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"Maplestory will get you addicted.\"

Gameplay: When you're a beginner you could just keep pressing the attack button and the monster would be dead in a few hits,but later on when you have different skills depending on your job there a few more buttons and techniques to play with.Even though the game is in 2D you are able to jump and crouch and enter portals.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good for a PC game and there are many different areas,like forests, citys, canyons, lava pits and much more.There is a slight flaw which wont let you repeat the same line over and over if you're trying to sell something, but other than that the graphics are decent.

Community: You might see some hackers once a while but thats what GM's (GameMasters) are for.Right now there arent that many players playing since Maplestory is still new, so its hard to buy or sell anything, but Maplestory will grow.Some people in Mapletory can be jerks and lower your fame, but they are rare.

Music: The music varies as you go onto a new area but its a shame you can't control it.There really isn't much to say about the music, but its okay.

Character Development: When you create your character there really aren't much options.You make the gender, 1 out of 3 hair styles, 1 out of 3-4 shirts,1 out of 3-4 shorts, and 1 out of 4 shoes. Later on though there is a wide range of clothes and weapons for every.Although as a beginner they might seem expensive, but as you play along and you'll get enough money to buy them.You also get to pick 1 of four jobs (Warrior, Bowman, Magician, Thief) and when u reach level 30 in one of the jobs you get to pick different types of your job.All the jobs have advantages and disadvantages so take time picking your job.

Stickiness:Its very fun in the beginning when you level up like 2 levels every day,but the highest level possible is 200 so you'll be busy.It might get boring like around level 100+ when you have to get like 100mil exp.Also when you die around that level you lose like 10mil exp so its a real letdown.You can buy a safety charm from the cashchop (you need to buy nexon cash with real money, but there some other ways you can get nexon cash for free) so you wont lose any exp when you die.

Overral I give Maplestory 8/10.P.S. you have to download maplestory.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/19/07

Game Release: MapleStory (US, 11/30/05)

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