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"Maple Syrup, now with 100% Jerks"

Maple Story is this multi-mass online game made by a Korean company called Wizet. Their mission? To take over the world and have the people become maple crazed. No really, they have like 4-5 versions of it in Asia ( Maple Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan). they have one for the States ( Maple Global) and they have one for Europe (even though the Europeans just comes to the Global one. Now don't let the name fool you. There is no story to this game at all. None at all. I don't know why they chose the name Maple Story when there is none but there you have it. Also it's a 2-D side scroller not 3-D.

Game play 10/10: Probably the best and worst part (excluding the community) of the game. You must register a name and then download the game (it's free). Then when you start the game you must make your person. For each part of the body you have about 3-5 choices or variations however its all the same for now (you don't get a better attack if you go with a sword instead of a club). Next, you set your characters stats. Luck is for thief, intelligence is for wizards, dexterity is for archers, and strength is for warriors. What you try to do is to score the highest number with the dice to your desired class and to keep all other ones low (unless if your class requires it). So after you get your desired stats you will then start the game in a training camp where it teaches you the controls. Of course you can edit the controls to suit your own needs. Each time you experience bar hits 100% your character will level. The towns of the four jobs (and where you can find them) are going to be listed here since the map thing and portal might be bit confusing at first. For archers the town you need to go to is Henesy, for Warriors it is Perion, for thieves it is Kerring city, and for Wizards it is Ellenia. That is generally the whole entire game as a majority. There are quests as well for you to do and party quests in which your party does together. There is even a guild quest but most likely you won't be in a guild immediately. Now why is this also the worst part of the game? The leveling system is very wrong. At around 20's you will notice there is a big chunk of time wasted just to level to the next level. The experience level jumps about every couple hundred or thousand at around the 30's. Now the game's highest level is 200. If you already need about 70k worth of experience points at a low level (30) and the monsters only give you about 99 experience each time you kill them then how long would it take you level to 31? Probably a long time. So what happens when you die? Nothing really. A tomb stone falls and a message will say that you will be transported back to town however some thing else will happen as well and that is you lose 10% of your experience. Now this can be frustrating especially if you are high leveled and it took you 3-4 days just to get 10%. The only class this does not affect are the thieves because they have high luck.

Music/ sound 6/10: The music to game can range from gloom y tunes to mostly cheerful ones. The monster also makes unique sounds when you kill them (ie: Snails meow when you kill them). However since if you play this game long enough you will hate every single stage song there is. The game has about 107 different stage songs.

Controls ?/10: The controls is very easy since you edit it to how you want to move about in the game. Some people have even used controllers to make things even easier but you need to do some type of set up.

Community -1000/10: Ok I know I can't even give out negative number however the community sucks that much. Most of the time you will hear that this game sucks solely based of this part of a multi-mass online role playing game. So why does the community suck so much? lets ask some of the people. Most of the players are like early teenagers who don't respect any one. They also expect you to instantly know how to party or guild quest. And if you don't, you will be called noob for a good majority of the time. Next are the hackers. This game is so easy to hack even little kids do it. Now thats pretty sad. To have your game hacked by some kids. Not adults. You expect the hackers to be like 16 and up but no, these hackers are probably like 12 and up or even younger. Also people in general expects you to do as they say (especially newbies and girls).If you don't they will resort to name calling, defaming, and kill stealing (except the newbies, they can't defame or kill steal). Now what is kill steal you ask? People in this game are so concerned with leveling that they will even go to disrupt other people's training just to level. Basically, say person A is killing some thing then Person B comes in and kills that monster that Person A was about to kill. That is what a kill steal is. It is very annoying but every one does it. This also means that warriors are screwed since every other class has range while a warrior needs to walk up to things and kill it. Lastly are the random defamers. These people are people that just go around and just randomly defames people in general. They hold no grudge, they just do it because they feel like it. The last group of people are the legitimate players. The people who stick by the rules however (sadly) the percentage is really really low. Probably only about 1000 out of 100000 people are considered to be in this group.

Extras 5/10: The games only extra feature is to get you to spend money. Apparently as a corporation Wizet needs money and how do they do this? By taking the money of hard working parents who want to please their kids by helping them buy virtual reality money. Yes it is Wizet's cash shop. In this mode you will need: Lincolns, Hamilton and maybe even a Ben Franklin in exchange for fake money so that your kids will be quiet and stop whining about it. So what can you buy from the cash shop? You can buy pets, hair salon tickets, better looking clothes, cards that will help in game, mega phones to reach like the entire world of the place you are in(Maple Story has about 5-7 different worlds which are all the same except for population. If you use d a mega phone ever one regardless of what channel they are on will see your message). Also you can buy wedding rings (yes in America violence is no-no but teaching kids about sex even in a game such as this is ok). Besides the cash shop (as mentioned before) there are party quests and guild quests. Now any one can make a party as long as they are above level 10 and with a job. Now a party quest is where you gather either 4 people (if you are doing the Kerring city one) or 6 people (if you are doing the toy land version) Now these number are just the minimum, you can have more people if you want you just will not get as much experience points because every thing is shared in a party (both money and experience. The only thing that is not shared are items found by individual people. Now a guild quest is similar to a party quest except you have to be in a guild. The only guild quest available is in the sea world of maple right now and you need to be a really high level to do it. Lastly, since this is made in Korea it will have a lot of things to make fun of Asia for instance the Jiang Si mushrooms from Chinese mythology, a Korean folk tale town (which all the stories are probably known in Korea), a Japan town which is named Jipan and has like the usual Japanese get up and lastly coke land (because Coke cola supports Wizet in Korea. And so to honor their support, in the Korean version they made a coke land. I don't know if this would come to the states. It should, since coke was invented here.

So it is up to you if you want to get this game but beware that if you do you put your self at risk at being addicted to it. You also put your self at risk for high blood pressure because many times people will be angry when they play this game. And lastly you put your self at risk for losing money to the evil evil cash shop that Wizet made. Many people play it just because it is free. If it were not then not as many people would and maybe the community would be better.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/29/07

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