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"An Awsome way to play a FREE MMORPG"

MapleStory is a free, 2d side scrolling, MMORPG. You do not have to pay 60 bucks for the game, you do not have to pay for monthly fees. It it 99% free, which is awesome for a game as great as this.

When compared to normal games this is not a wonderfully graphical game. But compared to almost any of the other free online games it blows them out of the water. It has very decent graphics from the background to the abilities to the characters. It has a very cartoony look to it, which may push away older audiences, but it it still very fun. There are massive amounts of ways to dress your character. Also, at higher levels you get to see some very pretty special moves from explosions to giant lightning storms to even giant throwing stars.

SOUND 7/10
Not too amazing sounds are in this game. The music all relates to whatever area you are in, so if you are in the city you hear music that makes you feel like you are in a city. The same goes for almost everywhere. It is a cool feature but after a while got annoying. Thankfully you can mute the music if you do not like it and listen to your own. The normal sounds are the same you would get in any other RPGs. You hear a thud when you get a strike, a metal clink when you barely scrape an armored enemy, etc. It would be awesome if it was a little less boring...

The great thing about MMO's is that you can custom design how you want to play. Every command you have can be moved to any key you want, except for the arrow keys for movement and climbing ladders. It may not change the game play, but it makes it a lot easier when you can place your hands right where you want them. For example, I have set it up so that if I am tired I can play with only one hand and still do the important functions.

There really is not much of an actual story. Like other MMOs it is a lot of quests given by various NPC's. Often it involves running and collecting a certain amount of an item. Sometimes it gets repetitive, but I find it is a great way to level up with some structure. There are also some very deep and fun quests, especially the party quests. You can join a party and do various fun tasks together, like protect a bunny while he makes cakes for you.

An awesome game. It has a LOT of the things people love. It has a great multi player aspect that makes the game 10 times more fun then it is alone. It even encourages to "party up" with people because not only do you have more fun, but it gives more experience, making leveling up easier, it lets you combine all the powers of the different classes, and has fun quests that must be done with other people. It has fairly deep RPG elements which I love. It has 6 different stats to upgrade, 4 vastly different classes to choose from to allow a lot of re-playability. There are Warriors, Archers, Mages, and Thieves. After you play as one of them for a while you also get to choose from 2 or 3 specialized paths for each different career. The combat system is fairly deep, you need to know when to run, when to use your skills and when to just do a normal attack. It is a popular enough game and has been out enough that almost every glitch has been patched out of the game. There is hackers but they are very often reported as soon as spotted and very quickly banned from the game. And the most important part is, it is addictive. It is incredibly addictive. If it was not for the little reminder that tells you how long you have played people could play it for 6 or more hours straight.

An awesome game. It has almost all of the aspects of a normal game but it is free. It has fun multi player, really good graphics, decent music, and fun quests. It is addictive as any other game I have played. And if you really love the game you can invest real life money to make your character look cool. Some may not like that, but for the price of 1 month of WoW, you can upgrade your char forever. Besides the cash shop it is 100% free, and just as good as any other MMO. The perfect game for someone wanting a free online game to invest some time in, or someone too cheap to pay for other online games like me.

GRAPHICS- 9/10 Very good graphics for a free game, though not perfect.
SOUND- 7/10 A good idea, but gets annoying at times.
CONTROLS- 9/10 Customizable controls are perfect, except for the arrow keys...
STORY/QUESTS- 8/10 Fun quests to do, especially the party quests, but can be repetitive.
GAME PLAY- 10/10 Awesome in almost every way, nothing more I could want.
OVERALL- 9/10 A FREE online MMORPG, thats awesome? What's more to ask for?

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/09/07

Game Release: MapleStory (US, 11/30/05)

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