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    Amoria Party Quest by cutekittenkyti

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 09/01/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            Amoria Party Quest Guide
                                  For Maple Story
                                    Version 1.3
                                By: cutekittenkyti
         This guide covers the Amoria Party Quest.
    Table of Contents
    I.  	Legal Ramifications
    II.	Version History
    III.	Requirements for the APQ
    IV.	Helpful Characters for the APQ
    V.	Entrance Ground
    VI.	Stage 1 (Guys and Gals and a Fairy)
    VII.	Stage 2 (Hanging from Ropes)
    VIII.	Stage 3 (Standing on Platforms)
    IX.	Stage 4 (Collect Ten Things)
    X.	Stage 5 (Run to the Right)
    XI.	Boss Stage
    XII.	Bonus Stage 
    XIII.	Miscellaneous (FAQ's)
    XIV.	Contact Information
    XV.	Thanks (References)
    I. Legal Ramifications
    Copyright 2007 cutekittenkyti
    This guide may not be replicated under any circumstances except for private
    uses. It may not be copied, placed on other websites, or distributed in any 
    way without permission from the author. Use of this guide or any parts of 
    this guide on any other website as public display is strictly prohibited. 
    This file may not be used for monetary gain by any person or party, and using 
    this guide in such a manner is a violation of copyright.
    As of now the only websites allowed to display this guide are:
    In other words don’t copy my guide, you can reference it, post links to it, 
    but no plagiarism (posting it and taking credit for it).
    II. Version History
    Version 1.0
     Well I’m writing the APQ guide while there is a patch going on, so now you 
     know why I’m writing it. 
    Version 1.1
     I figured out a different way, using logic, to solve stage 2, so here it is.
    Version 1.2
     I realized my map for the second part of stage 2 really sucked, so I rewrote 
     it and fixed some mistakes.
    Version 1.3
     I noticed that some things could be more clear, so I updated them, four years 
    Version 1.4
     I noticed one big mistake about the location of Thomas Swift, so I fixed that
     and added a little more detail.
    III. Requirements for the APQ
    In order to Amoria Party Quest (APQ) you need to be Maple Story married and 
    above level forty. The specific level requirement I am not sure about, but no 
    one will invite you to APQ if you are below that level. The reason for this is 
    that you can only APQ every SIX HOURS!!! So no one will invite a really low 
    level because if you die, which you will, then the rest of the party won’t be 
    able to get to the boss, and so won’t be able to get to the bonus. And that is 
    the whole POINT of the APQ in the first place.
    You will need six married people, and at least one guy or girl. If you have 
    all guys or all gals you will not be able to finish the APQ!
    The APQ is located in Amoria of course. To get to Amoria talk to Thomas 
    Swift. He is near the upper right part of Henesys. Once in Amoria just keep 
    going to the right till you reach the ends of the maps. There you will find a 
    NPC named Amos.
    In order to get into the APQ you need an entrance ticket, Amos will give you 
    one if you collect ten blue keys from the blue curse eyes and wild boars in 
    the previous maps. Once you have ten keys you get the entrance ticket.
    The whole six hour thing comes from Amos giving you a ticket, not from 
    actually completing the APQ itself. So a VERY helpful tip is to double. That 
    means that you get a ticket ahead of time. For example, right before you go to 
    bed. Then the next afternoon you can APQ then grab another ticket and go 
    through the APQ again. I highly recommend this.
    Now all you need is a party of six married people. Since there aren’t that 
    many married people, you usually either have to wait a long time for random 
    people to show up at the APQ map, or wait until evening when more people are 
    online. Once you have six people then you can go to a different channel and 
    start the APQ. In Bellocan the lack of married people is quite outstanding. 
    You basically need to have a bunch of APQ friends. I got a bunch of names by 
    setting up a mini game on channel one. The text asked people to leave their 
    name. Then I left my character afk all night.
    IV. Helpful Characters for the APQ 
    With the advance of the fourth job, you really only need one strong character 
    to kill the final Boss. It always helpful to have heal or HB or other buffs. 
    But it is not necessary.
    V. Entrance Ground
    Once you have your party then you can all go to a different channel. Apparently 
    there were some bonus glitches, but I think that is all fixed now. Basically 
    pick a channel that has low lag.
    Once you click on Amos you will enter the Entrance Ground to the APQ. This 
    is a handy little spot because you can wait there for people to enter. More 
    importantly the leader should NOT CLICK AMOS until everyone is inside the 
    entrance ground. More often then not, someone won’t be able to enter and so 
    the leader can go back to channel 1 and recruit someone else.
    Once everyone is inside the entrance ground, then the leader clicks Amos and 
    then the APQ can get started. Once the whole party is inside, the leader clicks 
    Amos and all of you are sent to the first stage.
    Hint: you should be able to change channels in the entrance ground. If you 
    can’t then you can quit and relog to get to the right channel.
    VI. Stage 1 (Guys and Gals and a Fairy)
    In this stage there are a couple of steps you have to take to clear it.
    Here is a map to help clarify my instructions
    Girl’s	 |		Guy’s
    Side         |          Side
    O = portal
    Step 1
    All of you appear at the top of the map. The leader clicks on Amos and three 
    portals will appear. Only one of them will bring you down to the next step.
    Step 2
    Once you find the right portal the girls go to the left hidden portal, and the 
    guys go to the right hidden portal. (They are both rocks.) The reason is these 
    portals bring you to a section of the map with monsters, but the portals only 
    admit certain genders.
    Step 3
    Kill all the monsters on your side (they don’t give any experience though). 
    Tell the leader once you have killed all the monsters.
    Step 4
    The leader clicks on the alien type NPC and a “Magic Fairy” will appear. It’s 
    like a regular fairy, but just bigger. Kill the Fairy and pick up the Hammer 
    it drops. The Fairy is dead easy to kill but it flies around, so sometimes 
    there is a Fairy chase. Once you see the exp from the Fairy, go back to your 
    magic rock/portal to the main area.
    Step 5
    Press up in the middle portal to get to the mirror. Drop the hammer on the 
    mirror. The mirror will break and the leader needs to pick up the shard of 
    mirror from the broken mirror. 
    Step 6
    The leader then clicks on the alien NPC again, and the stage clears.
    Step 7
    Everyone should go to the mirror and then jump, you will reappear by Amos.
    Everyone clicks on Amos to get to Stage 2.
    I do not know if this still applies. But if the leader can click on Amos fast 
    enough and get down to the alien NPC and click on him before the monsters spawn 
    the “Magic Fairy” will spawn.
    VII. Stage 2 (Hanging from Ropes)
    In this stage the party must hang on the ropes in the correct sequence in order 
    to open up the next stage. The party leader clicks on Amos, while the five 
    other people must move around. There are three portals near the bottom. Each 
    portal corresponds to a rope. You go through the portal, then jump strait up 
    from the little platrom, then hold up to grab onto the rope.
    Once everyone is on a rope, the leader clicks on Amos. Amos will either say 
    same or different. Same means one or more of the ropes has the correct number 
    of people on it. Different means that none of the ropes has the correct number 
    of people on it.
    This is my favorite way to solve the stage. It seems complicated, but you can 
    actually work it out in your head with logic. The party members seem to prefer 
    this one as it involves less jumping around. Or you can have a copy of the next 
    way to solve the stage open on your computer.
    			       /            \
                                 Same           Diff
    			     |                | 
                               _050_            _050_
    		          /     \          /     \
    	                Same   Diff      Same    Diff
                             |       |        |       |
                         ___005     401      041     311___
                        /    |       |        |       |    \
         		   Clr  Diff     302      032    Same  Diff
                             |       |        |       |     |	
                            410     203      023     131   122 
                             |       |	  |     /  \
                            320     104	041    S    D
                             |                    /      \
    		   	230		    221      212
                             |                            |
    			140			     Same
         Quick Guide:  # = any number 0 = Zero
         500= Same, 050= Same, 005= Clear
         500= Same, 050= Same, 005= Diff (not clear) --> ##0
         500= Same, 050= Diff --> #0#
         500= Diff, 050= Same --> 0##
         500= Diff, 050= Diff, 005= Diff --> ###
    Here is a more complicated way to solve the stage.
    I copied and pasted it from tinmap’s guide to Orbis pq. Thanks tinmap!
                Same---------- ----------Different
                  |                          |
                 410                        410
                  |                          |
             Same- -Different           Same- -Different
              |        |                  |        |
             320      302                311      320
              |        |                  |        |
    Different- -Same  Same              Same  Same- -Different
       |      |        |                  |        |       |
      401    230      203                212      221     230 
              |        |                  |        |       | - Different
             Same     Same              Same     Same    Same     | 
              |        |                  |        |       |      140
             140      104                113      122     131      |
              |        |                  |        |       |      Same
             Same     Same               Same     Same    Same     |
              |        |                  |        |       |      041
             050      005                014      023     032
    If you don’t get the combination right in seven tries, a bunch of no 
    experience monsters spawn and get in the way. Apparently the combination 
    doesn’t reset though, which is strange.
    You know when you have the right combination because a giant CLEAR, will appear 
    and its really obvious.
    VIII. Stage 3 (Standing on Platforms)
    In this stage there are 9 different labeled platforms that five people have to 
    stand on in the right order. Here is a map.
      A   2   B   3
    C   6   D   9   5
    So far this sounds like a Ludi PQ stage, but fear not you don’t have to go 
    through every stinking combination to get the right one.
    Once the leader clicks on Amos, a number of different types of no experience 
    monsters spawn. The number of slimes that spawn are the number of people that 
    are standing on the right platforms. Also you only have seven guesses before a 
    whole bunch of monsters spawn and the combination resets.
    So considering that if you use your brains you can logically work out which 
    platforms are right. But all strategies start with the same step. The logic is:
    If the number of slime decreases from the previous turn, then the platform the 
    person WAS standing on is correct. If the number of slime increases, then the 
    platform that they are standing on RIGHT NOW is correct. If the number of slime 
    stays the same, then they are either both correct, or both incorrect, use the 
    information from the next platform to figure out which.
    Have all five people stand on the bottom five platforms.
    C, 6, D, 9, 5
    The leader clicks and some number of slime spawn. The number of those slimes 
    is the exact number of correct platforms that are on the bottom. Usually the 
    person in the middle calls out the number of slime, and the leader confirms it. 
    So DO NOT GO KILLING THE SLIME RIGHT AWAY! At least wait for the leader to 
    start whacking the monsters. If you want to be a really nice middle person, 
    keep track of the number of slimes. For example, you would shout out 2; 2,2; 
    2,2,3 etc for each turn.
    Next have the person standing on “C” move to the top platforms.
    Have that one person stand on A then 2 then B, each time keeping track of the 
    number of slime. You don’t need to click with the person on “3” because you can 
    use logic to figure out if “3” is a correct platform or not.
    Once you have tested the top platforms A 2 and B, then you know which top 
    platforms are correct. Also you know whether platform “C” is correct or not 
    as well. Have people stand on those platforms. The people on the bottom ones, 
    should start on the right, and gradually move their way to the left one 
    person at a time.
    Sometimes the number of slime that spawns on the first turn is one. That means 
    that all of the top platforms are correct. Have four people go up on top, and 
    have the one on the bottom move from platform to platform.
    Once you get the right combo, go to the right and press up by the portal.
    IX. Stage 4 (Collect Ten Things)
    This stage is so pitifully easy. There are monsters that drop these things 
    called cupid code pieces. The leader needs fifty of them to get to the next 
    stage. So basically everyone kills ten or more monsters and brings the pieces 
    back up near Amos to give to the leader. The monsters keep spawning so there 
    is no chance of people dcing with pieces or anything like that.
    The only problem is that the map is fairly small, so people end up KSing 
    another person’s monster. Just spread out and try not to make the other people 
    hate you.
    Before the leader clicks to go to the next stage, he needs to have an AFK 
    If someone is AFK, or lagging badly, wait until they come back or stop 
    lagging, and then you can clear the stage. You CANNOT move on to the boss 
    stage without SIX people! If someone is afk, they will die in stage 5.
    So be careful.
    X. Stage 5 (Run to the Right)
    You will appear on the left side of a long map. A message will appear saying 
    RUN TO THE RIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE! Or something like that. 
    And that is what you need to do, for some monsters start coming from the left 
    side of the map. You can’t kill them at all, and eventually some Rombots will 
    come that deal out 10k damage. BAM! One hit kill!
    So everyone start going to the right. There are lava jet streams everywhere, 
    that deal out around 300 damage and knock you back to the left. And also 
    every now and then a gate will appear that you all need to whack to open it. 
    Just keep pressing right and attack to get through it. If only one person is 
    attacking the gate it will go very slowly. ALWAYS use physical attack on the 
    gate. If everyone does it, it’s amazing how quickly the gates open. You do 
    have to be slightly to the left of it, and monsters do bump into you. So back 
    up a bit and start hitting it.
    A tip to move faster, either jump into or let the monsters hit you and they 
    will bump you to the right and do way less damage then lava. Try to hitch a 
    bumpy ride on one of the mouse like creatures. Or jump into the air to bump 
    into a ghost to get a big boost foreward.
    Watch your HP! If you don’t use potions you will die, and then the rest of 
    the party will hate you forever since they can’t get to the boss stage. And 
    then they have to wait six hours to APQ again.
    Once you get near the right side of the map, the ground starts sloping up, 
    climb up the slope till you get near the safe spot near the door. There the 
    Rombots can’t hit you.
    Once again the leader asks if everyone isn’t AFK, and then clears the stage.
    Then you click on Amos to get to the boss stage.
    XI. Boss Stage
    Here is a “map” of the boss stage
    Amos                                   ____
    ____   ____      ----       ___
        |      ___         ___            ___
        |                                       ______
        | ___        ----        ----          | 
        |       ___                            |
        |               ___             ----   |
        |  ___                 ----            |      
        |        ___                 ___       |
    You will all appear on the platform by Amos, but you can’t jump down. Once 
    all of you party is there, then the leader clicks on Amos and you are sent 
    into the bigger part of the map. Do not jump around! If you are in the air 
    then Amos does not think all six party members are there and will not let you 
    go down to kill the boss. The platforms in the map all have hidden portals on 
    them, and send you around in a loop. In order to get off your loop and onto a 
    different one, you have to jump from one portal to another.
    The boss starts off as a Jr. Balrog, which is easily killed. After he is 
    killed, he turns into a Crog and starts flying around. Then after you attack 
    the crog and he dies the boss completes his final transformation and turns 
    into a Geist Rog, aka he turns white.
    Geist can still fly around but he has added a bunch of skills to his arsenal.
    He can now dark sight, teleport around, use dispel, do around 1.5k damage, up 
    his magic defense, and up his weapon defense.
    Here are some tips. The ground is covered with spikes. Stand on them. They 
    often will let you “dodge” Geist's big attack and dispel.
    If you are a low level just along for the ride, go hide in a corner, sad but 
    true, and stand on the spikes as well, its much safer.
    If you follow Geist around when he teleports, then you end up playing tag, 
    and barely hitting him. Have one person whack him, and then come back to the 
    bottom. This is called luring, and I highly recommend it. Otherwise it takes 
    FOREVER to kill Geist.
    If you are going to Meso Explode Geist, have people chase him around while 
    the CB drops his mesos. Once the mesos are ready, have everyone come stand by 
    them to lure Geist close to you. However, if Geist is using Wdef he will have 
    a little yellow circle above his head and meso explosion will only do “1” 
    damage to him. Priests can’t dispel him, you just have to wait it out.
    Mages and Priests be warned, Geist has dispel. He can get rid of you magic 
    guard and then kill you in one hit. Priest should basically just spam heal, 
    and keep an eye on their MG and MP.
    Or if you have a high enough level the Geist will be dead before you can 
    Once you finally kill Geist, he will drop his “Geist Fang”. It’s purple and 
    white. Give that fang to your leader or just let them pick it up. Now everyone 
    needs to get within clicking distance of Amos.
    The easiest way I found to do this is to:
    Press up on the bottom left portal, press up one more time, jump down onto 
    the platform on your left, and then press up two more times. You should now 
    be able to click on Amos.
    XII. Bonus Stage
    You will now be in a pre-bonus map stage. Once everyone has navigated the 
    teleporting platforms and arrived then the leader can move onto the bonus 
    stage. If you don’t know how to navigate the platforms, please ask someone to 
    show you, ahead of time.
    If EVERYONE is with their spouse, then you can go in the 
    couples vault. I think there are semi better items.
    If you don’t have matching spouses then you go to a regular bonus stage.
    Once in the bonus stage you have to physically attack boxes three times to get 
    items. One really important tip, you want to use a weapon that you can attack 
    quickly with. If you use a slow staff or spear you will be able to open less 
    boxes. Get some fast dagger, or use a weapons booster. But if you hit the box 
    too fast then it won’t register. So get your timing down, and you will be able 
    to open boxes faster. If you have good timing you can also poke two boxes at the
    same time. Either by switching back and forth if you use a short weapon. Or two 
    right next to each other if you use a spear with weapons booster.
    Each box will spew around ten things, mainly coins. Keep an eye on the items 
    coming out, while you attack the next box. You will be able to spot the apples. 
    Pick them up right away.
    Some of the items are:
    Black Crystal Ore
    Gold Plates
    Level 40 Earrings
    Level 45 Earrings
    Level 60 Earrings
    Amoria Basket’s (increases defense)
    Amos Capes Level 50
    Amoria Chairs
    But the things people really want are the Onyx Apples! These can sell in the 
    Free Market for a hefty sum of mesos. When this first came out, they sold for 
    1.8 mil (2007). Now they can sell for 22 mil (2011). And the price will keep 
    increasing. The baskets also sell fairly well. But not as much as the apples.
    Sadly, sometimes you won’t get an apple. I know it’s frustrating. But there 
    really isn’t anything you can do.
    XIII. End of Journey
    After the party has finished the APQ or someone has left the party without 
    exiting first, or the leader has left the party, you will appear in this 
    map with the weird alien NPC.
    Click on him to exit this map and return to the APQ map.
    If you took my tip and got a ticket six hours before hand you can now go twice.
    To do that just get ten more keys and get another ticket from Amos, sadly 
    twice in a row is all you can do, since you can only hold one APQ ticket at 
    a time. Now you have to wait for six hours.
    XIV. Contact Information
    When contacting me all email messages should deal with problems with this 
    guide or any questions you have about the APQ. Any other messages shall be 
    ignored and sent to the trash. In your subject line, please write down 
    something with APQ in it or it will be deleted as spam.
    Well here is my email.
    If you want to contact me in MS
    My main’s name is Kytkyty and I’m in Bellocan.
    XV. Thanks (References)
    Tinmap on GameFAQs for his wonderful Sealed Room chart. 
    Thanks to FurryOutter and DashieOtter for actually using this guide and bumping 
    into me and telling me they used my guide. :)  

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