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"Going steadily downhill"

Graphics: 6/10

Meh, the graphics aren't bad for a 2D game, but I'd have to say, it gets quite annoying after awhile, because for each town, there seems to be a set of maybe twenty platforms, only arranged in different formations. Also, the characters all look similar; you only have nine choices of faces for boys; im not sure about girls. Then again, you can change them to something cool by forking over about three bucks. Half of the clothing, however, makes you look extremely stupid, and to buy something cool-looking, you have to spend five dollars in the cash shop to buy virtual clothes that expire in 90 days.

Servers/Lag: 5/10

There is no lag, unless you are running on an extremely slow computer or internet. The major problem, though, is the servers. Simply put, there's too many of them. With 5 (until they add more) servers, finding a friend who plays on multiple servers like you is extremely difficult. Also, I find that I usually train on one character for a week or so before another, which makes it hard to keep your friends for very long.

Gameplay: 5/10

I'll admit it. The gameplay for this game isn't that bad, the only problem is the repetition. 99% of mages follow EXACTLY the same build. 90% of thieves (only because there are strength weapons for them), and 99% of archers. Warriors have the most diversity, getting to choose between pure strength, glove, or the 2xLevel dex build. Many of the classes have to get some skills right away, or risk screwing their whole character. The typing system is also very awkward. Once you begin typing, you cannot move your character at all. Also, the easiest way to train is to put a heavy eraser or something on the CTRL key so you keep whacking, then leave it like that overnight. You can gain like five levels, whereas leveling normally takes about ten hours at level fifty, and one hour at level ten.

Parties: 4/10

Although I think partying is extremely fun in most games, in Maplestory there is no point. Although 90% of mages who reach level 30 become Clerics, normally you can level faster without them. In, say, Ragnarok, you need a party to take down the bosses, because if you don't have a full party, you're probably screwed. In Maplestory the only reason to party is PQ, which is a quest where a party works together to beat a set of stages, which gives them tons of EXP and mesos. Sounds good? Think again. There can only be one PQ per channel, and there are twenty in all. Each PQ takes about twenty minutes. I'd hazard to guess that there are a hundred parties at a time competing for a chance in Scania. Assuming that everyone gets out in twenty minutes, it would be eighty minutes before you got to PQ. Then you wait another 60 for the rest (because for twenty minutes you are inside the PQ). This is all assuming that everybody calmly takes turns (lol, as if) . Lets say you were competing against three other groups. Who gets in first? The one with the Auto Click, which simply clicks the NPC that starts the PQ insanely fast, giving no other party a chance.

GMs: 0/10

Seriously, what the heck do the gms do while you play? You cannot get any hacker banned, suspended, or even checked by reporting them, but they can get you banned by simply getting on all their defame accounts, then mass reporting you. Heck, its just like pRO all over again; don't forget that a good community ALWAYS starts with good GMs. I've seen exactly one GM during my half year of playing Maplestory. It was during an event. The most eventful thing that happened was that the GM kicked a few people off the server, then banned a hacker. The event was simply free mesos for hackers.

Community: 0/10

The other players ruin the whole games. Before Maplestory was officially released, everybody in the game was godly, and they were happy to spare a few mesos to help a noob. Now, even the high leveled characters will try to scam low leveled characters to earn a few extra pennies. Also, Mages will constantly be accused of KSing, even when they did nothing. Once, I saw a lv15 fighting some orange mushrooms on the bottom level of Kerning. So, I took my mage and started killing some on top. He then accused me of KSing because he had been training on top earlier. He promptly defamed me, then followed me around, yelling "everybody defame mageboy hes a @#$%^@% kser" Of course, this happens all the time, so nobody paid him any attention. I've refrained from giving this -500/10 only because of the 0.1% of the population who try to follow the rules.

Overall: 4/10

IMO this game is fairly interesting in the beginning, but as leveling slows down and training becomes monotonous, you'll wish you never started this game.

BTW, the population has been slowly creeping down; has anyone noticed? you can get on Scania first try now, and Bera isn't always stuffed, except on weekends, but thats to be expected.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 05/06/06

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