Review by mash36

Reviewed: 09/25/06

Shame, SHAME!

Maple Story, a 2D platform MMORPG. You are a little cartoon character with a gigantic head. You can choose between three jobs, then advance in those jobs. Sounds fun? Absolutely NOT. First lets just say a word that describes this game the best: Pointless. Is this really worth playing? NO. This game is basicly a waste of time. You will realize that you were doing the same thing all the time you spend on playing this game. You kill hundreds of babyish monsters, and try to level up. Guess whats after that? Nothing! You just do it all over again. I might be a bit confusing. So I'll divide into 3 sections, graphic,gameplay, and sound.


Something that is not too bad in this game, but not good either. You can almost say this is the best part if you compare to other things. Nothing new here though. Just some smooth 2D graphics without anything special. Your armors are nothing spectacular to look at. Like some well made flash graphics. No special effects either. No, pretty rainbows does not come out when you slah your magical sword. You see some floating dirt and you can step on to it. The background is an unchanging wall paper like thing. Good thing is that this do not have missed up textures or ect. Everything goes where they are supposed to. A regular 32mb video card should be able to run it fine. In other words, if you computer was built with in the last 5 years, you should be able to run Maple Story fine. Really, there is NO eye poping graphics in this game. This game does not have good graphics. It is a completely 2D platformer. Just smoothly created graphics.



Well the section that matters the most in all games! Guess what? Maple Story gets destroyed on this part. That's why it gets low scores, right?Basicly all you do is kill weird monsters and level up. The monsters just touch you and you take damage. Yes you heard me, they do damage to you by touching you. When you are higher leveled, monsters shoot stuff at you, but it's the SAME thing. There aren't really a point in this game. All you do is level up and level up. The higher level you are gives you better equipments, and learn new spells. That is said, but this game lacks equipments. Like I said, the higher level you are the better equip you get. There are no super cool weapon that has a super special attack. There aren't many spells either, about 50 for each job. I meant the entire job including the up grades!!!! The problem is that about only 20 of those specials are usefull. The jobs, you can be a archer, theif, or warrior. After you reach a certain level, you can upgrade your job. Maple Story let you choose between three jobs to upgrade to. Then after you level up some more, you get to upgrade again! Then after a lot more hours of playing and leveling, you get to up grade for the one and last time. So there are three jobs and three times of upgrading your job. There are 4 stats: attack, intellegence, dexerity, and luck. Depending on what job you took, only one or two stats will be usefull. That makes the game really weak. Makes it more pointless than it alredy is. More dependant on leveling. Also there is gold. You get them from monsters or quest. Ofcourse you use gold to buy the armor and weapon yo well need. In this game level and gold is basicly everything. There are quests, but they are pointless. It's called Maple Story, but there is NO story. Every quest gives you an excuse story and you are off. The "story" is boring to read. It basicly says something like, " My son is sick, you get me 50 of (item name)."After you get back with the items they want, they give you a equipment, xp, or gold. Monsters some times drop rare items, but they are nothing special. You can sell them for money, but that is probably all you do with them, for they re not really too much stronger than the items you buy. You can also show off wearing the item to show off, but thats pretty lame. Well basicly, this game gets old after a while, short while.



HUH????? What sound??? OOOOHHHH you mean those wierd sounds that monsters make when they die? NO? The sounds in Maple are NOT good. Monsters makes wierd "weer" sound when they die. You also hear sound that your attacks make, which sounds really weak. Oh there are music all right. Just random ones, some randmn music that plays when you are some where in the map. You could probably find those sound effects in some old editing program. You can probably just make the music your self with some simple music making program. That is how simple maple story music is. Really nothing worth hearing. It's just there incase if you are extremely frustrated or ect. I'd recommend listening to your downloaded music than this. Not even better than some old NES game's music.


You see this game is pretty bad. A pointless, boring little game. That is maple story all right. There are no character costumization. only the armor and weapon you level up with and the ones you find from monsters. Unless you pay, which is just wasting money. You can buy items from their store that uses realy money. don't, you would probably realize this game sucks after a few weeks to month. Buy another game with that spare money insted of spending on Maple Story. Even though this is a MMO, it doesn't really seem like it. The community is pretty bad. Most people are little stupid kids. A lots of people brag about their level, clan, or weapon. Very stupid little things. You can report someone for hacking, but guess what? 90 out of 100 chance that nothing will happen to the person you report. Seems like no admin or any one really cares to help us out. There aren't many chance to communicate with other players. You have to stop moving to type. Which means certain death or injury. Besides, if other players were all super intellegent state of art AIs, you probably would never noticed. A game without much personallity this is.There is not really good or bad players in this game. All chances of communicaton is clans and party quests. All the people I know that played this game for more than 3month are the people who basicly never played a payed game. Try this game if you really have nothing to do for a month, it should keep you busy for a month or less. Introduce it to your younger sibling who won't stop bothering you to get off the computer so they can go on Very easy learing curve. Just a few buttons will do. This game deserves a score 7 at max, I don't think many people are fans of this type of gameplay. It's like some kind of boring Mario game with a new skin, changed gameplay, and a little sword to slash with. 2D platform MMORPG is unique, but not fun. If you spent more than 4 month, it's time to switch a game! The pointlessness of the game will not and should not keep you playing for too long.

Why does this game get a 4 you ask? Because it is free! How happy?!

Thanx for reading this review. Some people might disagree or strongly agree. Still this is just here if you want to know another point of view.

So this game gets a 4/10 !

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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