Review by Glarbage

Reviewed: 04/18/06

Great Beginnings, Addictive Middles, Atrocious Endings

Take note, this was written on 4/17/2006, and opinions as well as everything expressed in this review are liable to change. Just a heads up.

Graphics: 6/10

For a 2D Side Scrolling RPG, the graphics are amazing. But I did just use the word "2D." Don't get me wrong, the 2D doesn't stop me from playing the game, the community and the repetitive actions do. But when a game is 2D, it just doesn't give me that extensive feel that one based in 3D does. Of course, the 2D does stop/slow the lag, to an extent. But back to the point, the graphics are good.

Character Development: 7/10

The system for character development is fantastic! The only real difficulty is in a few choice character levels (I.E.: A new spearman/fighter/page, still at level 30), but that's still not so severe to lower the score. The creators give you a plethora of skills to test, and learn from, and to just look sexy while using. The part that lowers the score is the fact that you use a certain attack skill for 5 levels before the damage change gets great and noticeable. And after you get that skill maxed, you start to work on another skill which is guaranteed to suck for at least 3 levels, if not more.

Servers/Lag: 7/10

The lag isn't too severe, unless you have a packed map, and then, you may as well restart your computer then, because the game might just do it for you. And please, for the sake of all the original pros, DON'T JOIN SCANIA! And Bera is getting packed too. Start your characters on Khaini, that's the most recent server, and everything sold on it is cheaper anyway.

Music and Sound: 0/10

Soooo... The music is terrible... That's really about it. Do any of you use the mute switch on your PC? You'll start, trust me. And chances are, if you like playing with music, you might just invest in an mp3 player, ya know, something to break the uncomfortable silence. If you do happen to enjoy the music, more power to you, but we'll see how much you enjoy it 30+ levels later, when you haven't heard a new song since the last city you went to.

Community: 1/10

The community used to be fantastic, before the game really got discovered. Back when it was just a few noobs, and a mass of pros. I was always somewhere in the middle. Anyway, now that everyone knows about it, and only the asshats have joined, well, you know where I'm going with this. The 1 point is for the 1% of the community that isn't terrible.

Gameplay: 1/10

The gameplay is repetitive. I mean, it feels bad when you could tape down one button and do alot better then you do if you're actually there (or rather, it would feel worse if they allowed that, its considered botting, and is VERY bad). The one point this time is for the massive fun that using +SPEED items is. Or Haste. Mmm... Haste. *drools* Red Whip... DELICIOUS!!!

Appearance Variety: 6/10

The equips in this game are extensive, some being beautiful in appearance (by beautiful I mean sexy {I.E. the Whitebottom shoes, IMO}), and some being disgusting to the eye (like the Zombie Mushroom hat, available in the Cash Shop only). And then there's the initial character customization... Let's just say, it's limited. UNLESS... You're willing to spend money to give your character some awesome hair and a new face (and maybe even a freaky blue skin tone 0_o). If you do that, well... the options are still limited, but not as much.


In my opinion, while Maple Story is great when you first start playing, it gets worse and worse, and the only truly fun part is starting a new character to experiences the strengths and flaws of each job. Such as the fire mage, being fantastic in the 2nd job, and being, let's just say, a little less so in the 3rd job. And the bandit, with so many different ways to make him, just to get to the 3rd job and find that most of the skills are mostly for show. And then, my beloved class, yet so painful trainingwise, the cleric, who can just hold down the same button for hours at a time just to gain 10% of the experience points required to gain 1 level. Everyone wants the skills the cleric has, but they don't want the burden of limited training possibilities. And I don't blame them. And the assassin... What a fantastic class! Too bad that's the class all the new players *attempt* to make. And when that fails, they move on to a mage of some kind, and the community of Maple Gods cries in their sleep...

Back on task, I give Maple Story an overall score of:

4. Its not bad, but it isn't all that great either. And once you start playing hardcore, you find it hard to stop. Trust me, I've learned the hard way.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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