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"Watch out - it's MapleStory!"

MapleStory is a 2-d MMORPG. This means you will be playing online with many other people, some young, some old. You begin as a “Beginner”, eventually progressing to other jobs. These include the mysterious Magicians, the mighty Warriors, the acute Bowmen, and the hasty Thieves. You will visit many incredible places along your journey to be the best, as well. These include the vibrant jungles of Ellinia, the rocky mountains of Perion, the peaceful grasslands of Henesys, and the dark streets of Kerning City. Additionally, you can visit other continents, like the clouds of Orbis, and the toylands of Ludibrium. You will train on monsters, explore, and meet many other people.

- Colors graphics are vibrant and bright. They are extremely attractive.
- Gameplay is smooth, and combat with monsters is very active.
- Real-time, so you're able to interact with players, just as they were sitting next to you.
- Chat system is very easy to use, and can be stretched or hidden.
- Character customization has virtually unlimited boundaries. You are able to - choose each and every piece of clothing your character wears.
- Addicting and fun to play.
- Party Quests, or Accompaniments, push people to work together.

- Many patches, and with slow download speeds, they can cause problems.
- Too many hackers – the security system is not too reliable.
- During the beginning, it can be too slow, and not very fun.
- Scammers can be a problem, as with every other MMORPG.
- Huge file download, around 300 megabytes. Even with the 20 part part-by-part download, it's very long.
- Leveling may feel too slow for most.
- GMs (Game Masters) are not responsive to reports. This leads to an overdose of hackers.

In-Depth Review:

Gameplay – 9/10

Maplestory is an extremely easy game to jump into. The controls are easy to master, and they can be customized to your needs. In the game itself, you will do a large amount of traveling and fighting. Your Hit Points and Mana/Magic Points grow each level, and your progress to each level is based on percentage. The lower your level, the quicker you level. Each level you gain, the less one experience point is to you. In the beginning, you will start on a newbie island, so you won't have to worry about dying right away. One of the greatest things about MapleStory is the Party Quests. As of the time I write this review, there are three. Only one party may be in a PQ at a time. The first is at level 21, and until level 30. It is the Kerning City PQ. This is the easiest, and by far the quickest PQ of the three. The boss is the King Slime, an oversized slime. The next is the Ludibrium PQ. You must be level 35-50 to do it, and the stages are longer and more grueling. The boss is Alishar, who summons many dark creatures. The third is the Zakum party quest, which was just recently released. The boss is Zakum itself, and he is by far the hardest PQ boss. Parties may spend over four hours just to beat him. Though it takes a long time, the rewards are great. Overall, the gameplay is fun and innovative.

Graphics – 8.5/10

The graphics in this game are truly beautiful. Though characters and environments are in 2-d, the graphics will pull you in, and keep you playing. Even the backgrounds are drawn very detailed. Characters are drawn in a cartoony-anime style, and clothing or armour are different each few levels. There are also facial expressions, which allow you to smile, frown, or scream. The graphics in MapleStory are done well.

Sound/Music – 3/10

Sadly, the sounds and music are tremendously annoying. You will constantly find yourself in a position wanting to either rip your ears out or rip your speakers out. You won't even consider turning them off, so I recommend doing that before it gets out of hand. Jumping constantly, which assassins do a lot, makes a very irritating sound. Unfortunately, the sound is the worst part of this game, or one of them, as we're about to see.

Community – 4/10

The community in this game is pitiful. You'll always be seeing people saying “CC plz”, or “Please change channels”. Most of the players are unable to speak proper English or any English at all. Expect to see people saying “money plz” and “can u train me pleez?” Hackers and scammers are a huge problem, and they are almost impossible to get rid of. The community in this game is what can be expected in MMORPGs.

Story – N/A

Even though it's called MapleStory, there really is no story! It's just an MMORPG, so you'll just be walking around, killing monsters and meeting other people.


MapleStory is a fun and addicting game, and you'll constantly find yourself in a position where your siblings will be begging you to get off the computer.

Well, that concludes my review. Have a great time playing MapleStory!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/04/06

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