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"Not so fun anymore is it?"

Well, welcome to Senryu's Review on Maple Story. What once was a cute little 2d side-scroller, is now a massive and I mean massive multi-player online adventure. As you are reading this and maybe someone new to the game, or just someone who wants to read reviews, think to yourself now. Do you want to play a game where hackers are pretty much in charge? Thats right folks, this game is practically ruled, well lets not say ruled, but infested with hackers.

Once long ago, Maple Story was a very enjoyable game, now this was way back in Beta, but thats besides the point. You were able to roam the various maps, and explore with friends. And although that may still be true today, much has changed. Today, you will run into a vast amount of maps where hackers are hacking in public. Now way back then in Beta, this was never a problem. Hackers were little, and those that were present were cowards. As soon as someone had stepped into the map, they would leave very quickly. Now however, hackers are no longer cowards, but just a nuisance to the community. They are hacking in public, advertising their hacking websites, and even bad-mouthing the legitimate players.

But, you aren't here to hear about how crazily bad this community has turned out to be right? You've come to learn about the game itself. Well, ok, fine. I shall tell you what there is to know about this game.

First of all, there are 4 major classes. These are the Thieves, the Archers, Warriors and last but not least the Mages. Each class has a certain type of specialty. With archer its firing their stunning arrows at monsters, with thieves its to hide and loot, warriors are here to beat up the monsters with their enormous swords and axes, and Mages cast their powerful spells to knock down their foes.
With every level you gain, you will gain stat points, to which you are able to distribute among various areas. Such as Strength, Intelligence, Luck, Health, Mana points, and dexterity. Now, Im not going to tell you how to distribute them, but I suggest doing a little research first would help. Such as asking for what type of attribute does such and such need, and reading guides to help you along the way is also a fantastic idea.

Whenever a benchmark level is reached, it means that you are ready to throw out those raggy old clothes you wore for so long, and put on some shiny new ones. Clothes, Hats, gloves, shoes, and capes are a major aspect of this game of course. Its what makes a person unique. The option to be creative with clothing, or to just blend in with others. The combinations are endless! Now you must remember however, with new clothes you must keep in mind, that in order to actually wear them, you must achieve a certain amount of attribute points in the area it specifies. Don't worry, its not too hard to do it, just plan ahead.

Have you always wanted to play a game unique from the rest? Well I guess you did find the right game. This game is the type that makes you feel all warm inside. The way the characters, NPCs, monsters look, its just all too cute. Even the powerful penguins you face later on are very cute and cuddly looking. The music you will hear for each map or town you are in really matches the mood of the area. So it'll make you feel like its all so real.

You may notice that you are quite poor at first, and you feel broke. But trust me, everyone feels like that when they first start their adventure. As you progress through the game, you find many exotic equipment that you can sell in stores or to other players in need. And you may find scrolls, that have the magically ability to turn even a weak weapon into a might warrior's weapon. Throughout this game, you will find many many things. And you will become rich in no time. Its just a matter of perseverance.

I must warn you however, you may find it amazing to play in the beginning. But as you progress further and further into your maple career, you will notice that it gets much more difficult to level up. What use to be 10 minutes to level up will becomes hours and hours later on. Its a game where, if you hope to acquire new weapons, new skills, you will need to grind your way there. However, if you have some friends that play with you, the grind feels less tiresome, and you'll be having much more fun!

At a certain point in the game, you will be allowed to advance to a higher level class. No this does not mean that you will be able to switch from a Mage to a Warrior. Or something like this, it just means that you are moving up in the class. At lvl 30, you will be able to take a test, where you must prove you have gained enough experience in the game, in order to move up in the game. At lvl 70, you will be able to advance one class higher, but it gets much more difficult. This test proves your strength, against your instructor. Don't worry, even though they are powerful, so are you! You have grown much to get to that level, and you must prove yourself. With each class advancement, comes newer and greater skills to be acquired. With each level, you gain 3 AP points, in which you may distribute among your skills. The higher the skill level is, the greater it is.

Let me explain to you the classes in a little bit more of detail.
First of all, we have the warriors. These fine ladies and gentlemen are the powerhouses of the 4 classes. They use brute force to blow away their enemies. Wielding a deadly Katana, or a giant Screamer, they crush their foes with their mighty strength. These mighty warriors gain their ability to dish out such damage by Strength and Dexterity.
Next, we have the fine and sly Thieves. These are masters in hiding and looting. They are able to hide themselves from monsters in a instant, and sneak up right behind them to deal a deadly blow. They have the ability to increase their speed in order to rush to one place to another. They are truly quick on their feet.
Who next? Why Archers of course! These people wield great bows and crossbows to strike their enemy with their arrows. Such range allows them to stay at a distance to strike down their foes with amazing accuracy. No matter where you hide, no matter how fast you run, they'll get you. You can bet on that.
And finally the Mages! What they may lack in strength, they surely make up in Intelligence. Mages dish out amazing amounts of damage by focusing their powers into spells. They shatter their enemies with thunderbolts, fire arrows, thunder spears, holy light, dragons, and so much more!

You know, Maple Story isn't that bad of a game, you make new friends, you adventure into the world of Maple Story, you grow along the way, and you just have a blast. However, a word of advice, be aware that hackers aren't necessarily out to get you, they just want an edge. Don't even bother with hackers, if you see one, simply right click on them and report them, and move on. Don't let them spoil your fun.

You know, you must have read a lot now... and Im sorry to have kept you so long. But isn't it time you started on your adventure? The adventure of a lifetime awaits you. Good Luck ~

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/26/06

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