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    Ludibrium Maze PQ Guide by onikun86

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 09/28/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ludibrium Maze Party Quest
    a FAQ by Onikun86
    This FAQ was made entirely by me with little other research other than
     in game. This FAQ is essentially MINE. Meaning you can't copy and paste
     it somewhere and claim it as your own. If you really want to show off
     the information, paste a paragraph and credit me or just link here.
     Again, do not steal other people's work! That makes you a big fat meanie 
     face and you will have no friends for the rest of your life.
    CH00. version Info
    0.2 Added the math logic to the map section. I was so stupid not to see
     that before. Thanks to my sister for pointing that out to me. Fixed 
     some spelling errors, and updated the prize list. Despite advertising 
     attempts on Basilmarket, No one is emailing me yet. -_-
    0.1 Started the Faq with a large list of prizes. List not complete. PQ
     comparisons are not done. No one has emailed me questions yet. Several
     sections, especially character comparisons, need work. Will not call
     1.0 until a full prize list is done and maps are 100% confirmed
    (to look up anything just go to edit, select find, and enter CH and the
    CH00. Version Info
    CH01. The FAQ. What is this?
    CH02. Why PQ?
    CH03. What/Who do I need?
    CH04. What do I do?
    CH05. What do I get?
    CH06. Speed versus Fighting
    CH07. Maps and shortcuts
    Ch08. Remarks
    CH09. Class Comparison
    CH10. Comparing to Guild PQ and Orbis Tower PQ
    CH11. Reader Responses and FAQs
    CH12. Conclusion, and contact
    CH13. Shameless advertising plugs and sites you should know about
    CH14. Credit where credit is due
    CH15. Upcoming Updates
    -The FAQ. What is this?-
    What is this you may ask? First of all, this is a FAQ. Which stands for
     frequently asked questions. But I don't have many questions in here.
     So, I guess you ask the question, look in the FAQ, and the answer is
     there. Still kinda odd that not all FAQs have a question and answer
    Allow me to introduce myself. I am simply known to several places on
     the web as Onikun86. Sometimes Onikun. Every now and then someone steals
     my name though. Anyway, not the point. This is my first FAQ, and I hope
     bring you the best information possible. And get this out before
     Hidden-Street.net beats me to it.
    This is about the super cool new Ludibrium Maze Party Quest. This quest
     is solely for players of level 51-70. It's quite new, not much
     information out there yet, but here it is now from me.
    After a day of PQing, I got a good hang of it. But the place is one big
     portal maze, and some things need to be cleared up before you start.
     Well, shall we?
    -Why PQ?-
    Why PQ? Well, why not! Party quests are a great alternative to slow
     solitary boring grinding. Would you rather train alone fighting Fire Boars
     for an hour cursing at kill-stealers, or would you rather go for an
     adventure with a party for experience and prizes?
    Ludibrium Maze PQ is similar to the others and gives great items 
     (dark scrolls) to crappy items (a single power elixir) as prizes.
    That and PQs are great to do with friends.
    -What/Who do I need?-
    First of all, you need a party. This PQ is a little different from the
     traditional setup, where instead of 4 or 6 people, you can have 3
     through 6 people! That means even if someone disconnects mid PQ, you are not
     screwed. Well, unless he was holding tickets anyway. This also means
     you can rush more often without worrying about refilling the party. And
     if not many people want PQ (it happens depending on time of day) and
     you only have 3, then jump in.
    The best party combination is obviously Cleric and Spearman. If you
     don't have Slash Blast or heal maxed... then I pity you. Go read some
     guides. The toughest monsters here you have to fight appear on little
     platforms and are very slash-blastable. Clerics should shy away, and just
     spam-heal instead. 
    From My experience I highly recommend a few good warriors of any class.
     Assassins and bandits are good too, but archers and wizards may have a
     hard time, which I will explain later.
    If you cannot get a cleric, then you should bring a good amount of
     sniper pills and Hit Point Potions. Barbarian Elixirs from New Leaf City
     are an excellent item for their price and punch. But you won't need too
     many, as you will see from the prize list later. If you don?ft have a
     cleric, some grilled cheese sandwiches are good too. But you wont have to
     worry about Mp and I will explain about after.
    If your party consists of 3 level 50's, I recommend waiting for 55+
     people to show up, unless you're really prepared to waste a lot of potions.
     But even a level 50 warrior and cleric combo is passable, just have
     max bless.
    -What do I do?-
    First of all, the party must be set up. Go to Ludibrium, go to channel
     one, and recruit some people by the clock tower. Then the leader has to
     get to the top of the tower. He can jump up by the item shop if he has
     haste (remember for rushing) or take a hidden portal in that doorway
     next to the storage NPC. He gets up there, and has to click on the NPC
     Lego girl Rolly (name hidden) and clicks to enter the maze. If there is
     a party inside, I guarantee you will only have to wait 5 at most
     minutes to get in. 
    Once you're inside, your party will be placed into a random room. There
     are 16 rooms in this quest. Navigating them is the hard part. The
     object is to break boxes in rooms 1-11 and collect tickets from the
     summoned monsters. The leader collects those tickets and brings them to 
     the NPC clown in room 16. The whole party must be present in room 16 to
     clear. The more tickets that were collected, the more experience you will
     get. You must get over 30 tickets to get a prize and a decent amount of
    Sound easy? It actually is a little harder than it sounds, but not by
     much. Each room has 3 portals that each go to a different room. These
     portals are not marked, but there's a trick to learning them using math. 
     See section 7.
    Rooms 1-15 each contain 3 blue boxes. Rooms 1-11 have boxes with
     monsters. The ones in other rooms are empty, so don't waste time on them. 
     In each of those rooms, each new PQ entered randomly determines
     which box in each room will have monsters. Sometimes you have to break all
     3. Only one box per room per PQ summon monsters.
    No worries about MP! EVERY monster in this pq has an almost 100% chance
     of dropping a mana elixir, which heals 300 mp. Don?ft want them? Sell
     them, its a decent profit. I prefer selling each one and buying grilled
     cheese sandwiches with them. Besides, you will be getting a lot of food
     items as prizes from this pq...
    The main strategy to get the tickets in rooms 6 and 7. Those are the
     only rooms that have Tauromacis, the only monsters that drop a significant 
     amount of tickets. Getting there is covered in section 7.
    Break boxes, collect tickets, work your way through the maze, and give
     all the tickets to the leader in room 16, get your prize, and rush back
    -What do I get?-
    Every PQ (well, almost every PQ, thanks Henesys) gives a prize upon
     completion. The good news is, you wont be getting 16 sapphire ores. The bad
     news is you're getting 1 power elixir.
    You won't get any ETC items from this pq, as far I know.. Most of the prizes 
     are Use items. Mostly food. A couple scrolls too. The sad news is they seem 
     to be mostly defense scrolls. But there are a few good equips to get too.
    Of course there is experience. Most runs will net 50 or 100 passes,
     though the most I have seen is 300. I bet you may have found more.
     Generally 1 pass is 50 experience. To each person in the pq. 50 passes is
     2,500 experience, 100 passes is 5,000, 250 is 12,500 exp, and so on. 
    Here is the list of prizes. (NOTE! This is still in the works. I haven?ft
     gotten every prize yet!!! Join my PQs and tell me what you win!)
    Power Elixir 		x1	Restore all hp and mp
    Elixir 			x5	Restore half hp and mp
    Ice Cream Pop 		x5	Restore 2000 hp
    Fat Sausage 		x20	Restore 1200 hp
    Kinoko Ramen (pig head) x50	Restore 800 hp
    Squid  			x100	Restore 600 hp
    Supreme Hot Dog 	x100	Restore 500 hp
    Grape Juice 		x20	Restore 900 mp
    Pure Water 		x50	Restore 800 mp
    Orange Juice 		x100	Restore 450 mp
    Mana Elixir 		x100	Restore 300 mp
    -Return Drinks-
    Strawberry Milk 	x20	Returns you to Mushroom Shrine*
    Fruit Milk 		x20	Returns you to Showa**
    Coffee Milk		x20	Returns you to nearest town***
    *Probably only works on Victoria Island, like most other scrolls.
    **Showa isn't out yet until a future patch. This drink does nothing
     for the time being.
    ***Works like a normal town return scroll, won't work in Ludibrum tower, 
     for example.
    -SCROLLS- (keep in mind all 30's and 70's are dark scrolls)
    Bottom Def 10%
    Cape M.Def 30%
    Cape W.Def 30%
    Cape W.Def 60%
    Cape W.Def 70%
    Helmet Def 10%
    Helmet Def 30%
    Helmet Def 60%
    Helmet Def 70%
    Shield Def 10%
    Shield Def 60%
    Shield Def 70%
    Overal Def 10%
    Overal Def 30%
    Top    Def 10%
    Top    Def 30%
    Cape   Dex 10%
    Cape   Int 10%
    Blood Snowboard
    Heart Earrings
    Emergency Rescue Tube
    (list not yet complete, but do the math. 
     It seems to give all defense scrolls of most equips, 10-70%.
     I wonder if it gives other dex, int, etc items.)
    -Speed versus Fighting-
    The biggest issue here is speed. Room 11 has Zombies. But is it really
     faster to kill them for exp while everyone waits for you to rush with
    Generally, rushing as fast as you can only doing rooms 6 and 7 gives
     the most experience. Rather than going in each room destroying
     everything, you could be rushing again.
    Super fast rushing, doing only rooms 6 and 7 takes 2 minutes at most.
     That means with a little luck you can get 10,000 exp every 2 minutes!
     Now do you still want to shortcut to the zombies on the way out?
    Every now and then the party may want to elect to do a "potion run". Do
     the full pq, defeat all the monsters, and get your oodles of mana
    You can experiment for yourself. Try making the party agree to split up
     and take both zombie rooms on the way out. See how long it takes, and
     how much experience you get. There's always mana elixirs... and lots of
     mana helps you fight faster.
    -Maps and shortcuts-
    This may be the most important part of the FAQ! I bring you the map.
     Each room except 16 has 3 portals and 3 boxes. I listed the portal 
     destinations and the monsters in each room. Remember that rooms 6, 
     7, and 16 are the most important!!! 
     (NOTE: I need to reconfirm if 12 has no monsters or not)
    Have you noticed a partern yet? Right portals add 12/ subtract 3 from 
     the current numbered room. Middle portals add 7/ subtract 8. Left 
     portals add 4/ subtract 11. Even if you don't remember the map, 
     remember the math logic. Shortest path from 6 to 7? There's a 1 
     number difference, so subtract 3 then add 4! Left then right, or right 
     then left! Left then right then left works for almost every room if you 
     want to reach one number up. 
    | 1      | 2      | 3      | 4      |
    | zombies| Golems | Chronos| Chronos|
    |        |        | Yeti   | Yeti   |
    | 5-8-13 | 6-9-14 | 7-10-15| 8-11-1 |
    | 5      | 6      | 7      | 8      |
    | Grays  | Tauro  | Tauro  | Grays  |
    |        | Flyeye | Flyeye |        |
    | 9-12-2 | 10-13-3| 11-14-4|12-15-5 |
    | 9      | 10     | 11     | 12     |
    | Chronos| Golems | Zombies|        |
    | Yeti   |        |        |        |
    | 13-16-6| 14-2-7 | 15-3-8 | 1-4-9  |
    | 13     | 14     | 15     | 16     |
    |        |        |        | exit   |
    |        |        |        |        |
    | 2-5-10 | 3-6-11 | 4-7-12 |  -9-   |
    (if there is ANY error in this map, email me!)
    Rooms 1 and 11 both contain both kinds of zombies. I need to confirm
     how many there are. A lot. Maybe 20.
    Rooms 2 and 10 contain 3 normal and 3 dark golems.'
    Rooms 3, 4, and 9 contain 3 Dark Jr. Yeti and 3 Master Chronos.
    Rooms 5 and 6 contain 3 Super Grays and 3 Ultra Grays.
    Room 16 has a clown in it. (Exit NPC to give tickets to)
    See how to read it? For example, the middle portal in room 9 leads to
     room 16, the left portal leads to 13, and the right portal leads to 6.
    Now... shortcuts.
    These are the quickest routes from any room to a room you want to go
    I made only these maps for rooms 1, 6, 7, 11, and 16, as they are the
     only noteworthy ones.
    You will notice I didn't write in every single number. If there's only
     16 rooms, you only care about 1 short path, don?ft you?
    Do you understand how to read them? Look how the lines are slanted. The
     right portal in room 2 leads to 14, and the left portal in 2 leads to
     6. The middle portal out of 2 doesn't matter, as that would be an even
     longer trek to room 1.
    The 5 portals rule: the farthest area is always at most 5 portals away.
     (except going from 16 to 1.. that's 6)
    -Shortest path to 1-
    9   2
     \ / 
      6   14
       \ /  
    10  3 11 13
     \ / /   |
      7  15  5 8
       \ /   |/
        4   12
         \ /
    -Shortest path to 6-
      11                 4
        \               /
    15   8         3   1
     \  /          |  /
      12 5   7  15 10 13
       \/    |   \ | /
        9   14     2
         \   |    /
    -Shortest path to 7-
         16 5   12
          |/    |
       1  9     4    2
        \/      |   /
        13 6 8 11 14
         \/  |/  /
         10  15 3
           \ | /
    -Shortest path to 11-
             12 16 5
             /   |/
        8    1   9
        |   /    \
        15 13     6
         \ /       \       
          2     10  3     
           \     \ /     
            14 4  7        
             \ | /          
    -Shortest Path to 16-
     14          7
      |           \
      3   11   6   4
       \ /    /     \
        15 8 10  13 1
         \/   |   |/ 
          12  2   5
           \  |  /
    If anyone really feels like they want more shortcuts, or if they think
     I can improve on these maps, let me know. Should I design a png?
    Only Tauromacis drop sets of 50 tickets at a decent rate. All other
     monsters may drop 1 ticket at a poor rate. You wont be able to 'win' unless
     you fight at least one of the rooms of Tauromacis.
    There are times where you will be destined to lose from the start.
     There is always the chance that no Tauromacis will drop any tickets. Suck
     it up, get at least 1 ticket from any monster to leave the pq, and just
    The 51-70 population is smaller than the 35-50 population, and
     indefinitely smaller than the 21-30 population. This is a blessing and a curse.
     Its good because there are less people waiting to get into pq, and
     depending on the time of day, you're guaranteed your own rush channel. As
     of when I'm writing this anyway. But this is bad because there's less
     people to recruit into your party. This makes it harder to find a cleric.
     Clerics, please maze pq! People will love you.
    The time limit is 15 minutes. An average pq will take 5 minutes because
     some people may want to do other rooms, and newbies will get lost. A
     speed pq will only take 2 minutes at most. This is good news because you
     get experience and prizes quickly, and if you're waiting to get in,
     the party inside wont take long. =D
    If you're with an impatient party, don't do the zombies. This will make
     people mad with and they will want to leave.
    In times of no cleric, non-mages with low dex should load up on sniper
     potions. Tauromacis are hard to hit.
    About prizes. before you even start to pq, CLEAR YOUR 'USE' INVENTORY!
    You will be more getting food and scrolls than you can possible eat and
     use. Between PQs, people will want to visit the storage, the teddy
     bear NPC to sell items to, or the potion shop to sell items to.
    You may get a LOT of mana elixirs. Just sell each one, and keep a mule
     in New Leaf City to buy grilled cheese sandwiches later with the money.
    Using them mid PQ is great too. Though with a cleric, I find myself
     only needing 2 every PQ. I'm a fighter by the way.
    Try to aim for the 'perfect speed PQ'. Get a whole party of 6,
     including 2 clerics, and a good mix of warriors and thieves. Haste, 
     Bless, Hyper Body, and Rage are all desirable. One half dashes to 
     room 6 and the other half dashes to room 7. They each do their room 
     ASAP and report to 16 and drop the tickets for the leader. You can 
     probably get that PQ done in a minute. How does 10,000 experience 
     every minute sound for you?
    Just to give you an idea of how much experience you will be getting, I
     was level 52 and gained 50% in one afternoon of LMPQ.
    -Class Comparison-
    Fighters and Pages: Decent. You will be jumping at platforms of
     Tauromacis using slash blast. Keep the party upped with rage and terror. You
     will be knocked back a lot by jumping into their spears and by their
     lightning. Remember earrings shave off an ok amount of damage from their
     lightning. If you don't have heart earrings yet, you're bound to get them
     as a prize.
    If you do not have a cleric, prepare to spend LOTS of hp pots fighting
    Spearman: Spearman have it easier than fighters and pages with their
     range. You will also be jumping into Tauros and launching slash blast.
     The extended range of a spear or pole arm means you'll have a better
     chance of getting a hit in while being knocked back. Again, if no cleric,
     get those barbarian elixirs ready... or any of the hundreds of squid and
     sausages you will get.
    Archers: Archers will have it very rough. There will be a couple
     platforms that Tauros can appear on that archers wont be able to fire on.
    I welcome play experiences from archers, just email me so I can get a
     better description here. How do you cope with this?
    Thieves: Bandits have savage blow and can join the warriors, and
     Assassins should jump around with their lucky seven. Arguably as good as
     having warriors.
    As usual, have haste on at all times to get through the maze faster.
    I welcome play experiences from thieves, just email me. Anything I'm
     leaving out?
    Fire wizards: Fire wizards I just feel sorry for. They are in the same
     boat as archers sometimes not having a decent place to fire from. At
     least all the mana elixirs can keep them alive.
    I welcome play experiences from fire wizards, just email me so I can
     get a better description here. How do you cope with this?
    Ice/Lighting wizards: Lightning is great to hit the Tauros with, just
     try avoid their lightning back. You may have a hard time trying to use
     ice strike depending on where they are summoned.
    I welcome play experiences from ice wizards, just email me so I can get
     a better description here. Can you safely use lightning from a spot
     without being hit back?
    Clerics: This PQ is so easily won with just a warrior and a cleric.
     Clerics are just so awesome here. All they need to do is bless and spam
     heal. That's it. Even if you are rich and macho and can use hundreds of
     potions, just admit it: you like being with a cleric.
    I welcome play experiences from clerics, just email me so I can get a
     better description here. Are you perfectly happy with just spam healing?
    Beginner: Why even put a description here? Are there any beginners who
     have hit the 51 realm? Email me and tell me about your maze PQ
     experiences, beginners!
    -Comparing to Guild PQ and Orbis Tower PQ-
    This section remains to be done, as I have not joined one Orbis or
     Guild PQ yet. How would you compare them to Maze PQ?
    Oh, and Maze pwns Henesys PQ. No questions asked.
    -Reader Responses and FAQs-
    (this is the first version of the FAQ, so no reader responses and
     questions yet. Get to it people!)
    -CONCLUSION and contact-
    So that's Maze PQ in a tasty walnut shell. Grab some friends and enjoy a
     super fast paced PQ of great experience.
    I am Onikun86, sometimes Onikun. Look me up on basilmarket.com under
     Onikun to check out what scrolls I'm selling. I play Bellocan on my
     Fighter, UltraxSean. I sometimes also play Windia on my cleric,
     ShiroiHoushi, but not as much.
    I usually lead my parties. Seek me out in Bellocan, if I have room in
     my party I will happily add you. This will be in effect until my 70's.
    If I have left anything out, or there's a mistake, or you just wanna say
     something about something I said, or just wanna say hi, email me at
     onikun86jp@gmail.com. All friendly emails welcome!
    When you contact me with anything helpful, you will be credited only if
     you leave me a name to be credited. I will not paste your email address
    Please email me with at least readable English. I may pass off your
     email if it hurts my brain to read. I accept emails in normal English and
     basic elementary level Japanese.
    Please email me about:
    -Map inconsistencies, if I drew any paths wrong
    -Room 12
    -Class experiences (I only have a fighter, and can only speculate how
     others do)
    -Bacon and cheese
    -Orbis and Guild PQs and how they compare
    -Prizes I have not covered
    -Anything I missed
    -Anything else warranting attention
    -Repeated or movable information (I was never good at organizing)
    Please DO NOT email me about:
    -Hating me(or if you do, give valid reasons why, I like knowing why I suck)
    -My spelling errors (a wizard did it, and I'll correct them eventually)
    -Guild invites (I have a guild and I am getting around to GPQing, TYVM)
    -Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, eggs and spam
    -the sentence above
    -asking to be my girlfriend
    -asking to be my boyfriend
    -Hacks. I will ignore and delete your email. This includes questions
     about auto clickers, etc.
    -Shameless advertising plugs and sites you should know about-
    You will want to sell the buttloads of scrolls you're going to get.
     Basilmarket is a great site that allows you to set up "auctions". People
     bid on them with mesos. The winner meets the auctioneer in game to buy the
     item! Learn to use it, its great.
    Maplestory database. Maps, quests, monsters, items, all the info is
    Youtube: Jujubarr
    Jujubarr is one of my longtime maple friends and we have churned out a
     few maple videos over the years, most of them hers. She uploaded my
     'Darwin vs. Golem' and 'Mentos' videos. (Darwin being my beta and Scania
     fighter). She also has her own videos, including 2 maple characters
     playing 'Hide and Seek' and her 'Orbit Bubble Gum' commercial. Go to Youtube
     and search Jujubarr!
    We plan to make more!
    -Credit where Credit is Due-
    My dad for my computers
    My parents for my life and education
    My sister, Tammy, for pointing out how math works on the maps
    My new Guild, Minerva, for the hopeful future GPQs I will be joining
    Jujubarr for being a great longtime maple and online friend!
    Nexon and Wizet for Maplestory!
    And to...
    All who have emailed me with great responses (or will be emailing me)
    And to everyone who Maze PQed with me, and extra thanks for helping me
     complete the prize list!
    -Upcoming Updates-
    On the next episode of Dragon Ball Z...
    I plan to add these things to my FAQ in future updates:
    -Memory aids for the portals and fastest routes
    -Finish the prize list
    -Finish Class comparisons
    -Do Guild and Orbis comparisons
    -Show Reader responses and questions
    -Add any more remarks that pop up
    -Add to credit section
    -actually get some sleep before writing again
    -AND MORE!

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