :P 
    _There are 10 Cellions, each drops a small piece.
    | Room 302 |
    _To get to this room you'll have to pass 2 rows by press up on one of the 
    stones. There are 3 stones to try for each row, and 2 will teleport you down.
    _After that you can enter the room and beat up the Grupins. Those are strong 
    against Magic, so watch out magicians! That means physical damages are welcome.
    They do ~300 magic damage on you so be careful. 
    _10 small pieces can be found 
    in here.
    | Room 303 |
    _The room above 302, you need haste to get up there.
    _Those Lioners won't attack you :D, but they just disappear and 
    _Ice wizards are awesome for this room, they freeze the Lioners. Then 
    Lioners can't disappear no more :(
    _Any jobs can do this room; however, I recommend sin/archer/magician
    because with long range they can kill those easier than those with short range.
    So wait until they appear and attack them.
    _Each Lioner drops a small pieces. You should have 10 small pieces in here.
    Then get out of the room and give your leader the small pieces.
    You don't have to worry about getting the <5th Statue Piece> here because 
    it'll be given to your leader as you clear the stage.
    [ 2H.Storage ]
     -->7500 exp.
    Require: Haste or Long Ranges (Archer/sin/magician)
     "This was formerly the storage area of the Tower of Goddess, but now, it has
      turned into a home of the Cellions. A Cellion took Statue of Goddess: 2nd 
      Piece and hid with it, so it's your job to defeat it and bring back to the
      Statue of Goddess:2nd Piece."
    \ Mission \ Kill 15 Cellions to pass this stage
    The Cellion will spawn once at a time on different platforms. You'll need haste
    or long ranged members for several platforms (4,7,13) that are smaller than 
    normal platforms. Normal jumps can't reach them.
    Here's how the map looks like:
    |15   |
    |   14|
    |13   |
    |   12|
    |11   |
    |   10|
    |9    |
    |    8|
    |7    |
    |    6|
    |5    |
    |    4|
    |3    |
    |    2|
    |1    |
    The order the Cellion spawn:
    / 1 10 9 13 11 6 12 2 5 15 8 4 7 3 14 /
    _The best way is to spread out your members so you can kill them faster, 
    rather than stay in a group and go up and down wasting time.
    _The last Cellion will drop the <2nd Statue Piece>. Have the leader click Eak
    to pass, your leader doesn't have to keep the piece.
    [ 2I.Walkway ]
     -->7500 exp.
    Require: At least 1000HP or magic guard.
     "This is the walkway of the Tower of the Goddess. The Pixies broke Statue of
      Goddess: 1st Piece into 30 pieces, and took each and everyone of them. Please
      eliminate the Pixie's and bring back the 1st Small Piece. In return, I will
      make Statue of Goddess: 1st Piece out of them. The Pixies have been 
      strengthened by the power of the statue of goddess, so please be careful~"
    \ Mission \ Collects 30 pieces from killing pixies 
    There are six platforms, 3 of the left and 3 on the right. 
          |    o| _____
    _____ |o    |
          |    o| _____
    _____ |o    |
          |    o| _____
    _____ |o    |
    _Press up at the hole to teleport to the platforms.
    _Like Eak said, those pixies are stronger than normal...So be extremely careful
    and I mean it. Even with 4k HP, once I got neglected and I died.
    _The two bottom platforms have Star Pixies.
    _The two middle platform have Lunar Pixies.
    _The two top platforms have Luster Pixies. 
    Before you jump down, check if you have 5 pieces for each platform. Once you 
    get 30 small pieces, you're done. 
    _After you kill one pixie, it'll reappear in ghost form. It wants to revenge 
    you because you took its small piece. :P Don't waste your time and your MP
    killing it because it'll die in around 25 seconds. The ghosts do around 300
    damage physically and does around 800-900 magic damage. *So magicians, if you 
    don't have Hyperbody, turn your Magic Guard on!* If you are AFK ( away from 
    keyboard), you will mostly die, and the ghosts of course can fly, and please
    don't do trading in this room.
    Again, the leader will receive <1st Statue Piece> after giving Eak 30 small
    [ 2J.On the way up ]
     -->7500 exp.
    Require: None.
     "This is the path to the very top of the Tower of Goddess. at the very top, 
      you'll find 5 levers that controls the door to the top. Your job is to
      identify the two levers that need to be moved, and move them accordingly.
      Once you have done that, let me know so I can determine whether you have
      moved the right ones or not."
    \ The basic \
    It's almost time for boss, don't you feel excited? Here we go, from now on, the 
    leader will stay with Eak. :) The other members will climb up to the top. 
    There are like 16 rows and each row has 4 stones. Only 1 out of 4 stones
    will take you to the upper row. 
    \ Strategies \
    - The strategy is 4 members will stand on the 4 stones and press up whoever can
    get to the next row will call out the number, mark the spot so other people 
    know where to go. Just keep going like that and you'll eventually get to the 
    - Brycy Ning said there is another easier way to up. Each party member goes on
    each of the stone and drops 10 mesos. Then whoever goes up will stay and the
    other party members will collect the mesos on the platforms that are not right
    (not teleport you up) and then keep going. This avoids confusion but takes a
    little more time.
    Well, choose whatever strategy you like and work best for you :D
    - When you reached the top, use the party chat to tell your leader to keep 
    clicking the cloud Eak. For leader, here is how to click fast if you didn't 
    know how to do it. Hold down enter and keep clicking the cloud :P
    At the top, there are 5 switches and only 2 combinations are right. 
    You don't have to hit the switches randomly. Only 1 member is required.
    Hit only 1 switch at a time: down and then back up. *Remember to keep the other
    switches UP not down. If the first one isn't work then go to the second one and
    so on. Just have fun while your leader click click like crazy :D Also thanks
    to savag3biow, he pointed this out to me. I thought we need to hit randomly the
    5 switches.
    After you clear this part, a box will appear near to Eak. Inside the box is
    of course another <6th Statue Piece> :) Now, get out of there and ready for 
    [ 2K.Goddess Statue ]
    \ Mission \ Place the pieces to their correct location
    As you can see, the middle of the Center Tower is a statue, a broken one.
    Your mission is to recover the Statue.
    You need to get the appropriate <Statue Piece> and drop it where it should
    go to. The Wing should go where the wing is missing and so on. Here is where
    the pieces should go:
    |_3rd_            | Wing (top)
    |     _5th_  _6th_| Crystal - Middle part of Wing
    |   _2nd_         | Hair, you'll have to place right at the Statue's left leg
    |                 | 
    |_1st_            | Bottom left of Wing
    |            _4th_| Bottom right of Wing
    After you finish connecting all the Pieces, talk to Eak and then you will be at
    [ 2L.Garden ]
    | Boss: Papa Pixie |
    | HP:   672,000    |
    | MP:   60,000     |
    | Exp:  17,000     |
    _Strong against: Ice, Lightning, Fire, Poison
    _Drops: Ever Strange Seed
    | Summon the boss |
    First you'll need to kill the Nependeath and get the seeds. Then plant the
    seeds in the pots. For a while, you'll see another Nependeath will grow right
    where the seed is. I recommend not to kill them. Try to plant seeds on every 
    pots you see and then kill the Dark Nependeath. Along the way you'll see a Dark
    Nependeath. Killing Dark Nependeath will result in "Here comes Papa Pixie". 
    By the way, one pot that won't grow any Nependeath is the <Pot of Life>. Later
    on you'll need to plant Papa's seed there. That's the reason to keep the
    Nependeath alive, to mark the Pot of Life. Once, you're here, you can not
    return until you have the Grass of Life.
    | Here come the boss |
    Like I said, he'll hurt you about 1,300hp physically. Yes, he uses magic that
    hurts you ~1400hp. That's not all, Papa has DISPELL! Obviously, it cancels out 
    all the supporting skills of yours. So be careful! Especially, wizards and 
    clerics he'll cancel out you Magic Guard and Hyperbody leaving you vulnerable,
    one hit die? :) Like a snail. Well, warriors, be noble :) since you have high
    HP try to "tank" for your party members. I believe the best is warriors stay
    at front and keep Papa there while sins/archers/wizards stay at the back and 
    attack. 1,500 damages are enough to push the bad big Papa back.
    Behind sins/archers will be clerics :). For bandit, all I can say is
    try to avoid his attacks. Be nice to clerics, they're the one who suffered
    the most to heal other members.
    Like Alishar, he will cursed you, so stock up on Eyedrops, Holywaters, 
    and All Cures. If you got Darkness, use Eyedrops, if you got Sealed, use
    Holywater. Use All cures for whatever curses. :)
    He makes you slow too, slow just like him I guess.
    Papa summons Star Pixies, Lunar Pixies, and Luster Pixies. It depends on how 
    low his HP is: 
    If he has 3/4 his hp left, he'll summon Star Pixies.
    If he has 1/2 his hp left, he'll summon Lunar Pixies.
    If he has 1/4 his hp left, he'll summon big bad Luster Pixies to protect him.
    Seriously, I hate Pixies! They're annoying, and when you kill them, a ghost
    appears and do around 900 damage... as dangerous as the boss. So I
    think it's better not to kill them. The saddest is my cleric friend, died by
    ghost pixies right after we killed the boss...
    When Papa dies, he'll drop an <Ever Strange Seed>, all you need to do is plant
    the seed on the <Pot of Life>. The Seed will turn out to be a weird looking 
    plant, hit it and get the <Grass of Life>. Then enter the portal to return to 
    Center Tower.
    [ 2M.Center Tower ] *after boss*
     -->16099 exp.
    Return to the Goddess Statue and place the Grass of Life in the middle of the 
    Goddess Statue, near the area you drop the Hair.
    Then Minerva Goddess will appear and thank you for saving her. 
    Have your leader talk to her and you will be at Bonus.
     "Thank you for not only restoring the statue, but rescuing me, Minerva, from 
      the entrapment. May the blessing of the goddess be with you til the end..."
    I wonder if her blessing is the cause of we getting lower exp. the next time we
    enter the quest. She's probably mad because we made her "entrapped" many times
    as we enter the quest :P
    [ 2N.Bonus ]
    Needless to say, you just hit the boxes and see if you can get any special
    items out of it. You have 60 seconds.
    The boxes drop:
    _Coins, Popsicles, Ice cream, Juices :P
    _Magic Capes level 60
    _Metal Silver Earrings level 70
    _Pink-flowered Earrings level 60
    After 60 seconds you'll be at the Treasure and the Goddess will gift you either
    one of these:
    _Any kind of scrolls
    _Level 65 gaia capes 
    _10 Power Elixirs
    _20 Elixirs
    _50 Mana Elixirs
    _100 blue/white pots
    [ 2O.On The Way Out ]
    Talk to Eak to leave...
    If you failed the quest and you still have the items in the quest, you'll lose
    them as you leave. There is away to get them out however, but I'm not going to
    cover the topic :) until I find out if it's against the law or not.
    If your party decides to rush, there is a 20 seconds delay before anyone can 
    enter the quest again.
    __03.Rush Party__
    \ The basic \
    Rush parties only do the Entrance and Lobby stage and they'll rush for fast
    exp. Some rush parties will probably do Sealed Room too.
    As everybody can notice, there's a new "Glitch Party". Those parties only do
    Entrance and Storage. I heard that many got banned for Glitching, so I won't 
    explain how it is done. 
    \ Strategies \
    _Every time a party rush out, there are some delay seconds. Like I said earlier,
    you'll have to wait around 20 seconds before you can get in again. So the other 
    party might have a chance to get in too if you click slow.
    _To get out of the PQ fast in order to get back in fast, have one person of 
    your party be a "leaver" that means the person will leave the party as he or 
    she gain the exp. The leader will then reinvite the leaver, to be able to 
    invite fast leader should have the character screen open or the "leaver" just 
    stand where it is easy for leader to click and invite.
    Well, tracking is when you use the /find <charactername> command to know where
    someone is at. So some people will write down the name of the people who are in 
    party quest and track them to know when they're going to finish the party
    Please report me if I have any mistakes through my e-mail 
    tinmap2005(at)hotmail.com or just simply ask me any questions.
    You should title you e-mail "Orbis PQ", "maplestory" or something similar so
    I'll know that it's not a spam. 
    Remember to inlude any nickname, IGN so I can creadit you, and if you like tell
    me how you want me to credit you...like make a box around your name or 
    something ;)
    _You can no longer contact me through my maplestory IGN because I quitted MS.
    However, this guide will go on as long as OPQ lives.
    I will be happy to receive your feedback and help :D
    This guide is hosted on
    Do not plagiarize my work, feel free to paraphrase though. Anything else, just
    email me for permission, I'm an easy going person :)
    +Wizet for making Maplestory.
    +GameFaqs for the great site and the time reading my work.
    +Hidden-street.net for the monsters' names and hosting my guide.
    +Basilmarket.com for the information of Papa Pixie
    +Imagehosting - host the sealed room image.
    +Neoseeker and supercheats for noticing my guide.
    *The help of other players.
    -- I apreciate your great information; without you the guide would not be 
    good in the first place --
    _Pawprint for proof reading me :)
    _Bunny and Turtle for supporting me.
    _savag3biow and savag3bl0m for the contribution to Sealed Room, On the Way Up,
     Feeding Wonky, and Pot of Life marking - a lot of help from him.
    _xBanditsFury for the Sealed Room explanation.
    _Bryce Ning for the new strategy at "On The Way Up" stage.
    _Arran Thomas for the mistake in the title. (I put guild instead of guide :P)
    _Sniperrule for the exact number of exp. at after boss and reward.
    _Artymes - more for failing the quests section
    _R Amythest - how to click fast
    _Raven Aoki - notes for rush PQers
    _HunterGenrou, of Bera for more feed wonky missions
    _Cutekittenkyti for leaver strategy
    _kn1gh7qu33n - maplesea - aquilla for room of darkness info.
    _josh - maplesea - for the diaries quest.

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