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"I played for a year, and I really regret it."

My first review, and it's for MapleStory? Well, let's get on with this. It's pretty much a basic MMORPG, with classes, monsters, etc. I was playing MapleStory for over a year, around September 05-October 06. Never made a review, but I thought I should do this for you guys out there. Got too lazy but here it is. So, let's get on with the real review.

Gameplay : 6/10

Gameplay isn't so bad in the beginning, I mean, your a new player, you have high expectations for that character. The keys you use for your skills / items are pretty easy, you won't have to open your inventory and double-click on the item you want to use. As for classes, you have the mighty warrior, exceeding in strength and defense, along with their mighty melee attacks. Then comes the bowman, with extreme accuracy and dexterity. Third, the rouge / thief. You can either throw stars or go into melee with one. Then, comes the magician, with exception paths to take. 4 main classes, with 2-3 paths to take for each one. As for builds, most people just follow the same build over and over and over for each classes. Nobody actually makes their own build and do what they want. Everyone else just refers to others and nobody relies on themselves for some uniqueness and variety. If you want to have fun, make a character to your own liking, and don't refer to guides. Unless you want to have fun and see how the old MapleStory was like, then go do so.

Soon enough you'll find training is just. boring. I mean, sure, you sit in your chair, stare at your screen and just look at your character fight and go, "YAY, my character leveled up!" After a while, it grows boring. If you want decent training, you'll probably have to either hack the game, pay someone to play for you or just leave something on your attack button while you sleep. Leveling is pretty easy once you begin, obviously your a new character, but as you progress, it takes DAYS to hit a level, unless your already addicted to it, then I have no other words to say to you. I also find the fact dying takes a toll on some classes, less of a price for others. For instance, I was a warrior and with warriors / bowman, and they lose about 10% exp every time I died, and at a level like I was at (75 is a low level these days), it can cost you about 2 million experience. Not a good sight. As if your a magician / thief, you'll lose considerably less exp since they need luck (Warriors and bowman do not need luck, unless you plan on making yourself weaker) and they only lose about...say, 5-7%? Big difference.

Servers : 5/10

The servers aren't half bad. With about 8 worlds out at this time, you'll probably find some variety. Although, if you have friends who play on other worlds, and he / she is looking for you, I think the person is going to have a rough time. Otherwise, I recommended just sticking to one server, so you don't make your friends worry, if you happen to have real friends. You'll see what I mean by this. Soon enough.

Storyline : 0/10

Pretty ironic if you ask me, surely a game with "story" in it's name must have a story, or else why bother putting story in the name? This just makes me wonder when I first played. Sigh, do people even take the time to think about names anymore?

Graphics : 7/10

For a 2D game, the graphics are pretty well done. It doesn't pay off much however, since you'll have to throw in a few bucks to actually look good and it expires after 90 days. I find it dumb to waste money to look good. Not much variety in it's towns, and characters, which makes it look pretty dull if you've played for quite a while. I mean, the buildings and everything look good, but platforms, chairs, benches look completely the same, only arranged differently. As for how characters look, it's not bad, although you'll have to expect to throw in a few bucks in order to get what you want. After you do throw in the money, it's actually somewhat worth it, the Cash Shop is almost like a mall, PLENTY of variety within the clothing you can choose. So putting in money can be worth it, if you want to spend money for no apparent reason.

Sound : 2/10

Music doesn't sound great. Might as well turn off the music and put your own playlist for that matter, because I doubt you'd want to listen to some happy music that seems to run along with the game. Please, do yourself a favor and put your own playlist when playing MS. I can't stand the little innocent music they put, while evil lurks around everyone's shoulder.

Admins : 0/10

GMs for this game do NOTHING. You see hackers EVERYWHERE, and yet, they do nothing about it. Yeah, maybe once a month does some good, but all they do is just come back. Lately, they've been a good job, but I still find them unreliable. As for the events they hold, they repeat them over and over for no reason. Everything looks the same, and events are even that often. Maybe, 1-3 times in about half a year? Maybe they just like sitting there, making money and checking out the havoc that's happening over MS, and not do anything about it. If only the admins were better, I think people would actually play some more, knowing the admins have their backs. Otherwise, don't waste your time hoping an admin / GM (GameMaster) will run along to come and help you with your problems.

Community : The admins got a 0? This doesn't even deserve a number.

Seriously, the community is hell, if it were to be experienced. Everyone treats others like enemies, and if your new, you should look to being in solitude. That's right, people won't even help noobs, even if it's just about 100 mesos. If you want directions, they'll probably just pretend they never even saw you. People try to rip you off, scam you, and there's much more people can do to make you life miserable in MS. It's funny, things like this only happen in TOWNS. Things just get worse if your outside fighting monsters...Ah, if only MapleStory had a PvP system. You'll learn why I wished they had one soon enough.

Remember when I said that you'll do fine training if your alone? Well, now this is what happens if someone happens to run across your map. If their just passing by, I doubt much will happen, unless they happen to kill some monsters while running through the map to the next map. Now, if someone happens to actually stay in your map...then problems start to rise. The person will probably start KSing you, causing you to wonder : "What the heck is this person doing it my map? This is MY MAP." Apparently, people don't really care about others, as long as they get what they want, then they're happy. If your a ranged attacker, then I suppose you'll have no problem with a KSer as much. You can just kill from afar and pretend you never saw the person. Now, if you were a melee class like I was...then things won't be so pretty. Magicians and thieves LOVE to KS, especially when they have the chance to. They attack pretty fast, and they wreak havoc upon your little innocent and once peaceful map. This is just the beginning. If you happen to wander into a map where somebody is already occupying it, and the person happens to dislike anyone that comes to your map, expect to hear the phrase "cc plz" often. (Change channels please, in other words, but people are too lazy to type it out.) Now, if you don't? Well, expect a BIG, BIG harassment. You'll probably get stalked, and if your fighting, that stalker might actually plan on having fun to annoy the hell out of you.

On a side note, I liked every friend I made there. When time came to quit, funny how none of them tried to keep contact with me. These days, out of probably 50+ people I know, I only keep contact with like what, 2 of them? So beware. The friends you make may not be true friends after all. Keep that in mind.

Overall : 3/10

If only things were the same before January / February 06. Then, I would have given it about a 7-8. If you plan on playing now? Don't bother downloading this game. Trust me on this one, it's a total waste. I felt as if I was around 9-10 playing this childish game, so this game is probably recommended for children who haven't hit their teenage years yet. Those kids would probably find the most fun out of playing this game. Otherwise, the only advantage you'll have playing for this game is the fact it's free.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 06/26/07, Updated 11/20/07

Game Release: MapleStory (US, 11/30/05)

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